Chapter - 923 - 923. You're so shameless. (3)

An awkward air flows.

No, in fact, the current atmosphere was more of a cold thing than an awkward one.

"That crazy guy...….’

Of course, Cheongmyeong did not pay much courtesy to the court in the past. But that was when the relationship between Shaolin and the volcano wasn't so bad.

Baek Cheon bit his lips gently.

'And that gap was a terrible time.’

Bum doesn't bother to get angry because a dog barks. If you ignore it in moderation and it bothers you, you will just bite it to death. That's no different from saying that, in other words, a day puppy has the opportunity to flirt with a criminal.

But now?

Will Cheongmyeong appear to be a Haru puppy in the eyes of the court now?

I thought Baekcheon was definitely not. No matter how much the court is the head of Shaolin's room and an incomparable servant in this river, it is impossible to treat the Volcanic GeomHyup Cheongmyeong as a daily puppy.

Cheongmyeong's position is more than enough to make even Shaolin's room annoying.

So the atmosphere is like a thin ice sheet of course.

Fortunately or unfortunately, however, it was not the court that responded to the statement, but the law community that followed the way into the room.

"Hey, Shizu."

The legal community said, staring at Cheongmyeong with cold eyes.

"It takes minimal courtesy to treat a smiling adult. Didn't volcanoes teach you that?"

It would never have stopped at this point in the ordinary legal world. He was the footnote of the Gyulgak, which deals with Shaolin's law.

However, he refined his horse to the point where he retorted because he knew why he came here.

But Cheongmyeong's reaction overshadowed his efforts.


Cheongmyeong smirked.

"Oh, that's good manners. I like that, too.”

Then, he looked at the legal world and said,

"By the way, maybe it's because the monk lives only in the mountains, but the two of them don't seem to know."

"…what don't I know?"

"Being polite to your superiors is a basic thing, but there's another fundamental thing in the strong."

"……what is it?"

Cheongmyeong twisted his lips staring at the two uninvited guests.

"To be polite to those who feel sorry."


The mouth of the legal world closed automatically.

"Isn't it?"

Cheongmyeong's crooked smile penetrated the eyes of the law community. There was a sudden surge of anger, but no matter how much the law community was able to vent its anger here.

It's because there's a court right in front of me...….


The name suppressed the legal world so that it could not easily be alarmed. Before he knew it, the weight of the volcano became that heavy.

Chimi heard a calm voice in the ears of the law community, who had no idea what to do between anger and the weight.

"That's quite true. A small stamp, or volcanic censorship. As you say, a thirsty man digs a well."

"Ba, Bang-jang."

The court grinned. The smile unraveled the rigid atmosphere even a little.

"I was worried that my personality might have changed because I hadn't seen you in years, but you haven't changed a bit.”

"I heard it's time to die when people change. Come to think of it, I think you've changed a little.”


The court's mouth was half open at the end of the story.

What the hell do you mean by how to react?

"But this guy!"

Fortunately, however, there was someone in court who could be called a ally. If you could call the long-written man of the young Taoist who came out of the boat a friend.

Hyunjong, who distorted his face, greatly criticized him."He's the leader of Shaolin. Be polite!"

"No, how can you be more polite than this, Mr. Long?”

But Cheongmyeong asked back as if it was absurd. Hyunjong flinched.




"Of course!"

Cheongmyeong said, beating my chest.

"But I'm the leader of Shaolin's room, so I'm saying hello and talking to her. If it wasn't for that, it'd be bloody here. One's dead, one's dead! Come to think of it, someone just said it's time to die."

"No one ever said that! Go away!"

"Oh, that's weird. I think I did."

"Can't you rot, man!"


Cheongmyeong, sadly smacked his lips, rose from his seat and crept back. In the meantime, he did not forget to glance at the court. It's as if he wants to get angry and compete with him.


The court briefly exclaimed disapproval to calm the insides that were hard to explain.

How can King Mangjong listen to what King Hyeonjong says when he starts to argue with him?

Hyunjong said with a face of shame.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Bang, but I couldn't teach you because I was a disciple.….”

"No, why would you apologize to that?…!”

"Can't you be quiet?"

When Hyunjong grabbed the ties as if he would throw them away, Cheongmyeong flinched and dug into the corner. He leaned his head against the wall, but Hyunjong desperately turned away from the voice.

"The court is uncomfortable to let go, and my heart is broken to let it go."

I was going crazy because I couldn't do this or that.


At that time, the court smiled and opened its mouth.

"I'm just jealous. How reliable would you be to have such great descendants on the volcano?"

"They're just troublesome. Before I die, they're supposed to be masters somehow."

Although he said so, Hyunjong's face was filled with pride that he could not hide. At least at this moment, the court had no choice but to envy him.

"Sit down, please.


When the court sits in the center, those who come in sit around him.

