Chapter - 881 Episode 881. Those who are drunk on past glory are dead. (1)


The sword cut off his shoulder and drew a long bloodline on his side. Those who resisted seizures were checking their bodies to see what the conclusion would be if the opponent dealt with the attack emotionally.

"Oh, no."

"Do, we have to run!”

They have a brutal s*x, and they are never stupid.

If they didn't know how to read the situation, they wouldn't have been notorious for a long time in the rugged Gangnam area. As soon as they felt the disadvantage, all they had in their heads was the idea of running away.

But where?

The enemy is everywhere. Siegeing a small number is a stupid number that no one would choose if they had read the barracks law, but now they were proving that it was not the number of heads but the ability that mattered.


A cold face, and a sword colder in the stomach than the face cuts and stabs without hesitation.

I feel suffocated, my heart drops.

The scene of a hundred-year-old peak examination, all mastered the same swordsmanship and pushed in together with each other, reminded everyone of why the prestigious school was a symbol of fear.

At this rate, there is no way that they will not know that only the result of annihilation is waiting. Of course, most people have been more overwhelmed than dead since the first violent confrontation.….

God d*mn it, what's the difference?’

Don't you think these Wasans will let them go just because they're overpowered? Surely they will be completely ravaged and imprisoned, which is no better result than death for them.


Someone who couldn't overcome the pressure tried to jump over the heads of the Wasan prosecutors and run away like a seizure. But before half of his body rose, a flying sword cut off his leg.

"…darn it."

Despair was young in the eyes of the Sapans.

It wouldn't have been so desperate if they had been rampaging around and pushing them violently. If that's the case, there's bound to be a gap. But those d*mn pups were so cool and calm that their age was overshadowed and gross.

From the beginning to now, the posture of wielding a sword is not disturbed at all.

The person who took a cut across the chest stabs the fallen person in the wrist without blinking, completely incapacitating him, and approaches the next opponent as if nothing had happened. There was something creepy about this look that left the audience alone.

"…I heard that Kang Ho's rumors are not reliable.”

The words that someone groaned represent everyone's feelings.

The world is completely wrong with Hwasan.

If I had known any of them, I would never have stepped into this island. Where is the madman who pushes my head into the criminal's mouth?

But as always, regret is too late no matter how soon you do it.

There has already been no way back for them to make this wrong choice.

A face-hardened monocarbon looked around.

'That's not good.'

The situation was going downhill.

It is a later problem that the opponent is strong. The real problem is that these morons are losing their war spirit.

When a safaran is in the air, it is more wild than anyone else, but once it is lost, it becomes a grain of sand.

It's a matter of course. This is because such people become Sapa in the first place.

What is the reason for those who are most important to their lives, wealth and feelings to be given in their hands to fight for their lives?If you think your life is in danger right now, whatever the situation may be, it is Sapa's period to find your own way.

Under these circumstances, there is only one way to re-arrange the battle lines. The presence of a powerful leader.

However, when I turned my eyes slightly, I could see Gal Chun-lip, who had hardened into the spot like a statue.

You're wrong.

Such a fool can't handle this situation.

Hagi, if he had the ability to do so, he would not have made a name for himself as a Gangseo seven-year-old.

He seems to think he can be like Jang Nilso if he decides to, but even putting his name on his mouth would be an insult to Jang Nilso. The plate itself is different from the beginning.

What's the situation?

Single-mixed blooded water turned a sharp eye to grasp the situation of the battlefield.

You idiot.

A wire whore was running back against two Wasan inspectors.

It is pathetic compared to its reputation, but in fact, it was not a situation to swear at the wire changer. First of all, that hole in my shoulder is making me not even half as good as I can.


It's not the two of you.’

On the surface, they are fighting against two, but in fact, the windshield is fighting against three. No, maybe you're fighting more than three. He must feel a lot of pressure from the back of the swordsmen.

a young examiner with curly hair Perhaps the author is the one who drilled a hole in the shoulder of a wire spear. Even from this long distance, the creepy spirit was great.

The same is true of blood slaughter.

It doesn't have the slightest advantage over the three Wasan inspectors. If they had rushed in prepared for the wound, they would have already sprayed blood and collapsed.

However, they were cooking blood slaughter in a relaxed manner without any haste, whether they thought they didn't have to risk it, or whether they judged it to be more efficient.



There was also a man standing behind the Hwasan disciples.

Yeo Kumsoo, standing with an expressionless face that doesn't fit in the battlefield. As soon as she saw that, she felt her whole body's muscles were pulled tight and her palms were soaked with sweat.

"Hh……. Gal Chun-lip, you idiot."

It wasn't just those two.

