Chapter - 904 - Episode 904. Welcome back, Volcano Swordsman. (4)

A lot of people gathered at the volcano's long-standing place for the first time in a long time.

In addition to the volcanic people, Danggunak and Lim So-byeong, who visited yesterday, sat across from Jang Mun-in.


Hyunjong coughed in vain and continued.

"I would like to express my deepest apologies to the two who must have worked hard while the volcano was away. And I must apologize to you both for not being able to do my part as the sworn Lord of Heaven."

"You don't have to say that, my lord."

Party music shook its head.

"Who doesn't know that just because a volcano is out of place doesn't mean we're living comfortably. It was just different things to do."


In the midst of warm words of blessing, a slightly crooked voice intervened.

"Well, of course it was a little hard."


Lim So-byeong was looking at Hyeonjong with a bright smile.

"We lived a hard life from across the street, shivering at the thought of the evil spirits who came to the Jang River and looked at them, and the toll was high, and we managed to curry favor with the merchants who talked about it, and brought the hard-earned money to Yangmin."…!”


"Of course, it must have been hard for a volcano to train behind you. Yes! What's harder to do? Hahahaha."

"No, but that man!"

When Cheongmyeong tried to stand up with his eyes wide open, Baekcheon pressed down on his shoulders.

"Hang in there, Cheongmyeong. It's just the beginning, and if you already do, you can't do anything today."

Then Cheongmyeong, who made a groan, turned his head and asked Hyunyoung.

"Is everything all right with the books? Is there something you missed? Did you eat anything you didn't you? There could be. There should be. There should be.

It was a remark that instantly caused confusion whether it was good to have embezzlement or not.

And unfortunately, Hyun-young's answer was different from what Cheongmyeong wanted.

"It was clean."


"Yeah, clean."

Hyun-young emphasized with a fistful of his head.

"There must be a coin."


"I've checked everything. I've never seen such a perfect book in my life."

When Hyun-young looked back with a look of admiration, Lim So-byeong opened his fan wide and smiled with a triumphant face.

"Ha ha. I'm glad I was able to satisfy the elder."

But then.

"I knew it! That bandit!"

Cheongmyeong suddenly jumped at Lim and grabbed him by the collar.


Lim, who was suddenly grabbed by the collar, opened his eyes wide as if he had been struck by lightning.

"Oh, no! How many years have you been deaf? It's clean and perfect! Perfect! You don't know perfect?”

"Yes, I know, perfect! That's not why you're doing this!"


When Lim So-byeong looked at his face and saw what he was talking about, Cheongmyeong shouted in anger.

"The bandit wrote the books, does it make sense that there's nothing wrong? Who do you think this is a pushover?


Private Lim's mouth opened wide.

"Spit it out, you bastard! You've done so much! I'm sure you've been scratching it and stealing it! Spit it out! Spit it out right now?

Cheongmyeong shook Lim's head. The neatly combed Lim's head was tilted back and quickly became scattered.

"Cher, Cheongmyeong. He is…….""I know! He's a thief! Don't worry, Jang Moon-in! I'll take all the coins he's got hidden underneath and retrieve them!"

"Oh, no. King Greening...….”

"You're not going to confess, are you? Do you want to die? Huh?

Tears filled Lim's eyes.

Many people stayed up all night trying not to miss anything by mistake, but what was all that time for?



When King Hyeonjong's order fell, Ogum, who was waiting, rushed to take Cheongmyeong away from Lim So-byeong. Cheongmyeong was dragged along but still kicked the air.

"No! Let go! You're all being fooled!"

"The books are accurate!”

"This thief's son is not a writer!"


Oh, that's why.

Then I'll tell you.

Baek Cheon, who had almost let go of his hand, regained his reason at the last minute. Then he grabbed the blue moon and dragged it back.

"…I'm sorry, King Green Lim."


"Are you all right?"

"…That's fine."

Although his eyes looked wet, neither Hyunjong nor Danggunak did not necessarily point out the fact.



Private Lim opened the fan wide. It's just a pity that the fan, which used to be a symbol of confidence, is now being used to cover the face.

"As you can see from the books, Maehwa Island is making a lot of money. The merchants, who have confirmed that Maehwa Island ensures safety, are trying to cross the Janggang River through Maehwa Island, which is almost lacking in ships."

"Oh, my God, they're going to skip the money to buy a boat.….Eup! Eup!"


Private Lim looked back at Cheongmyeong with the eyes of the world. Then Hyunjong said.

"Green Forest King."

"Yes, Jang Moon-in…….”

"Just don't mind."


Private Lim, who coughed in vain, continued.

"As the Volcano Sword Association said, it's a problem that can be solved if we increase the ship more, but in fact, it's a gain from the blockade of the Janggang River, so depending on the situation of the Janggang Island, the situation of Maehwa Island can change rapidly at any time."

"Well, you're right. Actually, I didn't think the channel would be blocking the river.”

"Yes, a long writer. Therefore, if you increase your belly without thinking, you may lose money. It seems better to stay the same for now."

"You've done a great job."

"Don't mention it."

