Chapter - 882 Episode 882, "Those who are drunk on past glory are dead." (2)

"Why did it become like this?’

Gal Chun-lip's face was stained with confusion.

I'm sure by the time I get into this West Bank...…. No, everything didn't deviate an inch from his plan until he slaughtered them from the top of this galaxy.

But why did this happen?

Wasan's involvement?

Of course I expected it. In the past, it was not Jong-nam but Hwasan when those dog-like people came into the West Bank. Three years ago, the world was small and I was walking around Gangbuk like my own house.

Those people couldn't have been sticking their hips together because something happened in my home room and they had a sealed door.


Crunch Crunch.

Galcheonlip was gritted to break. What he didn't expect was not whether Hwasan was involved or not. It was the record of Hwasan.

'This is impossible.’

How can you be so strong in three years?

This is not a common sense level. The world knows Hwasan and the one he now sees with both eyes is a different clique in the first place.

Had they known they had this power, they would not have stepped into this West Bank.

We've already figured out all about Hwasan's power three years ago. So the assessment was wrong then?

That can't be true.

If they had been so strong since then, Janggang would not have happened. And even if it happened, there would never have been a treaty of the Immortal Gangnam area.

Even the capitalists resisted most violently in the humiliation of Jang Nilso to live. It was Hwasan who was told.

In other words, Hwasan at the time was a gatekeeper who did not have the power to change the game despite his fierce resistance.


You've really changed like this in three years? You're this strong?’

Who would believe it?

'If that's possible, who's going to suffer this!'

If training and hard work can make anyone strong easily, where are there non-expert people in the world and where are non-capitalist people?

But these guys were completely destroying the common sense of that power. Those who had barely escaped the level of small and medium-sized civilizations returned with the power of the imposing capitalism in only three years.

No, in fact, he hasn't been able to figure out how far their potential is yet. Skills can be accurately measured only when they have the right standards, but their skills are too insufficient to be their standards.

Of the Sapa who came up to the north of the country, Jeong Ye-ran led all of them, and even though he was confident that he could build a strong power if he led them to Cheonghae alone!

Where did it go wrong?’

Where the hell did you start?


Then a sharp scream penetrated his ear. It was a scream from his brother, who ran forward to tilt the battlefield.

In the meantime, there has been nothing they have not done in person. Such a small battlefield could always be put to sleep at willed.

However, at least here, even they were swept away and trampled on.

Everything falls apart.

All of his plans to lead them out to Cheonghae to establish power and seize hegemony while the political and political circles were at war with each other were burning down here."This……."

Galcheon Lip's eyes are bloodshot.


It's all because of these guys. These people...

That's right away.

At that time, I heard the slow footsteps approaching this way. The slow, regular footsteps of this battlefield, where screams and the sound of a soldier bumping against each other.

Gal Chun-lip turned his head with a demon-like face.

A man was approaching him slowly.


The man's appearance meant many things.

It meant that there were not many Sapa left for all of Hwasan's inspectors to rush, and that the rest of them could not afford to stop the Hwasanian inspection from falling behind their backs.

More than anything....

"How dare you!"

Galcheon-lip's eyes were bloodshot.

It also meant that he looked so shallow that some people offered to deal with him alone.

The ear against the heartless Gal Chun-lip.


It felt like blood was spilling backwards.

"……who are you?"

When asked a gnashing question, the man had a small complaint.

"I don't know what to say. There is nothing to be proud of, so I am not sure what to say."

"A boy without a mark?"

"That's what happened."

The tone seemed to be embarrassing, but the expression was just proud. The appearance made Chun-lip more angry.

"……Not the Hawasan Association, not the Hawasan Prosecutor's Office…...and a nobody-associated little boy who dares to deal with me? A single-armed guy who's not a one-armed guy?”

The opponent shrugged without showing signs of anger again this time.

"I'm a little sorry about that. Anyway, I'll answer since you asked. The frequency is called Ungum, a great disciple of Hwasan."

He reached out his only hand and slowly pulled up the sword around his waist.

"Don't blame yourself too much for being an unknown person because your teacher has gone to someone else and has been forced to do so."

Gal Chun-lip shut up.

I'm not even angry anymore. I heard that people get cold when they get angry too much, but I think that's right.

"Do you know who I am?"

"I don't know."

"…Don't you know?"

Looking at Gal Chun-lip's expression in despair, Ungum replied calmly.

"There's nothing to look at with those eyes. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time to hear who you were. As soon as I heard the news, I ran."


Ungum shrugs his shoulders.

