Chapter - 918 - 918th episode. There's a crazy one. (3)

Sgt. Surochae's enemies broke into a roar and clashed with the Changgung Gumdae.

"Those who came back alive begging for their lives have the audacity to come back to their faces! The political factions don't seem to know a thing or two!"

"If I were you, I would have bitten my tongue and died!"

The bandits laughed and ridiculed the Yeonsin Namgung Sega, confronting the Changgung Geomdae. Although he stood here with firm determination, he had no choice but to blush when he heard it.

It's still vivid in their heads. The moment I survived this long river, the moment I begged for my life from that wicked sapa!

"Keep your seat!"

At the moment when the sword was about to be overloaded with shame, a loud voice burst out from behind.

Namgung-ga's Soga-ju, Namgung-dowi, was running forward with Namgung-se's signature rock.

"It's a shame that I did something wrong. But it's even more shameful to do something wrong and get caught up in it and not make up for it! Don't be ashamed to be here, but be thankful to be here!"

At that remark, the eyes of the Changgung Geomdae were sharpened like blades again.

How can I forget? That shame. The misery that had to be discouraged to survive.

For the past three years, Changgung Geomdae has wielded a sword only for this moment. For the moment to recover the humiliation and rebuild the spirit of Namgung Sega!

"Kill me!"

At that time, an eonwoldo, which was frightening just by looking at it, flew toward the face of Namgungdo. The dark sword on the Namgung-do Island wriggled one after another.


His sword, wielded like a thunderbolt, broke the unwoldo in two at once and locked himself in the body of a man who wielded his willpower.


There was a moment of astonishment on the face of the enemy.


The sword, which was pushed in under strength, quickly gave up its enemy's body in two pieces. The body of the divided enemy bounced off and scattered red blood.

Even as blood was pouring down like rain, Namgoongdowi shouted without batting an eye.

"I'll take the lead! Follow me at the end of the palace!"


Namgung Dōwi rushed forward at once.

His face, which was determined, was no longer the same as the past.

'I'm a nobody.’

I thought it was enough to catch up. Now he may fall behind that volcano, but he is also a man of the Southern Palace Sega. I believed that if I tried and tried, I could stand in the same place someday.

I was more confident that I would work harder than anyone else, and I was more patient than anyone else.

So I thought that was enough.

Now that Cheongmyeong is only running faster thanks to his talent, he thought he could stand in the same place someday if he kept his posture for the rest of his life.


It's not even funny.

Now I know how stupid the idea was.

'Just because you're strong doesn't mean you can do it.’

If Namgoongdowi was as strong as Cheongmyeong, would he be able to compete with Jangilso there?

If I were that strong, would I be able to fight by throwing my life alone in silence?

I can't even say yes to hitting. It is impossible for Namgung Dōwi.

In fact, he was frozen and unable to do anything when Cheongmyeong confronted Jang Il-so, when there was harmony, and when Cheongmyeong's fist was stuck in the face of a shaman.

It was a shame that the Namgung family existed to protect its spirit.

'He can't be that kind of person because he's strong. That's why he's so strong.'Losing in ignorance can be an excuse. But losing as a person has no excuse.

There is only one life, strong or weak. Whether you can risk your life has nothing to do with nothing.

That day, Namgoongdowi realized how stupid he was.

"I won't say you're the strongest!"

This was not only for him but also for himself.

"You can lose with the sword! But at least don't lose with will! We are Changcheon Namgungse!"


Changgung Geomdae immediately flooded into the water. More determined than ever, the sword quickly began to devastate its enemies.

And in the lead, the sword on Namgoongdo was shining brighter than anyone else.

* * *

The tip of the court's lips trembled. The eyes of the law community were filled with astonishment and anger.

"…is that true?"

"Yes, Bang-jang! I just got a call from Namgung Sega, the king of the household, Namgung, who led the Changgung sword and ran to the mouth."

The bellows glanced toward the door. One of the beggars who told the legal world about this was not able to enter the room and snooped around, and nodded violently the moment he made eye contact with Zahog.

It all meant to be true.

"Namgung Hwang. Namgung Hwang.….”

The five who had been mumbling quietly laughed. Rather than funny, he looked despondent.

"If it's the spirit of the lord...… Yes, it's possible.’

Considering that his personality is violent, he is second to none in the world.

He must have been boiling with the humiliation he experienced three years ago, but when he heard that Sapaeryeon had crossed the Janggang River and stepped on the land of Gangbuk...….

The mother-of-pearl sighed deeply.

This was clearly an open-ended error. Information in itself means nothing. Based on that information, it is meaningful to be able to predict what will happen later.

I should have expected this to happen since Sapaeryeon stepped on the land of Gangbuk, but I belatedly realized that Namgung Sega moved.

'No, no. How many people in the world could expect that in that urgent situation?’

Since we have to pay attention to everything that is going on in the world, we had no choice but to put back the reaction of the Moon faction who went into hiding on its own.

The voice of an angry court was heard in the ears of Zhao-gae, who was soothing his bitter stomach by making excuses, not excuses.

"What the hell were you thinking about? You went to the Janggang River? Namgoongse is going to fight against Sapaeryon alone?

The court looked at the legal world with a look of incredibility. I couldn't handle the situation where he started running out of control, even though the situation to yell at him would have changed.

'I'm out of my mind.’

Where's that place? A Munpa's on his own?

Mouth. No, plum blossoms are literally powder keg. The eyes of former powerhouse are concentrated, and the evil of all forces is gathered.

