Chapter - 901 Episode 901, welcome back, Volcano Gumhyup.

The world has been stained with breathtaking silence.

Even though more than a hundred people gathered, even a small sound was not heard. The eyes of those who have forgotten to breathe are fixed in one place.

It was because a strange sight was unfolding to the point that the word "strange" was fitting.

It's a little bit longer than a span...… was literally floating in Ho Gong. The floating figure, which seemed to have been tied to a transparent thread and fixed, seemed to have ignored the laws of the whole world.

It was not long before the rain began to fly slowly. at a rate of boredom, like a snail crawling

In a way, there was no smile on everyone's face when they saw the funny scene.

Rather, he closed his mouth and shook his lips with his face turned blue. That was how people felt when they saw the strange movements of the secret.


Baek Cheon clenched his fist before I knew it.

Vido is pushing through Ho Gong. It's so slow that I wonder if it's right to move.

But Baek Cheon could feel it. The energy emitted by that sado was so powerful that Baek Cheon's history was beyond his will that he swung himself around to protect his body.

I can tell.

I don't know how dangerous. How many things are young in that bido.

A cold sweat sprang out of Baek Cheon's forehead.


His eyes quickly turned away from Vido and toward the end of it was aimed.

Before I knew it, Chung-Myung's feet stopped. Chung-Myung's feet, which seemed to move forward cutting everything in the world, were both attached to the floor for the first time since he started rubbing.

Rather than the rain that overwhelmed Ho Gong, the face of Dang Gunnak, who turned pale releasing the rain, the face of Chung-Myung, who focused all his attention on the rain that flew toward him with his lips closed, brought more sense of crisis to Baek Chen.

"My father."

Then, a very small voice was heard. When I looked back, I saw Dang-Soso closing his eyes with his hands clasped together.

Of course it will be complicated. Because she can't be happy with anyone's victory.

But Baek Cheon wanted to see the outcome of this game with his own eyes. The same will be true of others here.

Dang Gunnak, the world's most prestigious poison king.

How much meaning does his name have?

For Baek Cheon and other latecomers, the name represents the order of the strong and the power of the current strong.

Can Chung-Myung surpass that heavy and scary name?

'Get over it'

Baek Cheon bit his lips.


He threw his eyes at Chung-Myung with a anxious heart. Chung-Myung was still staring at the raindrops flying towards me.


As if he had yet to allow a counterattack, Vido moved slowly toward Chung-Myung.

Chung-Myung's whole body muscles were pulled tight.

'This is...?'

It was as if a serpent with a deadly poison, which could kill him by just passing by, was staring outside at him in the cave.

As soon as he moves to the tip of his head, a canine with poison flies like lightning and is about to get stuck in his leash.

"Cancerous rain?"


This is something he doesn't know.

At least none of the twelfths Danbo used were like this.How many things didn't even get used to Danbo?

No, it can't be.

Danbo was a perfect cook of everything in twelfth degree. That's why it was called the "Cancer Zone."

There can't have been any herbivores that Danbo couldn't have mastered, and there couldn't have been a way that he didn't show Chung-Myung.



Chung-Myung's hand clasped the handle of the sword.

I have no choice but to check.

As Chung-Myung moved, the speed of his moving slowly became a little faster.


At the same time Vido began to cry and recoil.

Vido, which used to move like a snail, now flies like a snail. Little by little, little by little, the pace is now clearly visible.



As soon as the rough inspection was thrown up in Vido, the flying Vido began to spin slowly. Then, it gradually accelerated and spun fiercely beyond the reach of the eye.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The energy of Vido, which had been spreading in all directions, swung. The resulting wind pressure seemed to push the soil filled with the floor from side to side, and soon began to pull back.

Soil and gravel rumbled and were sucked into the great whirlpool.

Oh, my god!

A huge wind of Yonggwon is sweeping around the monument. The huge red-brown vortex was more like a giant yellow dragon preparing for ascension than a wind.


