Chapter - 925 - 925. You're so shameless. (5)

Silence filled the room, as if a needle could be heard falling. Even though the number of people filling this room was not that small, there was no sound of breathing.

Everyone looked at Cheongmyeong and the court with breathless eyes.

'Oh, my God.

Baek Cheon clenched his fist without realizing it.

I certainly expected to some extent.

It has already been proven many times that Cheongmyeong does not think well of the court, and the bad feelings have reached their peak due to the recent incident of Sapa. Therefore, Cheongmyeong guessed that no matter how much the opponent is a court of law, he would not let it go.


'But the opponent is Shaolin's master.'’

Murim's Big Head, Shaolin.

Who are the strong men who don't admire that name? Baekcheon is also from Jongnam and is buried in a volcano, but Shaolin was something sacred that could not be invaded by him.

However, the head of Shaolin, who represents the sacred place, is now silent without being able to refute the vitriolic remarks made by his victims.

Who would have imagined that they could see this in their lifetime?

I know I have to dry it, but I can't bear to open my mouth.

It was all Baekcheon could do now to hold his breath and not miss a single conversation between the two.

"Empty wins……."

After a long silence, the court opened its mouth.

"I just didn't think about it. If I had thought about it in advance, I would have gone to Janggang. It's just....”


Cheongmyeong interrupted the court with a short exclamation.

"I'm sure you've gone to the Janggang River.”


"I'm sure you must have endured the humiliation of running to the Janggang River and stopping Namgung Sega from fighting the Sapa, giving up Maehwado Island to Sapa again, and Shaolin surrendered to Sapa?"”


There was a clear laugh on the lips of Cheongmyeong.


The court closed its mouth again, which had been difficult to open.

I tried to say something, but it wouldn't open like someone forced me to shut my mouth.

I tried to respond reflexively, but he felt it, too.

The fact that he would never have.

Will that Volcanic GeomHyup believe what it can't believe in itself? The author who seems to know the inside of the court better than the court itself?

Eventually, a blank smile came out of the court's mouth. This is not a situation where persuasion will work in the first place.

"I don't think you know the logic of the world because you only studied the logic of fire, and if you don't, I'll let you know."

Cheongmyeong said sarcastically to the fullest extent.

"What you've done is to take care of yourself."


"It's not like you're crying over someone else to fix it."

At that moment, it was not the court that Chimi could not control her anger, but the law community. It was because it was hard to endure the young master's dare to speak as if he were teaching a child about Shaolin's room.

"Isn't that too much to say?"

As the legal community turned away, Cheongmyeong turned his head very slowly. And he looked straight at him and said,

"Too much?"

At the moment, a voice of acupuncture came out of the mouth of the legal world. However, he soon pulled himself together and spoke softly.

"Of course, it's true that Shaolin made a mistake. It's true that I did something wrong. But isn't the director trying to patch it up somehow now? Blaming is easy, but correcting the wrong thing is more difficult. But how can you be so heartless?"Cheongmyeong then looked at the legal world without saying a word and exclaimed.

"Oh, I was wondering who it was. We've met before, right?”


"At that time, I couldn't even say hello and broke up. Have you been doing okay?”

"Cough, cough.

The face of the legal profession heated up in an instant. The word janggang was the same thing as an eternal sin to him.

"Fix it, fix it...…. Yes, you're right. But…… So what have you been doing for the past three years, and now you're trying to patch it up? If I had made up my mind, I would have cleaned it up already."


"Well, that's weird."

Cheongmyeong shakes his head as if he doesn't understand.

"Just because you're a monk doesn't mean you're not human, how can you be so shameless?"

"What are you saying now…"….”

"Oh, you don't seem to understand, to put it another way. Then I'll tell you the truth. I told you to shut up, sir."

At a loss for words, the legal community looked at Cheongmyeong with bewildered eyes.

I knew immediately that the Volcanic GeomHyup was a man who was just leaving. But who would have imagined it would never be this rare? He said he couldn't speak when he was too absurd, but that's exactly how the law community felt now.

"A man who tries to clean up the mess is better than a man who only criticizes. I think that's true. But you bring it up with my own mouth."


"And what? Fix it?"

The court looks at Cheongmyeong with a pale complexion. It was because he was scared that something would come out of his mouth.

"That fix, you're begging me to come here and fight with you?"


"Sorim seems to call that a fix, huh?"

The legal world bows its head.

It was rough, but there was nothing wrong with Cheongmyeong's words. In particular, the legal community, which is responsible for all this as one of the main characters of the Janggang disaster, cannot say anything, even if it has something to say.

