Chapter - 885 Episode 885: Those who are drunk on past glory are dead. (5)

In dealing with Gal Chun-lip, Ungum never gave up his courtesy.

No matter how much his opponent was the madoo of the Sapa, he thought that if he was a prosecutor, he would have manners to keep to those who risked their lives to face weapons. That was the way Hwasan's disciples were taught.


Now the respect for the opponent has completely disappeared from the eyes of Ungum.

He also knows that there are humans in the world who don't even need the least respect.


The eyes of the Hwasan disciples, who stopped the sword and looked at Galcheon-lip, were even more fierce than the ungum.

Put a knife in a colleague's back?

At least in Hwasan, it is unforgivable.

When the 100th peak examination shot with all the life in it, Gal Cheon-lip flinched and looked around.

"What is it?"

As if he didn't understand the situation, his pale face distorted with embarrassment. But not a single person kindly opened his mouth to make him understand the situation.

I just stare at him with cold eyes.

"What the f*ck are you, you bastards!"

When Gal Chun-lip shouted, Ungum lowered his sword and slowly opened his mouth.

"You are……."

A cold and insensitive voice penetrated Gal Chun-lip's ear.

"He is not qualified to lead a man."

Although the intention was not good, those who gathered here believed in Galcheon-lip and fought. If Gal Chun-lip had cared about them at all, he would not have been drunk on his own attack and put a knife in the back of his ally.

At Ungum's cold words, Gal Chun-lip's eyes turned unknowingly to the side. There was anger and life in the eyes of the Sapans, who were looking at this side with their swords stopped.

"…...foolish people."

It was beyond his comprehension.

"You morons, you morons! You don't understand because you're stupid? If I don't knock that one arm down, everyone will die! I have to win no matter what, so that you'll have a way to live!"

But you've never stabbed more than half a dozen people, but you look at them like that?

You bastards don't even know what's right.’

I think it's five at the most.

Isn't it common to get hit by your sword when you're on the battlefield?

But upon hearing it, the Sapans showed their teeth to Gal Cheon-lip.

"You stupid...….”

"It's beyond redemption."

Just as Gal Chun-lip was about to swear at him, Ungeom cut off and began to approach him as if it was hard to listen to him anymore.

The red and red sword at the end of his sword was young.


Ungum, Hwasan's disciples, and even the Sapans...…everyone is looking at him with the eyes of the enemy. Like everyone in the world hates him.

Feeling cornered, Gal Chun-lip changed his teeth strongly.


This isn't it.

This is not what he should be looking at.

The eyes that look at him must be filled with respect and fear, and with jealousy and fear. The eyes of those who dare not even dare to rise to that position, looking at the absolute.

"You can't be Jang Nilso."


The feelings he had in his eyes whenever he thought of Jang Nilso. They should be in everyone's eyes here.


"But why do you look at me like that! Why! Why!"

A beastly roar came out of Galcheon-lip's mouth.I can't admit it!

I can't admit it!

"I'll kill you!"

Galcheon-lip roared and flooded toward the ungum. a wild life And a stormy streak. Gal Chun-lip's face, with tendons on his face, turned his eyes upside down, was creepy itself.


His dark blue pottery shoots out in a formidable manner. No matter how much you hate Gal Chun-lip, there's no way you won't appreciate his skills as soon as you see the storm of pottery he created.

Son of a b*tc*!

Blood vessels began to burst from Galcheon-lip's eyes, which had raised its history to the limit. His eyes quickly turned red.

The strong one is the strong one. Only those who are strong are justice.

The weak follow in fear of the strong. Qualification to lead someone? It is enough to be strong.

Didn't that Jang Nilso also build a whole room with his strength and grab the Sapaeryon?

But what nonsense are you talking about?


The pottery rotated more fiercely. Over the stretched pottery, a new pottery created a trajectory, and dozens of pottery became irregularly entangled, creating a fierce storm.

In the storm of pottery, the human body would be nothing more than six pieces.

Meanwhile, Ungum holding a sword with one hand in front of the swirling pottery seemed so precarious.



Gwak Hae, who was watching, clenched his fist.

No one is coming forward. No one is telling me to be careful.

Everyone just looked at the back of the crying sword with their eyes filled with firm trust.

Anyone who has seen what training Ungum has done over the past three years knows about his discipleship. Worrying about the ungum now is nothing but disparaging the blood he has shed and the effort he has poured.

What they should have is not a worry.

It's faith in the teacher.


Ungum took a short deep breath.

It's a lie if you're not scared. That monstrous storm of pottery could tear his body apart at any time.