"Get back!"

Those who watched the match with distance lowered their posture. This is because this huge workforce seemed to suck them up.

But that wasn't the end.

The courage to spin fiercely and suck everything up has not yet increased its speed.

On the spot, he is just spinning and twirling like a threat to Chung-Myung.

Blue light gushed from Chung-Myung's eyes. His mouth was curled up as high as he could see the vast swirl of energy. He even showed his teeth and laughed.

As if the situation were too pleasant.

It's coming!

And then.

(sighs) (CHUCKLES)

A drastic transition has occurred.

It was only after one day that the rain, which was moving as slowly as it would reach Chung-Myung, was shot like an explosion at an incredible speed.

At that moment, Chung-Myung saw.

The rain, which spins as if it were alone in the flow of another time with all the surrounding time slowing down. Then the swirls that are created suck up everything around them.

Even Chung-Myung's body was being sucked into the rainbows flying towards him.

Then Chung-Myung opened his eyes wide.

This is because it is an attack that even Chung-Myung, who has overcome countless martial arts through numerous battlefields, has never imagined, but there was a separate reason.

A lot of memorization he'd cut out, neutralized, and destroyed. Now that they have finished their utility and spread on the floor, they have emerged as Ho Gong in response to that vortex and began to fly toward Vido in unison.


It was like a scene where the ground was rising and coming over Chung-Myung.

If the Mandarin Chinese fly over the world from the sky, this number devours everything from the earth.

The world's Chung-Myung can't help but be stunned.

In the future, the tombstone, which swept the Danhon Temple and the Holy Spirit, will tear up the body, and the memorization of the deadly poison will be swept away like heavy rain.

There's nowhere to run. Even above the head.

At that moment of desperation, what caught Chung-Myung's eyes was not the rain flying towards him or Dang Gunnak standing behind him with a pale face.It was Baek Cheon and the herd shouting with their mouths wide open.


Seeing the desperate look on his face, Chung-Myung slightly distorted his face.

'You idiots.’

Why are you embarrassed?

You're afraid he'll get killed? Or are you afraid you won't be able to beat him.

Chung-Myung's sword drew a soft line.

'Look at me.'

Who wouldn't have imagined it?

I don't think anyone wanted it.

One day, from the moment their ancestors, who took the ground in Hawasan, took the sword, all they wanted was to see the end of the sword.

Therefore, the predecessor conveys his will to the future generations.

Therefore, future generations learn and follow the teachings of their predecessors.

The agreement of those who have different names, but have the same meaning. Law is the will of those who live in different times but share the same mind.

That's why it's prosecution and that's why it's prosecution.

'Here it is.’

Wasan's sword is contained. Everything that the people who wrote Hwasan's name ever wanted from the predecessors.

And now, on that sword, these people standing here will be with Chung-Myung's will.


Red plum blossoms bloomed at the end of Chung-Myung's sword.

Flowering. It is a weakness for the baby and a nobility for the birth.

What about after that?

'Stretch out.’

They will spread throughout the world if they make their will right, believe and carry through. So that the plum blossoms will be in full bloom in the vast old world.

"Plum Blossom……Rangu Province…"….”

The blooming plum blossoms shake gently. In the wind, the gentle sound of grass grazing, fluttering in the flowing clouds.

Not a single one is the same and different plum blossoms.

Some lack leaves, some do not bloom, and some are modest. Some plum blossoms are too pale to match in full bloom.

However, as more plum blossoms bloom, all the different flowers are in one flow, forming waves and blending together.

The plum blossoms swim slowly in Ho Gong without resisting the wind.

Sometimes cheerful, sometimes gentle.

Riding on the rising wind, swirling, soaring, sitting still, and far away.

The plum leaves, which swirled around Chung-Myung's body, blocked memorization that flew behind his back.


Then, the fierce memorization penetrated the petals mercilessly.

But before one petal was crushed, a new petal blocked in front of it, and as another petal was about to faint, another new petal hugged the cold metal.


