Chapter - 919 - 919th episode. There's a crazy one. (4)

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

White energy swirled at the end of the sword. Such a compressed atmosphere erupted at once and swept the front.


"Namgung Hwang, who swept away all the numbers that were rushing from the front with a single blow, shouted loudly.

"Black Dragon King!"

a roaring voice of a lion

The voice immediately dampened the enemy's war spirit and raised our spirits.

"Where are you, King Black Dragon! Did you get scared and run away? Get out of here now! I'm not going to win!"


Jingak, who was stepped on by King Namgung, shook his son-in-law.

"That monster!’

The face of Yeodal, an old man who is known for his penchant for Janggangsu and Sipchalchae, turned blue.

It is famous that Namgung Sega pursues the overthrow unlike the gatekeeper who uses the sword, but the sword of the Namgung Hwang was at a strange level because it was special in Namgung Sega.

Doesn't it feel like firing a gun with a sword?

The Fanga would rather be softer!’

I've already seen it with my eyes, but it felt completely different from then.

It was not known whether it was because Namgung Hwang's martial arts increased dramatically over the past three years or because he was not King Heukryong. That's because Yeotal hasn't reached the point of knowing it.

"Black dragon, bawl!"


"Rain, d*mn it!"

Eventually, Yeodal shouted urgently, looking at the war angle flying to pieces.

"Retreat! Retreat now!"

"Ho, Ho-beop! King Black Dragon told me to defend this place no matter what!"

"You idiots! You can't keep it if you try to stop it anyway! And who is dealing with Namgoonghwang? The Black Dragon is not here right now!"

"He, it's...!”

"Shut up and tell him to retreat now! Before they all die!

If the power of the hydrochae had gathered here, he would not have chosen to step down for another month. No matter how great the Namgung Sega is, the Surochae was also one of the Shinjuopae.

It would be difficult to beat Namgoong Sega if it was a fierce battle between masters, but if it was an all-out war, Surochae could overwhelm Namgoong Sega.

But now, there is a shortage of troops.

King Heukryong was attacking the merchant ships of the Janggang River to increase the volume of logistics to and from Maehwa Island. In other words, it means that there are more than twice as many water lines on the Janggang River now.

Of course, the number of guards here is bound to be small.

"Get back! Get back now! Get on the boat! Retreat to the island!"

Yeotal grinded his teeth.

"Puppy boys!"

Perhaps King Heukryong will not let him go if he gives up the pier and retreats to Maehwa Island. It's a fact that you couldn't carry out the order.

But it's better than dying.

The sword of Namgung Hwang in front of me was scarier than the anger of King Heukryong in the distance.


Even at this moment, several other numbers are flying as blood cakes on the sword wielded by Namgung Hwang.

"Retreat! Come on!"

At his command, the men turned back in contemplation.

No, in fact, they were all thinking of running away one by one before he gave the order.

Namgung Hwang's military power was truly overwhelming. In the first place, the crowd gathered here is not at a level that the crowd can deal with.

How could those incompetent factions move so fast?’

The reason King Heukryong decided to leave the place even though he knew there would not be enough troops here was because he thought it would take more than 10 days for the political factions to respond properly only after talking for a long time.But who would have imagined that Namgoongsega would come so suddenly at a time like this?


"I know!"

Eight months nodded furiously. Now I couldn't procrastinate any longer. Any further delay will destroy his neck.

"Float the boat! Get on board right now…….”

However, the snow of Yeodal, who was giving the order, shook greatly.

White warriors were coming through a different path from the Southern Palace. It was Changgung Geomdae.

And at the forefront was a young warrior wielding a sword like an island war. At a glance, he was not in the mood to deal with it.

"Bae, abandon the ship! d*mn it, I'm leaving the ship behind! Just jump in! Swim to the island!"

There was no time to take the ship easy. They were able to board the ship in advance, but only two of the ships that had been anchored at the dock were headed for the water.

Intuitively aware that there was no time to board the ship, the numbers rushed into the Janggang River.

"Rain, get out of the way!"

"Don't catch me, you son of a b*tc*! Get out of here!"

"You son of a b*tc*!"

an abyss of the fatherhood

It's the same whether it's a warrior or a soldier. When orders remain in my head and I have something to protect myself, I spare my life.

But the only thing left when the control disappeared is the hundreds of cowards, where surviving is the most important thing.

The men pulled and pushed my colleague and jumped into the long river. There were a lot of people trying to get ahead of each other, but they fell, and there were a lot of people swinging a sergeant's flag reflexively next to me.


"Hey, you son of a b*tc* stab me?"

Those who would have already escaped if they had backed down in an orderly manner, tried to go first, but further delayed the situation. And the sword of Namgung Sega penetrated the backs of such people.


"Run away! Namgung Sega is coming!"

Splash! Splash!

The men who jumped into the water skillfully moved on to the plum blossoms. It was a quick movement that didn't even look back. However, before jumping into the water, the men who had to be hit by the swords of the Namgung Sega screamed and collapsed on the spot.

In time.


When Namgung Hwang's feet touched the water, the number was divided into two categories. A body that could not reach the water and a number that jumped into the water.

