Chapter - 907 - Episode 907. Try screwing it up. (2)

There is a strange aspect of perception.

Unexpectedly, people do not feel peace as peace and confusion as chaos.

This means that in situations where peace persists, the tranquility is not felt special, and in situations where confusion persists, the urgency is not felt strange.

It's been three years since Janggang disaster.

At first, those who groaned from the chaos that began in the Janggang River began to take such a situation for granted.

Stability exists in the midst of confusion.

Despite the conflict between Sapaeryon and Gu faction and the chaos caused by the rampant existence of Sapa, the public was somehow building stability in their lives.

Until the rumors spread out out of the blue, the Janggang basin was circulated.

"The party is withdrawing from the North."

The man woke up with his eyes wide open.

"Well, what the f*ck is that? What do you mean the party is pulling out?”

"It's literally. He's going back to Sacheon."

"So what do we do?"

The faces of the people gathered in twos and threes turned pale.

Those who work on the land north of the Janggang River have no idea how much the Sichundang family has done over the past few years. If they hadn't kept this place, some of these people would certainly not be in this world now.

However, when such a party member suddenly withdrew from the Janggang River, it was inevitable to look at it.

"Go, why all of a sudden?"

"It looks like there's a sapa in Sacheon."

"What? In Sacheon?"

"That's right. Didn't the Sacheonites storm and burn the houses and plunder the wealth?"

"Now to Sichuan...….”

"Also, I heard that the Sapa were on the island a while ago. It's an island, Sacheon, and it's not a safe place anymore."


It was hard to say anything to the faces of those who spoke.

As its name suggests, Sacheon is a loser of Sacheon. If there are safas in that Sacheon, of course the party should go back to protect Sacheon.

"…I'm worried. What will happen if the party leaves...….”

"So you know what?"

"Is there really not much room for the party? Even if Sacheon is a problem, it's not enough to withdraw...….”

"What is he talking about?"

One of the people listening was angry with a heated face.

"The Four Heavens! Sichundangga! Hasn't they protected us for nothing in the past few years without any reward in this country?"

"Well, yes, but...….”

"So you can't shed tears of gratitude on your way, what? There's a fire in my house, and you want me to leave my house and protect us? Where's the pharyngee from?"

"I was just saying because I was so sad. Why are you so angry?….”

The person who brought it up was depressed and shrugged.

"That's the right thing to say! Isn't there a place where you have to take responsibility for those d*mn Sapa people?"

The words reminded everyone of the name of a clique. Munpa, who was their pride until Janggang disaster.

"That dangga has a problem in his area, so he's going back every inch of the country, and when the people of Hobuk are struggling like this, where and what did the d*mn shamans do?"

"…Who doesn't know that? Isn't that what you're saying because the shaman doesn't shine on you and your nose?"

"Then go to the shaman and protest! Honestly, what did the shaman do to sit in there? In addition, the volcano, which was reportedly sealed, broke the gate as soon as the Sapa came to the island.More!""The volcano?"

"I told you so!"

The faces of those who heard the name volcano have become mysterious.

In fact, volcano was a very complicated name for the people of North Jeolla Province.

The forgotten family is no match for a shaman who once represented North Korea. However, the only great clique that fought against that Sapaeryon after the Changgang disaster.

And three years later, somewhere in between is the location of the volcano.

"I can't believe the volcano broke through the gate.….”

"So you're not saying that? Frankly speaking, is the volcano's peak the same as the shaman's?"

"It's different. It's different."

Volcanoes have been sealed to strengthen themselves. However, the shaman was unable to cope with the pouring criticism and sealed the door as if running away.

"If the volcano had been active in the river for the past three years, it would have received all kinds of praise. Isn't Volcano the only one who kept the pride of the political faction in the bloody Janggang disaster? And yet the volcano refuses to do so and says it lacks power. Volcano!"

"…Yes, it's a great gatekeeper.”

"Even such a gatekeeper has a problem on the island, so he comes out to solve the sealed gate and protect people, and those d*mn shamans don't care if the North Korean people die or not. d*mn it!

Fear of the escape of the clique began to spread to the shamans.

In fact, anyone who has an idea must say so.

"Where is the shaman? What are the small and medium-sized civil servants in North Korea doing now? You used to condescend to be a shaman's con artist! If there's no shaman, do we have to wash our fingers? The islanders said they fought against their evil enemies even before the volcano arrived!"

"It is said that even the inner men of one Bongmun fought for their lives.”

"What kind of shaman...….”

What really stimulates people the most is anxiety.

Anxiety that the absence of the party's family might add to the confusion was infuriating the North Koreans.

"I heard that Kyunhyeon people went up to the shaman, so wait a little longer. If they had the decency, they'd open the door and come out."

"…If you had the decency, would you have done the benediction?"

"Come on. f*ck it! I'm so frustrated!”

News of the withdrawal of the Sacheon Party was enough to turn the Janggang River upside down. But there was a separate place where the fire really fell.