Private Lim grinned.

"Don't we have to do our part as a proud member of the heavenly alliance? Hahahaha."

"But that Sapa guy sticks his spoon out somewhere else! I think I'll see it before I get dirt in my eyes...….Ugh!Ugh!"

This time even the party Demon stepped up to shut up Cheongmyeong's mouth.

"Be quiet, be quiet!"

"Shut up."

"One more time and I'm going to punch you in the forehead, death penalty!"

Hyunjong once again apologized to Lim, holding his face close to him.

"……I'm sorry."

"It's the life of a bandit that can't even be a dog."

"Isn't that a slave?"

"…novina bandits."

It's different. It's very much.

However, King Hyeonjong consoled Lim, who groaned under the yoke of his status.

As Lim said, if Nokrim had lived a really honest life for the past three years, the public's view of them would have changed a lot. Even if that view hasn't changed much, I would agree that volcanoes can control greenness.Therefore, as Lim said, it may be necessary to ensure the location of the green forest, which is unofficially allied with the heavenly allies.

'Before the real problem with the Loyalists.'

Hyunjong's eyes, who nodded quietly, turned to Danggunak this time.

"You've been through a lot, too."

"It's no trouble."

Party music shook its head.

"There's really no big problem with the disturbance in the Changgang River. If there was a problem, it would have to be coordinated by a low-staffed party price.”

Cheongmyeong, who took the hand of a hundred thousand from my mouth, grumbled.

"Then you could've used those bandit pups to eat and play."

"……It wasn't easy realistically. Who would welcome a bandit coming down to hunt down the Sapa?"

"Anyway, those bandits are not helping."

Danggunak continued as he agonized over what Lim had come this far from the Janggang River for.

"But thanks to you, the public sentiment in the Janggang area has clearly turned to Chun Woo-men."

Hyunjong nodded loudly.

He is also a man who knows how scary public sentiment is. Wasn't it because there were at least a few people who were willing to see the volcano before the dawn?

"But now we've reached our limit, my lord."


"I can do anything because Sapaeryon is silent right now, but the problem will surely grow as it approaches. We need support at the level of the Heavenly Federation."

Although it is known as the "Cheonwomang," the only people in the Middle East are volcanoes and dangga.

This was tantamount to the official request for support from the volcano.

"I'm sure…… If you've stayed in the Janggang River for the past three years, your home in Sacheon would be ridiculous."

"I'm ashamed, but I am."

"All right, my lord. Our volcano as soon as possible...….”

"For what?"


All eyes were on Cheongmyeong.

Baekcheon, who was holding Cheongmyeong, slipped away. I can now sort of tell the difference between when he talks nonsense and when he says something right.

Why don't you just let it go and walk away?

Baek Cheon's hand gently grabbed Cheongmyeong's shoulder again.

Do I have to subdue him?

"…...did you ask me to back out?”


"On the Janggang River?"


Danggunak frowns at Cheongmyeong, who speaks calmly.

"I know you're not a man to talk thoughtlessly, but I don't understand what you're saying.”

Baek Cheon opened his eyes wide in shock.

Excuse me, ma'am.You seem to have something wrong, but there is no one who speaks more thoughtlessly than him in the Middle Ages.

"It was a matter of course because the party has been defending its people for the past time, and it was a natural duty, but it was to create a favorable public opinion about the alliance. But wouldn't it be useless if I pulled my foot out of here?"

"No, I've done something for you so far, and if I swear at you for a break, is that a person? You're an animal, aren't


"You should be grateful for someone's help! I saved someone from drowning, and I'm not asking you to give me a bundle!"

"Well…… that's not wrong, but isn't the way the world works?"

"You're right, why do we protect it there? It's supposed to be protected by shaman cubs and namgung cubs."

"Didn't they make a sealed visit…"….”

"Is Bongmun a government official? I don't have to do anything when I say "Bongmoon"?”

"…...that's not what a volcano should say."

Baekcheon nodded quickly.Yeah, that's not what we're gonna say, is it? Yes?

However, Cheongmyeong snorted acrimoniously.

"Then go ahead."


"You're asking me to support the volcano, aren't you?”

"Right... right?

Anxiety was young in the face of Danggunak.

And... The clear name was clear.

"Even if a knife comes into my throat, there's no way to fight instead of the shamans, so step aside from the dangga or stay there!"


"Why do we do what those rotten old bastards have to do in the first place!"

"But the old faction and the alliance are not official, but they are allies.….”


Finally, Cheongmyeong turned his eyes upside down.

The glaring eyes closed Danggunak's eyes unknowingly.

"I'd rather stick with the Sapa than form an ally with the Gufas! Shaolin, shaman, screw you!"

"Ha ha. Speaking of which, let's go to Green Rim...….”

"Spit out the money you ate!"

"No! I didn't eat!"

Raging Cheongmyeong, protesting Imso soldier, and agonizing Danggunak.

In front of the scene of chaos raging like hell, Hyeonjong smiled pleasedly.

'Yes, this is how I felt.’

Oh... I just want to go back to the mountains.