Chapter - 891 Episode 891, I'd rather die than not get it. (1)

A man hastened his steps.

It wasn't exactly a show of power. I just walk fast as if I'm busy. However, those who saw him as they passed by were all busy bowing their heads in contemplation.

The reason is simple.

It was because he was the defeated Jang Nilso's military Hoga Myong.

In terms of the official position of Sapaeryon, Hoga Myong is not even in the top ten.

But none of those in Sapaeryon thought Hoga Myong's real power was not in the top ten.

When Hoga Myong reached Jang Nilso's place with a cold face, the guards in front of him bowed urgently. It was natural that it was Hoga Myong who came up.


Standing tall.

Hoga Myong didn't move with her busy walking over her head.


He squinted and looked down at the knights.

"Come here."


The great men quickly approached Hoga Myong's front.

"Those who enter the Lyeonju's place must search the body. Isn't that the law of Sapaeryon?"

"Hey, that's right."

The contemplated monks nodded quickly.

"Then why don't you search my body?"

"Well, how dare we...….”

"How dare you?"

Hoga Myong's short voice made the faces of the dead turn blue.

"If I were the assassin who killed Hoga Myong and disguised himself, would I be able to handle the aftermath?"

"…old, military."



Instead of further explanation, the commanders searched Hoga Myong's body with tired faces. He searched the clothes with trembling hands and even smoothed his face to see if he played the role.

"All clear."

Hoga Myong stared at them with an emotionless face as the great men stepped down.

The sweat-soaked ladies shook their fingertips with nervous faces like sinners waiting for the judge's ruling.

"This time, I'm falling for it."

"Thank you……."

"But if this happens again."

Hoga Myong's sharp eyes stared at them.

"You'll think you'd rather die."

"And I'll keep that in mind!"

"You are the only one to offer loyalty to. To you, who are the guardians of the lord, no one in Sapaeryon, or even me, should be courteous."




Finally, Hoga Myong turned his eyes and walked inside the place.

The soldiers, who managed to escape from the criminal's gills, desperately held on to their weak legs.


Hoga Myong, who opened the door and went inside, looked around with his raw eyes.

After putting everything in the room in his eyes while breathing several times, he nodded lightly and approached the bed in the center of the room.

It was from that moment that his face, which had been frozen all along, was loosened.

"…Loyal Lord."


"Leonju, stop coughing. The sun is up in the sky."


"Lord of the Ryeon!"


Jang Nilso, who was lying on the bed, wriggled.

"You have to cough!"

"Joe, be quiet...…. Doesn't your head ring?”

Jang Nilso groaned and covered his head with a silk blanket.

I dare not say profanely pathetic, but Hoga Myong sighed deeply.

"You have to get up."



"Come back at a glance. Just a few more…….just a few more.""Lord of the Ryeon!"

Jang Nilso showed no sign of getting up, so Hoga Myong grabbed the blanket himself and pulled it.

"Wake up!"


In the end, Jang Nilso, who did not win, slowly raised his upper body. The head and weak shoulders cast doubt on whether Jang Nilso was the defeat of yesterday.

"A pseudonym…….I'm dying of a headache, aren't you?

"I know, why did you drink so much?"

"…...what am I supposed to do when a big rat doesn't even have a blind eye to what he said to me? But that doesn't mean I can't pull my butt out in front of him.

"Why did you learn martial arts? We'll just have to melt the poison with our history!"

"Ah……. Speak softly. My head is ringing."

Jang Nilso groaned again and went on.

"You're usually a smart guy, and you're stupid when you're like this. If I'd been drinking with a history, he'd think I was better at learning than him."



Jang Nilso giggled and said.

"Now I can't help but admit that I'm a stronger drinker! Anyway, he's gone first! LOL. You should have seen the look on his face before he went back!"

Hoga Myong pressed his temples with his fingers.

I had a headache.

I'm not kidding, I really had a headache. His blood pressure seemed to soar.

"……Okay, so let's just cry. You don't have to have a headache now that you've proven that alcohol is stronger."

"Not yet."


Jang Nilso kicked his tongue and shook his hand. Then, a quarrel waiting in the back ran like the wind and poured out honey water.

Jang Nilso gulped down the honey water and shook his head.

"I have to see Hwang Se-ak again today. I'm going to show you how I'm gnarled then."

"…because of that little man.”

"Tsk tsk tsk tsk. Alias, aliases. Why are you saying such obvious things these days, Danny? The world is a mystery. Maybe one day the little one will decide my life."


Hoga Myong was about to say something blunt, but shut up for a momentarily. Jang Nilso's expression has changed.

"Regret is not something you experience because you can't do what you can't do. You go through it because you didn't do what you could. So what you can do is, of course, what you have to do."

