Chapter - 897 Episode 897 I thought it would be a dragon. (2)


"Argh! Arrived!"


"Oh, my mother!"

Hwasan's disciples, who had been thrown open as if kicking the main mountain's prose, looked at the war angles with emotion.

He jumped up to the rough Hwasan at once, but he felt energetic rather than tired.



Everyone was so moved that they looked as if they were going to shed tears.

Hyun Jong smiled brightly.

Is that okay?’

It's not strange to think about it.

Hwasan's disciples are mostly those who have never left Hwasan for a long time. I've been away from such a place for over two years. It was understandable to be moved to be back.

Hyun Jong's heart warms up.

Doesn't this mean that Hwasan's disciples think this place is their home? I can't help but be happy as a writer...….

"Ugh! It's a roof! It's a roof!"

"I'm about to cry."

"You don't have to bite bugs in your sleep anymore."

"When I woke up from my sleep in the grass, my back was all wet, and now I'm saying goodbye!"

"Rice! You can eat human-like rice! Bob!"


Hyun Jong covered his mouth with his fist and coughed lightly.

It's embarrassing.’

Now, it is Hwasan, who can be said to have risen to the ranks of the rich, but he is shedding tears because he is thrilled that his disciples can sleep at a roofed war angle. I don't think it's going to be like this...….

Of course, it is only natural to know the circumstances.

To avoid the eyes of foreigners, he went into a deserted mountain and trained. In other words, he trained like a god in Shimsan Yugok, and in other words, he lived like a beggar in the mountains.

It's not too much to be moved to see a place where you can live like a human being because you've been living for so long while wielding a knife like a madman from morning to evening, scraping anything you can eat, eat, and fall asleep on the dirt floor.

Although he stayed at the top of the galaxy for a while, it would not have been a comfortable place for his disciples either.

"Bed! Let's lie down on the bed!"

"Get out of the way! I'm first!"

"Maybe there's something in the restaurant.”

"There's nothing to it. I've left a few years empty.

"But do you...….”

By the time the disciples lost their reason, Hwasan's military infrastructure had stomped.


The disciples' heads turned to one side in unison.

"Tsk tsk tsk."

Hyun Young, who looked around his disciples with his tongue clenched, said.

"No matter how urgent you are, you have to do what you have to do."

Then he pointed his chin at the war angles.

"Can you see?"


Hyun Young kindly explained it to me as the disciples showed no English language.

"Do you see the white dust piled up over there?"


"I don't want much of it. I'd like to finish the repair work today, but I'm a human being, so I don't want it to be that bad. But!"

Hyun Young grinned as he saw everyone's face begin to turn white.

"We'll have to clean up the dust while it's empty, right?”

The Devil!

I'm stuck!

"Flexibility is real!"

Hyun Young shrugged and asked if he had heard his disciples protest with their hearts.

"Any complaints?"

"Oh, no!"

"No way!"

"Of course I agree!"

No one dares to vomit at Hyun Young's words, no matter how strong the martial arts have become.

Hyun Young nodded and shouted vigorously.

"All right, move! Let's get this over with!"


Hawsan's disciples darted out."Wow……."

Hong Dae Kwang, who climbed a little later, looked blankly at what was going on inside Hwasan.

What would I say if I showed what's going on here to the public? Wouldn't we probably say that we need to reconsider the business sector of Munpa, which is common sense for the strong?

"Fly fast!"

"Here we go! Get out of the way!"

"There! Sweep there, there!"

The Hwasan disciples were cleaning up Hwasan at a formidable pace. It's not just a sweep. The Hwasan disciples, carrying a bucket of people, ran to the stream below and brought water and literally "washed" the front angle.

Dozens of water buckets flew in succession and sprayed water, making it look like rain pouring from the sky.

"……That's great."

I felt this when I saw Dangga before, but wouldn't it be a waste of manpower for fighters to escort or sign? I think it'll be easy for ten skilled workers to do civil engineering…….

Dust builds up and the white front angles quickly regain their colors.

What about the Wasan Medical Association?

Other people, let alone, don't think he's going to clean up hard...….

"It's less dusty!”


Just in time, Chung-Myung was seen kicking his executioner's butt relentlessly.

"The memorial tablet! There's dust on the ancestral tablet! Do you just wipe it off and move on?"

"Oh, no, I wiped it clean.….”

"Here! Don't you see the dust here? Here?

"……Chung-Myung아. I can't watch that."

"If there's any dust left here today, the death penalty will be destroyed! Hurry up and wipe it!"

"Oh, okay."

Chung-Myung, who occupied Okcheonwonwon, shouted a lion's roar with his eyes turned upside down.

And he took a clean cotton cloth and began to wipe off the tablet enthusiastically.

"Ho-ho! Ho-ho!"

Crispy. Crispy.

"Ho! Ho! Ho!

Crispy! Crispy!

Baek Cheon shook his head as he saw him wiping the memorial tablet engraved with "the 13th generation of the Hwasan faction, Cheon Mun."

