Chapter - 898 Episode 898 I thought it would be a dragon. (3)

"All of a sudden?"

"Wow, this is…….”

Hwasan's disciples rolled back.

If Chung-Myung and Dang Gunnak face each other, it is clear that they will not be able to handle the aftermath even if they are dead or alive.

But at the same time they were worried about being swept away, the obvious expectations began to grow young in their eyes.

Dang Gunnak.

Now that I'm so familiar with Hwasan, I often don't realize its dignity. However, he is a thorn in the tetragonal family who is competing for the top position among the five generations.

Not to mention the position of Gang Ho, but rather than the position of Gaju of the Sichundang family, it is the weight of the three names Dang Gunnak.

The poison king, Dang Gunnak.

The name never lags behind the heads of the Gufile Room, where he was crowned in the Changgang River. No, in a way it is more than that.

That's why he's not hiding his spirit in front of Chung-Myung.

No matter how much Chung-Myung is called the Hwasan Prosecutors' Association and is regarded as a tool to lead the future generation of Kang Ho, it cannot be compared to Dang Gunnak yet.

Nevertheless, none of Hwasan's disciples looked worried at Chung-Myung while watching the bizarre confrontation. I just look forward to the outcome of this game with interesting eyes.

What was young in their eyes was just a firm belief in Chung-Myung.

'It's a new.’

Baek Cheon's lips shivered tightly.

The images of Chung-Myung and Dang Gunnak facing each other overlapped with what he had seen in the past. Two people faced at Jo-Gol's house. And the ten seconds of inscription that came true.

That was the beginning of a relationship.

But Baek Cheon knows. The beemoo of that time could not be called a proper beemoo. Dang Pae broke in the middle of the game and ruined the game, but it was just a beginning with a rule that said, "If you block 10 seconds, you will win."

But now, unlike then, the two faced each other without any strings attached.

"…Isn't that too urgent? But there are people who are still very good at writing."

Baek Cheon shook his head when Yoon-Jong spoke in a slightly unsatisfactory tone. And spoke in a determined tone.

"The writer will understand."

"But…… the closer you are, the more polite you should be. As soon as we face each other, we start rubbing.”

"You're not wrong, either. But……."

Baek Cheon said clearly, keeping his eyes on the two.

"Sometimes there is. We don't really need manners."

The sense of the flowing air touching the fingertips was clear.

Convinced that his concentration had reached its peak through the sensation, Dang Gunnak stared at Chung-Myung, who stood across the street.

I desperately calmed down the corners of my mouth trying to curl up to the temple.

Life is the unknown.’

When you first met Chung-Myung in Sacheon, would you have imagined that you would perform such a grandiose dance with that young, thunderless sword?

Looking at Chung-Myung, who casually accepts his spirit, both proud and triumphant.

It would have been stronger.

There is no doubt there.

That young examiner has always done things beyond his imagination. So he must have been strong enough to defeat his expectations over the past three years.That's why I wanted to know.

How strong his young friend has become. Whether Dang Gunnak can still reach his strength.

It was at that time when the ever-increasing concentration pulled the whole body's muscles tight.

"Oh, I'm scared."


Unlike him, who was full of energy, Chung-Myung shivered in a loose loose position.

"You don't have to be so scary. That's how it's done.

"… you think so?"

"Yes, I will."

Dang Gunnak, who was staring at Chung-Myung, who spoke without losing his composure, smiled.

"Let me ask you a question."


"Do you think there's anyone alive in front of me who's showing such self-indulgence.


Chung-Myung's eyes are slightly bigger. But soon the big eyes drew a soft line.

Chung-Myung replied with a grin.



"I'm sure there is. There's not a single one.”


"Or I could be the first."

At the end of the short conversation, Chung-Myung and Dang Gunnak looked at each other and laughed.

The conversation they had now was when Chung-Myung and Dang Gunnak first met at the Dead Sea Conference in the past.

Yes, Chung-Myung survived, as he said, by neglecting Dang Gunnak, and was even the first person to be his friend.

"How? Do you want to do it for ten seconds?”

"…I don't think a hundred seconds is enough."

"I'm afraid you're too much of a dangju."

"I couldn't say a thousand seconds because of the party's presence."

"……You've gotten a lot easier."

"Thanks to whom."

Dang Gunnak smiled lightly.

I'm not kidding, I really didn't think a thousand seconds would be enough. I've been trying to keep up the momentum and weigh down Chung-Myung, but I can't control Chung-Myung's energy.

I feel like I'm hitting the water running down.’

I want to know.

a fierce battle in the last long river

Chung-Myung survived against that Jang Nilso. That fact alone earned him a reputation to shake the strong.

But what he knows and Chung-Myung knows, being able to stand up to Jang Nilso doesn't mean he was on par with Jang Nilso.

If then,

What about Chung-Myung now, not then?

Do Chung-Myung now have the power to face that Jang Nilso and Sapaeryon?

'You'll see if you check.’