This is because he also had a minimal sense of shame.

"Get back."


"That's enough."

The court looked at Cheongmyeong quietly.

Seeing deep-rooted distrust of Shaolin in those eyes, the court sighed deeply.

How did this happen?’

It is undeniable that volcanoes are the most significant Munpa in the world these days.

Doesn't the fact that the volcanic censorship, which is almost the center of such a volcano, shows such deep-rooted distrust to Shaolin now seem to indicate Shaolin's position?

However, it was not possible to step down as it down.

"Sorim is……."

Unlikely, the court hesitated for a moment, and said, "I don't like it."

"…It's not perfect. I'm not perfect either."


"Those who are not perfect are forced to do wrong. We can take the blame we deserve for our wrongdoing. But... I can't stand the innocent suffering from the fault of me and Shaolin."

Cheongmyeong glared at the court with a cold look. Nevertheless, the court said firmly.

"Any condition will do. Just help me once. If there is no Chun Woo-men, Jang Gang will literally become a wind lantern.”

The court bowed its head once again.

He bowed his head toward King Hyeonjong a while ago, but now he bowed his head toward Cheongmyeong.

Everyone watching gently bit their lips.You're right about the truth is true. But now the court is really putting everything down and asking them for help. If the court had talked about the situation and the authority, no one would have been swayed by that.

But now the court is appealing in a low-key manner without any logic. Not only King Hyeonjong but also others were looking at the court with new eyes at the sincere appeal.


Isn't the situation so urgent that it won't be solved without their help? Otherwise, wouldn't there be any reason for that court to grovel and beg them?

Can the leader of the room kneel down to the young student of the other gate and nod his head just because it is to preserve the power of Shaolin? I don't think so.


Only one person's eyes haven't changed a bit. There was no shaking, let alone change.

"The chief hasn't changed.”

The anger that has been boiling all along in Cheongmyeong's voice disappears. Now his words were just calm. However, as emotions were not revealed, strangely enough, the stomach sounded more eerie than the words that had previously poured out.

"It's wrong, I regret it, but it's all for the people and for the people who are going to suffer, so leave the past behind and help."

The court flinched. I was looking at him with a penetrating gaze.

"If you pretended to reflect on yourself so roughly, and lowered your head, you must have thought that you would be able to get an arrow instead of me."

"Do, stamp."

"Now I know for sure."


"You're not a hypocrite. That's why I don't like the head of the room."

The court frowned.

You don't want to be a hypocrite, what the hell does this mean? Don't you usually say no because you're a hypocrite?

Cheongmyeong appeared as if he fully understood the wonder.

"A hypocrite at least knows what he's doing. At least he's aware that he's doing evil. But……."

A frosty stare penetrated the court.

"I'm not the head of the room."


"He's the one who has no doubt that he's doing the right thing. He believes himself to be a good man."

Cheongmyeong gnashed his teeth as if the area were hitting him.

Yes, being a hypocrite means someone like a sloppy person. He at least recognizes himself as a human being who can do evil for the benefit of the literary community.

But it's not a court.

The court does not doubt itself to be right. No, even if he suffers now, he has no doubt that he will end up with the consequences of being right.

At this moment, the court must be convinced that persuading the volcano to participate in the war on the Janggang River is the way to save the world.

I do not hesitate to believe that I am right.

You can bow down to a blue young man because you believe perfectly that you are right.

For him, bowing to Cheongmyeong is nothing more than a holy process of advancing to a complete conclusion through his sacrifice.

'I suspected.'

While fighting for his life in the midst of the hell of 100,000 mountains, Cheongmyeong constantly doubted himself. Whether this was really the right way to do it, or whether you made the right choice yourself.

Not only that, but also the hearing. No, everyone there would have suspected and suspected.

However, those who stood behind them and watched death did not doubt it. He must have been convinced that it was just the right thing to put so many people into that hell by talking about holy sacrifice.Yeah, like the court now.

Such a man is sad, but he drives many to death. He sheds tears and never regrets. Because he never doubts that he is doing the right thing.

"One time is enough."

The momentum from Cheongmyeong slowly pressured the court.

"It's for the world, it's for the people, it's too much to play with such dirty sophistry and die for once. It's a hell of a lot."

That momentum doesn't come from nothing. If it simply comes from nothing, the court cannot feel this overwhelming.

The court could not even breathe out in the face of an incredible weight.

"As long as I'm alive, you'd better not use your three-tongue volcano.”

The lowly declaration of Cheongmyeong looked like a wounded beast roaring.

"Get the hell out of here, or I'll break your big neck."

The blood disappeared from the face of the court.