Anyone who has looked at this battlefield with a cool eye can realize it. The power of Hwasan driving them now is less than half the actual power.

Whasan's real core is not even wielding a sword now.

Key figures permeated throughout the battlefield were watching the battlefield from behind, throwing the proper prey in front of them, just as a mother tiger would make a tiger practice hunting.

So that anyone can step up to the plate if they're in danger.

Which means... If they had been at the forefront from the start, the battle would have been over.

"It's not as good as the old file room?’

Funny sound.

No matter how great the old file room is, it cannot have had a hundred people this size. No matter what the world's gatekeepers are here, they won't clear the battlefield against Hawasan without a single casualty.

There may be a limit to that number, but they have already surpassed the level of small and medium-sized civilization. How many gatekeepers can guarantee that they will be able to beat them with certainty?

The eyes of the monocarboned blood shone blue.He's going to step up and clean up the battlefield now?

That's too much.

Someone may be able to reverse that aspect with their existence alone. However, the battlefield is like a whirlwind of turbidity, so if you jump in believing in your clumsy skills, you will be swept away without being swept away.

Turning the tables on this battlefield with his skills?

It's impossible.

A single-mixed blooded man who arranged his thoughts slipped back.

He was to blame for the characteristics of the Saffin, but he is Saffin anyway. The properties cannot be much different. In particular, the tendency of those who have been pushed to the northern part of the country is similar.

What he desperately needed now was a way to get out of his body somehow.

Fortunately, they haven't paid much attention to him yet. It may be too much to get away quietly without a sound, but it won't be too hard to open a way to get out of him if he knocks down one or two at a time while he's not paying attention.

Traces may follow, but they have survived countless traces. If I could escape the siege for just one moment, I had plenty of confidence to survive.



It was the moment when a single blooded man, who found a thread-like gap, tried to hit the ground and fly away.

"Where are you going in such a hurry?"

The knee was bent as the strength of the leg, which had been tight, relaxed.

The single-blooded man slowly stretched his bent body, biting his lips. And before I knew it, I looked back at the man behind my back.

"…Did you know?”

"Wouldn't it be any stranger if you don't know when you're looking from place to place?"

A deep sigh escaped from the mouth of a single-mixed blooded water.

'Oh, my God, yes.’

Things can't be this easy.


Holding his fist, he opened his mouth looking at his teeth in front of him.

"If you're quick to sense, you'll be quick to call the shots.

"Haha, what's the big deal when you've lived long enough?"

"……If the kids are acting cute, they'll just relax and watch from behind. Do you really need to come forward and make fun of yourself?"

"When the children are fighting so hard, can you keep your hands behind your back? I don't know what else, but there aren't any spectators in Hwasan.”

The monocarboned blood water's complex.

At a glance, it is not easy. And it's bound to feel different. The person standing in front of me is clearly experienced unlike Hwasan's current counterparts.

"Who is it?"

When asked calmly, the person standing in front smiled and answered.

I'm Hyun Sang, the elder of Hwasan.

"…the elder."

It's so unfair. The others are dealing with two or three great disciples, and he's an elder.

But in other words...….

Single-mixed blood water glanced behind Hyun Sang. No other disciples were seen behind him.

"If you kill an old man, you mean the road will open?”

"I see. Kill me and you'll get out of here.”


A clatter of bones rang in the fist of a single blooded water. At the same time, both hands began to turn red.

"You picked the wrong person, old man. I'm not like those idiots."

"I know."

Hyun Sang smiles quietly and nods his head. At the same time, he slowly started pulling the sword around his waist.

"So I have to deal with it. Of course, there are many stronger people here than me, but I can't save my face as an elder only by dealing with clumsy youngsters."

"That face……."A single-blooded man who was trying to be sarcastic shut his mouth for a moment.

No, it was shut down by itself, to be exact. He has been stifled by Hyun Sang's energy.

He, who looked like a good old man until he pulled out a sword, felt different as soon as he grabbed it.

Roh's energy, which endured the storm of time with his whole body, became heavy pressure and weighed him down. A grand, heavy, and solemn energy different from those young disciples like the blade.

This is the energy that the world thinks is completely different from the "true road."

"Is it really Hwasan's sword?…?”

"There's no such thing. Everything is really Hwasan's sword."


"It's just a little older, a little heavier. But…… you won't let me down.”

A single-blooded man bit his lips.

God d*mn it, I shouldn't have come here.’

Thinking that this might really be the last place, single-blooded water has been pulled up as far back as it can go.

"I'll end that tough life here, old man!"

He pulled the blood-red power out of both hands like a blade, and at once, he smashed into Hyun Sang.