Chapter - 883 Episode 883. The man drunk on past glory is the dead. (3)


A sword with a strong history fell over its head.

The single-blooded man took a couple of steps back, frowning. A sword that passed right in front of his face stopped like a lie in Ho Gong and soon flooded his neck at a speed like a flash.


The twisted, single-blooded water cut off the side of a sword flying by hand. The sword was bent with a thumping sound, but the end of the sword soon found its place, and the direction of its flight was not changed at all.

A sword grazed his shoulder, drawing red blood.

For a moment, it was hard to live a blue life in the eyes of a single blooded person.

Whoo! Whoosh!

With hundreds of bees flying up at the same time, thick blood-strength gushed out of his hands.


Soon after, the tension of a single mixed blooded water flew toward Hyun Sang like a bloody brain failure.


Then Hyun Sang twisted his sword and struck the flying tension with a sword. But this is what a single-blooded person would expect.

Oh, my god!

Monomixed blood water released a dozen tensiones one after another. A red, red, blood-red force flew over Hyun Sang's entire body.

Hyun Sang's eyes sank into darkness. His sword, which was briefly suspended, collided with the tension of a single blooded water flying in, creating dozens of images at the same time.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

There was a series of binge drinking.

In response to strong opposition, single-mixed blood water took four or five steps back. I can hold on to it, but I didn't have to overdo it.


What caught his eyes was Hyun Sang, who stood firmly in place without taking a step back.

You would have felt the same backlash, one backing down and the other holding out on the spot. Of course, this alone would not be able to assess the merits of the martial arts, but it was obvious who benefited from this exchange.

The eyes of the monocarboned blood were stiffened with tension.


It feels like a huge wall with tension. The sense of touch at the fingertips was as strong as a mountain.

Why was this guy hiding all this time?’

I've never heard of a hard worker like this in Hwasan. Nangjungjichu, a man of this skill, is a man of the same kind as Hwasan. I'm sure you'll still have your reputation.

He was not the only one who wondered.

"Your side."

Hyun Sang made eye contact with him at the voice of a single blooded man scratching iron.

"…I think the rules of prosecution are very different from those of your students."

When Hyun Sang heard that, he held a complaint.

"It can't be helped. I don't have the same youth as those children."

Hawsan's sword is as colorful as ever and sleek. Hyun Sang is surprised when he sees the sword that the children spread.


When Hyun Sang mastered the sword, there was no such prosecution left in Hwasan. When the true Hwasan sword returned to Hwasan, he was no longer at a difficult age to master a new sword.

Those kids were like blank paper. So anything was acceptable. You can write anything on blank paper.

But Hyun Sang was not. He has learned a different sword from those children for decades.

Isn't it impossible to write a new handwriting on a piece of paper that's already written? It was also close to impossible to reform everything he had learned so far and fully embrace the new martial arts.But…….

What does that have to do with anything?’

Hyun Sang did not despair.

He doesn't have to be like those kids. It is okay to say that colorful plum blossoms do not bloom at the fingertips. He's no longer a blooming man. He's the one who needs to be a solid root that supports those children to blossom.

"A little late, a little slow. Instead, it'll be a little harder.”


Two eyes of monocarboned blood water sink.

He knew from long experience that these people were more uncomfortable to deal with.

And he doesn't even have time to take it easy. Things are getting worse, and if you take more time, you won't have a chance to run away.



The sound of a joint loosening from the fingers of a single-mixed blooded water rang violently.

That doesn't mean I'm afraid. Not having a reputation with this kind of skill means that you've rarely experienced real life.

"No matter how old you are, if you haven't had a real fight, you're a rookie anyway.’

He lowered his posture slightly. I know better than anyone when these people are most embarrassed.

"That's what you say after you survive, old man!"


His toes pushed the ground once.

Soon after, single-mixed blood water, which almost crawled to the bottom, flooded right in front of Hyun Sang. Then, I turned my body around with my hands clenched on the floor.

As soon as he turns his body, he hits the ground once again and shoots at Hyun Sang. Like a snake go (之) with diagonal and violently in his eyes to go with the deep blue salgwang was flowing.

Of course, given the swords of those young men, they must have suffered unimaginably. But water lilies are only water lilies. In real life, where life and death are divided in an instant, the embarrassment of the moment leads to a fatal mistake.

And the older you get, the less responsive you are!’

The hands of a single-mixed blooded water, which narrowed the streets with bizarre movements, were bent like claws of a hawk, colored with eerie dark red. And it was thrown out after Hyun Sang's ankle.

Collar fluid!

At that moment, Hyun Sang's sword flew like a bolt from the blue and aimed for the superiority of a single-blooded man who was aiming for his ankle. He is determined to put his hands through the ground and put them on the ground.

However, the mixed blood water, as if it were waiting for it, pushed the side of the sword with its palm, twisting its hands.


The hand touched the sword and the hand, and a creepy sound of scratching the iron exploded.

The raised sword makes even the black and white surface sharp. His skin cut off and blood splattered. But in return, the sword, which was stabbed down, succeeded in making it sink into the ground, not into his hands.

At that moment, the eyes of a single-mixed blooded tree emitted a creepy glow. He turned his body upside down for a moment and swung his hands like a bolt of lightning.


A red jangyoung exploded from bottom to top. It was a scene where red blood penetrated through the ground and soared.

