Chapter - 877 Episode 877. Die like a bug. (2)


The face of the younger generation was horribly distorted.

'What the hell are these people?'

Young inspectors in black unclothes rushed in. Of course, I am not embarrassed by the situation itself. All those gathered here have gone through hell and high water. This level of combat is what happens when you are bored in Gangnam.

What really embarrassed him is that the swords they wield are sharp enough to not be explained by common sense.

In addition

Kagak! Kagak!

The sword, which hit him, ran through the edge of the doe and stabbed him in the back of his hand.


The younger generation groaned and hurriedly pulled their arms back. However, as soon as Doe fell back, he changed his direction in a flash of black, aiming for the back of his hand. Then he listened to his upper body, creating dozens of screenings.

The younger generation went back and forth, stirring wildly.

"No way!’

I can understand what is strong. Whasan may not belong to the old file room, but it is now widely known that they once fought over the position of the world's most searched person.

But it's not just about being strong.

You're good.

Their swords are ridiculously deft as if they had rolled for decades on the battlefield. If you think you're aiming for an arm, a sword is right in front of your neck, and if you try to block your neck, you'll cut your knee.

After trying to hit him hard, he stepped back and quickly poked him, and the sword, which was flying into his face like a war of islands, changed its direction and fell to his chest.


Eventually, the cut was long and blood spouted from the chest. The small world, which screamed in pain, gritted its teeth.

"Yee, yee, yee, yee, yee, yee!"

I don't understand.

The sword technique itself is also frightening. It feels like I'm being played on my palm. What they're showing is not a political sword, but rather a Sapa's.

But what's more surprising is the eyes of the swordsmen.

The battlefield is like a monster, so it eats people.

No matter how calm you are, it is normal to not be able to maintain your usual calm on the battlefield, where blood is rushing in front of you and people are dying endlessly. Naturally, arm strength goes in and swordmanship becomes more and more powerful.

But these guys didn't change a single look, like old men who went through a great war. Far from being excited, he keeps his sword perfect.

What kind of training do you have to do?….’

But I didn't have time to think anymore. Because the opponent's sword flew into his eyes.


The face of the warden, who managed to escape the sword flying by twisting his head, turned red.

"You son of a b*tc*!"


His province spewed red pottery. No matter how incomprehensible the opponent is, he is not that old yet. Therefore, he decided that it would be better to press it with force than to deal with it half-heartedly.

His judgment in a short moment was clearly correct, as if he had rolled to the wall in the battlefield.

Kaga River!

Help and the sword met in Ho Gong with a sharp sound.

"You punk!"

The younger generation clenched their teeth and pressed down on them. At the moment, a triumphant look bloomed in both eyes.

No matter how well he wields the sword, even if the sword is at a strange level he has never seen before, he is still only a young boy who wielding the sword is still a prosecutor. You can't beat him with experience in terms of quantity and strength, so you can't handle it if you keep it down!"I'll split you in two...….”

And at that moment, there was a light smile on the face of the man facing the sword.


The eyes of the small intestine have grown slightly.

You're laughing at this?

"You idiot!"

The small-scale community pressed down on it with all its might in the feeling of goosebumps. Even if he could not break it in two, he was determined to crush his opponent's body with the sword that blocked him from doing anything.



The sound of friction between the sword and the province scratched the ear.


And then the small world knew something was going wrong. I had no choice but to notice.


I can't get rid of that sword.

With all his might and all his might, but not a single inch of that thin black was pushed back. He stood firm on the spot as if he were a statue.

A sword that doesn't even move. And the emotionless eyes that you see down there.

It's obviously him who's pushing down, but it's him who's feeling the pressure, too.

"Argh, argh!"

The younger generation pressed down the sword with all their might.

Kaga ga ga ga gga!

The sword and the provincial government were in conflict, and a fire broke out. But that was all. There was a slight sense of being pushed back, but the sword was still holding him back.

And at that moment.

The f*cking Hawsan little boy's mouth curled up slightly, while the sword facing his help backed away.

At the moment when the balance of confrontation was broken, the small group, which had been pressing down the sword with all its might, stumbled as if it were being sucked forward.


Then, Hawasan's inspection, which pulled the sword back, struck the small world with unparalleled power.


The younger generation, which had been leaning forward, was pushed back and stepped down.

The power transmitted through the province twisted not only the wrist but also the shoulder. My whole arm went numb as if I had been hit by a thunderbolt.

"Beauty, crazy!"

He's behind? By force?

No, it's not power, it's technology. But the fact that he was pushed back doesn't change anyway.

It felt like my head was upside down due to an incomprehensible situation. In addition, the eerie feeling from him made the boiling anger and blood cool.

And at that moment, a very small sound flashed through the ears of the small intestine, who was retreating wildly.

The faint and ticklish sound, like the sound of snow piling up, penetrated the ears clearly in the chaotic battlefield.

Sarah Rak.

The small world opened its eyes wide.

Hawasan's sword seemed to shake lightly in Ho Gong, and at the end, flowers like fantasy began to bloom.