* * *

"What? What did you just say?"

"……the plum blossoms are pulling out."

The face of Samagong, the chief marcher of the Daboksanghoe, was drained of blood.

"The plum blossoms?"

"……Yes, a grown-up.”

"Oh, no! Why is Maehwa Island suddenly pulling out? I didn't hear anything wrong."

"No, there's a lot of rumors going around right now. They say they will receive the shipment by tomorrow, and no more after that."

"Well, are you trying to do some maintenance? It's like that's it.

"……I'm afraid you're going to walk away."

"No! Why are you stepping out of plum blossoms? I'm raking in some money! And what about the facilities they built there? What about them?"

"I guess you're thinking of throwing it all away, too.

"……What the hell is this…?….”

Samagong was so bewildered that he murmured in silence.

How much effort did Cheon Woo-men put into that plum and adjacent dock? In the past, it was just an empty field, but now it is a huge city that is second to none in the North.

And you're going to walk away from a place like that?

Are you out of your mind?

It is beyond his comprehension.

I'm a merchant, so I can't understand all the strong men's thoughts, but I do...…."No, you shouldn't have started business then! I can make more money, do you close your business here? They're not crazy!"

Samagong couldn't stand it and jumped out of his seat.

"Sun, sir? What are you going to do?….”

"I'll have to check it with my own eyes! I can't believe it!"

Samagong ran out as it was.

Fortunately, his branch is located not too far from Maehwa Island. This is because he established a branch near Maehwa-do Island to preside over the upper court for smooth shipment, as well as a multi-bok business association containing his body.

When I arrived at the pier, I saw countless people who had already heard the same news.

"Escape! What the hell happened to this?"

"Are you sure the volcano is pulling out of Maehwa Island?”

"Then what do we do? Then we'll all starve to death!"

Lim, surrounded by crowds, sighed deeply.

I'm screwed.

Today, he ran to the island and was kicked out without resting and returned to Maehwado Island. But as soon as I come back, I'm surrounded by people and suffering, so I can't help but cry.

No, it's not.

Maybe I'm a little happy. I'm with those who treat him like a bandit, and yet treat him like a fugitive.

"Everyone, calm down."

Lim opened his mouth coughing in vain.

"Is that really true? Runaway?"

"That's what happened. Unfortunately, Maehwa Island is closed tomorrow."

"Well, what are we supposed to do?”

"Without plum blossoms, you can't carry things to Gangnam! Those men are still going crazy!"

"Volcano! What do volcanoes say? Is this the will of the volcano?"

"Come on, everyone, calm down."

Lim So-byeong shook his hand and comforted them.

"I'd like to stay in business longer, but…… Unfortunately, the movement in Gangnam is unusual. I'm sure you have a rough idea of the situation."

Those who objected to the remark all shut up.

They also know that Sapaeryon has finished cleaning up the inside. They're the merchants. No matter how evil the Sapaeryon is, they will not even try to kill each and every one of them.

But Maehwa Island is a volcanic area. The first place they'll be aiming for when they cross the Janggang River.

"Then really…….”

Private Lim nodded his head.

"But you don't have to worry too much. Isn't this Maehwa Island? I'm sure someone will try to keep it running, even if it's not a volcano."

"Oh, yeah, but...….”

"So you don't know anything about him?”

"I don't know."

Lim So-byeong smiled as if he knew it.

"There's no point in arguing from a standpoint of leaving. Just……."


"Everything goes its way, doesn't it? The owner will be back in place.”

"If you say you're the owner...….”

"Well, I think I've said everything I want to say. I'll keep you up at night, and I'll be sure to deliver your stuff before sunset tomorrow, so if you haven't finished, bring it quickly!"

The merchants' eyes shook when they heard it.

"Woo, move!"

"For God's sake, the warehouse is still full of stuff!"

"Now, wait a minute, even if I'm moving my luggage, how do I get the changed stuff back?"

"That's something to think about later!"

In a flash, they could not bring themselves to ask Lim any more questions.

In the middle of the mess, Private Lim smirked.Sapa's conspiracy?

That's ridiculous.

When it comes to plotting, he falls short of the devil's toes.

Private Lim had a large city spread out in front of him. A commercial city with the richest merchants in the world to covet.

"Is there a bigger bait in the world than this?’

Lim did not know whether Cheongmyeong really thought of it three years ago or whether it became like this as the situation progressed. There's evidence, but there's no physical evidence.

Whatever the intention was, it was clear that this mouth would be the nucleus of a typhoon that would wipe out countless people.

"…It's a shame."

Private Lim smacked his lips and nodded at his subordinates.

"Put your wealth in advance. I'll have to leave as soon as tomorrow comes."

"Yes! Greening……No, don't!


Lim So-byeong spread the fan wide and gently put it on my face.

"It's a shame that the title of escape disappears, but it's a good thing."

His eyes turned over the river.

"I think it's going to be more fun now."

Low laughter flowed through the loud voices of the confused.