Chapter - 917 - 917th episode. There's a crazy one. (2)

"Namgung Hwang?"

"The King's Sword.

Oh Gum, who followed Cheongmyeong down the mountain, was surprised and opened his eyes wide.

"The King Namgung led the sword and went to the mouth?"

"Sorim called you, but you're not going to Shaolin and you're going into Maehwa Island?"

"I guess so."

Baek Cheon looked at Cheongmyeong with a dumb look. Usually, Baekcheon manages his expression well, but this time, it was too much of a shock.


Cheongmyeong grinned.

"Sasook. If Sasook wants to lead a person in the future, he needs to know one thing for sure.”

"What is it?"

When Baek Cheon asked with an anxious face, he replied as if Cheongmyeong was not a big deal.

"There's nothing more futile than finding a reason why a madman is doing something crazy.”


"I don't understand, so let me rephrase…….”

"No, Cheongmyeong. I understood right away."


Yoon Jong nodded quickly next to him.

"I understand."

"I understand for sure."

"Me, too."

"...but these bastards? Why are you looking at me and talking?”

Then who would you look at and talk to?

It's about you.

Yoon Jong, who had been thinking about choosing a horse for a while, said.

"If you think about it, there is a reason. Namgoongse must have been humiliated in the Janggang River. I've only seen it at first glance, but if it's the Holy Spirit of the Cesarean Sword...….”

"Yes, so far, the sword...… No, you must have changed your sword."

Everyone shuddered as they recalled the image of Namgung Hwang wielding a sword with his eyes open. When I thought of the enormous sword that the word "qualification" couldn't express, I felt sick because my body was shaking.

"Then now……".”


Cheongmyeong grinned and nodded.

"Maybe he's going crazy. giggle giggle."

* * *

Whoo! Whoosh!

One of the whole pieces was blown away.

It was an impossible sight that would not happen if dozens of artillery guns were dropped. However, it was absurdly less than four characters that created this scene.

"You wicked Sapa!"

A lion-like roar burst out from the mouth of Namgung Hwang.

"How dare you get rid of all those seal cubs who have stepped fearlessly on the land north of the river!"


The Changgung Geomdae, ordered by the Namgung Hwang, ran out in various directions.

Just by looking at the momentum of their run, one could guess how proud they had been over the past three years.

Namgoong Hwang's eyes gushed with terrifying eyes.

"Black Dragon King!"

Three years.

It's a long time for someone, a short time for others.

For Namgung Hwang, the time was too much.

I've been mortified, humiliated, and disappointed in myself day after day.

It was the hope that he could cut off the head of King Heukryong with his sword if he endured only three years of pain.

Meanwhile, he heard the news that King Heukryong led a water channel into the northern part of the river.

"You son of a b*tc*!"


Namgung Hwang changed his teeth.

If the word Namgung remained in his mind, he would not have crossed the Janggang River alone, not with Sapaeryeon.

When he came to his senses after venting his anger, he was already running with the Changgung sword.


"Yes, my lord!"

Namgung Dōwi.

Namgung Hwang's son, who literally endured bone-cutting training for the past three years, replied with a firm voice.The three years were enough time to develop him from a potential posthumous index to one person's examination and to become the next household member of the imposing Namgoong Sega.

"Lead the spearhead and turn all your enemies into fish food! Once humiliated, let the people know that consultation and justice still remain in Changcheon's name!"


As Namgoongdowi rushed forward, Namgoonghwang's eyes looked ahead.


Shaolin's letter was clearly received. However, Namgung Hwang was not even interested in the content.


A man should know how to avoid a place to die, but a warrior must not avoid a place to die. In particular, those who advocate cooperation and justice lose everything the moment they withdraw because their lives are precious.

"I should have died there."

If the shaman had not done nothing, if the Shaolin and Cheongseong had not done nothing.

It would never have happened for him to beg for his life serviciously. Nor would he have put the glorious name Changcheon Namgungse in the manure box in his generation.


Namgung Hwang's feet stepped on the ground.

"No, it's just an excuse!"

If the Namgung Hwang had the will not to waste his life, if he had wanted the name Namgungse to be a gatekeeper who could bet everything on the name of consultation, he could have been a sword in that situation.

At the last moment, it was Namgung Hwang's weakness that he held his sword heavy and stretched.

And that fact made Namgung even more unbearable.

"You can't pick up the spilled water again. But!"

Namgoong Hwang's eyes gushed like burning eyes.

"We can get some fresh water out of course. I'll get back the name of Namgung today!"

At that time, he saw a group of numbers rushing towards him with great force.

"Stop it!"

"For God's sake, these bastards know where we are!"