A sigh came out of Hoga Myong's mouth.

It's a straightforward argument. But how easy is it for a person to keep that theorem?

Now that he is in a position where he doesn't have to pay attention to such a trivial person, Jang Nilso has not changed from when he was the ark of the crowd.

As a result, Jang Nilso's daily routine was almost overworked. Hoga Myeong's position was of course worrisome, but on the other hand, it was undeniable that Jang Nilso was able to take complete control of Sapaeryon.

"No matter how much, you have to preserve the jade."

"The alias says, 'You're somehow getting stuck day by day.'

"Lord of the Ryeon."

"Okay, okay."

Jang Nilso shook his hand as if he was sick of it.

"People might think I'm the most pathetic guy in the world. Yeah."Hoga Myong sighed inwardly, listening to the gentle grumbling.


Even if they are united in malice against Sapaeryon, they cannot bring such words to Jang Nilso.

It's not appropriate for a person who organized all of Gangnam in just three years and achieved a private file box.

Hwang Se-ak's own visit to pledge loyalty is quite significant. This is because it is clear evidence that the influence of the Sapaeryon has begun to shake even the North beyond Gangnam.

"I have something to report."

"What is it?"

Jang Nilso lengthened his speech with a sour face. His face was full of determination to get Hoga Myong out quickly and lie down again.

"Hwasan is the one who...….”

But the moment Hoga Myong brought it up, Jang Nilso's face, which was full of languor and annoyance, changed. The pale face was strangely distorted and the heart was filled with deaf ears.

"…...we've broken the news."

But the momentum quickly faded away. As if Hoga Myong had been mistaken for a while.

But it was never an illusion.

The face became hazy again, but the boredom on the face was completely gone. There was a little madness in both hazy eyes.



"It took a long time. It took a long time. You son of a b*tc*.”

Jang Nilso pulled up the corners of his mouth.

Of course, Hoga Myong knew who that 'screwed' was referring to by Jang Nilso.

"Hwasan Medical Association."

I don't know why, but there's only one person in the world who can pull that expression out of Jang Nilso.

"I was getting annoyed and even thought about getting it myself...….”

"It was big that the idiot was moving as expected."

"That's right. That's...….the…."

Jang Nilso scratches his head.

"What did you say? The, uh, name is...…?”

"…It's Galcheon-lip. Ears and ears are heartless."

"Oh, I did. That brownish lip."

"It's Galcheon Lip."

"Let's move on, please. That's a little bird."

Jang Nilso shook his hand as if there was no reason to remember his name.

"By the way, the Galgar must have killed you on the island, as expected. You couldn't have done much damage, could you?"

"I was attacked unilaterally."

"I suppose so. 'Cause they're idiots.

Jang Nilso smirked.

"Well, finally all the roles and the situation are in place. You're saying it's time for the game to ripen?”

The face even looked pleased at first sight.

Does the world know that it was Jang Nilso who waited for Hwasan's return more than anyone else?


Jang Nilso sprang up from his seat.

At the same time, his body breathed white steam like boiling water. He blew away the spirit that he had accumulated in his body at once.


"Yes, Lord Ryeon!"

The quarrels rushed in and began to clothe Jang Nilso's whole body. Jang Nilso, who was waiting for the bickering to fill up his jewellery, frowned for being a little annoyed.

"Come on, get out of my way."

After pushing away the quarrels, he began to put the ring in both hands with his own hands.

Hoga Myong swallowed dry saliva.

I thought the name Hwasan would make Jang Nilso move, but I didn't even expect him to react so violently.

But at the same time, Hoga Myong's two eyes were a strange expectation.

Three years.

The three years of pledge are now almost over.That means that soon the world will be in a storm again. At the hands of Jang Nilso, not anyone else.

"Cancel all the schedules."

"…What are you thinking about?”

"When the rice is cooked, you have to move. Before it burns after waiting too long."

Jang Nilso wriggled his red lips and laughed.

"I have a place to go."

Hoga Myong's heart sank when he saw the smile that seemed truly private. It was because he knew what happened whenever Jang Nilso had that look on his face.

That's not a smile that enjoys what it's going to do for itself.

It was a smile when I threw my life into the fire.

"It's time to get the last card. I'm curious, too. I don't know if I can get my hands on this, or if I have to give up my life. Hahahahaha!"

Jang Nilso opened the door of his office with a mad smile. And in the pouring sunlight, he stared at the sun in the sky, undauntedly.

Jang Nilso revealed his teeth in the middle of the blue sky, receiving the sun's light that seemed to blind both eyes.

"Better to die than not to get it."

His hand stretched out to cover the sun. After pretending to grab at once, he burst out laughing and walked out with a big stride.

A black snake with madness and venom finally woke up from a long sleep and began to move.