Chapter - 887 Episode 887. We'll see you soon. (2)

The situation that happened like a thunderbolt, the probationary process was like a thunderbolt, too.

Hwasan's disciples, who had renounced the arms of the surrendered or wounded Sapans, locked them in a warehouse at the top of the galaxy for now.

They had the opportunity to enter a warehouse full of the wealth they wanted so badly, but it was unclear whether they would be pleased.

Whasan's top priority was, of course, the treatment of the injured and the recovery of the body.

"How is it?"

"…Luckily or unfortunately, I don't think anyone will die anymore."


Because it was not a cureable measure in a single medical room, Hyun Young turned one of the upper galaxies into a chamber and attracted West Bank lawmakers.

Hyun Young asked with a curious look at their representative Roh's remarks.

"Then I'm glad you're right, what's the misfortune?"


The lawmaker secretly looked into Hyun Young's eyes and carefully opened his mouth.

"Those who have been injured as much as me have a very long treatment period. I have to lie still for more than three months to be treated."

"So what?"

"You won't be able to use your body the way you used to."


Hyun Young nodded loudly as if he knew what the lawmaker was trying to say.

"Don't worry about that."

"You know, you have to use expensive medicines to treat those serious wounds. No matter how much you save it...….”

"Don't worry, Senator."

Hyun Young shook his hand firmly.

The high price of the drug must be to say that ordinary people cannot afford it. It is natural to feel anxious while treating it. I'd have brought all the medicinal herbs in Ui-ga, but I wouldn't even be able to get the right price.

"Anyone injured here will be paid in Hwasan."

"He, is that true?"


Hyun Young nodded as if it was natural.

"If you could do that...….”

This is already agreed with Hyun Jong.

In fact, there is no reason why Hwasan should pay for their treatment. In the first place, they're not after Hwasan, they're after West Bank. With or without HWASAN their spells would have hit the West Bank.

However, such matters should not involve detailed logic and profit or loss.

- If we only reason, they'll do the same to us. The relationship that makes sense to each other is not bad, but that's not what I want.

That was right.

It would be even more right to say that someone who can't even look at money nodded silently.

"We also don't want to get expensive treatment from those who fought against the bad guys. However, if you are clumsy at saving medicinal herbs and not properly treating them, you may have a lot of aftereffects."

"Don't pay attention to the money, but treat it as much as you can."

Hyun Young looked around the injured lying on a white cloth.

"They've shown their determination. Those people shouldn't be treated poorly."

Admiration flowed out of Roh's mouth.

It is not that difficult to applaud those who have shown determination. But it wasn't easy to make my fortune for them.

In particular, Hwasan is in a situation where he doesn't have to be responsible for this.At best, I thought I'd show off by providing a place, but I was amazed by how unconventional it came out of nowhere.

"Then I will."

"I look forward to your kind cooperation, Senator. Our pharmacy will do its best to help."

"Yes, it's very helpful…….”



"Oh, what a crybaby! Our executioners don't groan when they stab us with a bigger sting than this!"

"So, sojour……"It hurts so much...….”

"It's noisy. Turn this way...…. Huh? Huh? Not here? Uh... It's been a while, so I'm a little confused.….”

Just by listening to it, the sound of my hair fluttering came out nonchalantly.

"Well, it doesn't matter. I'll plug it back in."

"Sa, save me…….”



The darted man's feet soared toward the ceiling. Hyun Young and Rep. Hyun, who were staring blankly at the trembling toes, turned their heads without saying a word.


Trying to say something, Hyun Young put his fist in his mouth and coughed loudly.

"…I look forward to your kind cooperation."

"Yes…… Elder."

It was a conversation that started warm and ended awkwardly.

"Have you recovered all the bodies of your disciples?"

"Yes, Father."

Wirip San remained silent for a moment and nodded heavily.

Considering the fierce battle they fought, it is not true that there are many casualties. It's a brutal battle, no wonder it was annihilated.

However, as a gatekeeper of a clan, few casualties cannot be happy.

"…I'm ashamed of my survival."