But rather than the eerieness of the scene, the eccentricity itself was dangerous. Even though you've been through quite a battlefield, why would you ever experience a storm of tension from beneath your feet?

The single-blooded individual was clearly proving who he was.


Hyun Sang also failed to find a way to cope with the sudden attack from the bottom, and he kicked the ground and pulled out a sword and lifted himself up to Ho Gong.However, his sword rushed to hit Jang-young, who was chasing him fiercely.

But that's exactly what a single-blooded man wanted.


A single-blooded man hit the ground with his hands. Then he chased Hyun Sang, who rose to Ho Gong like an arrow shot by the rebound. He showed a strong will not to give up his once-caught victory again.

The one who runs away and the one who follows.

At that moment, Hyun Sang kicked Ho Gong once, widening the distance from a single-mixed blooded water and raised his sword.


Hyun Sang's sword, which has a powerful sword at the end, drew a neat line from top to bottom.

The human body, which is composed of bones and flesh, was likely to remain in two parts at a time. However, the moment I saw the dangerous sword, I could not feel the pleasure in the eyes of a single blooded person.

You're caught!

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

His hands soon turned red and black when he pulled up all his history.


The single-blooded man, who let out a loud cry, rushed back at the flying sword. Then he crossed his hands and grabbed the sword.

Kagagagak! Kagagagagak! Kagagagagak!

The sound of friction echoed eerie as if a sharp blade was scratching the rust of the iron. Hyun Sang's sword, caught in blood water, literally shaved off his hand by jumping like a live fish caught by a fisherman.

However, even while the palm was being cut, the single blooded water held Hyun Sang's sword and did not let him go.

A check-up is nothing without a sword anyway!’

The inspection of flying the ground in a state where the ground is not firmly set as usual will inevitably lose strength. It can be sharp, but it's hard to be powerful. Then he can overpower it with his hands.

I've dealt with these guys over and over again. I never got tired of the sight of their faces turning blue when they were showing colorful swords with relaxed faces.


The single-mixed blood water, which had been completely fixed by inserting the blade stronger into the bone of my hand, turned to Hyun Sang. There's no way I can't help but check what kind of expression he's making at this moment.

But…… a monocarbon could not.

What he saw was not Hyun Sang's face, but something blunt that quickly approached my face.

The eyes of a monocarbon were wide open before it could be identified. And as soon as I realized it was Hyun Sang's elbow, the huge impact on my face instantly blew my consciousness away.


a dark change

The world turned black at the moment and regained its light again. And what the monocarbon saw was a blue, blue sky.


It was not long before the terrible pain came over my face.


Instincts moved before thoughts could be sorted out. As he tried to twist his body to avoid a subsequent attack, his hands were pulled as if they had been tied to something.


As soon as his body was forced to pull down, what caught his eye was the elbow that he had just seen.


The body of a single mixed blooded man flew like a shell fired by a gunfire. He sprang up, leaving a big mark on the floor, and was thrown down again, spraying blood all over the place.

"Coo, Coo! Coo! Coo! Coo!

Before he groaned in pain, a lump of blood squeezed out of his throat was pushed out of his mouth. In just two attacks, the inside was completely overturned."Turn it off……."

His body, which was trying to lift himself up with his hands on the floor, was thrown back down. A cross section of his hand, which had been cut straight into a blurred view, came in.

"Cough! Cough!"

However, it was not the terrible pain felt in a completely depressed face or the shock of the hand that had always protected him.

It was this incomprehensible situation itself.


I know with my head.

As soon as he put a sword in his hand and fixed it, the author pulled it in and dragged him in and scratched his face with the elbow of his left arm, which did not hold the sword.

The sword was embedded in the bone and perfectly fixed, so there was no way for the monocarbon to escape.

Yeah, I understand what happened. I don't know what happened!

But how did that old man manage to make such a perfect response in a split second? A man with a sword, when the sword is overpowered by the opponent, his head is empty and he is at a loss for control.….

Like this.

At that moment, Hyun Sang stared at the mixed blooded water with a gloomy eye.

"Not bad, but you overlooked one thing."


The single-blooded man looked up at him, buzzing and struggling with his head in terrible pain. My eyes were full of questions.


Hyun Sang calmly opened his mouth as if he would solve the question.

"For me, your attack is neither bizarre nor anomalous. I'd say it's rather terribly obvious. Unfortunately, there's someone in Hwasan who doesn't mind biting a flying sword with his teeth."


"It would have been a good game if we hadn't hurried.”

Hyun Sang, who shook his head lightly, raised the sword.

"Your defeat is that you looked down on your opponent. And on the battlefield, those who let their guard down die first. Like he said."

The face of the monocarboned blood was distorted. No, it's right to say that your face is so damaged that it can't be more distorted that it's strangely distorted.

It's obvious?

My blood-soaked shoulders trembled finely.

You're saying I'm the one who's not used to fighting?’

A single blooded tree groaned out of its mouth.


The pain of Hyun Sang's words was greater than the pain felt in the body. Eventually, the moan was reconciled with a beastly howl.

"You... you son of a b*tc*! Oh, my God!


At that moment, Hyun Sang's sword cut off the neck of a single mixed blooded tree.


His head, still twisted in agony, fell to the floor and rolled.

"But it will be a proper end for you. Go to hell and apologize for what you've done so far.”

After shaking off the sword, Hyun Sang took a glance at the body of a single blooded man who lost his head and collapsed, and turned around without regret.