Chapter - 878 Episode 878. Die like a bug. (3)

Hong Dae Kwang's eyes were wide open.

The pain had spread from the stab wounds all over the body, but at this moment, he didn't even seem to feel it.

"……What the hell is this is.

Hawsan's disciples are unilaterally pushing the Sapa.

Blast a sword like a war of islands, and push the enemy with perfect connection. Hawasan's name season, the plum swords, was blooming all over the place.

"Oh, my God…."

Hong Dae Kwang was astonished to see the Sapa who were pouring blood and collapsing.

Definitely holding out for death and pinning all expectations on Hwasan. But isn't it hard for expectations to come true?

And in fact, what he really expected was for Hwasan to arrive on time and join hands with them to deal with them equally. I never imagined that Hwasan would drive them unilaterally like this.

It was ridiculous to have expectations for Hong Dae Wang, who knows who those Sapans are and what they are.

But now something unexpected was happening here, right in front of his eyes.

What the hell have you done in the last three years, you lunatics...….’

The faces of those who had a young look on them have already changed to those of inspection.


He pushes the opponent away with a formidable sword, and he spills his counterattack with a skillful sword. And if the distance is slightly wider, the Hwasanian's signature p*n*s blooms.

"This is Hwasan…….”

Wasan, who once claimed that even that shaman was pushed away and took over the position of the world's first gate, is roaring toward the world here.


Hong Dae Kwang clenched his fist. I felt like my face was getting hot and something hot was rising in my heart.

He couldn't stand the overwhelming heart and shouted out loud.

"Good job! Get it all together! Those d*mn bastards!"


The color faded from Chun-lip's face in an unexpected situation.



"Large! Shouldn't we do something about it?"



For a moment, Gal Chun-lip, who flinched, looked next to him. Damhae was looking at him with a contemplative face. Not only that, but the other younger brothers who had surrounded and guarded Galcheon-lip since the arrival of the Wasans also seemed anxious.

"Leave it like this and everyone will collapse!"

Gal Chun-lip bit his lips.

God d*mn it.

Bloody eyes swept the battlefield once again. That little boy...No, Hawasan's inspectors, who can no longer be called "birdsongs," were unilaterally slaughtering the elite he had dragged in.

Pressed by momentum, the Sapa, who failed to keep her place, was gradually pushed back and retreated this way.

It's an incomprehensible sight.

How could this be happening?….’

The situation should have been the opposite.

Although they are disciples of prestigious political groups, they are not those who will be weighed down by their reputation. Rather, those youngsters, who had never experienced the battlefield properly, should have been weighed down by the weight of the battlefield where a person's neck was blown and his arm was broken in front of them.

If I can't bear the weight, isn't it the battlefield that I can't even use half of my skills?



"Mu, back off! That doggy petal flies in again."


It was rather the Sapa side that was unable to show their skills due to contemplation.

This doesn't make any sense at all.Those who have gained fame and skills through many battles that have been fought in Gangho for decades are being tragically defeated by young people who have not lived in the peninsula.

Besides, those evil Hwasans never let their guard down at the sight and are uniformly spouting eerie swords.

You're saying this is prestigious?’

No. No way.

If this was possible for all political factions, politics and history would never have been divided. This is not the power of the prestigious political party, but the power of Hwasan entirely.

'At first, I lost too much energy. Those f*cking bastards!’

At the moment of the first collision, the biggest blow was that some people couldn't even use their hands properly and their necks were cut off.

beyond boldness to a cruel extent.

It's a temporary alliance, but those who saw their colleagues being devastated right in front of them will naturally be frightened…….

Gal Chun-lip, who was nervously continuing his thoughts, opened his eyes for a moment.

Wasn't this what we were going to do?’


He squeezed his lips to suppress his anger.


There was another nervous voice.

Gal Chun-lip got his act together. This is not the time for analysis. Once you've lost your momentum, you'll be really out of control if you don't fix it.

He shouted loudly with a history.

"Cull-eared! Blood slaughter! Single-mixed blooded water! How long are you going to be watching!"

There is only one way to revive the broken momentum. To press down with a force. The spirit of the battlefield is always overturned by the performance of some masters.

"You guys join us! Before it gets any more out of hand, let those little bastards know that the sky is high!"

"Yes! Large!"

The seven-year-old Gangseo, who was guarding his surroundings, quickly flooded forward.

"For God's sake……."

A damp sweat seeped into Galcheon-lip's palm.

It wasn't supposed to be like this. All he had to do was clean up the West Bank and take the wealth from the top of the galaxy to Cheonghae.

But why is everything so messed up?

No! Not yet!’

But it's not a big deal yet. All you have to do is clean up those d*mn bastards and everything will go back to his plan.

