Chapter - 906 - Episode 906. Try screwing it up. (1)

As soon as the decision seemed to be made, Lim So-byeong finally opened his mouth.

"You don't have to take it so seriously."


When asked again, Private Lim smiled evilly.

"People are grateful if they help once, but if they help 10 times, they take it for granted. And the eleventh time, I look forward to your help."


"And if you don't give him the eleventh, he blames and swears."

"…what do you think people are?”

"Of course, of course. Don't you think so?"

Private Lim looked around as if he had asked for consent. But all he encountered was the cold eyes of Hilnan.

"Of course, you can't fool those who come from it."

"I'm afraid someone's a bandit."

"…Safa is Safa."

Private Lim's eyes trembled.

"Am I the only one? Am I the only one? Am I the only one who's trash?



"I guess so."

Lim's head fell down.

He said, "f*cking bandits. I don't think I can fit in at all. What they're doing is more like a bandit, but only when it's like this...A murmur came vaguely, but the disciples of the volcano ignored it as if they were deaf.

"So what?"


Private Lim cleared his throat and opened his mouth again.

"The important thing is the way, the way! It's not just the way you step down, it's the right way to declare and step down."


"Yes, what if you don't give me your 11th help?”

"You said you'd be cursed."

"That's right! If you don't help, they swear. But change the way! Why don't we proudly declare that we won't help you from now on and step down?"

"…Wouldn't they curse the same way?”

"Hu-hoo-hoo-hoo. You're not very thoughtful. That's wrong!"

"Then what?"

Lim replies with a big smile.

"I swear worse. I'm gonna kill you.….”

"Hey, you punk!"

You're lying!

Cheongmyeong, who flew across the air, kicked Lim in the chest. When Lim So-byeong went out screaming evil, Ogum and Danggunak were frightened and hurriedly overpowered and dragged Cheongmyeong.

Cheongmyeong, who turned his eyes, growled like a guard dog who found the thief.

"No, because I'm pissed off my chest! What are you protesting for? Do you want me to check how hard the head of the bandit is?

"Ji, calm down, Cheongmyeong!"

"I'm a green forest king! Don't kick me!

"Come on, Cheongmyeong. He's a Sapa, but he still has a position. I'll treat you."

But King Greenim is King Greenim. After being kicked, Lim jumped up like a spring and stood up again.


At the scene, the disciples of the volcano nodded, shouting that they were also King Green Lim.

"Should I end my words...….Cough! Cough! Cough...Why are you coughing all of a sudden?….Cough!"

Suddenly, red blood sprang out of Lim's mouth, which was shaking and coughing loudly.

"Oh, my God!"


Silence fell in the room after everyone's frightening screams.

Private Lim looked down at the blood soaked in the front. And he gave a weak look to Cheongmyeong. Cheongmyeong grumbled.

"It's not even a sunfish, it's a single kick and it's bleeding.”

Is it a person?


How did that happen to the world?I'd rather have Jang Il-so, Jang Il-so!'

"…Are you all right, King Greenim?"

Private Lim nodded helplessly at the question of party music.

"…Yes, don't worry. No problem…….Cough! Cough!"


"More than that…… to the end of a man's words…….till the end.….”

Cheongmyeong nodded his head in a seductively.

"Yeah, well, do it."

"How far... did I tell you? That…… Cough. Anyway, I'll blame you. But, Cough! We just need to let them know that we're not the ones to blame.""…Let's turn the arrow toward the gufa?"

"Oh, my. You're saying something weird. Why are you... Coughing! Coughing! Ahem! Turning the arrow. That's what it's supposed to be."

Lim So-byeong grinned.

Rather than looking elated with blood, he smiled brightly, but no one could dare to point out the fact.

"It would have been better. The volcano lifted its bongmun and guarded the West Bank, which created a cause for this side."


"Yes, where is there more justification than going back to protect your home? As Sapa is leaving Hobuk and Hanam to Seomseo and Sacheon, you can say that you are going back to your home to protect the place you are supposed to protect."


Cheongmyeong looked at Lim with a "Oh?" face.

"That would change the course of resentment. It's not because I'm tired and lazy, but because I'm leaving to protect it. Then who would the rest of us see?”

