Chapter - 911 - Episode 911. There's no fight for monkfish fight. (1)

"Su, take it!"

"They're numbers!"

The huge ship had no choice but to catch the eye.

The faces of the people who saw the huge black boat adjacent to Maehwa Island quickly turned blue.

Of course, numerals are not the ones who indiscriminately kill or harm those who seem to be known.

Just as bandits do not necessarily descend mountains and raid private houses, the bandits do not touch those who have their feet on land. It was a rule of thumb that the numbers have kept for survival.

But no matter how much, the number is the number!

The appearance of the enemy occupying Maehwa Island, which had been going back and forth, was frightening.

"Well, is this really okay?"

"Why does a volcano aiding and abetting this? If you step back like this, the plum blossoms will really fall into their hands."

"…Can you do business?"

There's only one reason why people didn't run straight away from the scene.

This is because most of the people here are merchants. Those who used Maehwa Island and those who filled the city adjacent to Maehwa Island were mostly merchants and their meal brushes.

And the rest of them are those who have come to do business against such merchants, who have to find a way to make ends meet again if they run away from this place.

Abandoning one's home is not as easy as it sounds. That's why I have to stomp my feet.

"Ee, I think it's coming this way."


Everyone opened their eyes wide at someone's shout.

The ship, which was on the border of Maehwa Island, slowly turned its head toward the pier.

"What do I do? Do I have to run away now.

"What else do you want me to do when I run away? If we don't do business, won't we all starve to death? It's better to hang in there and die."

"A spider web in the mouth of a living man? But you'll have to make ends meet."

"I can't go. You guys go."

Those who had ideas had already left out the items in the warehouse. However, it was not easy to leave here.

Although there may not be much affection in the shops that can grow in Gangbuk, all of this is at stake in Maehwa Island for those who live on trade with Gangnam. It was no exaggeration to say.

"Ee, listen to me for now. Isn't it a rule not to touch people on land?"

"For God's sake, you believe that? Have you forgotten that the village by the water was devastated by the enemy?"

"That's by the way…….”

"The principles of the Sapa are earrings on the ear, nose rings on the nose. How can it be a rule to change as much as you like?"

"So what?"

While the middlemen were confused, the huge black ship was approaching the pier closer and closer and closer.

Soon after, the ship slowly slowed down and began to see the dock.


There was a moment of silence. The sound of someone swallowing dry saliva sounded like thunder.

A group of blue-colored watercoloured people jumped off a boat that was high enough to doubt whether they could reach the bridge. Then he ran and took over the dock.

"Get back!"

"Get back right now, if you don't want to be decapitated!"

Merchants scurried back at the threat of their enemies.

"Oh, no, wait a minute. I have a question...….”

"You idiot!"

In the meantime, when one merchant tried to speak firmly without backing down, one of his enemies raised the Amija.But right before the merchant's throat was pierced.

"No, no, no!"

A thunderous roar broke out. The enemy holding the Amija hardened like a stone on the spot.

"Well, I'm....”

A man slowly appeared on the deck of a high ship.

Black and long beard and a magnificent figure.

Just by looking at the black Jangpo with the golden dragon engraved on it, I could easily guess the identity of this man.

"Oh, Black Dragon King."

Gloss poured from the eyes of King Black Dragon.

He is essentially a great figure and has enough features to scare people. Some of the people who watched the scene were weak and sank to the spot when such a person exuded anger.

"I told you not to touch people.”

"Oh, Black Dragon King. I'm just....”

"You big bugger!"

King Black Dragon, who jumped off the boat with thump and sound, slowly approached the water. And at once grabbed him by the collar.

"Sa, save me…….”

"Just get your head down!"

King Heukryong threw away the enemy with one hand.

At once, the number that flew through the air screamed and fell into the middle of the Janggang River. The silence sank after the splash.

'Sa, people... '….’

Is that human capacity?

Merchants looked at King Heukryong with their mouths open, believing what they had just seen.


King Black Dragon glared around. Fortunately, it wasn't the merchants he was staring at, but the numbers.

"I say it again. Anyone who hurts people here will surely pay for it. He who beats men will cut off their arms, and he who cuts men will cut off their necks. And the man who kills will be made into a body that neither dies nor lives, so that he can fill the stomach of the intestinal river fish!"

"Yes! I'll keep that in mind!"

King Heukryong nodded as if he was satisfied.

"From now on, this place is managed by our water channel. Everything else will go back as before!"

One of the merchants, who was depressed by the spirit, plucked up courage and raised his hand. The whole face was covered in cold sweat.

"What is it?"

"Oh, Black Dragon King. That means... Are you saying that we can use plum blossoms the way we used to?"


King Heukryong shouted in a loud voice for everyone to hear.