'I'm sure!'

The eyes of Gal Chun-lip, who had a bad tooth, clearly showed them flying forward.


The tip of the sword penetrated into his shoulders like an island war.


A terrible scream burst out of the mouth of the man who was penetrated through the shoulder in an instant. At that moment, Hwasan's inspection, which was drawn by twisting the sword that stabbed his shoulder, stabbed the sword again without hesitation and put it in the opponent's power supply.


Despair was young in the eyes of the man who held his lower abdomen. If your Danjeon breaks, you can never live as a warrior again. This is more punishment than death for a man who has lived his entire life as a warrior.


The man on his knees soon fell forward.

The feet of Jin Tae, the three great disciples of Hwasan, who overpowered his opponent, dug into his chest.


Kicked his fallen tooth and pushed it back, he quickly cleared his breath.

The smell of blood rushed into my nose. The heat from the bodies of those struggling to live there, the boiling screams, and the rupture of the sergeant's organs. Everything felt vivid all over me.

However, his eyes only subsided more and more calmly.

The love of the blood pressure!

At that moment, the blue-eyed province flew fiercely toward his head. Jin Tae checked the pottery rushing toward the head and looked around for a very short time.There isn't.

This is all you have to deal with. Behind the back is the death penalty.

Having grasped the situation neatly, he rather jumped forward. A weapon that pushes the opponent with its power.



The end of the plum sword wielded by Jin Tae raised the handle of the do and the blade bounced up. As soon as the island bounced up, I was shocked at the opponent's face.

Be complacent.

There's no reason to deal with it just because you're trying to press it with force. If you face a part that is not properly tightened, a thin sword can sufficiently remove that level.

As soon as the province lost its power, a series of terrible stabbings were held that could most certainly revive the strength of the sword.

'Not this much!'

A bloody, flesh-changing battlefield?

It wasn't even funny.

Their training was a hundred times more ferocious than this, and a hundred times more brutal than this.


It's not itchy to live like this from someone who's been given that d*mn cub's life right in front of him. I don't even feel any hostility towards these guys that they must kill their opponents.

So what's the point of fear?

He's a survivor who survived that d*mn thing. For him, their spirit is so gentle that they yawn, and the attack is so honest.

Jin Tae calmly tried to break the opponent's tendon and subdue it.

But at that moment.

Oh, my god!

An unexpected sword flashed into his face.


Jin Tae's waist was sharply bent back.


I've clearly confirmed that there's no other enemy around. The death penalty wouldn't have missed my opponent, but where the hell did this sword come from?

The black, which passed right in front of his face, spun around in Ho Gong and then fell back down his neck like a viper chasing after food.

a desperate situation

However, Jin Tae did not panic and brushed up the sword as if he had lost his posture. The tremendous impact of the sword's collision caused him to cramp up to his shoulder.


It wasn't easy to handle the shock even though I let out half of my energy. So I had to know. That interest rates are different from those who have been dealing with it. Jin Tae tried to get out of the opponent's range by rotating his body quickly.


The love of the blood pressure!

The opponent's sword, once in the air, never let him go easily. He pursued persistently and tried not to correct his posture.


Jin Tae clenched his teeth.

Intuitively aware that running away could be a real danger, he fixed the sword, determined to give up his side.



Something flashed in front of him, and the sword that had been chasing him bounced back. Jin Tae checked the face of the person who got off in front of me. At the moment, I felt relieved in my face.

"I'll take care of this guy, death penalty."

At that, Jin Tae nodded without hesitation.

What matters in Hwasan is not the allocation, but the ability. It is only natural for a stronger person to deal with a stronger person.

And the man in front of him now came in later than that, but he's definitely stronger.


Saffine, who briefly raised her sword as if her wrists were burning, looked at Hwasan's examination, standing in front of her with a faintly tense eye.Stable posture with a knife-like spirit and undisturbed.

It was truly a specimen of inspection.

"As a person who uses the same sword, he has a common name. My name is Hwang Seong, the Savior. What's your name?

"I don't have a name for you."


At that moment, a blue light emanated from both eyes of the Savior.

"You son of a b*tc*...….”

Hawasan's examination slowly lifted the sword and aimed it at his neck. The cold and sharp spirit of the Savior clenched his teeth.

"Who uses the same sword?"

A cold voice leaked out like the wind in the North Sea.

"That's an insult to my sword. There's no way that your sword and mine can be the same."


"Know clearly and die. This is Hwasan's sword."

The imposing inspection of Hawasan at the end of the sword.

Dang-Soso, who has become as firm as a three-year period, immediately rushed toward the Savior, giving off a sharp-edged look.