Chapter - 916 - 916. There's one crazy guy. (1)

"Oh, what happened?"


Hong Dae-kwang looked at Cheongmyeong with a very lost face.

'I'm crazy.’

Why did he miss this crazy man? This Demon-like man whose existence alone destroys all his peace? Did I?

"Hey…… Volcanic Divine Dragon…"…. No, Volcanoes."


"Information is so...… Huh? I'm telling you to give it to me, and it's there…I don't think so."

"What are you talking about? What if there's no information in the opening?"

"That's not what I'm saying.….I have the information, but it's not like it's there when you want it to be.….”

"No, no, no!"

Hong Dae Kwang closed his eyes tightly.

"Anyway, these beggars aren't helping, they're helping! What do you eat if you can't even get your f*cking information right!"

"……Thank you for your concern…"….”

I don't think you have to worry about that. Yes?

However, whether or not he knew how Hong Dae-kwang felt, Cheongmyeong constantly stir-fried him and polished him.

"Oh, so what happened?"

Hong Dae-kwang looked up at the ceiling with a look of despair.

There are so many things I want to say. If it was someone else who was trying hard in front of him, not Cheongmyeong, Hong Dae-kwang would have said this with a smile on his face.

'Hey, a miniature. It takes some time for the information requested by the headquarters to get here by jeonseogu. I can't fly like a bird myself and get information, and it doesn't save time, so just wait and see. It won't take long.’

Yes, I can say that.

And if you say so, those who know the dignity of openness will either nod their heads to accept it, or they will feel guilty that they have dared to brush up on the open split.

Anyone with common sense.

Unfortunately, however, it was clear in front of him now. This man is a man who does not treat the dignity of openness as a dog bone that rolls around on the road, nor does he have common sense or logic.

If you say this, they're incompetent! I'm so laid back that I'm going to beg for it,' he'll swear.


Or I can't beat my anger and move on.

As I saw the face of the rising blue moon, the fur began to stumble.

It feels like I'm watching a fire spreading towards the powder keg. The moment that fire hits the oil can, it must explode.

That face?

No, right here.

'Please! Please! Hurry up, you son of a b*tc*!’

Since it has been requested by super express, the opening Cheonli Cheong is probably flying to the ground with the information on his feet by now.

Whether or not this grunt breaks down depends solely on the speed of the flap.


At last, Cheongmyeong's eyes began to turn upside down, and Hong Daegwang was wondering if he should leave without looking back right now.


"Here he comes!"

At last, the sound of the ringing made Hong Dae-gwang stand up from his seat.

It would not be so nice to see his late grandfather's face again. In fact, Hong Dae Kwang doesn't even know his father's face, let alone his grandfather, but let's move on anyway!


"There it is! There it is!"

At that moment, a dove with blue wings flew into the wide open window at an instant speed.


Hong Dae-gwang reached out and quickly took out Cheon-ri's claim by hand, and opened a small barrel of jeonseogu tied to his ankle.As soon as he took out the rolled-up library, Cheongmyeong quickly snatched it away.


The snow of Cheongmyeong, who opened the library, traveled left and right at light speed.

"What does it say?”



Cheongmyeong, who read all the bookshelf, looked up at Hongdae Gwang. His expression was so strange that it was indescribable.

"Mr. Beggar."


"…I'm afraid you're screwed up.

"……what? What are you talking about?"

"No. I'm the...…I thought you wouldn't have…….”

Cheongmyeong laughed endlessly and scratched the back of his head.

"There's one, crazy guy."


Hong Dae-kwang looked blankly at Cheongmyeong with a face that he did not know what was going on.

* * *

the mouth cavity

There was a stark tension near Maehwa Island, which was completely controlled by the hydrochae.

The street, which had always been full of energy, was nowhere to be seen. It was hard to find people coming and going, and the main base, which had opened the gate wide and was enthusiastic about touting, was also tightly closed to the windows.

Those who slowly gathered on a small base on the outskirts of the city, which was created with Maehwado Island, had no choice but to hold their breath by looking at the numbers moving through the streets.

"…Are we really supposed to stay like this?"

He sighed and sighed when he saw the backs of his enemies passing by in front of the base through the window.

"It's not a big problem, is it? It's not like they're hurting people."

"It's not that there's no big problem, it's not there yet, man."

One of the merchants says with a throbbing throbbing sound.

"When he's full, isn't he supposed to leave the person passing by? Those men are quiet now.But how do we know when and what we're going to do?"

"You're right about that's true.….”

The faces of the merchants were young.

Apparently, it has been a few days since Surochae took control of Maehwa Island, but no one has come out yet to claim damage from its enemies.

However, it was impossible to look at the numbers that had been feared all my life with a comfortable mind. In particular, merchants who make a living to and from the Janggang River.

"I'll have to get along somehow. Didn't you pay tolls when you met a man on a boat before? If you think it's the same grain...….”

"How is that the same? It's inevitable to run into each other once a few weeks, once a few months. But how am I supposed to live face to face with them every day?"


"And it was only then that I paid as much as I had moved. But now, don't you collect taxes on things in the warehouse? d*mn it, we're not doing a good job, and we're going to make a living after they pay for what they're asking for."

The merchants sighed in unison.

The volcano, which occupied Maehwa Island, only lent warehouse to people who needed it, but did not rent everything there. So, in fact, the only money merchants pay for using plum blossoms was to carry goods on board.