Namgung Hwang's eyes were filled with anger.

"To these men and women!"

a landslide victory

It was an overwhelming victory that could not be expressed even by saying it was one-sided. However, the fact did not give Namgung Hwang any pleasure. Only the hatred for himself, who had made peace because he was afraid of these clumsy people, was amplified.


Namgoong Hwang's eyes head to two ships turning their heads.

"Get out of my way!"

Namgung Hwang, who was bitten by Changgung Geomdae, who was guarding the side, lifted the sword over his head.

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Once again, a dark white aura swung around his sword.

More than a sheet of black rose above the head and clumped around the sword.

"Oh, no!"

"Jump! Dangjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

The men who saw the sight on the ship screamed in contemplation and flew out of the ship. They've seen enough of what happens when the white force clumps in that sword.


Namgung Hwang, who took a strong step forward, soon lowered the sword vertically. The released energy was fired like a cannon and flew straight toward the ship.

(sighs) (sighs) (sighs)

The wood trapped in the ship literally pulverizes the wood that forms the ship. The wood that directly touched the sword river was scattered into powder, and even the parts that did not touch the sword river were shattered because they could not handle it.Whoosh!

In an instant, a whole ship exploded and scattered into the water of the Janggang River. The spectacular sight was astonished not only by the numbers but also by the Changgung Geomdae.

Namgung Hwang's eyes are on the ship that still remains. However, the quick-witted men had already fled the ship and jumped into the Janggang River.


Judging that the ship was meaningless to destroy, Namgung Hwang recovered the sword.

The sight of the enemies desperately swimming toward Maehwa Island filled the vast Janggang River was disgusting.

"…...for God's sake. Black Dragon King!

At this point, Namgung Hwang had no choice but to know. The fact that there is no King Black Dragon here. King Heukryong is a cunning man, but he is not a fighter. If he were here, he would have already blocked his way.

"Lord, it's a complete victory!"

"…a complete victory?"

Namgoonghwang looked back.

At his instruction, merchants who had been avoiding the war came suddenly and shouted "Hurray" from behind. This means that all the enemies who dared to step on the land of Gangbuk were killed or kicked out.


However, Namgung Hwang could not be satisfied with this.

"What's a complete victory!


"Since when has it been a victory to get back where you ought to have it? Victory is a word you can attach when you make others yours! Defeat the thief in my house doesn't mean I'm not using the word victory!"

Namgungmyeong bowed his head to the horse.

"I've had my head down for three years because I'm afraid of the numbers that I can handle whenever I want."….”

Namgung Hwang changed his teeth and lit his eyes.

Such a victory cannot compensate them for their past time. There were no Heukryong nor Heukryongchae, the elite of the hydrochae, here, there was no Heukryongchae. Killing a thousand people will not relieve your anger.

"Get your ship ready!"

"Go, my lord?"


Namgung Hwang's chin heads to an island in the middle of the Janggang River.

"Is that Gangbuk? Is it Gangnam?"

"……he, that is."

When Namgungmyeong could not answer, Namgung Dowi, who was standing next to him, opened his mouth instead.

"That's not Gangbuk, but it's not Gangnam either. It's literally an island."


Namgoong Hwang shouts in a loud voice.

"No matter how mistaken the treaty was, the treaty is a treaty. Namgung does not step on Gangnam land before the deadline expires. It means that the Namgung will keep his words!"

"Yes, my lord."

"But that's not Gangnam!"

Namgung Hwang's two eyes emitted flames.

"Get your ship ready. I can no longer watch dirty men camp there and aim for the North. I will land on the island myself and tear all those men to death!"

"Go, my lord. It's too dangerous. Please reconsider."

Namgungmyeong said urgently.

"As you can see, that's an island. We need to get through the waterway to get there."


"In other words, if you enter that island, you could be isolated. Our support is difficult, and the enemy's attack is easy."

"Who doesn't know that?"


I looked back at Namgungmyeong with eyes filled with Namgung Hwang.

"The volcano has protected that land for as long as three years. It's not a treaty, it's an island that can attack at any time!"

"He, it's....”

"What the volcano could have done...….Are you going to say that Namgung Sega can't do what Noklim, not a volcano, has done?"

"Well, I don't mean that at all. But...!"Then get ready."

"Go, my lord. I'm telling you, just once.….”

When Namgungmyeong dissuaded him again, Namgung Hwang briefly kicked his tongue with an unhappy face.

"I'm not stupid enough not to know what you're thinking. It's not like I'm out of my mind and I'm running into her without knowing what to do."


"Don't you see? There is no King Black Dragon there right now. And there's no black dragon salad. It means Muju communion. If it's not now, it's ten times more difficult to hit that island."

"That's true, but...….”

"If you can't move when the opportunity comes, you'll have to put a lot of effort into it later. Now is the time to move!"

Namgungmyeong bit his lip and nodded. It was because Namgung Hwang's words were not so wrong.

"Yes, my lord!"

"Float the boat! I'll get my hands on that island!"


Namgung Hwang's fierce eyes headed to Maehwa Island.

Black Dragon King. I'll hold your leash. It's me, Namgoonghwang!’

His face was filled with triumphant laughter.