"Who is it?"

"Tsk tsk. Don't you see the Taoists walking around doors, locking doors and playing fresh, instead of those who go a long way to protect the other people? Everyone else is struggling, but you can't see the back door and nose out, you good-natured bandits.…. No, put your fist down. Give me that fist. Cough! Cough! Blood! Blood! Blood!

As Lim quickly pushed my blood-stained front, he reluctantly lowered the fist that Cheongmyeong had slightly clenched. But his eyes were still full of grudges.


Private Lim opened up a blood-soaked fan.

"The Bondi River is a reminder to the public that my gatekeepers were guarding my area. Sacheon was a danga, an island volcano, and a hobuk was a shaman. Then you'll naturally be reminded that the party has been doing things that they don't have to leave my area."

Hyun-young nods as if she likes Lim's words.

"Well, there's a way. It's much better than just falling out.”

But Baekcheon seemed to have a different idea.

"But the real Sapans aren't aiming for Sacheon, aren't they covering their eyes too much?

"What do you mean, a hundred thousand stamps? Sacheon already has Sapa."


Baek Cheon opened his eyes in surprise. And more than that, the warlord was surprised and asked Lim urgently.

"Is it true?"

"Yes, I don't know exactly who they are, but they are hiding all over the mountains of Sacheon, threatening the lives of those who come and go."

If you're a Sapa that threatens those who hide in the mountains...….

Uh... So what they usually say is...….

"…a bandit?"


Private Lim stirred the fan.

"It's a mysterious Sapa. An unidentified Sapa! Anyway, the Sapa will be in trouble in a timely manner. To the extent that life is not killed, unfortunately. Very unfortunately!"

A thousand mouths opened wide.

So, isn't Nokrim going to disguise himself as a Sapa of Gangnam and make an accident in Sacheon to give the reason for the Dangga to leave?

"No, would you be fooled by that? Of course the distinction is...….”

"I won't go."

"I'm not going."

"……Yes. I won't go. That's right."

If Sapa is in the mountains, it is mountainous; if it is in the rivers, it is water; if it is in the fields, it is mana.

I didn't even write bandit on my face, but if I change my clothes in moderation, what's the point of knowing where he's from?"Definitely……."

He nodded as if party music had a point.

No one will be able to blame the party for returning to Sacheon if the rumor that the Sapa caused a disturbance in Sacheon, whether large or small.

Isn't it Sichundang after all right? If the Sacheon Party is going to protect Sacheon, who can ask us to keep protecting Sacheon?

Everyone understood and blankly convinced, Lim opened his mouth triumphantly.

"Hu-hoo-hoo. You seem to understand. Do you know what they call this?"




"Gye, it's a trick! A trick! A novel trick! It's not dirty, you trolls!"

The bloody cry of a lonely bandit was as deafening to the docs as always.

The only thing he looked at was Lim, as if he was admiring.

"I saved the dying one, and he cursed me a lot for nothing. There's a place to write."

"What do you mean useless? I almost broke my back making money at Maehwado Island!"

"I'm sure you broke your wrist trying to skip it.”

"……If I knew this would happen, I'd just skip it."

"Then it would have broken, not the hand."


Cheongmyeong also thought of easing the responsibility by spreading rumors through moderate opening or green forest, but failed to come up with the idea of disguising himself as a sapan in Sacheon and causing problems.

"I'm sure Sapa is Sapa. The level of conspiracy is different. Is that what you used to do?"

"…It's a trick."

"Tsk tsk. The same water becomes milk when a cow drinks it, and it becomes poison when a snake drinks it. The same scheme is a trick if it comes out of the head of a political faction, and a conspiracy if it comes out of the head of a political faction."

"Oh, no, it's...….”

"If it's not fair, you can fight it. Who told you to do bandits?"


Lim closed his mouth, feeling that his eyes were blurred.

Baekcheon whispered quietly to Cheongmyeong.

"But... isn't that a little too much?"

"It's not too much. Do you have any coins left for freezing? I'm going to take something like this."


That sounds right, but...….