If it were in the past, he would not dare to deal with it, and would have stepped back again and again. And then...

There seems to be a scene in the eyes of the ungum. A sight of someone jumping forward and guarding him. Standing tall in front of him, a little small shoulder.

Ungum rolled up the corners of his mouth slightly.


I'm standing here not to see the sight.


The tip of one's toes presses firmly on the ground. Everything starts below.

Keep your mind as still as a lake, and your eyes look at your opponent in a fine way.

can see

'It's not everything in history. Herbivore isn't everything.’

It's as fierce as ever, as tough as can be.

But it's definitely out of line.

At one time, these culls would have been intertwined like sophisticated cogwheels and slaughtered their opponents. But not now. These cogwheels are rusted, dusty and squeaky.

The gap and the twisted axis.

Yes, Chung-Myung. I see.'

Gal Chun-lip would have no doubt that he had become stronger. As time went by, it would have been stronger and stronger.

But that's not all about ignorance.

No matter how powerful the device is, it will eventually rust and twist without delicate and steady management.

This attack is just a cogwheel with its axis twisted after all.Ungum took a step forward.

It seemed reckless to approach the raging storm, but the eyes of the ungum, which stretched out its feet, were as still as a lake.


His sword, which had been pushed back, trembled.

Can I set an example for those children?’

Shamefully, those children still call him their teacher. Although there are more than one or two people who have overtaken them, they still show respect and respect for them.

The fact is a lot of strength, but sometimes it feels like a burden that weighs on him.

What should I show those kids? What can I do to help those consistent people? How can I not be ashamed to be called a teacher by those children?

Without a hint of fear, the ungum took one more step.

The pressure from the province caused his hair to soar and shook his skin as if it were about to tear apart.

At that moment.

Oh, my god!

The plum sword in his left hand penetrated through the storm of pottery like the light.


Just as a steel rod was inserted between the teeth that were rotating hotly, at first sight, the delicate shot shook greatly.


The sword of the ungum, which was recovered at the moment, emitted light again.

Isn't it obvious that he'll have to show those kids?

The will to face without fear. And a wick that doesn't get misled by glamour and sticks to its true intentions!


'It's just a fake.’

If you evaluate it with the power at the end of the sword, if you evaluate it with the depth of its history, if you evaluate it with how much more splendid and powerful an attack can be made, the world will naturally regard Guido Moojung as stronger than that. The same goes for the ungum.

But now he knows. That's not what ignorance is about.

Now his disciples have taken the right first step toward power. There will be a day when they will experience a crisis and shake up.

There is only one thing he can say to such children.

'What you have to believe is.’

The feeling of the sword in your hand disappears.

However, only the heavy weight is evident. The young weight of his hand is not the weight of a sword. It's a confidence and belief in yourself that you haven't been generous to yourself for a second last time.

It's only your own effort.’

The sword of the cloud becomes light again and penetrates the storm of pottery.

One sword becomes two, and two swords become three again.

Soon after, Ungum's sword, which painted seven black and white images, pierced the gap between the red pottery without shaking an inch.

Kagak! Kagagak! Kaga gaga gak!

The help and sword intertwined and a creepy noise exploded.

Ooddeuk! Ooddeuk!

pain in the wrist a twist in the guts

The ungum, which forcibly swallowed a lump of blood rising through its throat, grabbed the sword so that all of its fingertips were white.


Under any circumstances, only two eyes must watch everything.

Like a cogwheel with irreversible foreign substances in it, the storm-spinning gait was fluctuating greatly.

And the Japanese apricot sword of Ungum, which had never rested in three years, did not miss the very moment.


a war of islands

The sword ends with effort.

The end of the sword holds time.

And the sword is just a person. It only contains people.The moment you put everything in a sword without a single doubt, the sword becomes a man, and the man becomes a sword.

(sighs) (CHUCKLES)

In an instant, the sword, which became a light, penetrated through the swirling pottery.

Kaga gaga gak!

Twisted cogwheels collapsed like a fantasy before the intense blow.

The red sword soared and the blue pottery disappeared.

A sword full of time, effort, and people bounced off the seized do. Soon after, he opened his eyes wide and penetrated the body of the astounded.


The strange feeling that the entire arm seemed to be gone disappeared in vain, and the world returned to him. A dull and heavy sense was young at the fingertips.


If there's one more thing to believe.

The ungum quietly turned away. The disciples clenched their fists as if they were making a noise. And the teachers who seemed more excited than the children.

They're standing behind you.’

Believe in yourself, believe in those who are with you.

That's just enough.