Chapter - 913 - 913th episode. There's no fight for monkfish. (3)

News that Surochae finally took over Maehwa Island and entered the northern part of the river spread quickly.

The word that became the focus was not Maehwado Island, but "Gangbuk."

The name Maehwado Island is very important to those living in the Janggang River and to the upper part of the Jungwon, but it was still unfamiliar to the North Koreans who never left where they lived for the rest of their lives.

"Do you mean the watercolors set foot in the north of the river?"

"Isn't that so? They're taking over the city in the Jang River and pretending I'm their master!”

"Oh, how does that happen? Didn't we decide not to cross the river for three years? There's still a little time left before the 3rd year.”

"Tsk tsk tsk. You're talking stupid. Is that mutual inversion? It's Gangnam Immersion! The political factions of Gangbuk cannot cross the Janggang River, but Sapaeryon of Gangnam does not matter if they cross the river.”


And the situation was enough to remind the public of how one-sided the treaty with the Sapaeryon was in the past.

"So? You're just looking at it?”

"No way. Can you? The treaty does not mean that you can't touch those who came to the north of Gangnam, does it?"

"Yes! Of course you should!"

"No matter how humiliated Goofa is, it's still a Goofile room, and it's a trend! If they didn't fight in the Zhang River and avoided it in the first place, would they have lost to the evil enemies of the Sapa?"

"Yeah! And it's not like you lost! We just discussed it, didn't we?"

There were also some who were throat-deep in the process or content of the consultation. But in the end, the word couldn't come out and disappeared into the throat.

This is because the atmosphere was not very good to point out the facts.

"Anyway, this is Gangbuk, no matter how much the old file room is treated like a toothless tiger these days, isn't a tiger a tiger?" Why don't you just leave this bastard alone in my territory? They'll try to bite you somehow.”

"Of course! Of course! How dare they step on the land of Gangbuk?"

Those who criticized the old file room, which threw away the pride of political factions in Janggang, also defended the old file room at this moment.

The advancement of the Sapae Ryeon, or Sapae Ryeon, to the North, was just as frightening news for them. No matter how unhonorable the old file room and Oh Dae-sega have done, it is impossible to compare them to that Sapa.

"It's more scary when animals are hurt. Wouldn't he have been looking for a chance to get revenge on the Sapaeryon for the past three years?”

"Oh, yeah, of course. I've been tied up all this time because of the Immersion Treaty in Gangnam. If it weren't for that, I would have already gone into Gangnam and hit that Jang Il-so's neck!”

"Tsk tsk. I don't understand. What's important about treaties? If I had just ignored him and attacked him, no one would have said anything.”

"Hey, man! If I can't keep what I say, what kind of political party is that? What's the difference between them?

"That's what you're saying, isn't it?”

"Anyway, the Old Faction and the Great Sega will never stand still. Never!"

Everyone believed. Koo Filebang and Oh Dae-sega, who had been humiliated by Sapaeryun and disgraced their pride, will definitely get even with them this time.

Although he showed disappointment, the expectations of the prestigious tribes, which were once almost everyone's pride, were still alive.Also, it was a reaction that brought fear that life might turn into hell if the prestigious clans could not stop the Sapae-ryeon.

Everyone in the north of Janggang wanted the old file room and the five major Sega to come to the front and clean up the mess again, but...….

Things didn't just go the way they wanted them to.

* * *

There was a cool chill on the face of the court.

"…What did you say?”

The legal community couldn't bear to look him in the eye and lowered his head. He didn't do anything wrong, but I felt guilty and embarrassed.

The law community, which forced its mouth to open, said again in a weak voice.

"I've got a reply……there aren't that many people who want to come to Shaolin."

"Not many?"


The court was silent for a moment. Only the sound of beads rolling in his hands was heard regularly.

"Which gatekeeper refused?”

"That, that's...….”

A drop of cold sweat flowed down the forehead of the law community.

"First of all, openness has expressed its willingness to participate."


"And…… the community is coming to Shaolin now. Gonryun also promised to come to Shaolin, but...….”

"It's a nightmare, and you won't be able to get there on time."

"I think so, too."

Gonnyunsan Mountain, where Gonnyun is located, is on the border between Cheonghae and the New River. As a result, the distance from Hanam alone amounts to as much as 7,000 li. This is farther than the gatekeepers called Bird's Palace.

Therefore, Gonryun has been a member of the old file room since the past and has been subtly alienated.

"As you know, Haenampa...….”

"I know, you can't come."

The legal world nodded.

It is Haenampa that became the most dangerous place when Sapaeryeon ruled Gangnam. Based on Haenam Island, an island in the South Sea, they were not able to take a single step inland now.


The court, which had been listening to the legal community's continuous hesitation, eventually distorted its face.

"That's not the only place in the Old File Room and the Great Sega! Don't drag the horse and answer it right!"

The law community was startled by his anger and nodded quickly.

"Yes, Bangjang! Jumchang, Ami, and Cheongseong sent a message saying that it is difficult to come to Hanam."


"If Sapaeryon comes to the North to advance to the North, Sacheon will become a Muju communion."….”


Beomju, who used to tap regularly, momentarily clenched and threw up a harsh sound.

