Chapter - 920 - 920th episode. There's a crazy one. (5)

When Namgung Sega boarded a boat anchored at the pier and headed to Maehwa-do Island, merchants were delighted and cheered as if they were running.


"Darnest enemies! You thought it was your world!"

At the instruction of King Heukryong, the enemy did not harm the merchants here. Nevertheless, all the enmity suffered by the enemy for decades could not have been resolved.

In fact, there was a pleasant sight of the enemies being beaten, but there was a reason why they were excited and excited. Thanks to Namgoongse, the fear of a series of defeats has disappeared.

In the past, Sapa, who didn't really care, organized the Sapaeryon, pushed the old faction into the pit of defeat and even pushed it into the northern part of the river.

I'm afraid that Gangbuk might fall into their hands. The fear that he might have to live his whole life looking at those numbers was quickly resolved by this one victory.

"Yes, of course! The old file room can't be holding back!"

"Hey, man, what do you mean, Goofa? The Namgung Sega is the Five Greats!"

"Oh! Isn't that what it is!"

The hearts of the people who saw the boat of Namgung Sega advancing to Maehwa Island swelled. It was the image of the political factions who killed the Sapa at once and protected them that they had hoped for for for the past three years.

Namgoongse was also a gatekeeper who provided the cause of the humiliating Janggam disaster, but the bad feeling was no longer left in the hearts of those who were here.

"But…… can I go all the way over there? It's still an island."

"What a stupid thing to say! Don't Namgoongsega know what you think? It's all about thinking!"

"Yeah, I guess so.”

The merchants' eyes were filled with hope as they saw the ship proceeding with dignity.

"Go forward at full speed!"

Namgung Hwang, standing on the deck, shouted in a loud voice.

"Don't let your enemies get their feet in the air. They're like a drowned rat, and they're quickly destroying the enemy!"


At that time, Namgungmyeong, who was looking around with a worried face, urgently said.

"It's a small number! It can be dangerous even if you go carefully! Please slow down!"

Namgung Hwang glanced at Namgungmyeong with an unhappy face.

"Do you have to be so wary of those petty enemies?"

"If you let your guard down because it's insignificant, you can make a mistake. Is it hard to be wary of them? Or is it hard to restore the honor of Namgung Sega, who will fall by a momentary mistake?"

Namgung Hwang stared at Namgungmyeong as if he were getting angry at the moment.

This time, however, Nam Gung-myeong did not back down easily. Namgoong Hwang's head, which had been staring at Namgoongmyeong for a long time, nodded slowly.

"Slow down! Let's be careful not to damage the ship! The palace sword guards against sleep! Some jump into the water and keep the enemy from approaching the ship!"


Upon hearing the order, Changgung Geomdae was given a great restoration. And some jumped into the Janggang without hesitation.

"Thank you, let's go!"

Namgungmyeong made a big town. Looking at that, Namgung briefly kicked his tongue.

"Changgung Daeju!"

"Yes, my lord!"

And said, nodding heavily.

"Don't stop saying old words."


"And don't look down recklessly. Changgung Daeju is a place to speak directly to Gaju. This is not something to be thankful for!"

"I will, my lord!"

Namgungmyeong's face brightened up.

This is why he has no choice but to follow Namgung. It is true that he is more radical than anyone else, but he was never a tyrant.Namgoong Hwang is a person who has open ears so that he can hear anything that makes sense.

If there is a shortage, he can fill it, and Namgoongdowi can fill it. Isn't that family and family?


At that time, the Namgung Dōwi said, looking ahead.

"There's a cannon on the island. I heard that plum blossoms...The place called … was armed with a gun of lightning that was used by the Wall Gate in the past."

"Lightning artillery."

Namgoong Hwang snorted.

"It would be helpful if it was a war between the enemies. But there's no way I can reach a ship I protect!"

He continued, staring sharply at the island.

"The only things to be wary of are the Black Dragon King and the Black Dragon Chae. If they are not on Maehwa Island, those numbers cannot stop Namgung Sega. No, it's the same if they are!"

What Namgung Hwang wants is not to recover the river.

What he really wants is to take full possession of the plum blossoms and make a shape to aim a dagger at the enemy's neck. When they heard that Maehwa Island was occupied by the enemy, they were able to get back the feelings they felt.

It's only a month away from the three-year deadline.

If that deadline is passed, Namgung Sega will advance to Gangnam without looking back. To get rid of all that vicious love affair.

"What's the situation?"

"The numbers are not moving."

"I don't see anyone approaching me from under the river."

"Well, I guess you're not a bunch of idiots!"

Namgung Hwang twisted his lips and laughed.


Apparently, the handcrafts learned by the enemies demonstrate their power in the water. However, that way, it cannot completely surpass the gap in skills.

The result will be obvious if those who have the same skills compete in the water with those who have mastered craftsmanship. However, the skills of Changgung Geomdae and those clumsy numbers cannot be the same.

That fact has already been proven three years ago.

The face of Namgung Hwang, who recalled the word three years ago, suddenly hardened.

"Changgung Daeju!"

"Yes, my lord!"

"Be on the lookout for the surroundings! The enemy in the distance may be camped out, and we may land on the island and come to siege!"

"I'll check!"

"After landing on Maehwa Island, some of them stay on the ship and wait! So we can get out of here as soon as we have a problem!"


A bitter wound three years ago taught Namgung Hwang the word "careful." However, it was no different from saying that Jang Il-so's wounds to Namgung Hwang are still causing him vivid pain.

Black Dragon King! Jang Ilso!


