Chapter - 914 - 914th episode. There's no fight for monkfish. (4)



"You're here?"

The head slowly turns to the side by side.

Hyeonjong closed his eyes without realizing it. Because now I know what he thinks when his mother and son are bent from side by side.

"Well, I mean...….”


"There's a communication coming from Sorim."

"Oh, Shaolin."

"He, yes, Shaolin."

"Is that the Shaolin I know? The place where all the bald people are gathered on the mountain where they say Soongsan Mountain?"

Hyunjong's eyes scoured the room urgently.

I was wondering if there would be another shiny baldness here, but fortunately, all of us here show off our hair.….


"What's wrong?"

Hyun-young tilted his head as Hyun-jong's eyes stopped on Hyun-young for a while.



"Oh, no."

By swallowing words that he could not say, Hyeonjong avoided his gaze. My eyes got teary.

That poor guy's been struggling all his life.….


King Hyeonjong, who coughed in vain, looked at Cheongmyeong again.

"Yes, that Shaolin is right."


Cheongmyeong said with a look of surprise.

"That Shaolin's sending us a communication? Oh, my God! I thought the only thing we could share now was a warm fist and a cool knife, but a communication! The civilization's attitude to solve the problem through dialogue between us and their pups...….”

"Oh, no. Cheongmyeong. But it's not like I can't send you a copy of my letter...….”

"Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Cheongmyeong asked with his eyes wide open.

"No, Jang Moon-in! What do you mean a scribe?"

"That letter……."

"The library is written, isn't it?"

"Huh? Uh-huh. That's right. But why is that...….”

"Sending what's written means you understand what's being said. The Shaolin bald bastards can't understand what they're saying, so how can they send a letter?”


"If you had understood what I was saying and eaten, you wouldn't have done that shit until now! There's no way people with no hair can read the writing! It's the same black thing!"

Cheongmyeong poured out nonsense that would have collapsed with foam in his mouth if the court had heard it.

Meanwhile, King Hyeonjong was very fortunate that there were no foreigners here.

"……Yes, it's amazing that you've sent me a library. I mean, I'd like to discuss it first."



When Hyunjong spoke with an earnest face, Cheongmyeong folded his arms and nodded.

"Well, let's hear it."

"Yeah, yeah. "Think well……."

"I'm listening to your dog barking, but can't you hear a middle barking?”


Hyunjong quickly opened his mouth, reminding himself that the best way to talk to Cheongmyeong is to just talk about business quickly.

"This is Yeon Tong in the name of Sorim's court. It's not a volcano, it's a letter to the heavens."

"What's the story?"


Hyunjong said the story with a slightly troubled look.

"The movement of Sapaeryon in Gangnam is unusual, so I'm trying to discuss it, and Cheon Woo-maeng-ju asks you to attend. And…… your name is also mentioned separately. They want me to take the time to come to Shaolin."

After finishing his speech, Hyunjong quickly looked into Cheongmyeong's eyes. This is because he expected to have a seizure with bubbles in his mouth.

Strangely, however, Cheongmyeong didn't react much, but he was slowly moving his head with his arms crossed.

Hyunjong, who was slightly curious, asked carefully."…Are you all right?"

"What? What?”

"No. The……".”

I can't say that myself.….

"Well, I think that's a good idea.”

"Jo, good idea?"

"Yes. In conclusion, you're asking Jang and I to come to Shaolin, right?”

"He, he is."

"So, of course, that's a good idea.

Cheongmyeong smiled brightly.

It was a moment when Hyunjong, who saw the bright smile without a trace, tried to nod with confidence.

"I'm glad you think so...….”

"Why wouldn't I go if I wanted to break my head? You son of a b*tc*! Come on, I'm coming now!"

"Where are you going, punk!"

When Cheongmyeong tried to fly away, the five swords, which were waiting, flew like light, and held onto their limbs. I was amazed by the quick response that reminded me of perfect acceptance.

"Let go? Let go? Come on!"

"Oh, where are you going, man!"

"Where are you going? Let's go to Shaolin!"

"What about Shaolin?"

"Come on! The giant bald man wants me to come! So what's the matter with you if you're leaving?"

Cheongmyeong turned his eyes upside down.

"He's been here for three years, and he's lost his touch! Oh, good! Let me show you why I trained for three years! If you tattoo plum blossoms on his shiny head, he'll be all right!"

"Cow, it's Shaolin!"

"That's not what I'm saying! Why did I train for three years?"

Huh? Wasn't it because of the Safa?

Hyun-young hinted at Hyun-young as he sighed while covering his throbbing head.


"……What's wrong?"

"I need to think about it."


"Yes, a long writer. What are you going to do, Mr. Long?”


Hyunjong said after thinking for a while.

"No matter how much we don't have the same relationship as before, wouldn't it be polite to visit the library because we sent it to you personally for issues related to Sapaeryon?"

"I don't think so."

In Hyun-young's words, Hyun-jong gave an unexpected look to explain.

"As I saw at the launch of the Sapa, Shaolin doesn't feel so happy about us."


"But don't you have a plan to invite us?"

It is now mostly recognized that Shaolin, the head of the Old Federation, is revelling in the U.N. You just don't have to say it out loud.

At that time, a blunt voice sounded like it was going to fall flat.

"What are you up to? It's just a fire on my foot.”

"Huh? Fire on the back of your foot.”

Hyun-young looked back at Cheongmyeong. Cheongmyeong shook his lips disapprovingly, shaking the death penalty hanging from his limbs.

"Would Shaolin have even turned to us if the Goofas or Oh had responded properly to their calls? They didn't listen, so they even sent us a letter."


"I'm sure he's holding onto the Buddha statue and squeezing his tears. Giggling!"

