Chapter - 924 - 924th episode. You're so shameless. (4)

The world's court bowed its head. The scene left even the disciples of the volcano silent.

"The head of the Shaolin...….’

We have a long story to tell.

Maybe it's a scene where you should feel proud. It was only a few years ago when the volcano collapsed and the building was almost taken away. It was remarkable that King Hyeonjong, who was nothing more than a writer of the third-rate civilization who fell to that point, had been bowed to the head of Shaolin in the past few years.

But no one here felt proud or anything. I was just amazed and surprised at this incredible situation.

"Don't do this, Mr. Bang. I don't know what to do."

"Lord of Almighty.

The court said, holding Hyunjong's hand to raise him up.

"I will not deny that Shaolin has sinned against the volcano. No matter how little we could afford, if the volcano had been sealed, we should have taken care of the crowds of safaras coming to the island."


"Please forgive me for failing to do so."

"……How can I blame it?"

A faint sound of pain came out of Hyun-young's mouth.

Shaolin and Volcano have been building up bad feelings for a long time. Particularly the decisive part is that case that came out of the court's mouth. Until then, it could have been dismissed as happening due to differences in position, but there was a clear malice in this matter.

What would never have happened if Shaolin thought the volcano was his colleague.

But the court bowed its head, mentioning that very part first. If a person with a solid status as the leader of Shaolin's room appears low-key, Hyunjong has no choice.

If King Hyeonjong raised his stance here, those who heard this without knowing the deep circumstances would surely criticize him.

I'm scared.

It's easy to say, logic is simple.

But how is it so easy for Shaolin's chief of staff to bow down to someone? It wouldn't be easy to just bow down, would it really be possible to get down on the ground?

It's an unimaginable blow. Even if the person who was beaten was not a gentle Hyunjong, he would not have been able to find a way to respond.

"The volcano doesn't blame Shaolin. I know that Shaolin is working hard to stabilize Hanam, so how can I blame Shaolin?"

"…Lord of Almighty.

"However, it is sad and sad that there are those who have been victimized by the evil Sapa."

Hyunjong sighed deeply.

"So don't do this, Bang. I can't handle it."

The court nodded and sat down again. Only then did Hyunjong leave the court and return to his place.

Then Unam came inside with tea.



King Hyeonjong accepted Unam's tea ceremony with a feeling that it was better.

"I think the order has changed a little, but I'll treat you to tea."

"What a greater luxury than the Lord of Heaven is concerned about."

"…I'm grateful that you think so."

Hyunjong began to brew tea with a slightly white complexion. I felt a little relieved because I was holding a familiar tea set.

"Here you are."

"Thank you, my lord."

The court took a sip of Hyunjong's tea and smiled.

"The plum tea on the volcano is the best. I think there's something better than any tea I've ever had."

"I just dried the plum blossoms all over the mountain because I couldn't find a car as good as anywhere else. How can you compare yourself to the world's finest cars?""If he had his own characteristics, how could he be short of a rare car?"

The atmosphere is a little loose.

However, the quick-witted still knew that the court was taking the initiative and leading the situation.

"Will Shaolin's head...….’

He did not impose any coercion, nor did he put forth his identity. But that doesn't mean he's chastising people. Nevertheless, all those in the room couldn't take their eyes off the court's every move.

Like this.

The court carefully laid down the teacup in his hand.

"Lord of Almighty.

"Speak, sir."

"As I said, the situation in the intestines is not good."


"The Namgung Sega independently occupied Maehwa Island. There is no way that Sapaeryon will tolerate the existence of a Namgung Sega aiming at a dagger right in front of their territory."

Hyunjong frowned.

"Is it going to be that urgent? In fact, the island named Maehwa Island is...….”

"Yes, it was definitely an island occupied by volcanoes."

Hyunjong nodded quietly. Nevertheless, there has been no problem for three years.

"But volcanoes and Namgung Sega are different. The volcano didn't mean to hit Gangnam, but Namgung Sega is definitely provoking them."

What was supposed to come out was that Sapaeryeon treated Gufa and Cheonwoomen differently.

However, the court did not bother to say that. This is not a good word for him nor for a volcano.

"There is no way that the Black Dragon King, who was attacked, can endure it. And…… defeat, I'm sure he'll move, too. If the two main pillars of the Sapae Ryeon move, the entire Sapae Ryeon moves."

The court closed its mouth for a moment and looked back at the people around it. The way they looked at each other was determined and full of energy.

"Then it's the people who end up suffering."


"I'm ashamed, but now the old file room is not enough to control the love affair. So, Ma'am. Please lend me your strength. If Chun Woo-meng joins me, I would not dare to invade the North."


Hyunjong salivated with a slight frown. The word "Yangmin" bothers me.