A clear sound of iron spread like music.

The poisonous sand, the iron needles that have been shot reflecting the sun, are wrapped around petals that are not felt a bit of strength and are losing their momentum.

The net in the sky seems wide and loose, but did you leave nothing out?

The petals flying in the wind seemed to just fly, but they didn't miss anything flying toward Chung-Myung.

And at that moment everyone saw.

Memorization and poison sand, which seemed to cover Chung-Myung at once and gonjuk, hit the plum blossoms and bounce off.


Plum blossoms hold on and gently push everything that's sagging and spread throughout the world.

Beyond the vast smoke mounds, further away.

The red plum leaves spread as if a giant plum blossom were blooming.Crack, crack, crack, crack, crack!

With all the power of Dang Gunnak, Chumonbi moves forward through a flurry of plum blossoms. From now on, from now on.

Shivering as if it were about to fall, it never stopped.

The petals were torn and pushed away, swinging vigorously. He stretched forward again as if he were doing his best.


Cut another flower petal.


Breaking another sword.

However, as he went on somehow, Vido soon quivered as if his strength had run out, slowing down and stopping. Even Hwasan's disciples exclaimed at the sight.

But at that very moment.


Dang Gunnak's body stopped and flew like a flash into Vido, with a torrent of silence that blew away the silence that covered Hwasan at once.

Hwasan's disciples were glaring at the unthinkable movement.

Dang Gunnak, who grabbed Vido at once, immediately smashed the plum swords and flooded forward.

And Chung-Myung rushed towards him as if it were natural.


"That, that's enough.

The ideal burst into a scream in the mouths of the Hwasan disciples, who really thought it would end only if either one of them died.


Chumhonbi and Amhyang Plum Sword collided head-on in Ho Gong.

Oh, my god!

The strong winds blew in all directions and a formidable wave of air rose.


The raindrops pointed right in front of Chung-Myung's neck were cramping. Dan Gunnak's sleeves swelled as if they were about to release memorization.


The sword, which approached Dang Gunnak's face as if it were about to split, shot a red sword. It's as if I'm going to split up Dang Gunnak right now.

A world of swords and swords.

The moment when no one can step up and no one can talk.

There was only one thing that moved.

A flying flower petal.

A fragile petal, which had been swept into the sky by the confrontation between the two, slowly fell down on the calm air flow.

Everyone's eyes stayed on the scene.

The petals, which were slowly falling, once again slightly floating around, soon approached the Chumhonbi and Amhyang Plum, which were aimed at each other.

And as if to come to a quiet end, the rain fell on very gently.



Their eyes turned to plum leaves on the blue blade.

It's not plum black, it's real plum leaves.

The moment you see a flower petal that doesn't match this powerful collision, your faces blank out at the same time.

The sword was lowered naturally.

Soon a despondent smile broke out around their mouths as they alternated between the petals and each other's faces.

The rain with Chung-Myung's hand on my neck lightly caught me as a left-hander. Dang Gunnak also grabbed a female plum sword facing my face lightly as a left hand.

The two, who held the weapons as if they had taken them away, looked at each other's weapons in their hands without saying a word.

"…I never thought this sword day would go out."

"I think that's what I'm going to say. Lord Dang, this is what your weapon looks like.….”

The numerous scars on the sword and sword seemed to tell each other about the past.

Like this.

Dang Gunnak, who grabbed Chung-Myung's bido, held a black plum sword in his hand.

The two, who had been staring at each other silently for a long time, burst into laughter.

Chung-Myung, who shrugged, smiled and asked."Continued?"


Dang Gunnak shook his head after a moment of agonizing.

"There's no point anymore."


A warm smile spread around his mouth.

"Welcome back, Hwasan Medical Association."


At last, loud cheers broke out everywhere.

It would not be just ignorance that was delivered.

Wasan and Dangga. It was the moment when the two big names faced each other beyond three years.