"In the name of King Heukryong, I declare that there will be no plunder in this plum blossoms! We will protect you!"

"Well, then the fee is…….”


King Black Dragon frowned.

Unlike Lim So-byeong, who rushes with his eyes open when he talks about money, King Heukryong was still upset to talk about money with his own mouth.

One of the figures, who guessed the inside, quickly opened his mouth.

"King Heukryong said twice the original fee. People have changed, and of course money has to change!"

Merchants nodded, swallowing dry saliva.

Twice the amount is convincing. Of course, there were some who had internal complaints, but complaints should be expressed while looking at people. No one dared to bargain before King Heukryong.

If you try to haggle to save a few bucks, you might have to haggle for your life.


King Black Dragon pointed forward with his chin.

"This city is also a territory of 108 Janggangsu-ro from now on. Anyone who wants to stay or do business here will have to pay taxes on the waterway bonds!"


Enemies rushed forward to occupy the city.Someone saw the scene and was relieved that the channel still guaranteed their safety. Some also lamented the fact that the fee for Maehwa Island doubled, and some doubted whether they could trust Surochae.

However, not many people understood that all this meant the first advancement of the Sapaeryon to the North.

* * *

"The watercolour has taken over the Old River."

The slow-winding beads stopped in his hand.

The eyes of the court that had been closed were squinted.

"…Did you say occupation?”

"Yes, Bang-jang, it's not exactly Gu-gang, it's a new city next to it, but it hasn't been named in the country yet…….”

"People used to call it plum blossoms."

"Yes, sir, sir."

As the legal community nodded quickly, the court bit its lips slightly.

"It was just a day ago that I heard that Nokrim was stepping out of Maehwado Island. And within a day, the waterway took over the island?


"Volcano... No, didn't you say something to Sapaeryeon in Nokrim?" Otherwise...….”

"I don't know up to there. But considering the nature of the volcano...….”

"…I guess so.”

The court closed its eyes.

He said that everything was filled with suspicion when the moose of suspicion rose, but even that seemed to shake his head for a moment. Even though I know that the world is dealing with Sapaeryon, that volcano cannot be the only one...….

"…How far did the hydrochae go?"

"Crossing the river...….”

The legal world blurts the end of words. The face of the court hardened cold.

"So you're saying you've crossed to the north of course.

"It looks like it, Bang."

"……It wasn't temporary, it was occupied and declared their territory."

The eyes of the court dimmed for a moment.

"Isn't this what Sapaeryon declared to advance to the North?"



The court shook its head and answered firmly.

"It's not a love affair. It's a solo act of the channel."

"How come…."

The legal community, which was about to ask why they thought so, soon shut up. No one else, but the court speaks with such conviction that there must be a reason for that's why.

"But wouldn't it be any different for others to see?"

The court did not answer this question. Because he also knows that the legal community is right.

As long as Sapae-ryeon belongs to Sapae-ryeon, this act will be recognized as Sapae-ryeon's entry into the North.

And since the land is in the northern part of the country, it has nothing to do with the Treaty of Immersion in Gangnam, which has been curbing old factions.

"What a fool…….”

The court gnashed its teeth.

Why don't you know?

So far, Gufa has been criticized for causing a cataclysm. Those who have been watching the old faction will ask for their answers to the incident.

To reveal whether you didn't cross the river to protect the treaty or because you were afraid of Sapaeryon.

And the old faction and the Great Sega have no choice but to respond to the demand.

'This is irrevocable.’

It doesn't matter what their will is like. In order for them to be proud of defending the strong spirit against the Sapaeryon, they must punish those who invaded the North.

But does that punishment really end in punishment?

If there is an all-out war against the hydrocarbons, the Sapaeryon will eventually move. If that happens, the flames will spread at once.

"What a fool he is...…. You're calling me with a little greed. This fake peace is better than war."

A person's name came out of the mouth of the court, which had been agonizing for a long time."…clear."

"Ba, head of the room?"

"Hehe. Volcanic GeomHyup…"…. Volcano!"


The beads in his hand cracked with a throbbing sound.

The court knows.

It all came from the movement of the volcano.

However, Shaolin and Gufa cannot point out any of the actions of Chun Woo-men, even because of their contribution to protecting Maehwa Island and stabilizing the North for the past three years.


"Put the communication between the old and the five generations. Gather at Shaolin right now."

"One sealed place is...….”

"All the gatekeepers."

"But the head of the room...….”

"Didn't you say all my moonfares?"

As the court's voice rose, the legal community quickly nodded.

"I will."

"Hurry up."


After the fast-paced legal world, the court looked down at my hand. I saw a badly cracked beads.

"My my."

A despondent laugh escaped from his mouth.

"There's no such thing as a fight. Hahaha. Hahaha!

A loud laugh spread coldly at the sound of darkness falling.