A veil was pulled out of Dang Gunnak's sleeve. Tang Gunnak's body, which had a nasal cord between the index finger and the middle finger, exuded a keenly-wrapped sword-like energy.

And at that moment.


Chung-Myung slowly pulled up the scented plum sword. Under the sun, he held the shining sword downward and posed.

A soft position where you don't feel a single point of strength. But as soon as he saw this, Dang Gunnak was strangely suffocating.

It's nothing special. But it was definitely different from what Dang Gunnak has seen so far. I don't know what the hell is different, but it's definitely different.

Dang Gunnak's lips twitched slightly.

I was going to say, "Be careful," but I quit. The person standing in front of him won't need that kind of consideration.


Dang Gunnak's finger grabbed a broken bido between them.

Once used by Dangbo, a pet compendium.

As soon as the history of the surge in the Danjeon was injected, Chumonbi burst into a huge check.Dang Gunnak's eyes met Chung-Myung in Ho Gong.


Out of the blue, a monument in the hands of Dang Gunnak appeared in Ho Gong.


At the same time, two kinds of roars broke out and rang everywhere.

Gwak Hae opened his eyes wide.

"What is it?"

Obviously, I watched it right in front of me, but I couldn't figure out what had happened.

'Oh, no. Wait a minute.… so the two of them confronted each other…… Suddenly, Bido appeared from above and the sound exploded?’

There are two things that are different from the beginning.

It was just Dang Gunnak with his hands out in front of him and Chung-Myung holding the sword diagonally.

"Oh, no....”

Gwak Hae, who was confused because he couldn't understand, heard a voice like salvation.

"…That's crazy."


"I've never seen anything like this before."

Looking back, Baek Cheon, Yoo-Esul, and Jo-Gol were shaking their heads as if they were sick of it. Gwak Hae asked because they seemed to understand something.

"What, what happened?”

"It's just obvious."


Baek Cheon said in a nonchalant way.

"The attacking side blew the bido, the defending side blocked it.”

"Oh, no....”


Baek Cheon bit his lips and said.

"The process was so fast that the sound followed late."


"It's simple, right?

I don't know any more.’

Gwak Hae's face turned pale.

I mean…… Dang Gunnak flew a vido in front of his eyes, and Chung-Myung hit it and bounced it up, and the process was so fast that all he could see was Vido floating in Ho Gong?

What kind of confrontation is this?’

Gwak Hae also gained great confidence through hell-like training. However, the day before his eyes immediately destroyed his hard-pressed confidence.

It's different. Is there a scene where that word fits so well?

"Gwak Hae."

"What? Oh…. Yes! Sa-sook!"

"Don't miss a moment of confrontation."


"Some day it will help. Just like we did."

"…I see."

Gwak Hae and Hwasan's disciples, who were in a state of ecstasy, opened their eyes again at the words.


Chung-Myung lightly shook off the sword. The dull pain in the wrist caused a subtle sensation.

"I think the name of the poison king is getting a little overshadowed."


Dang Gunnak shrugged after recovering the rotating Chumonbi from Ho Gong.

"Thanks to whom."

"Tsk. I gave you too much of this."

Chung-Myung has filed a complaint.

Of course he knows. In the past, Dang Gunnak couldn't have gone all out in his sardines. It's disgraceful that a proud warrior like Dang Gunnak sprays all his might on a latecomer.

But even so, the power and speed of this secret now far outpaced the former Dang Gunnak.

'It reminds me of the old days.’

It's something that brings back memories of Danbo.

And what this situation means is one.

It means that since Chung-Myung visited Dangga in the past, Dang Gunnak has only dug into Vido, not poison. This means that he has been grinding himself endlessly over the years without any complacency.

To overcome the limitations of poison.

"…It wouldn't have been easy.”

Changing the fundamentals is painfully comparable to doing ordinary training.But Dang Gunnak shook his head as if it were insignificant.

"Hwasan is not the only one."


When Chung-Myung tilted his head at a meaningless remark, Dang Gunnak spoke in a calm but firm tone.

"From the perspective of Hwasan, who runs past everything else in the world, everything else seems to be stopped."


"But we don't just sit there and watch the development of HWASAN. It's slow, but it's definitely taking a step forward."

Dang Gunnak grabbed Vido.

"So I don't think I'm going to give you anything yet. It's not you who's destroying the Sapaeryon, it's my role.”

Chung-Myung's lips twitched.

The expression was made to suppress a smile that was about to burst out of joy and joy.

I told you I'd pick the Heavenly Demon cub! Brother Do-sa, just watch from behind!


Can't you fool blood?

Chung-Myung slowly lowered the sword down.

What Dang Gunnak says now is the best thing a man can say as a warrior and a colleague.


Chung-Myung, who twisted his mouth, grabbed the sword tightly. The green thread hanging from the edge of the sword shook lightly.

He must prove himself as an unmanned and a colleague. The time he spent was never in vain!


At that moment, Dang Gunnak's bido became three rays of light and flew into Chung-Myung.