"Namgung tax is not a big deal! Beat them all to death!

Namgung Hwang, who looked at the numbers rushing like bees, grabbed the sword.


Namgung once again stepped hard on the ground. At the same time, a white sword emanated from the handle of the sword.

It was so dark that I didn't think it was black that I completely wrapped around Namgung Hwang's sword and shined.


The work is the king's walk.

And the sword of the Lord.


Namgung Hwang's sword, which was raised above his head, was lowered at once.

Whoo! Whoosh!

I couldn't believe it was the sound of swinging a sword. It was literally like the sound of a cannon being fired.

But even more incredible was not the sound of the sword, but the size of the sword.

A white sword steel, literally the size of a house, was released from the end of a small sword. The blood quickly disappeared from the faces of those who saw the huge sword and river that flew over the entire view.

"Blood, blood……."

The white sword river covered the numbers that had been rushing in before they could say avoid. In addition, he left a huge scar on the main boulevard and stretched forward and forward.


The power that you can't believe even if you see it'

It's almost ridiculous to say tension, but you released this enormous energy with a sword?

It was a scene where I could understand why Namgung Sega was called Changcheon Namgung Sega and why Namgung Sega's household name was always proudly listed as a candidate for the world's best examination."The little Sapa! Do you know who I am and stand in the way!"

Namgung Hwang, who swept the front with a sword and roared alone, was overshadowed by the term "god".


"Namgoongsega! Namgoongsega is here to save us!"

"Changcheon Namgungse!"

"Here comes the Great Sega!"

Those who had been hiding in a relatively safe foresight saw the scene and finally ran outside to cheer. Although Namgung Sega showed disappointing appearance in the past, it could not be compared to those numbers.

Seeing them coming to the mouth and crushing the numbers, all the bad feelings in the past were washed away, and faith began to fill the spot.

"Don't come out! We still have those filthy men left! I'll make myself at ease soon!"

Those in the middle of hearing it nodded quickly and hurried back inside. Feeling that this long wait is just around the corner.


It was time for Namgung Hwang to nod and move forward vigorously. A man who approached him carefully opened his mouth.


"What is it?"

Namgung turned his head and looked at the person standing next to me.

The Southern Palace of the Lion's Sword. He is his younger brother and master of Changgung Geomdae.

"Do you mind?"

"What do you mean?"

"…I understand how you feel, but I feel like I've moved too carelessly. Maybe this isn't going to get too big.….”


Namgoongmyeong shrank his neck with the sound of Namgoong Hwang's canvas.

"When did you become a coward?"

"Well, that's not it.….”

"Know it clearly!"

Namgoong Hwang looked at Namgoongmyeong with eyes that could kill him.

"In the world of fools, a wise man alone is treated like a fool."


"What more reason does a swordman need to defeat Sapa?"

There was not a single suspicion in Namgung Hwang's voice. There was only firm conviction.

"We suffered because we didn't take it for granted! Because I couldn't say the right thing, and I couldn't say what was wrong!"

"Go, my lord. I'm just....”

"It's noisy!

Namgoong Hwang glared as if to eat Namgoongmyeong.

Of course, Namgoong Hwang also understands Namgoongmyeong's concern about the damage to Namgoong Sega due to this incident.

But now I know.

The profit-making clique lasts only a hundred years.

Beyond that time, it takes more than good and bad to continue its value for a thousand years and 10,000 years. Those who are blinded by small things and cannot see big things are doomed to defeat.

At that moment, Namgung Hwang's image came to mind.

A small examination covered with wounds.

The one who was crying with blood all over his body.

At that time, Namgung Hwang could not look at the young prosecutor's eyes. I didn't dare to face it. When the young prosecutor looked back at him, he unknowingly avoided his gaze.

It was the shame of myself who couldn't make eye contact at that moment that pushed Namgung into true pain.


Namgung holds his fist.

"There will be no such thing as avoiding someone's eyes again. I'll never do anything that I can't be proud of myself! I'm Namgung Hwang! Namgoongsega's Flesh, Cesarean Sword Namgoong Hwang!""Brother……."

"Raise your sword if you have time to worry. The inspection of the Southern Palace is not a snout, but a sword!"

"Yes, my lord!"

Soon, Namgungmyeong's eyes were also determined.

Right or wrong is yet to be known. Only one thing was for sure that his family was betting everything on this place now.

Then, as his brother, a member of the Namgung Sega family, and a proud leader of Changgung Geomdae, he should respond to his will.

"Let's go!"


Namgoong Hwang grabbed the sword as he saw a group of water running black from the pier.

"Defeat the Sapa!"

White swords from his sword filled the sky.

With a clear sky.