Chapter - 910 - Episode 910. Try screwing it up. (5)

"Are you leaving it behind?"

"I told you so."

"You mean that? All of that?

The elder opened his mouth wide.

No, of course I understand leaving the building behind. You can't take it off and move it, but you can't destroy it all just by leaving the island.


"Why do you leave your ship behind?" How much money is that one!"

"Tsk tsk. The bandit is greedy for a ship. Have you had a taste in water quality since you've lived by the water for a long time?"

"That's not the story! If you just take that and sell it...…!”

"Hey, man, there's a place to sell. Selling ships is not something that's going to happen overnight."

Private Lim opened up the fan.

"And it's not money that matters. Intention. Money, money, you'll miss something really important."

The elder couldn't even speak and only thumped on my heart.

Their King Greenlim had a strange side before, but it feels like it's gotten worse since I met that volcano's master. I couldn't understand what this gentleman was doing.

"So what about Chul-soo?"

"…It's almost over. The collected wealth was escorted to the top of the galaxy, and all the people on Maehwa Island were carried ashore. The rest of us have packed our bags, so we're the only ones left."

"I see. I see."

Private Lim gently shook the fan. A small wind tickled his cheek. He looked at Maehwa Island with eyes filled with regret.

"It was a nice place."

"I didn't have the spirituality. A caterpillar needs to live on pine needles! What's the point of a proud green-blooded hobble to carry other people's luggage and make money?"

"You're wearing something very expensive for that? Did you buy a new one?

"Oh, well, this is...….”

The face of the elder is reddening.

Since Maehwa Island earns a lot of money, just taking the money that Nokrim receives from each other has resulted in huge profits. That's why even elders have silver in their pockets.

The elder twisted his body, but where would the expensive silk clothes cover his entire body be?

"If the elder wants to go back into the mountains and make a living, I don't want to stop him.”

"Well, that's what I'm saying. Words……."

"Tsk tsk, a bandit in silk, the fleet will ignore the bubble if it finds out.”


When the word "sundae" came out, the sound of pain came out of the elder's mouth. If King Noklim had seen this, he would have tried to tear apart the entire elder as well as the clothes.

Private Lim stared across the river and kicked his tongue.

Three years.

Over the past three years, Lim So-by and Green Forest have gained so much. It was a time for Lim to stabilize the confused green forest. Money isn't the way to solve everything in the world, but it's the way to solve most of it.

Those who were protesting against Lim's becoming King of Green Rim also shut up when they saw the wealth falling on their hands.

However, compared to what Goklim really gained, wealth is nothing.

Most of all, the people of both countries are no longer afraid of greening.

The transformation of the industry by safely escorting those who travel to and from the mountains without harming them has clearly had an effect. And it was also effective to show many people working hard through Maehwa Island.However, it is also Sapaeryon that has had a greater impact than that.

Sapaeryon declared the Sapaaltong and sucked all the Sapa under his command. At the same time, the hatred of the people of the world has been sucked away.

In the meantime, Nokrim antagonized Sapae-ryeon and supported Cheon Woo-meng, so those who hated Sapae-ryeon gave a fairly warm look at Nok-rim.

"The halo of the volcano played a part. Anyway, he's a very useful man."


"No, nothing."

Private Lim smiled quietly.

This is how gambling works.’

When he, the head of the green forest, joined hands with the volcano, where would one or two people have considered him insane?

He may not have been able to speak out because he was in a situation where power was gathered by sweeping away the apartments, but no one would have sincerely agreed with his idea.

But the gamble was perfectly successful.

"No. No. Not yet."

But Lim's eyes sank cold again.

"At least we can talk about success after sweeping away the Sapaeryon and putting a sword in Jang Il-so's throat.’

After a brief glimpse of the scene, he giggled and laughed.

"Well, that won't be up to me."

"What are you talking about all the time? Like a madman."


A vein stood on Lim's forehead at the sudden remark.

I'm gonna take this opportunity to transform myself into a political faction, won...….’

I don't even want a party house that doesn't mind pretending to die at the word of a householder. However, even the volcano's madman doesn't throw up on Jang's words, but why is the green forest going around like this?

My stomach was boiling.

But before he could say anything, the elder asked with a serious face.

"More than that, are you really pulling out like this?”

"Why do you have to tell me when you're done?"

"It's a waste. It's a waste. It's plum blossoms, but...….”

The elder's gaze turned backward. I could see large war angles that stretched from the docks.

How much effort have you made to create this city?

However, I felt like I was cutting off one of my arms when I tried to pull out all of this. However, Lim shook his hand and cut the elder's disappointment.

"All right, get ready. We're going to have guests soon.”