"Don't say that, Father. All the Mundos saw your father fight harder than anyone else as a doorkeeper."

This wasn't just to comfort Wirip San.

Wiso Haeng really thought so. So proud to be the son of Wirip San.

And as far as he knows, the Mundos of Hwayeongmun were not too different from Wiso Haeng.

At least in this battle, Wirip San proved that he wasn't just leading the clique with the halo of Hwasan. All of the disciples would have known that they were not only gentle and calm, but also armed.

"What did you decide to do with the body?”

"Shouldn't you send it home?"


Most of the other clans who sacrificed came from the West Bank, but the hometown of the Hwayeong Mundos, who moved from far away, was Namyang. At least you'll have to let them rest in their hometown.

"I'll have to go myself."

"Father, you're not feeling well. I'll go instead."


Despite Wiso Haeng's dissuasion, Wirip San shook his head firmly.

"This is what I have to do as a gatekeeper of English."


Wirip San smiled lightly.

"Don't look at me like that. It's sad and sad. It's heartbreaking. But you should be proud of your death penalty. He was more righteous than anyone else."

"Yes, I will never forget the end."

Wiso Haeng's eyes shone firmly, and Wirip San nodded lightly.

A wound makes a person hard.

It's heartbreaking, but this will make Hwagyeongmun's disciples more and more unruly. Only that was comforting.

"Then I'll have to hurry. It's a long way."

"Oh, no."

"Well, before the body goes bad...….”

"Hwasan Jang Moon-in has decided to save the ice. It's going to take a day or two, so wait."

"… icebreaker?"

Wirip San bit his lower lip.

I can't believe you're going to use that precious glacier to protect the body.…. This was enough to surprise even Wirip San, who is familiar with Hyun Jong's s*xual orientation."There will be no damage to the body if there is an ice cap. Of course, it's true that you have to go as soon as possible, but it takes about two days to get the ice boat, so take a little bit of respect...….”

Wirip San closed his eyes still.

It can't take two days if the ice boat is in Hwasan, and it can't be saved in two days if you have to save it because there is no ice boat. This must be Hyun Jong's consideration, worried that Wirip San would step out without taking care of himself.

"……Let's do that."

"Yes, Father."

Wirip San glanced and said.



"Have you met the Chung-Myung seal?"


Wiso Haeng shook his head quietly. Wirip San smiled faintly.

"It's sad, but this is also something that anyone who lives in a house should go through."

"Yes, I know."

"So you don't have to suppress it."


"Go and thank the Chung-Myung seal and the disciples of Bonsan, for they are the gatekeepers.”


"It is also a duty as a low-value stock."

Wiso Haeng nodded as if he couldn't help it.

"Yes, I will."

"Okay. Go ahead."


Wiso Haeng rose cautiously, bowed his head and left the room. Then, he stepped out of Hwayeongmun and headed to the top of the galaxy where Hwasan lived.

Tap, tap, tap!

The slow pace at first soon became faster and faster, and within the bell, it turned into a fast jump.

"Chung-Myung, Master!"

At that time, Chung-Myung couldn't even say thank you properly since he saved him. Because it wasn't worth it.

'I have to say thank you.’

It is also a matter of great concern to settle the affairs of the Moon faction as a lower-case liquor, but it is also a matter of course as a person to express gratitude to the savior of life.

With his breathtaking speed, he quickly ran to the top of the galaxy.


Wiso Haeng's feet, with the top of the galaxy at hand, slowed down.

And then it stopped.

A strange look appeared on his face with hesitation.

In the past, I would have jumped to the top of the galaxy and ran straight to the place where Chung-Myung was, but strangely, my feet were heavy now.


Wiso Haeng tilted his head because he couldn't understand the change himself.

However, I had to say thank you, so I entered the top of the galaxy. But no matter how hard I looked around, I couldn't see any of Hwasan's disciples.



Wiso Haeng, who spoke to a passing worker, asked with a rather stiff face.

"Where are the Hwasans now?"

"He'll be in the restaurant. It's time to eat. It's that big war angle over there."

"Oh, thank you."