It doesn't make sense.

But what the court asked for in the first place was not the northward movement of the clans. It was a conversation with the long stories of the Munpa. Where in the world is it legal to refuse to talk on the grounds that we haven't even discussed yet?


"…There was no answer from the closed door."

"Even a shaman?"


The court looked up at the sky without saying a word. After looking at the blue sky for a long time, he muttered in a self-help voice with a sigh.

"Gufile room is basically a ten-door discussion."


"You're saying there are only three gatekeepers who are willing to discuss this emergency. Only……."


Seeing him unable to hide his despondency, the legal community clenched its fists.

Jongnam can understand.

They entered the camp before this happened and have maintained their position. Coldly speaking, they are free from responsibility for all this.

Haenam can also understand. They wouldn't be able to do anything about location.

But not the other doorkeepers.

As well as a shaman of Bongmun, the three clans of Sacheon are also responsible for this. In particular, shamans and Cheongseong, who participated in the Janggang War, should not turn a blind eye to their words.All that was left was the communists and the openers, and the warlords who were too far away to be a force.

"What about Oh Dae Sega?"

"…Habukpanga sent a message that she would come to Shaolin. But Namgung Sega still has no answer...….”


"The Jegalssega gave me a positive answer that he would come to Shaolin in view of the situation.But…… the simulation taxa didn't send an answer either."

The court shakes its head.

Since Oh Dae-se's heavy dangga is missing, the rest is four. Among them, only Habukpanga has expressed its intention to participate properly. Zhugelsega's words to participate in the event of circumstances are unbelievable. They're the most cautious gatekeepers in the world.

"The law community."

"…Yes, sir."

"I won't say that I'm not at fault."

"Ba, Bang-jang."

The court opened its mouth with a frozen face.

"As the leader of Shaolin, I'm sure I'm But…… what's the situation like? No one really knows what the situation could be like when the water channel entered the river."

That can't be true.

It is not a long story of a literary faction called prestigious unless one expects it to be so much. Never

"But in the midst of all this, they're only taking care of their own interests! In the midst of all this!"

This was the most upsetting thing for the court.

Munpa, which has revealed its participation, is directly related to Gangbuk, or is too far away to affect its victory or defeat anyway.

All the places that are barely one step away from the phone call in the northern part of the country are looking around and pulling out their hips.

"How can you say that? How can you say that? That's why...….”

The court, which had been angry, suddenly closed its mouth. Like I can't bring myself to say something.

He was agitated as if he had not been able to organize his emotions for a long time, but bit his lips. And he said.

"The law community."

"…Yes, sir."

"Tell me. Do you think their actions are forgivable?"


"Aren't you Sapa, not anywhere else? But how can you take advantage of this situation?"

The legal community considered it for a while before lowering its head.

Because the answer he had to give was too embarrassing and guilty to bring up himself.


"Tell me."

"What I shouldn't have...…we were first."


The legal community said with their eyes closed, unable to see the court.

"I…… I did it. I'll be there...I should have prepared myself for death.….”

The court shut its mouth.

It's because I realized that I said something I shouldn't have said because I was overwhelmed with emotions.

"I also thought about the safety of my students and the safety of Shaolin before what I had to do. What capacity would I have to blame them for?"


The court tried to refute something but soon shook its head.

It was because he knew well that no words could comfort the legal world and no words could save him.

"Even so, isn't that too short a thought? What's next when the river is on fire? It's obvious who's next. Amitabha Buddha. Amitabha Buddha.….”

But the end of the bitterly pouring court was soon clouded.

I knew well what he said was losing its power.

The legal world peeked at him and opened its mouth.

"If there were those Janggangs, I'm sure there would have been more people who wanted to deal with the Sapa first. But…….""…what does that mean?"

"You know…….the work of the volcano work.

When the word volcano came out, the face of the court became noticeably firm.

Self-help voices continued in the mouth of the legal community.

"No one wants to be in the lead. What is the cost of risking one's life for consultation and peace?…isn't everyone aware of it now."

The moment of despondency on the face of the court was young.

"Huh…… huh."

What eventually came out of his mouth was a self-help laugh. I laughed so hard for a moment and then I said quietly.

"……It's a sin."

It was a horse with a heavy echo. The legal community looked at the court with a worried look.


"Yeah, you're right. Who are we to blame?….”

It's something I shouldn't have done.

It was not something to do.

The incident left deep scars not only on volcanoes, but also on Goofilebang and Oh Dae-se. And it continues to make everyone moan.

Neither shaman nor Shaolin escaped the specter.

After discussing the negotiations, I saw with my own eyes that the outcome of the first fight was extinction and rejection.

Perhaps the real cause of the cataclysm was there.

"…put the communication in the thunderstorm."

"Ba, head of the room?"

"I'm looking forward to it. Even if it's shameless and sinful."

The legal community nodded without a doubtless. It was because I knew that adding words here would only make the court suffer more.

"I will."

As the legal community stepped down carefully, there was a deep remorse on the face of the court.

'How did you endure...'….’

With his eyes closed, a small dislike leaked out of his mouth.

"How can I spend that painful time...….’

The name volcano throbbed like a painter carved on his chest.


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