He even felt insanity when he wiped the memorial tablet.

Is he rude? Is that too much of a habit?’

Kicking the death penalty and serving our ancestors so politely that we can't see their faces. Where on earth did such a terrible man pop up because something was twisted?


"Oops! Gold on the plaque! Oh, my! Long story! Argh! Oh, come on! Come on!


Baek Cheon, who stopped thinking, shook his head. Of course the same was true of Hong Dae Kwang.

Sparkling. Sparkling.

In just one poem, Hwasan regained his full form. The tiled tiles, which had been stained with dirt, were shining again, and the murky columns and walls became as clear as if they had been greased.

Bedding hanging on a long clothesline blew and shook gently.

It was truly a peaceful sight.

"Now, let's....”

Hyun Young looks from place to place with sharp eyes.

His disciples couldn't take their eyes off Hyun Young with a nervous face. What comes out of that mouth determines their fate.

"Well, that's...….”

It's not very satisfying, but Hyun Young nodded as if it was acceptable. Everyone let out a silent cheer.



"Since the children have been through a lot, I think it would be good if you let them eat and rest comfortably.""That's a good idea, but do you have any food in Hwasan right now? I'm sure there's no one to cook because I've sent out all the water."

"On my way up, I stopped by the bassinet of the chord and ordered food. All you have to do is go down and get it."

"You've done all the trick. My my."

In Hyun Jong's eyes, Chung-Myung sneaked to Hyun Young's back and whispered.

"Elders, drink, drink...….”

"Hey, you, you! You've been in such a bad mood for drinking, and now you're in that's the word.

Hyun Young frowned when Hyun Jong shouted out.

"That's what it is, and this is what it is! He could be a little hungry!"

"Oh, yeah.

When Hyun Jong was about to say something more.

"Here's the drink."

Someone's voice came from behind my back. Everyone turned their heads reflexively.

The closed prose of Hwasan slowly opened, revealing a man. The middle-aged man, with a white bottle in one hand, was covering his whole body with rust.


Hyun Jong's eyes were filled with joy.



Likewise, those who discovered Dang Gunnak couldn't help but shout out their welcome. Dang Gunnak smiled at the hospitality.

He trudged into the prose and bowed deeply toward Hyun Jong.

"I see you, Maen-ju."

"Don't do this, my lord."

Hyun Jong quickly grabbed his arms up.

"I'm a sinner who couldn't fulfill his role as a sworn master and left my burden to the owner. We can't take this example."

Dang Gunnak smiled brightly.

"I don't think you didn't play a role."

"But…… How did you get here so fast?"

When Hyun Jong asked with an amazing face, Dang Gunnak replied with a shy face.

"I came running straight from the letter. It's so sweet to hear that HWASAN has unwrapped the veil.”

"Welcome. It's a great pleasure to have you here."

Hyun Jong's eyes were filled with joy and sorry at the same time.

We already know how hard Dang Gunnak suffered while Hwasan was in the fold. In the meantime, how can I thank you for coming all the way here from the distant Janggang River?

"Yes, some are welcomed, some carry luggage."

Then Im Sobyong came into the door and shook his head.

"Green Forest King?"

"Are you here?"

Hyun Young smiled brightly as he greeted Im Sobyong.

"Long time no see, Elder."

"How have you been?"

"It's a big deal……. I think I can answer that only after the elder sees the books I brought. It didn't happen until it passed."

"Hahaha. Then of course everything must have been fine."

Hyun Young held Im Sobyong's hand, which is shaking his head. The touch contained a clear belief.


Then Chung-Myung crept up on Dang Gunnak. Eyes were on the bottle that Dang Gunnak was holding.

"It looks like a great drink.….”

His color and landscape paintings are extraordinary. Alcohol in a bottle like that can't be an ordinary liquor.

"Of course it's a good drink."

Dang Gunnak smiled lightly and nodded.

"It's been a while since I've seen a friend, and I've picked and brought a drink to drink."

"Oh, that's good to hear.”

As soon as Chung-Myung tried to flirt, Dang Gunnak's eyes became slightly dim."But……."


"There's something I need to check before that.”

Dang Gunnak, who stepped back slightly in front of Hyun Jong, stood upright looking at Chung-Myung. A thick spirit flowed out of his body.



The faces of the Hwasan disciples were quickly hardened.

The power of the Four Heavenly Clown House weighs heavily on his son-in-law.

"A friend who has been in hiding for years without contacting me...….”


"I think we'll be able to get a better taste of alcohol if we check what we've been getting during that time. What do you think?"

Dang Gunnak's sharp eyes poured into Chung-Myung. Dang Gunnak's spirit, which was released without suppressing his energy, was truly unexpected.

However, Chung-Myung, who received the look, just grinned at the momentum.


Chung-Myung, who rolled up the corners of his mouth slightly, looked straight at his friend who he had met for the first time in a while and answered.

"I don't think a bottle of that drink would be enough to confirm it.”

It was a moment when Dang Gunnak smiled the same way as Chung-Myung did.