With his head down, Wiso Haeng slowly headed towards the restaurant. However, the unknown pricklyness continued to cling to his ankle.

As I was almost at the restaurant, I saw a familiar face. It's like Wiso Haeng who can't get inside and hesitates.….


"Huh? That's a rumor.”

Hong Dae Kwang looked at Wiso Haeng and nodded slightly.

"What are you doing here?”

Wiso Haeng forced the word 'like a poo puppy' to follow. Then Hong Dae Kwang sighed deeply.

"Hwasan The Dragon…….No, I'm here to talk to the National Prosecutors' Association."


"Should I say something is a little uncomfortable?"

Wiso Haeng opened her eyes wide.

"I understand how strong Hassan is...… by the way, I'm proud and proud of it. The way Hwasan looks this time is so different from what I know.….”Listening to Hong Dae Kwang's mumbling words, Wiso Haeng finally found out the pricklyness he felt on his way home.

"It feels so far away.’

When I faced them for nothing, I was afraid if they weren't like them in the past.

I thought it was a stupid worry, but I think it was strange to see that not only Wiso Haeng but also Hong Dae Kwang felt the same thing.

"…Don't you think we should still go in though?”


Hong Dae Kwang made a groaning sound.

Even in front of Wiso Haeng, he could not be nervous all the time.

"Let's go in.”

If Wiso Haeng didn't come, I was going to listen to what was going on inside and listen to what was going on, but now that this is the case, I have no choice but to go in.

Hong Dae-wang, pretending to be calm, opened the door to Jeongak at once.

"Hey, Hwasan sword...….”

Hong Dae Kwang's mouth, which was trembling, closed automatically.

As soon as he opened the door, the people inside looked back at him without saying a word.

No, it must have been that way before he even came in.

'This, this...'.’

It wasn't the boisterous HWASAN he knew. All the faces of those looking this way were hardened.

It was not found in the Hwasan faction of the past, which always welcomed foreigners warmly.

Hong Dae Kwang was about to let out a groan, thinking that his guess was right.

"No, no, no, no!"


The familiar back of his head sprang up and screamed in front of him.

"Well, what! What kind of b*tc* are you to feed? Rice!

"…I've told you so many times. And then you starve to death.”

"Do you care if I starve or boil or die? Anyway, I'm full of these guys! Do you know how many people still can't eat a proper meal a day in that countryside? But what? Rice? Baaaaah? You're going to feed those who won't be able to grind me? If I have food for them, I'll feed the local dog! Dog!"

"No... I'm telling you, I'm dying. I'm really gonna scream and die.”

"Oh? Oh... Oh!"

Chung-Myung clapped his hands.

"I understand what you mean.”


Baek Cheon, who had been persuading him with a tired face all along, felt ominous and looked at Chung-Myung.

Chung-Myung asked with a refreshing face.

"So you're worried you're gonna die?”

"He, he is. Even though they're Sapa, starving them to death is...….”

"Then we can kill them in advance so they don't starve to death."


"If I go and slit your throat now, isn't it all gonna be okay?" Wait a minute! I'll make sure you don't have to eat forever!"


"Get him!"

"Ooh! God d*mn it, let's eat! You son of a b*tc*!

"If you have time to grumble, grab it!"

Hwasan's disciples rushed to Chung-Myung, who tried to run with a sword, and attacked and pressed him.

"Let it go! Let it go! Aren't all these guys crazy? Are you attacking me to save Sapa? How long have you guys been stuck with Safa? It wasn't like that back in my day! In my day!"

"Oh, shut up! Mouth! Mouth!

"Argh! Hold it right there! Straight!"

"Please…… Please, let's eat. Please……."Hong Dae Kwang, who was staring blankly at the scene, heard a giggling laugh in his ear.


Wiso Haeng was laughing out loud as if he had been nervous.

Nothing has changed.’

Even if they become strong, so that they have a different status from the past.

Hwasan is just Hwasan.

"Chung-Myung stamp!"

Wiso Haeng, realizing that, smiled brightly. Then, Chung-Myung shouted out loud and ran.