At that time, the Danggunak, which Cheongmyeong thought would beat Lim to the ground if left as it was, quickly settled the situation.

"If that's the case, we'll have a justification to get out of the Changgang River. But I still feel bad for the people who will suffer there."

The words were answered by Cheongmyeong.

"Don't worry. There's a way."

"Huh? What do you mean, a way?”

"Even if it's unlimited, there will be people who live in the Janggang basin who will move to Sacheon if they provide adequate support."”

Danggunak looked at Cheongmyeong with surprise.

"To Sichuan?"


Cheongmyeong nodded lightly.

"You have to give me a chance. If we move to Sacheon, we will be able to support not only Danga but also the volcano. I've accumulated a lot of money over the last three years."

This time, Lim So-byeong slapped his palm with a fan as if he was admiring.

"It's definitely a lot of money. And even if you give them a chance, there won't be a lot of people who are actually trying to move in, so it won't cost much money. He's going to take credit for everything. Will Demon cry...….”

"But the more he goes, the more he goes!"

"Hang in there, Cheongmyeong!"

"If you hit me again, I'll kill you!"

After another tapping, Cheongmyeong finally calmed down and opened his mouth.

"That'll make you feel better."

"Well."Danggunak looked at Hyeonjong as if he were asking for permission. Then Hyun-jong smiled and nodded.

"If the Lord thinks of the people, how can a man who walks on the streets of Doga dwells on his wealth?"

"…You were so clingy."

"You'll have to dwell on it."

"It was our beggar, Jang Moon-in."

"Jo, be quiet, you bastards! Isn't there a foreigner?"

Hyunjong, who was angry with his red face, coughed loudly and spoke politely again.

"So do as you please."

"…Thank you, my lord."

Lim So-byeong smiles as the party music nods.

"Then, in line with the Dangga, we will withdraw from Maehwa Island."

"Huh? What about plum blossoms?"

"……the plum blossoms are ahead of the Dangga. If there's a war, we'll die first.”

"No, well, that's it, but...….”

Cheongmyeong gave his ears a throbbing throbbing throb.

"It's a bit of a waste of money to be left out now…"….Let's stay a little longer, shall we?”

"…I heard people's lives are the most important thing."

"Yes, but...….”

Cheongmyeong blew his finger with his ear open.

"Are bandits treated like humans these days? It wasn't like that back in my day.

Lim was speechless for a moment and looked at Cheongmyeong with a "Is this really a person?" face. But Cheongmyeong was still sullen.

"I don't think it's going to help the world anyway, so why don't we make some more money?”

"I'm out!"

"Don't make a hasty decision."

"Money is money, but you have to live!"

"Anyway, these days don't know how precious money is. Tsk tsk. It wasn't like that when I was young."

When you were young, there were only demons lived in your time?

"Well, I guess that's the way to go, King Greening.

"Thank you, my lord."

Until now, Private Lim had thought that the actual predator of the Heavenly Alliance was as good as Cheongmyeong. However, at this moment, I was grateful to heaven that King Hyeonjong, not Cheongmyeong, was sitting in Maengju's seat.

If that demon was sitting in the seat of the Heavenly Father, the world...…. No, I don't know about the world, but the green forest must have burned.

When it was roughly organized, Cheongmyeong began to laugh.

"Now that I've laid out the board, he'll be moving slowly."

"……Plate the board.

"No, well, it's nothing. giggle giggle."

Everyone trembled with anxiety as they saw him smiling with the most excited face in the world without explaining in detail.

So you guys dare to f*ck us? Court, you son of a b*tc*!

Cheongmyeong's mouth began to twist.

"I've been away for three years and I think I've forgotten who I am."


"Give it a try. Giggles! Giggles! Giggles! Giggling!


At the end of the day, Cho-geol hinted at Baek-cheon as he saw Cheong-myeong, who started to laugh alone.

"…What's wrong with him again?”

"What's the point of saying it? He must be plotting something inside."

What about the same water? It's milk if you eat cows, and poison if you eat snakes?

'Then he's a snake. That's also very vicious.’

The evil eyes of the giant evil dragon turned south.

Far away, far away, into the Janggang River, where chaos will rock the world.