Chapter - 875 Episode 875, how do you want to die? (4)


Wiso Haeng helped Wirip San stagger as if he were about to collapse.

I'd like to lay you on the floor and let you rest, but this is a battlefield. Wirip San should not fall down already, even for the Hwamundo, who desperately stood by with his shaky legs.

"……my friend."

"Father, I'm here…….the seal...….”


Wirip San's voice also showed indisputable relief.

The situation has not changed much.

Yet their fangs are sharp, and those who have not filled their pears will again reveal the beast's wildness and try to bite them.

But still, Wirip San was no longer worried.

That's the only way.

Anyone who knows the name of the person standing there with his or her back in front of him would feel the same way as Wirip San if they knew what he was like.

As if they were standing on the edge of a cliff, the fighters in the West Bank, who were fighting for their lives, stood in front of them and looked at the line, blushing their eyes and biting their lips.

"……Chung-Myung painting."



At that time, the murmur from someone's mouth made me realize once again.

"……Hwasan is here."

The echo of the horse swept through those who have endured.

Just a few years ago, the name Hwasan didn't mean much in this West Bank.

But not at all now.

Beyond the West Bank, the meaning of the name Hwasan has grown beyond anything.

Those who were terrified of death, those who had no power to lift a sword, those who were breathing hard, and those who desperately grabbed the leg they wanted to run away. The moment everyone heard the name Hwasan, they started to burn up their fighting spirit again.

Only with the appearance of three people.

'That's not good.'

Meanwhile, Gal Chun-lip, who was watching the situation, kicked his tongue inside.

Things have changed completely. The warriors of the West Bank were stuck to each other, so it could have been written off as just the foot of a cornered rat.

But they are not. The atmosphere has completely changed because of them.

The bigger problem is that those who had been so crazy that they couldn't even handle it until a while ago are now holding their breath.

If more momentum dies, his plan may go to waste.

Gal Chun-lip looked at his teeth standing in front of him with an uncomfortable feeling.

A man in a black robe with plum blossoms is looking at them with his hands hanging down. At the moment of facing the cold coldness in those eyes, Gal Chun-lip naturally had a name in his head.

A name that was once so famous, but has now faded a little in the midst of flowing time.

"I see."

Gal Chun-lip looked straight at the man and opened his mouth.

"Are you the Hwasan Medical Association?"

Hawasan Association of Prosecutors' association.

It was rather the Sapa side that reacted violently as soon as the name came out.

"Hwasan Medical Association?"

"In the long river...….”

The Safans turned pale.

I couldn't bring myself to finish my sentence, but it's clear what was behind it.

That Jang Nilso was at the whistle.

Everyone here ran away from Sapaeryon. It is needless to say how heavy the name of Jang Nilso, the owner of Sapaeryon, will come to them.

Sapae-ryeon's lord and the real Sapae-jil-in.

The owner of a myth that made Gangnam a land of blood and death and finally achieved Gangnam.

At one time, the modifier "one of Shin Juopae" was followed by his name, but three years after Jang Gang-chambyeon, no one in the world has put such a stupid modifier in front of Jang Nilso.Therefore, the name of the Hwasan Prosecutor's Association is bound to shine naturally. The Wasan Association is the only one who has made a small dent in Jang Nilso's reputation in recent years.

'The author...'

'What's that rumor?'

There was tension in the air. However, the man only stared at Gal Cheon-lip, who opened his mouth without saying a word.

"I think that's right.”

When Chung-Myung didn't answer, Gal Cheon-lip laughed quietly.

"The little boy seems to have gotten quite arrogant after he got his name. You're a fool. Does anyone believe that you are an equal warrior to Jang Nilso? I didn't believe it in the first place, but I'm sure it's more clear with my eyes.”

At that, the Sapans once again stared at Chung-Myung, wary.

"Why? Don't you have anything to say?"

Chung-Myung, who was silent at the time, grinned and opened his mouth.

"That's ridiculous.”

"What's so ridiculous? You're like Jang Nilso, that idiot.….”

Gal Chun-lip was sarcastic, but Chung-Myung cut off his tongue relentlessly.

"The idiotic sapa's mouth is full in front of me."


Laughter disappears from Gal Chun-lip's face.


"As you say."

Chung-Myung turned his neck left and right as if he still had no intention of listening to Gal Chun-lip's words sincerely.

"If a sapan in front of me is going to blow his mouth, yes. Jang Nilso, like you said, should be that jerk. He deserves to be patient with what he says. But……."

There was a sneer in Chung-Myung's mouth.

"Not you, you little brat."


"So shut your mouth. I don't have a hobby of talking to a dead man."

Gal Chun-lip's face was horribly distorted.

"A little bird…?"

When in his life would he have been treated like this by a little boy like that?

What made him even angrier was that the dog-like bastard was treating him like Jang Nilso. This is nothing short of a plague for Gal Chun-lip.

Angry enough to make his hair stand up upside down, he clenched his fist and suppressed his anger. Showing his anger in front of all these people is like admitting that he's been dragged into that little thing.

After grinding his teeth, he opened his mouth pretending to be as cold as possible.

"He's got a bad mouth. But you have to show off in moderately. Even if you're a rumor-taker, three of you...….”