Namgung Hwang changed his teeth.

I couldn't get out of this pain of scratching my bones. Unless you cut off the head of King Heukryong and grind Jangilso, you will not be able to unto.

"In one breath!"


Soon after, the ship placed the plum blossoms on the spot.

"Shoot it!"


Lightning shells fired at the ship they were on. A shell with power that is not comparable to a normal canvas flew in as if it was going to destroy the ship at once.

"You're so clever!"

Namgung Hwang, who jumped as a player at once, swung the sword like a ray of light. The white black river spouted hit a flying shell and twisted its direction.


A huge column of water soared above the surface of the shell. The white foam spreading out looked like a firecracker.

"There's nothing to be afraid of! Move on!""Chung!"

The scene was greeted by a fraudulent Changgung sword.

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

Although the artillery fired fire one after another, the shells did not escape the sword of the Southern Palace. The eyes of Namgung Hwang, who flew all the shells, were distorted.


Soon his sword released the optometrist.

The sword and steel, which moved across the fluctuating surface of the water, was trapped in a bag of baekgwangpo, which was installed on the riverside of Maehwado Island.


Not only the guns, but also the numbers that were gathered to shoot the guns, were dropped into blood at the same time.

"The Gables are landing!”

"Lord! There's still a distance!"

"We must push him when he gets the chance to win! Just in case, stay on the boat and secure a way out!"




"Lead the palace sword and follow me! All at once!"


Namgung Hwang kicked the player and jumped into the water.


And as soon as his feet touched, he pushed forward, kicking the surface of the water.

Equal frequency.

It was an outstanding feat, flying to overshadow a huge body and a rocking sword. It was doubtful that he was running hard on the ground, not on the surface.

The figures of Namgoong Hwang, who was rushing over the water, were confused with contemplation.

It was an extreme sight of how a single absolute master could affect the battlefield.

Sooner or Soon!


Namgung Hwang, who jumped back to the surface of the water, landed on the ground of Maehwado Island as if a shell were falling. Enemies could not escape, but froze and stared stunned at the absolute cilantro in front of them.

"Ah……. Ah…….”

Namgung Hwang stared at his enemies in a drooping shape. His eyes were too young to tear to death, but he didn't move.

Maybe it's just a way to prepare for the numbers. However, Namgoong Hwang's actions clearly had a definite effect.

The evidence was that the numbers were losing their will to resist in exhaustion.

"To be sure."

Namgung Hwang's loud voice spread to Maehwa Island.

"After this time, no one will survive those who set foot on the island. It's the last mercy I give to you people, who at best listen to orders. Get off this island now!"


At that moment, Changgung Geomdae, who jumped off the ship along with Namgung Hwang, stepped on Maehwa Island, with Namgung Dowi as the center of Namgung Dowi. The Changgung Geomdae, which was lined up behind the Namgung Hwang while crossing the river where the waves hit, was full of majesty.


"Yes, my lord!"

"The warning is over! Kill the enemy! Leave no one but those who write the name of the Southern Palace on this island!"


Danak sword Namgoongdowi was at the forefront and flooded. When Changgung Geomdae, who pulled out a sword in unison, followed, the reason of the numbers, which had been barely maintained until the end, was cut off.

"Argh, argh!"

"This is a dog's death!"

"No, jump into the water!"

They couldn't even think of fighting back and started running away.

"Stop, you bastards! Can't you stop right now? How dare you hide your back in front of the enemy! You little bastards! Stop it now!"

The ex-uno monster Yeo-dal shouted, "Blood on my neck," but his voice seemed to be lost in the ears of his enemies.

This is perhaps a matter of course. Although Jang Kang-surochae's penchant is, he is like a firefly in front of the sun compared to the Southern Palace of the Cesarean sword.

There can be no way to trust him and try to fight the Southern Palace. It's a path you can't choose unless you're out of your mind."Ee…….Ee…"….”

Eight months of snow trembled as if it had been an earthquake.

If this place is taken away, King Heukryong will surely tear him to death. However, it is clear that he will be torn to death by the hands of Namgoong Hwang, not the Black Dragon King.

A situation in which one has no choice but to choose between a faster death or a slower death. No wonder he couldn't move easily.

"Namgung Hwang! Namgung Hwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Do you know what you're doing?"

Yeodal, who could not choose anything, vented his anger on Namgung Hwang.

"The Black Dragon will be angry! He will be very angry. Do you know what that means? What you're doing will turn this long river into blood...….”

At that moment, Namgung Hwang flew a long distance and struck the sword over Yeodal's head.


Yeodal ran out of blood.

Even if his opponent was Namgung Hwang, he would not have been this round at first blow. However, already defeated, he could not even defend himself, let alone fight back properly.

"The Wrath of the Black Dragon King?"

Namgung Hwang gritted his teeth toward Yeodal, who was wriggling.

"You should have thought of dealing with my anger before that! I've been furious since three years ago."

"Hhhh……, you idiot…"….”

Eight months' eyes were bloodshot.

"The defeated will surely take your neck. What you're not supposed to do...….”


Eventually, eight months' heads rolled down to the floor.

"Keep talking. If I could talk."

Namgung Hwang, who cut Yeodal's throat at once, looked up and looked around Maehwado Island without hesitation.


The wrath of King Black Dragon? It's rather what he wanted.

"It doesn't matter who the other person is. The Sapa will now shiver just by the name of Namgung Sega!"

On that day, Changcheon Namgung Sega drove out the waterway and completely occupied Maehwa Island.