"Yes, sir. It's very dark.…. Hmm. Looks like it's already coming.”


The elder turned his head toward the place where Lim's gaze lay.


A black ship was showing itself in the distance. At first, it just looked small, but as it approached, the prestige that was revealed was truly enormous.

"That, that?"

A ship that looks at least three times larger than the others escorting it next to it. The sails were painted as if they were alive in the shape of a black dragon that roamed the long river.

And the elder was one of those who knew the ship better than anyone else.

"Oh, isn't it a black dragon boat?"

When the elder asked in surprise, Lim showed a calm face and fanned.

"Well, I didn't think you'd show up in person. The Black Dragon must have been quite sweet."

That ship and the Black Dragon flag on it mean that King Heukryong came here himself. To get my hands on this little island.

Private Lim giggled.

"No, the Black Dragon himself...…?”

The elder opened his mouth wide in shock.Lim So-byeong will become King Greenlim, but he is not like King Greenlim, so it is not surprising to walk around lightly. However, a person who is commonly called a 'king' does not move very easily.

And the Black Dragon appeared here himself?

"You're here to get your hands on plum blossoms because we're out. Before the rest of us put our hands on it.”

The elder, who did not understand what was going on, looked at the approaching Black Dragonfly with his eyes wide open.

At that moment, however, another thought crossed Lim's mind.

You mean a day?’

I got a strange smile on my lips.

Just before leaving the volcano, Cheongmyeong called him in to confirm one thing. Who will be the first to come after they step down from Maehwado Island and how long it has been since they appeared.

"The fact that the channel came to occupy this area before a day had passed means that it did not seek the permission of the Sapheism."

You can say that it's a success if you show up within two days, but in just one day, King Heukryong showed up?

That means there is a clear crack between them. This is indescribable evidence that Cheon Woo-mang's scheme worked more clearly than expected.

"LOL. This is why I like you."

Private Lim giggled and laughed.

Whoever took the initiative over the past three years was the leader of Sapaeryon. Shaolin, who once held the hegemony of the strong team, could not handle the speed of Sapaeryon and just moved in with keen attention.

There was no big conflict, but no one can deny that Kang Ho played as Jang Il-so intended.

However, as soon as the volcano returned, Jang Il-so's hegemony began to twist. He did not lift a sword, did not shed a single drop of blood, and fired a scathing blow than any other charge.

Lim, who was briefly lost in thought, shook his head.

"Let's go. If I stay here for no reason, I'll be struck by fire."

"Oh, no, no, King Greenim. If the watercolors eat up this place...….”

"Nothing's going to happen.”

Despite the concerns of the elder, Lim said in a confident voice.

"It would have been King Heukryong who would have been most distraught by the sight of us who abandoned the mountain and gathered our wealth comfortably."


"Moreover, we know how to bow down to the volcano, but that proud man doesn't know how to bow down to Jang Il-so. So he's going to try to raise money here and strengthen the power of the water channel."

"That sounds reasonable, but...….”

"It will be."

Lim covered his mouth with a fan and laughed significantly.

"Who do you think was most afraid of seeing Jang Il-so scratching his strength?”

"What do you mean?"

"Let's go."

Lim, who turned his body while folding the fan, began to swirl by himself.

"King Green Forest! Come with me!"

The elder quickly caught up. He asked more questions, but Lim smiled significantly and urged him to step forward.

Now, how will Shaolin come out?’

As expected, there is nothing more interesting than watching a fight.

* * *

"We're here! King Black Dragon!"


Standing as a player, King Heukryong stared at the small island in front of him.

"I didn't expect that little thing to spoil my stomach."

Jang Il-so would have swept it away if he hadn't blocked it. That island destroyed all of his plans to turn on the Janggang River.


This is what a blessing in disguise means.’I don't care about the last time. I've seen with my own eyes that those who get the right toll can make several times more profitable than those who steal things half-heartedly.

What's more, he's the head of the channel. Unlike them, they can definitely control those who travel to and from the Janggang River. It is not that difficult to earn several times the amount of money that volcanoes used to earn on that island if they are determined.

"If that's the case...… we can build more than those black ghost money. Then it's not a big deal."

King Black Dragon gritted his teeth.

The status of Sapaeryon has increased day by day, but King Heukryong's status is not as good as in the past. Even the public regards him as a miner of the day and night.

It is not wrong to say so because the state of Sapaeryeon is Jang Il-so and he is only a state of war. But…….

"That's ridiculous."

I'll show you now. Who is the true head of Sapaeryon?

"Here we go!"

King Heukryong nodded heavily.

"Get off and take over!"


The quiet Janggang began to boil again.