He also knows that Shaolin didn't tell the whole story anyway. In addition, Hyunjong cannot tell them everything he wants to do anyway.

However, whatever the hidden inside may be, Shaolin cannot control Sapaeryon now. The damage must be directed at both people, not Shaolin. This was an undeniable fact.

Hyeonjong opened his mouth, which had been heavily closed.

"What I don't understand easily is...….”


"Is it really hard to deal with Sapaeryon with the power of the Old File Room and the Great Sega?"

This time the court closed its eyes briefly.

I don't want to say it out of his mouth, but it's not easy to hide it now.

"It's because I'm not good enough."


Hyeonjong no longer inquired. I've already heard it from Cheongmyeong.

What should I do about this if I don't know.’

The situation is simple. Only those who follow Shaolin cannot stop Sapaeryon from moving north into the Janggang River.

And the Moon faction in Sacheon and the northern part of the Middle East don't want to fight bleeding out of their territory.

If Sapaeryon had been so strong that it could not be touched, it could have united as one on the surface. However, the problem was that Sapaeryon is not strong enough to risk everyone's life.

Hyunjong also does not want to fight with Shaolin. In addition, dealing with Sapaeryon is a deserved thing.But everything comes with sacrifice. Is there any reason for the volcano to step up when no one else is coming forward?

Yeah, as long as it's not those people.


As Hyunjong's worries got longer, the court opened its mouth again.

"It's not for the old file room and the five great people. Think of all the people who will suffer in the event of war, Maeng-ju...….”

"The world is full of the world.

At that moment, a crooked voice was heard.

The court opened its eyes gently closed. He knows it's real from now on.

"Yes, the world."

"Ah. Shaolin is definitely different. He knows how to bow his head for the people of all ages. To be honest, I was a little surprised.

Cheongmyeong smiles and looks at the court. But everyone here knew, including the court.

That smile is never real.


Sure enough, Cheongmyeong's laughter became increasingly derisive.

"Don't you think it's a little funny to take that straight?"

"……what does it mean?"

"I think it's more of a sham to want war."


At Cheongmyeong's words, Baekcheon was surprised. This was a remark that crossed the line a lot even when he saw it.

The face of the court, which had also maintained a gentle face, has become slightly hardened.

"May I ask why you think so?"

"It's simple. What can we do to keep our people from being harmed?”

"… stop the love affair."

"You're wrong."

Cheongmyeong shook his head.

"It's not the love of death that we have to stop, it's the war. Just because you have a love affair doesn't mean that your people are suffering. At least in the northern part of the country,"


"If you're not going to push into Gangnam, the best way to protect your people is not to start the war itself. But the head of the room is only thinking about winning. Don't you think?"

"They want war, and what can I do to stop them?"

"Don't tell me you don't know that, do you?"”

The ridicule of Cheongmyeong intensified.

"If you really wanted to stop the war, you shouldn't have rushed here, you should have gone to the Zhang River. And you should have beaten Namgung Hwang and pulled Namgung Sega out of Maehwa Island."


"If the Namgung Sega is satisfied with the restoration of the river and does not hit the plum blossoms, it will not be a situation in which the head of the room is aiming a knife at the neck as he said. Although the hydrochae was humiliated, if you return the plum blossoms, you won't be able to start a war alone.”

The court looked at Cheongmyeong with a blank face.

"Well, I know. If that happens, Shaolin will be criticized for everything. At best, Namgung Sega gives the land to the enemy, and Shaolin is frightened by Sapaeryon and avoids fighting, the head of Shaolin is a coward.….”



Cheongmyeong, who stopped talking for a moment, shrugged.

"Sorim can save people instead of being cursed."

The court's body trembled a little. Because Cheongmyeong's last words have pierced his lungs.

"Why? You didn't even think about it, did you?

The court could not bear to answer. Obviously this method was not taken into account. No, there's not even a fact in his head in the first place.

The reason came out of the mouth of Cheongmyeong.

"Well, of course you didn't think about it. Because Shaolin comes first in the head of the room. You've never thought about a situation where Shaolin is criticized to fix what Namgoong Sega did. And I couldn't stand the perception that Shaolin was afraid of Sapae-ryeon.”

"I'm just....”

"No, well……" I'm not trying to blame you. Of course I can. Honestly, it's a very unpleasant thing. I'm sure the head of the room feels wronged. It's not my fault. I fully understand. But……."A cold look fell on the court.

Soon after, the corners of Cheongmyeong's mouth twisted and white teeth were revealed.

"Then at least you shouldn't have pretended to be thinking about people by saying, "What about the people? What about the people?" You hypocrite."

The court eventually closed its eyes tightly.

However, there was no way to stop the voice coming through the two pierced ears.