Chapter - 879 Episode 879. Die like a bug. (4)


The gubernator's face was horribly distorted.

Oh, my god!


The same sword as the island war quickly grazed right next to his face. The skin of the chin split and a long red cut appeared from his chin to his cheek.

God d*mn it!

It was never a half-baked swordmanship. It is a sword that can only be used by the sword that was wielded and swung at the point where it could not be distinguished whether it was held in my grasp or raised at the fingertips.

How should we take the fact that a woman who looks much younger than him shows enough sword to overshadow his sword?


As wounds continued to occur on the body, aging also rose on the Guwijuga's face.

No matter who that b*tc* is, she is now pushing him and creating blood lines all over her body.

He set off a roaring star and drew the sword horizontally. A raging sword began to sweep the front like a stream of water poured from a bank burst.

"or eat...….”


At that moment, however, the Savior raised his eyes wide.

Suddenly, red petals bloomed like clouds in the front, and everywhere his sword stretched out was occupied. The sword, which failed to reach the end, collided with the petals and was pushed back for a long time.


The history of the failure to move back and turned inside him upside down. The fishy blood came out of my throat.

"Oh, my God!"

This can't be happening.

He's a gubernator. That little girl has made a name for herself in the world since she was in her mother's So he's being pushed out of a sword-to-sword fight, throwing up blood?

This was never going to happen. Never

"You son of a b*tc*!"

The gubernator pulled the sword back. Soon, seven black rays of light began to spread.

A terrible sword in which the victim falls to the afterlife without even knowing his own death.

It was the moment when his German-language sword technique, which gave him the name of Gu Yu-gum-gum-gum-gum-gum-gum-gum-gum-gum-gum-gum-



As soon as the sword was released, Dang-Soso pushed back to the floor. The sword of the Gu Yu-sosa, which had been rushing at a formidable speed, was collected before a single piece of Tang-Soso's wood.


The old swordsman opened his eyes wide.

Coincidence? Or?

I can't believe it.’

There's no way that young woman has ever eaten his sword. So you've momentarily predicted how far the first sword you've seen will stretch, and you've stepped down to that distance?

Is that possible? In this terrible battle?

No, even if it's possible, if it's a little miscalculation, doesn't it pierce your throat? What nerve did you have to stop there?

Are you out of your mind?

At that moment.

The eyes of a guillotine who was recovering the sword and Dang-Soso's emotionless eyes met in Ho Gong.


He felt goosebumps all over his body for a moment.

Eyes with no emotion are watching him like a snake after a prey. As if he wouldn't miss a single move.

"This…… this……!”

A gubernator gritted his teeth and shouted.

He couldn't admit that he felt the chills in the eyes of a young boy. And I didn't dare admit that the young swordsman was ripping him off during the battle.

"Kill me!"

At the same time as the rant of evil broke out from his mouth, twelve black islands were released from his sword.Stronger, faster.

A full-fledged inspection of all the power he could produce became a brain failure and flooded Dang-Soso.

There's no point in backing down.’

He's not the one who's been beaten again. If you do the same thing, you'll see right through your neck.….

It was then.


Dang-Soso leapt up, spinning on the spot. The sword that was pouring toward her body ran into her sword, which was wielded shortly.

At the moment, Dang-Soso, using the recoil, lifted himself higher.


That's the worst thing to say. You can't move freely in Ho Gong.

I'll see through you like a skewer!

He, who called himself a pleasure, once again tried to launch a plea for asylum toward Dang-Soso, who rose to Ho Gong.



A red sword rose from the end of Dang-Soso's sword with a short, flapping sound of a dragonfly's.

One, another, dozens of them.

The gubernator even forgot to release the sword and stared blankly at the scene.

The red flowers, which blossomed, even obscured Dang-Soso's body. The vast sky that came into his eyes was covered with red flowers.



The blooming flowers flashed all at once and began to sprinkle like rain on the world.

the rain of red flowers


At that moment, a word came to mind in the memory of a guinea pig.

"A thousand……."

a temple symbolizing the Sichundang family

Legendary knowledge from the Dangga that once opened, the whole sky seems to be raining.


Through the pouring rain of flowers, there was a clear green thread on the edge of Dang-Soso's sword. A sick voice leaked out of the mouth of the old swordsman.


The fantastic rain of flowers swept his entire body heartlessly and brilliantly. The whole sky was covered with petals.

"…darn it."

That was the last word a gubernator left in the world.


A scream resonated desperately in Ho Gong.


Wirip San's mouth was wide open.

Hawsan's inspectors are scathing back at seemingly triple enemies. The people who were pushed away by Hawsan's sword were seen intertwined and increasingly cornered.

"…Oh, my God.

Unilateral is a word used for this kind of situation.

