Chapter - 922 - 922. You're so shameless. (2)

The court looked silently at the volcano's prose.

This is not the first time he has seen this prose with those two eyes. So it's worth getting used to it, but it was more unfamiliar than the first time.

Maybe it's because I'm in a different situation than then.’

Even if it's the same thing, it can only look different when the situation changes.

When he first visited the volcano, there was nothing to be desired. Rather, I was more interested in checking what the volcano looked like.

But now...….

"Amitabha Buddha."

The court exclaimed disapproval in order to shake off the annoyance it had in mind.

'Who else would go to hell if it wasn't me?’

It's for all the people.

It is not a situation to hesitate in private shame.

"Room leader."


The court nodded at the voice of the legal community. There was no time for him to lose now.

"Can I come in?"

Ungum, who was near the prose and ran after hearing the noise, looked at the court and nodded.

"… this way. Let's have this for now."

"Thank you, seal."

The unexamined prosecutor guided the court with a rare embarrassment. But this is not to blame for the ungum. The leader of Shaolin's room suddenly came without contacting him, who in the world could not be embarrassed?

But then the court was looking at the ungum for another reason.

Did anyone ever have this kind of person?’

a single arm examination without superiority

The atmosphere is extraordinary. The feeling alone did not make it difficult to notice that interest was a highly disciplined peak test.

The problem is that the interest is not in the court's memory.

So you've grown this much in just three years?

Apparently, he is not too young. It is common sense that it is difficult to rise sharply as people get older. In addition, did you make such a big progress in such a short time with a sword that you learned as a left-handed rather than an excellent sword?

I just saw one person, but I could understand how much the volcano has changed over the past three years. How much stronger would the disciples of a young volcano be if this older man were to do this?

The heart of the court has become heavy.

Amitabha Buddha.

Of course, it would be a good thing for a volcano to be strong, the same political faction. But volcanoes are now the gateways that bring typhoons all over the world. The stronger the gate wave becomes, the stronger the typhoon that blows into the world.


The court shook its head. This is not the time to think like this.

'You've got a lot of confusion in your mind.’

Even though he has been cultivated for so long, he is swayed by such a small thing. To overshadow all the immobility he's been pursuing.

At that time, I could see the volcano's long-moon hyunjong approaching this way quickly.


Seeing Hyeonjong running ahead of anyone else, I almost laughed in vain.

It's clear.

If it were in the past, Hyunjong would not have considered it strange because he jumped out of his way. If I heard that the falling writer of Munpa visited Shaolin, I would definitely react like that.

But where's the volcano from? It used to be, but it's.

a heavyweight and a loser of the island

It is the volcano that has become meaningless to compare to the past. The current volcano does not even need a gufile room.

However, the volcano's long story, Hyeonjong, was no different from when the volcano was called a third-rate clique.'No, it's not that it hasn't changed.'

If the situation changes, the attitude changes of course changes. Maintaining the same attitude as the first time even though the situation has changed means that he has become a deeper person than in the past.

In order not to change, you have to change.

Wasn't it color immediately public immediately?

"How do you get here, Bangjang?….”

Hyun-jong, who ran to him at once, stared blankly at the court as if he was speechless. Then, he bowed his head deeply as if he had come to his senses.


The court, which was full of worries about the hospitality, seemed to be relieved a little. Even though I know that Hyunjong is reacting like this to everyone regardless of what he thinks.

The court received Hyunjong's greetings with a full smile.

"I'm so flattered by your hospitality. You're not here where I shouldn't be, are you?”

"What do you mean? On behalf of the volcano, I welcome the head of the room."

"Thank you, Jang Moon-in. Thank you very much."

A court of gunpower facing Hyunjong looked behind him.

Is there none?

The acquainted elders were seen, but the person he cared about the most was not seen. Instead, the disciples of the volcano, who ran out after hearing the noise, murmured while looking at the court except for their heads.

"What's going on?"

"The head of Shaolin's room is here."

"What are you doing here?"

He was already accustomed to the public's curious view of him. From the moment I became the leader of Shaolin, I couldn't avoid these eyes.

But after checking out the faces of those who send those eyes, I couldn't help feeling uncomfortable.

'You're strong.'

They are still young faces. Young inspectors who took off their chops but didn't reach maturity. But the energy felt from the young inspectors was both incessantly sharp and inexhaustibly serious.

I've never felt anything like that in a male palace or a shaman.

Now I don't know what to say to express a volcano. The term "phase war wall" and the term "polar opposition" were not enough to express their growth.