"Cheongmyeong, if you're happy with other people's misfortunes, you can't enlighten yourself."….”

"Hey, then all those Shaolin bastards are going to hell! When you go to hell, the Buddha says, "Come on, you bastards! I've been waiting for you down here in particular!" Won't you beat him up with a Buddhist scripture?”


I'm going to roll it.

With no end to it, Hyeonjong was speechless due to the dark character of his disciple. Then Baekcheon tilted his head.

"By the way, Cheongmyeong."


"If you're right, isn't it what you want?"

"That's true.""But why are you so angry?"


Cheongmyeong's eyes, which had returned a little calmly, were twinkling again.

"The cocky bastard tells our long-winded man to come!"


"Do you still think you're working very well? He's running barefoot. He's begging me to come with him. Do you want me to attend? Just!"


While Baekcheon was speechless, someone nodded furiously.

"Brother and sister?"

No, why would you do that again...….

In the meantime, King Hyeonjong, who did not forget his role as a writer, calmed down the confusion.

"Please shut up, everyone.….”

"Yes, Jang Moon-in."

"If you say so, it's unfair, Jang Moon-in. There's only one guy who opened his mouth, so why are you telling us?….Argh!"

Cho-geol, who was hit by Yoon-jong for no reason and stuck in the corner, expressed resentment with eyes like a dog in the rain, but no one looked back at him.

"……It's a letter sent to the Heavenly Union, so you'll have to reply. What do you think we should do?"


"Let's just burn it."

"Uh-huh. What's wrong with you all? Let's say no politely."

"Can't they ask you to come?"

Eventually, clear dew formed in Hyeonjong's eyes.

These bastards are doomed now. These are things that cannot be recycled anywhere.


Meanwhile, Baek Cheon opened his mouth in a seriousness. Still, Hyunjong, who still has a ray of expectation for Baekcheon, welcomed him.

"Yes, Baekcheon. Tell me."

"It's true that Shaolin's request came, but there's no reason why we have to grant it."

"He, do you think so?"

"Yes, a long writer. To put it bluntly, so far, Shaolin has always ignored our requests or imposed conditions. But is there any reason why we should do what they say?"

Hyunjong nodded at the correct remark. But still, the young water in his eyes was not removed.

"But I'm worried. From what's going on, there might be a war soon...….”

"War doesn't come that easily."

It was clear to say this.

"It's not easy to fight a war even if you growl and fight like that. Especially the ones that have something to lose. Shaolin or whatever, those are things that no one wants to hurt.”


"One of the reasons why Goofa and Oh Dae-sega don't listen to Shaolin is that.”

You're saying you're afraid there's going to be a war if we get together for nothing?


Cho-geol raised his hand with a curious look and asked.

"No, but holding it in doesn't mean there's no war going on. Jang Ilso won't be satisfied in Gangnam all the time.”

"You haven't moved yet. People want to put things back even if it's inevitable."


It certainly made sense. Jorgeol nodded.

"Hagi, I want to steal a drink and hide it for another day, even though I know I'll get caught anyway…"….Argh! Why are you hitting me!"

"I heard you stole a drink!"

"Before! Before! Not this time! You were already right then!"

"Then get hit again!"

Baekcheon said, ignoring King Yunjong, who started to shake his head by the collar of Jorgeol, cleanly.

"So even if we don't listen to Shaolin's request this time, everything will be fine for a while, right?”


"But the concern of the writer makes sense, Cheongmyeong. Shaolin is so active. The atmosphere is also extraordinary.""Living quarters."


"If the volcano was in the old file room, would you go out and fight like Shaolin told you to?"”


Baek Cheon clouded the end of his speech with a slightly subtle face.

If it were in the past, I might have answered yes. But now his answer has already been set.

"People are all the same. Listening to Shaolin at the head of the old file room is also a crisis story. Isn't it normal for everyone to try and beat Shaolin at least once?"

"…That's right."

"Like that, things that are usually piled up with emotions listen to Shaolin in perfect harmony in ambiguous situations like now? Giggling. That's ridiculous. I'm sure there's a hundred more sari.”

After speaking, Cheongmyeong laughed bitterly in the past that came to mind.

'These crazy bastards.'

The demon came right in front of me, but you left, and I backed down. I've only had my mouth full. The sacrifices would have been halved if the pups had moved in unison.

When the most basic things of life and gain were at stake, Cheongmyeong, who knew how humble a person could be, clearly saw what was to happen.

"Then what about Janggang?"

"I'll probably give it to you in moderation and step down.”

"…...even though that would bring the honor of Gupaobang and the Great Sega to the ground?"

"There aren't many people who risk their lives as much as they think because of their honor. Honor is all you need to recover, but if you lose your life, it's over. I'm sure you'll excuse yourself that no matter how much I give you, you'll be able to recover as long as you bring down the Saparyeon at the end."


"That's why there's no answer to war through meetings. Usually, one crazy guy...….”

Cheongmyeong, who was rambling, suddenly shut up.

Then, he opened his eyes wider and smiled as if he was embarrassed.

"Why, why are you doing that?"

When embarrassed Baek Chun asked, Cheongmyeong turned around with a blank face.

"Living quarters."

"Huh? Why?"

"…...a war could break out.”


Cheongmyeong muttered with his head tilted sideways.

"Wait a minute, if you do this...….”

His expression, which reminded him of the existence of the forgotten bomb, became strange.

"I think Shaolin could really catch fire.”

"What are you talking about, man!"

"Tue, I need to check first! Where's Mr. Beggar? Mr. Beggar!"

When Cheongmyeong stormed out of the door without a proper explanation, the rest of them had no choice but to stare blankly at where he left.

"What else is he thinking?”

"I get it…"….”

"I'm hungry."

Everyone sighed in unison.