Of course, it costs a lot to use one facility or another, but isn't it the same everywhere in the world?

However, those bandits took control of Maehwa Island and decided to double the toll and rent the luggage waiting within Maehwa Island.

That's why I had to pay twice as much, actually three times as much as four times as much.

"Do we really have to put up with this?"

“janheunga the East? the plum garden went out on the river yesterday, aseoge”" the East team? Oh, isn't it. I was. Why is the East? "

"…...they're all dead."

"What? What do you mean?"

"I think they're using their brains. It looks like all the merchant ships trying to cross the river outside of Maehwa Island are sinking. If you don't want to die, use plum blossoms."

"…Oh, my God.

Everyone was frozen out of words.

Previously, people rarely went bad even if they met a figure in Doha. Because it was usually settled by tolls.

But if those dogs come out like this, they don't dare to cross the river.

Of course, Janggang is very wide, so there is no law that you must be caught by the number. The chances of encountering each other without luck are about ten minutes away.

But one big man bets his fortune and his life on the odds of a tenth?

"…I'm afraid I'm going to tear them all up now.”

"It was nice when there was a volcano."

I don't know where I am, but I know where I am, and the merchants realized how much the volcano has protected them.

"What would you do to find those who don't? So, is the news from the old file room still there? It's been a long time since these guys took this place, and they still haven't shown their noses?"

Now, the only way left for merchants was to get the old file room back. Otherwise, it would be good to wipe out the numbers that travel to and from the Janggang River again.

"…I hear there's no movement yet.More."


One of the merchants couldn't hold back his anger and raised his voice.

"Don't tell me they're just going to give this place up to their enemies."

"Come on, that's not possible. This is Gangbuk."

"Or why don't you show us your nose so far?"


Merchants looked back at each other with anxious eyes.

"I think we've already been intimidated by the love affair and backed out. Is there any guarantee you won't say it this time?"

"Oh, my God! No matter how hard it is, the political factions...….”

"Party? You should have done it three years ago! It's true that the Gufas have given their heads to their enemies for their lives."


"This time again...….”

"Don't be so ridiculous! Wasn't the situation bad then? As long as the old faction is in full swing, not only the enemies but also the King Heukryong will soon lose his voice.….”


Then, the door of the base opened violently, and a man dressed in blue slowly walked in.


A young face that lives in a tight blue armor that is unique to numbers.

It became dead quiet in the main base.


The man looked inside with cold eyes. All the merchants who came to the sight were frozen out of breath.

Sujeok opened his mouth.

"Just now here...….”

A cruel-looking look flashed violently.

"I think I heard something about Goofa."

"Well, that's....”

"Is the Black Dragon's neck falling off?"

The faces of the merchants faded in an instant. Who knows better than them how cruel these numbers can be if they put their minds to it?

"That's why we shouldn't give unnecessary compassion. King Heukryong was so considerate of you, but you didn't even know your kindness.”

Anger flashed across the distorted man's face.

"I'm afraid I'll have to catch a few guys and kill them to get my act togetherness.""Well, that's not it.….”

"No! You're mistaken!"

The merchants hurriedly waved their hands to explain themselves, but the man did not pretend to hear them and chanted at them.

"Bring it out."


Merchants screamed in contemplation as the bandits rushed in.

"Oh, that's a misunderstanding! Get well! Get well!

"Save me!"

"Oh, my God, I'm...…!”

Merchants held on to their enemies begged in tears, but their hands were heartless.

"Bring it out and beat it all to death. I dare not pay you back with my life for insulting King Black Dragon!"

The shouting man kicked his tongue.

And muttered as he escaped the base.

"I don't know why King Heukryong has mercy on such men. I wish I could kill them all and take them away. Merchants or factions."

"Kill and take?”

Then a loud voice came from behind the man's back.

The man's face brushed with irritation. He looked back with his tongue clapped. Who else has no coward...….


At that moment, however, a rugged hand grabbed the man's neck.


The man took out his tongue in the sudden strangulation of his throat. It was a great deal of pressure, as if I were about to squeeze my throat and burst it.

His face quickly turned dark, and he looked at the man who hurriedly grabbed his neck.

As soon as I saw with my eyes who it was, I could not describe the astonishment in the eyes of the numerical figure.

A white white robe, and contrasting tough black hair.

The eyes were like that of a tiger, and the thick face reminded me of a lion.

What is more eye-catching, however, was Changcheon, which was carved in a brave handwriting on the right chest.

"I, Nam……. Cuck! Namgoong…"….”

Whoo! Whoosh!

Holding his neck in a twist, he slammed his opponent on the floor at once. There was an unbelievable sound of a person hitting the floor. The enemy, which had been rushing merchants until a while ago, was rolling around in blood.


A man who dealt with one number at a time.

A mixture of despair and dismay leaked from the mouths of the enemies who saw the face.

How can I forget that face?

Three years ago, a name close to the absolute one that confronted their chief, King Heukryong, with a whistle.

"Je, the king……" Cesarean Sword!"


A huge roar erupted from the mouth of the Cesarean Sword Namgung.

"These bastards! They'really! How dare you step on the land north of the river before my eyes? I'll beat you to death!"

It was the moment when Anhui's lion, which had been crouching for three years, finally cried into the sky.