What made the court even more admiring was what they saw. The people snooping around him are no different from the children on the street.



The provincial government describes this as "clean." Being informal, not unnecessarily overly polite, and honest with one's feelings. That is the attitude that doers who want to resemble nature should have.

'Strong and clean.’

I could understand why the volcano threatened the shaman's seat.

But…… the court knows better than anyone that that's not all.

"I'm seeing the head of the room."

"I'm seeing the head of the room."

The court nodded quietly as it saw those who seized him.

Five Swords of Volcano.

They are now the representative fighters of the volcano. Of course, the name still discusses the review index. But one day it will be the name that represents the sword of the world.

"Nice to meet you, Baekcheon stamp."

"Do you know my name?"

"How can I not know the world's volcanic sword?"

"…It's an honor."

Baekcheon bows his head in an impeccable manner.

The word "honey" suits him better than anyone else. Although Shaolin's room is full of talent, I felt a subtle envy for Hyunjong at this moment.

"……take it seriously."

The court's eyes, which accepted the greetings of Baekcheon, turned to a man standing behind him. To the man who was once proud of him, perhaps a hundred thousand to the court.The court grinned at Hye-yeon, who looked complicated.

"Have you learned a lot?"


The court, who had been looking at Hye-yeon's face, suddenly looked down and stared at her in the unclothes.

It's the volcano's unclothes.’

You can guess what's going on. However, if it had not been for Hye-yeon's mind to shake a little, she would not have worn the clothes of another door even if she wore rags.

"I have a lot to talk to you about. But now is not the time, so I'll see you a little later."

"…Yes, sir."

When Hye-yeon bowed her head silently, Hyun-jong sneaked out to protect Hye-yeon with an embarrassed face.

"There's a situation here…"….It's all my fault that I couldn't pay attention to."

"You don't have to do that, Jang Moon-in. I don't mean to blame that kid. I just have a lot to talk to my student who has been away from headquarters for a long time."


When Hyunjong nodded, the court smiled and changed its words.

"I ran all the way here because I had a problem to discuss in depth."

"My mind, too. I'm sorry, sir. This way, please."

"Yes, Jang Moon-in."

Hyunjong quickly guided the court.

Walking on a bit of a tumultuous volcano, the court scrutinized the atmosphere. It was noisy and lively compared to the quiet sound.

This is the atmosphere of Moon Paran moving forward.

Even before Chae's thoughts were sorted out, King Hyeonjong stood in front of the volcano's long house with the court.

"This is it. I hope you don't blame me for not being ready to greet you."

"How could an uninvited person think that? I'd appreciate a glass of lukewarm water."

"Let's eat."

The first thing that caught the eyes of the court before entering the room was a pair of shoes in front of the door.

It's a little small for Hyunjong to wear.

That means there's someone in this room who doesn't stick his head out even though the whole court is here. The court seemed to know who the man was without seeing him.


The court tried to soothe my mind and shouted "no" in a small voice so that it could not be heard by others. There's a man in here who he really wanted to meet when he ran to the volcano.

The court, which was staring at the door, finally entered the room. As soon as he crossed the threshold, the first thing the court saw was of course a person sitting with his back in one corner.

The blueprint has not changed much. Enough to recognize at a glance.

No, rather, there is no change enough to find out what has changed. If I have to look for it, it seems a little taller and a little harder, but it is no different from what he saw the other day.

Even the atmosphere and eyes.

Even though he saw the court coming in, Cheongmyeong did not show any significant response. They just stare at the court with round eyes.

The two faced each other for a moment like that.

Breaking the awkward silence, the court first smiled and said.

"How are you doing, cow seal? No, now the word "cow stamp" doesn't fit in.”

The way he spoke was very soft as if he were talking to a friendly person.

Cheongmyeong replied with a bright smile.

"Yes, thanks to you, I've been very well.”

"Really? I don't think I've done anything for you."

"Hey. Why didn't you do anything for me. How many are there?""Really?"


Cheongmyeong smiled brightly. But only his mouth, his eyes were not smiling at all.

"Don't you have to take care of yourself because you're so desperate to be ruined? Thanks to you, I've been very, very good.”

Just then, the disciples of the volcano who were coming into the room opened their mouths wide.

I... I...!’

"That crazy guy.’

Seeing Cheongmyeong, which hits the court head-on from the start, I was already worried about how thin ice this place would be.

A cold sweat began to flow on their backs.