'Oh, inside...'

Although he felt it was dangerous instinctively, he was not given the chance to rush forward again once he was bitten back to alleviate the shock from the province.

Let's go!

The flowers that bloomed gently in Ho Gong shook as if they had been hit by the wind, and soon began to scatter the petals all over the place.

'This is...'

I've heard of it.

a flowering sword

A sword that once commanded the world, but has now become a legend forgotten. But at some point, Hawasan's German grammar began to make its name known to the world again.

"A hawk, a plum sword...….”


The blooming petals began to fly towards him.


Feeling the sensation of thin plum leaves penetrating the body, a sigh escaped from the mouth of the small world."Gather up! d*mn it, you bastards!"

"Don't face it alone! Get together!"

It's not as easy as you think to make a name for yourself as Safa. The more notorious you are, the more fights you have to fight, and the more things you have to do to maintain your reputation.

Those who are here have survived more than a dozen of these battles. There may not be a broad view of the battlefield, but that survival instinct was certain.

Those who saw the front row collapse in an instant were quick to judge. Those who ignored the enemy as a rookie and faced it alone are now falling down, sprinkling blood on them.

Ridiculously fast and horribly considering the reputation they had.

One-on-one is a big loser.

It is absurd to have to make such a judgment, but I cannot deny what I saw with my own eyes. What matters at any time is survival, not pride.

"Two or three in a row!"

So their conclusion was very simple. Those guys are definitely strong. But you've never experienced such a battlefield. Once the opponents were entangled and pressured in groups, the battlefield would get tangled, and at that time, they would be much more advantageous if they could throw a knife behind their backs.

It was a very good judgment for a brief conclusion.

It's just that if there was a mistake, they didn't know who they were dealing with.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Sword, sword, sword, do, sword and spear.

After confirming that the opponent's skills were not easy, the Sapans tried to focus on blocking the opponent's sword. I've already confirmed that if you attack that sword that captivates people's eyes, your neck will run away without knowing it.

What do you think?

At that moment, however, things that had never been imagined began to happen.


As soon as the sword and the province hit each other, the sword fired a formidable force and twisted their weapons.

It is not just a cut-out. The sword, which was glued to their province as if it had been applied with glue, pulled their weapon to the side for a momentarily.


I'm about to wonder why you're doing this.

Oh, my god!

A sword flies at a tremendous speed just below the arm of the twisted examiner.


The frightened tried to pull himself out, but he did not think of letting go of Hawasan's black stick to the weapon.



Samaho's face was drained of blood.

"You, you lunatics...….”

That was ridiculous to call a link.

The fact that the swords flew from behind as soon as the front men twisted their arms means that those who stabbed the swords from behind moved ahead of those who twisted them.

The men in the back flew the sword, thinking that the men in front of them would twist their arms.

If they had gone wrong, it would have been their colleague's arm, not theirs!


Those who fly swords without hesitation, or those who urge me to fly swords at my arms without hesitation.

These guys are out of their minds.

But the effect alone was enormous. First of all, those who tried to hold out and change the situation stepped back endlessly, spraying blood.

At that moment, prosecutors in the back scattered dozens of swords in Ho Gong, jumping over the heads of those ahead."Hey, stop it!"

"For God's sake, you son of a b*tc*!"

Those who were injured here and there were in a hurry to wield weapons without even thinking about taking care of them. Isn't it too obvious what will happen if we don't stop that sword?

But that's not the end of the link.


"My foot!"

Those who were in front of them started to draw their legs while flying low.

One above the head, and the other below the ground.

It's never easy to stop all the swords flying from both places at the same time. The link between top and bottom, not left and right, immediately multiplied the power of their swordmanship.

'Oh, how?’

We didn't look each other in the eye. There was no short conversation, no shout for a signal.

But those lunatics were connecting perfectly as if they had already set each other up, and exactly as if they were cogging together. As if everyone was one body.

"Hey, this is ridiculous! You f*cking bastards! Ah!

It was then that a strange sight came into Samaho's eyes, which burst into a roar.

At once, those who were rushing them suddenly changed their direction and stepped back from side to side.


an act of absurdity as if to give up one's best chance of winning

Samaho stared blankly at the scene.

Let's go!

And he looked.

At the end of the swords of the swordsmen, flowers like patterns engraved on their chests bloom brilliantly.

Those who had no choice but to step down, just stared at the blooming plum blossoms. There was nothing I could do now. Even though you know that the flower that grows scary is more deadly and dangerous than anything else.


The vivid petals that fly in every corner of the eye. An empty laugh broke out in the mouth of Samaho, who realized that each leaf was made of black.

You can deal with Hwasan anytime? You crazy bastard...….’

If there are a hundred people who use these crazy swordsmanship, it is like hell beyond Yongdam blood. From the moment they set foot in that hell, their fate was fixed.

The blooming petals flew in unison.


The rain of plum blossoms, which began to pour as they filled the sky, penetrated the bodies of the brutal.