"I told you to shut your stinky mouth."

However, this time again, a cold voice blocked Gal Chun-lip's mouth. Gal Chun-lip's face is cold enough to no longer be hardened.

"This son of a b*tc* wants to see...….”

"You seem to be mistaken."

Chung-Myung revealed his teeth.

"I'm putting up with wanting to tear you all to death right now. So don't shake your head. My patience is limited."

"That son of a b*tc*!"

The seven-year-old youngest member, Damhae, was bloodied in his eyes.

However, Gal Chun-lip felt rather curious and eccentric than angry in Chung-Myung's words.

"You're holding it in?"


"Why? What are you holding back?"


Chung-Myung says with derision.

"I'm not the one who's going to kill you."


"And I'll correct another misconception."

Chung-Myung snorted and asked.

"Who's three?"

And at that moment.

"It's definitely not three."

Gal Chun-lip hurriedly looked back at the clear voice behind his back.A man dressed in black armor was crossing the gate with slow steps.

As soon as I saw him, Gal Chun-lip's body was unknowingly tense.

A step that is neither excessive nor insufficient. Breathing neither fast nor slow. All of that was telling us that the author was a master at getting full control of his body.

His angry eyes stayed on Gal Chun-lip's face for a moment.

"It's not like the three of us are short.”

As soon as the man finished talking, a group of fighters appeared afterwards.

'Oh, when? I didn't feel it.’

But that wasn't all.

One by one, people dressed in black suits climbed up on the wall surrounding the large enough garden to unload and move the wealth.

The eyes of the Sapans shook as if they had met an earthquake.

Under siege?

Or an unexpected enemy?

No, they were embarrassed because the force that those who surrounded them now were so sharp.

Where the hell are these guys...…?’

It is not a heavy and gentle attitude unique to political factions. Like I'm going to get a cut if I burn my hand.…. No, just facing them put pressure on them with a blade that felt like a heart attack.

Especially, it was the woman standing in the center of the wall who stood on the wall that caught their eyes.

excessive beauty

And a cold, cold life that even covers the beauty.

Those who faced the gaze, which did not contain any emotion, stepped back without realizing it.

'The sword...'

It was full of flesh from more than a hundred swordsmen.

The better the skill, the greater the pressure. You have to have experience dealing with people who have that kind of spirit to know how terrible they are.

'This is...'

A cold sweat ran down my forehead in the Damhae.

I can't believe they're a hundred...….

God d*mn it. What the hell is going on here.’

Just looking at the plum blossoms on their chests, it is clear.


The prestigious inspection of the island, which was once aimed at the position of the world's highest inspection.

But today, Hwasan is a place that can never be called Hwasan. Doesn't everyone know that Hwasan's reputation was possible not because of the power of the Hwasanites, but because of the performance of that Hwasan sword association?

But in reality, the encounter, Hawsan, has crumbled the idea of such a damsel.

If I could, I wanted to find all the guys who had said that Hwasan itself was nothing, and I wanted to kill their mouths.

But regret is always late at the earliest, and when you notice the wrong information, it's not after everything is over.

The vast top of the galaxy began to feel narrow.

And at that moment, those who entered the gate and occupied behind them split from side to side. In the meantime, the three elderly men showed up with heavy steps.

"Come on, long man!"

"Long story short!"

Scream-like shouts erupted from the mouths of the Hwayeong Mundos.

Hwasan's long sentence, Hyun Jong, walked in with a cold face and captured the situation of the intestines in those eyes.

A rare anger flashed in Hyun Jong's eyes when he saw the horrible bodies that were cooling down and the survivors covered in hidden but bloody blood.

"How dare you..."

He clenched his fist and gritted his teeth."The Unsword. Baek Cheon!"

"Yes! Long story!"

The two named men immediately surrendered to the position.

Hyun Jong's energy was tremendous. He was not living in the same deep as his disciples, but he was angry like a mountain.

Even if there was no reputation as Hwasan's long writer, no one would ignore him if they saw Hyun Jong now.

"How dare you invade the island."

At the moment when Hyun Jong's heavy voice broke out, the Sapans groaned as if they were sick.

"Attack Hawsan's close friend!"

When they heard the words, Hwayeong Mundo and Mundos of the West Bank clenched their fists.

"In this land of HWASAN...….”

Hyun Jong, who took a short breath, firmly ordered with a heavy voice.

"For those who have done so unkind things, let them pay! Tell me exactly what anger is like for Hwasan!"

"I accept your orders!"

Chaeng! Chaeng!

As soon as the word was over, Hwasan's disciples pulled out a sword in unison.

The scene of a hundred inspectors pulling out swords at once, which seemed to have no emotion, caused both thrill and fear.

For those who waited for them, the thrill and overwhelming feeling.

For those who have to deal with them, the pressure and fear of suffocating.

"In the name of Hwasan!"

A loud voice broke out from Baek Cheon's mouth.

"Get rid of your evil enemies!"

Hwasan's disciples, who stretched the sword down, flooded toward Sapa at the same time to time. It was like a scene of black waves flying between Korea and China in the West Bank.

The move proclaimed to the world. Wasan is finally back.