"And no one here tells me, so I don't know."

Gal Chun-lip burst out laughing.

Was he being beaten by these guys?

"I'm an earless man. I'm a 7-year-old."

"Oh, I see."

Ungum nodded briefly.

The calm response was clenched by Gal Chun-lip.

"This idiot has never even heard of deafness."

"I know."


Woon-gum looked at Chun-lip with calm eyes.

"I know. No matter how narrow I may be, I am not so deaf that I have never heard of the nickname of heartlessness and the name of Gangseo 7-year-old."

"And how dare you deal with me?"

"Is there any reason you can't?"

Galcheon-lip's lips cramped up.

He reigns with his envoy in Gangnam. Where in the world would he have been insulted like this?

"The arm."

"…… hmm?"

"Who cut you?”

Ungum stared at Gal Cheon-lip without answering. As if to confirm the true meaning of the question.

Then Gal Chun-lip opened his mouth first, giving off a sharp look.

"I've heard that there was a man who came back from his death when the bay broke into Hwasan before. Is that you?""That's right."

"That means he couldn't handle even one of the great minds. How dare you deal with me? That Jang Nilso has to come forward to face me in a universal room!"

As soon as the word came out, the expression of the ungum collapsed.

However, he did not look desperate or humiliated. It's like...... was a face that held back laughter. He, who had been calm all this time, was biting his lips and suppressing his laughter.

The reaction hardened the face of Gal Chun-lip.

"…What's so funny?”

"Oh, I'm sorry. I know it's rude, but I can't stand the name Jang Nilso."


"Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you saw a defeated army?"

"…last time?"

Galcheon-lip's eyes narrowed. I don't know what you're trying to ask, but it's been 15 years if you haven't met them in person. No, it's more than that.

But what did it do...….

"I assure you, if you had seen the defeat of three years ago with your own eyes, you would not dare say such a thing."

"This turtle...….”

Galcheonlip's face blushed. The funeral prosecutor just looked at him coldly.

Even if your opponent is a safara, you are not allowed to lose the courtesy of a man to a monk. However, when Jang Nilso's name came out of this man's mouth, even the world's ungum could not help laughing.

Jang Nilso, who drove the Chung-Myung and Ogum to the brink of death, saw with his eyes.

I'm not saying that Gal Chun-lip is not much of a warrior. But Jang Nilso is a different class. Isn't Jang Nilso the embodiment of everything that gives you goosebumps just by thinking about it?

Rather, Gal Chun-lip, a Safain, does not know the Jang Nilso properly.

"Maybe it's not a groundless myth to say that you can deal with the defeated enough. If the Jang Nilso stays in the past you've seen.”

Gal Cheon-lip, who understood what Ungeom meant, clenched his teeth.

"How dare he insult me...….”

"Even though he was an enemy, he was a man who had never stopped polishing himself. But... How was it for you? It's been a while since you've heard my name, but it hasn't changed much, has it?"


"The man who is drunk with the glory of the past is the dead.”

The word penetrated the heart of Chun-lip, who would become a dagger.

"And those who are satisfied with what I have accomplished and have fallen down will not stay in place, but fall behind."

Ungum's gaze turned slightly to the side. Hwasan's disciples and Ogum, who fought proudly against the enemy, were seen guarding their backs.

It is difficult to constantly grind yourself.’

But there are people here who have done the hard work. Some have tried harder than them, even though they have the highest reputation and the best skills.

So you can't look ugly as their teacher, can you?

Ungum raised the sword and aimed at the natural ribs.

"It's just great. Didn't you just say that you can't handle a single majority of the crowd?"


"Then why don't you check it out? How different I am that I couldn't handle even the majority of the population. And how far behind you in the past you were compared to the defeated.”


Gal Chun-lip stared at the ungum with an expressionless face.It was a life of ice that filled the spot as the raging anger subsided quickly. Regardless of the situation in the battlefield, I felt like I wouldn't feel better if I didn't tear the interest to pieces and kill it right away.

"The sword..."


Galcheon-lip slowly picked up the system. When the condolences that took the lives of countless people were captured, their hearts couldn't be colder.

"I hope the sword is as sharp as that snout. Otherwise, I'd rather beg you to kill me."

Despite the great Galcheon-lip's life, the ungum was just a grin.

"You won't be disappointed."

Ungeom, who held a ceremony for the Japanese apricot examination method in a neat manner, took a suspension tax and spoke briefly.

"Come here."

"I'll tear that thing apart!"

Galcheon-lip poured out a storm of energy and flooded the bayonet.