It is hard to understand how the nothing island became such an important place, but it was undeniable that it became a stop to nature where the pride and practicality of Sapaeryon and Gufa clash.

But you attack a place like that alone without consultation?

If this is causing an all-out war between the Sapaeryon and the Oldies, how are you going to handle the aftermath?"What the hell are you thinking? What the hell!"


The beads in the hands of the court clashed with a sharp sound. I feel like everything in the world is going out of his control.

"If this causes all the people to fall into distress, all the sins will be borne by the Southern Palace Sega! How can a man who is the owner of a family and the head of the Great Sega be so imprudent?"

There were a series of angry voices, but no one could speak out hastily.

However, Zhao-gae had no choice but to sigh inside.


Yeah. Maybe that's right.

But at least in the stronghold, such behavior is not called imprudent.

I'd say it's amazing.’

Isn't it an agreement to fight evil without taking care of my own damage or personal interests?

Namgung Sega is what those who write justice names emphasize so much. Nevertheless, if you look at it this way, you admit that everything they have emphasized so far was actually nothing more than fiction.

Zhao-gae, who could not have listened more to the court's criticism, opened his mouth.

"Room leader."

The court couldn't get rid of all the anger on his face and looked at Zhao-gae.

"It is true that Namgung Sega did something unexpected, but there is no point in blaming it now. The important thing is now."

He took a moment to stop talking. So that the court can sort out the confusion. And asked in a steady voice.

"What are you going to do now?"

It's a lung-stabbing question.

"The Southern Palace Sega opened the door. Now you have to choose. Whether to help them hit the watercolors or declare that it was a dogmatic act by Namgoong Sega and withdraw."

The court closed its eyes tightly.

If you think about it in common sense, of course, it is right to support Namgung Sega. But what if they support Namgung Sega, and that Sapaeryon swarms into the Changgang River?

From then on, it is truly an all-out war.’

Once an all-out war has taken place, their strength cannot stop it. Win or lose, there is no choice but to suffer enormous damage.

"…the elder."

The court's answer was delayed, so the legal community opened its mouth first.

"Isn't there a chance that all of this is a hoarding scheme?"

"Did you say ploy?"

"Yes, the ruse. Three years ago, with the movement of the water channel, everyone was dragged into the Janggang River, right?”

The belligerents frowned unknowingly, it frowned. However, he erased his expression as if he had never done it before. It wasn't like that inside.

'That's when you're blinded by resonance and you're driven to the bowels.'

I wanted to say a lot, but I had to put up with it. This is Shaolin, and the person sitting in front is Shaolin's room and elder.

"I don't think there's a high chance of that."

"How come? If it's just a matter of fact...….”

"It's a long story, but...… I don't think this is the time to waste with those words. Anyway, everything that's happening right now is likely to be King Black Dragon's dogma."

At that moment, a blank smile came out of the court's mouth.


It's ridiculous.

Two hot-tempered men are driving the situation to hell.

The Black Dragon and the Cesarean Sword.

It is undeniable that both are great men with a firm presence in each force. But that is never so great that the two men's influence will shake the situation in the midfield.

Coincidentally, however, as a result of the simultaneous dogma of the two, they are getting caught up in an unwanted war at a time when neither the old nor the Four Fighters wanted it.Was war really something like this?’

At least this is not what the court thought. It was a war he knew that the leadership and the leadership would fight fiercely with their own.

But the way the world works now is completely different from what he knows. All the words are at their disposal. How can we lead these people and wage an all-out war?

"I don't know why I'm worried."

Then the top said, frowning.

"I don't like the arrogant Namgoong Sega's self-indulgence, but if it's already happened, the only way left is to support it."

But Jong-ri didn't seem to agree with the idea.

"I think you need to be a little calm. If we go to Janggang now, we will have no choice but to move Sapaeryeon, other than Surochae. Then it's really irreversible."

"But if we just look around and Sapaeryun moves first, it's too late to apply. The Southern Palace Sega will collapse first."

"I know, I know, but it's not something to be afraid of."

"How can this be so frivolous!"

The court's face turned dark as the two men's arguments caught fire in no time.

Common sense is the first thing to do is to support Namgung Sega and drive out the waterway. It's not that difficult if Paenga and Co-operation help.

But what if Sapaeryon moves north and there's an all-out war?

Can we really deal with Sapaeryon only with the Moon faction here? The love affair led by Jang Il-so?

Not enough.

If both the old faction and the five generations have supported Shaolin, there is no reason to hesitate. But now it's hard to handle that love affair.

Even if they win somehow, they will have to watch Seung-nyang sneak up behind their backs, which had been considered to be defeated.

The troubled court bit his lips gently.

What are you hesitating about?’

Shame is on him, but death is on others. Then shouldn't you choose shame as a Buddhist?


When he finally opened his mouth, everyone looked at him. His words still seem to have power.

"It would be too late to run to the Zhang River right now. By then, it would have been after the conclusion was made between the Namgung Palace and the Waterway House."

"Well, that's true."

"If we do, we'll have to prepare for the aftermath."

The court slowly rose from its seat.

"Give me the end of the day."

"Did you say a day?"

Zhao-ge looks at the court as if he doesn't understand. What do you mean, in this situation, can you change it to just one day?

"Yes, one day is enough."

"Excuse me, sir. What are you going to do?"

"…I'll be back at the island."

"Seo, island? Don't tell me...?"

Everyone opened their eyes wide. The court nodded quietly.


His eyes were unshakably determined.

"I need to meet Cheon Woo-meng-ju and the Volcano Geom-Hyup in personally.