And that one-sided aspect of the battlefield put Wirip San in a state of embarrassment before joy.

Their skills are best known to him who has experienced them in person.

Can those who were so afraid that they could not be called envoys when he was dealing with them in person be pushed back and collapsed so helplessly?

Wirip San suddenly looked around.

Sure enough, the other writers of the West Bank were all looking at the unbelievable scene with a look of despair.

"Tue, Hwasan...….”

"Like that……."

I guess so.

Even Wirip San, who can be proud to be one of the best people to know his skills, can't help but be devastated by the way he's showing it now, but is it anyone else's?


Hawasan's inspection is filled with red swords and embroider the sky.


Someone's vague voice came out.

"We're gonna help.….”

Then there were laughter everywhere.

"That place?"

"……Oh, no, but…….”

"With our skills, it will not help, it will only hinder us. Help should be on the same level.""…That's true."

Again, everyone looked at Hwasan's inspections in rapture. Some swallowed dry saliva. Looking at the sword embroidered Ho Gong like a fantasy, I had no choice but to stick out my tongue.

I thought it would be hard to compare to Jong-nam.

The fundamental limitations that Hwasan has.

That the Mundos of Munpa are still young and inexperienced.

Therefore, in decades, I thought that I would not be able to follow Jongnam, who had great disciples and elders.

However, the scene in front of me was enough to destroy that perception.



The long writers of the West Bank clenched their fists unconsciously, who saw the Gu Yu-gum-jaeng shriekedition of red petals.

'It seems pointless to discuss the future. I can face Jongnam right now.’

I didn't expect him to be this strong.….’

The overwhelming and proudness that was hard to express swept through their hearts. Those who once despised even them have grown so dazzlingly.

At that moment, Wirip San limped forward.

"Long story……."

Then Hyun Jong, who was checking the situation with his hands behind his back, turned his head and faced Wirip San.

"Stomach door. Are you feeling well?"

"……Yes, I'm fine. A long story."

"We're too late. Forgive me."

"How can you say that, Jang Moon-in? The mere fact that you're here makes my student happy."

Hyun Jong patted Wirip San on the shoulder with warm eyes.

"Well done."

Wirip San was emotional and emotional for a moment, and then he peeked around the battlefield. This is because he felt strange to be having such a pleasant conversation during this fierce battle.

But this is not his fault. Hyun Jong's relaxed attitude, which seems to have no worries even though his disciples are fighting, made him relax.

Wirip San hesitated for a moment and asked.

"Do you mind?"


"They've got the momentum, but they're tough, too. If there's anything we can do to help...….”

"It's okay."


"It's okay."

Hyun Jong shook his head with a light smile.

"That's not the kind of kids that's going to be in trouble. So just trust and watch.”


Wirip San, who hesitated as if he had more to say, saw Hyun Jong's calm face and nodded.

This is because I felt a firm trust in my disciples.

In the past, Hyun Jong was a person who couldn't hide a bit of anxiety even when dealing with enemies that his disciples could deal with. But now, he shows no anxiety even though his disciples are dealing with a more powerful enemy.

Did Hyun Jong change? Or…….

"Is it weird?"


Hyun Jong asked with a slight smile if he had noticed such Wirip San's feelings. Wirip San flinched and quickly bowed his head.

"I'm sorry, but it's hard for my student to guess the meaning of the long man…"….”

"That's what happens naturally."


Instead of answering straight away, Hyun Jong glanced at the battlefield.

The plum sword beautifully embroidered the battlefield, but what seems to be everything. It's a dangerous and frightening place where lives are coming and going.


"Anyone who's seen what those kids have been up to. It would be a disregard for those children and a disregard for the time they have spent."Hearing that, Wirip San looks back at the battlefield with a blank face.

'What the hell...'

Hyun Jong's words were full of conviction. This made me wonder what kind of training they had done last time.

"There's nothing to worry about."

At that time, Hyun Jong's calm voice penetrated into his ears.

"Hwasan is strong."

Wirip San couldn't say a word for a moment. In my heart, indescribable emotions swirled and choked up.

How long have you been waiting to hear this?

The words that I thought I might never hear for the rest of my life finally came out of Hyun Jong's mouth.

"Long story……."

The most powerful students of Hwasan.

And Hwasan's long storyteller who looks as serious and firm as ever.

If you write Hwasan's name, you will feel the same way, whether you are a student of the birthplace or a student of the inner family.



At that time, Hyun Jong pointed to one person with his chin.

"It's a long way from being dangerous, as I can see he's still holding it in."

Where he pointed, there was a man's back. The way you cross your arms in the back.

It is hard to tell who that person is just by looking at his or her hair tied up high.

"Chung-Myung stamp."

Wirip San bit his lips unknowingly, looking at his firm back, which was not a bit messy.