Hyeonjong looked at the two people quietly. Just two people in court and law sat in front of me, and the unknown weight pressed down on my shoulders. The room seemed to be filled with the presence of those two.

'Sorim's mastermind.’

Did he say that to know the size of his opponent, he had to have enough dignity?

When he struggled to save the volcano somehow, he did not realize how big the court was. It was only now that I could understand how great the court, which had run the huge gatehouse of Shaolin, was.

No matter how much weight he holds.


As if to shake off the presence of the court, Hyunjong coughed in vain and opened his mouth.

"You've done a great job coming a long way."

"Don't mention it."

The court smiled and opened its mouth.

"I felt far away because it was an island, but it didn't even take long to get here in a hurry. I would have visited you more often if I had known."

"It's embarrassing that you seem to blame me for not being able to walk often. I'm ashamed of you for coming here first, I should have visited you earlier."

"I can't believe you're one of the busiest people in the world right now.….Oh, such a mistake.""What?"

The court rubbed the back of his head as if he had made a courtesy. As soon as I saw the hand touching the bald head, I tried to shout something out, saying Cheongmyeong is right, but Baekcheon's hand, which was already waiting, covered his mouth at once.

That led to what the court was trying to say in a hitch.

"You're not a writer. I've made an impolite call you Maen-ju. Please forgive me."

"Yo, what do you mean forgiveness? It's enough to be a long writer."

"I can't do that. Everyone has a title that suits their status."

Then Hyun-young, who was next to him, opened her eyes slightly.

'That middle...'

To climb a volcano and call Hyeonjong a blind lord means that his visit is not just limited to volcanoes.

In other words, it means that he will deal with King Hyeonjong, the stronghold of Cheonwoomang, instead of King Hyeonjong, the long-running man of the volcano.


Hyunjong once again coughed whether he understood the intention.

"I'm careful what I say and do in front of the room where the construction company is running out of business. When I ask questions, they seem to rush me, but when I talk to them, they seem to be wasting my time."

"Hahaha. What I'm looking for is taking away my time.”

"Room leader."

Hyunjong sighed and looked at the court.

"If you don't mind telling me, may I ask why you climbed the volcano?"

The court had some subtle expression on its face.

"Be honest with me.….”

Then he took a moment and opened his mouth.

"I thought the relationship between Sorim and Volcano was not as good as it used to be. There's been a lot of things, a period of dignity."

Hyunjong waited for the court's next words with a nervous face.

"But…… I didn't know I wouldn't get a cup of tea. The plum tea that Jang Moon-in gave me the other day was excellent."


Hyunjong's face turned red. Come to think of it, the head of Shaolin's room came as a guest, but he didn't give up a cup of tea and got to the point.

He would never have made such a mistake, but it was clear that Shaolin's sudden visit to the volcano shook him.

"I made a mistake. Unam! Go get some tea, come on!


Unam also jumped up and ran outside, apparently noticing his mistake.

"I'm sorry, Bang. I'm in a hurry."

"No, no, no. There's no mistake. I just wondered if the Lord Maenght thought of me as he did in the past."

"There's no way. It's never like that."

"I'm glad to hear that. Hahahaha."

The face of Cheongmyeong, who was watching the situation, was slightly distorted.

"That snake-like bald head!"

The court quickly took control of the atmosphere in this room with a few light words, and took full control of the situation.

In addition, they use the title "long-literate" again when referring to past events, and use the title "loyal lord" when discussing the present, pointing out that the status changes and the treatment changes.

Aside from the good news about people, there was no way not to acknowledge the ability to achieve what they wanted with just a few words. So I would've gone up to Shaolin's room.

"The car is soon……."

"Lord of Almighty.

The court opened its mouth in a soft voice.

"Tea is good, but there's something more important."


"You've heard the story, haven't you? It's a long story."

The court opened its mouth as if it had expected King Hyunjong to know about it. It was yesterday's mirror that Namgung took over Maehwa Island in the Janggang River.

"……Yes, I heard."

"Will it?"

The court glanced back. Obviously, I couldn't see the beggar I saw when I came here."It's not going as well as I thought, my lord."

"Yes, I heard so."

"There's only one reason I'm here, Maenji. Please lend me your strength."

At that moment, the court took a deep dive toward King Hyeonjong on the spot. It's as if I'm begging you on my stomach.

"Yee, yee, yee!"

Hyeonjong, who became contemplative, stood up in fright. How embarrassed he was, he jumped over the table in front of him and grabbed the court.

"What's wrong, Mr. Bang!"

The world's Shaolin leader is bowing!

No matter how Hyunjong was, he had no choice but to panic.

However, after watching the series, Cheongmyeong's mouth finally burst into laughter.


An old snake was now winding the neck of King Hyeonjong with its long tail.

You're coming out like this, right?’

Blue light flowed from the blue eyes.