Chapter - 926 - 926. This is my role. (1)

It seems that a sword made of thick flesh touches the neck.

The fact that this sensation conveys is one.

It's not just a threat.’

In fact, that can't happen. It doesn't make sense in common sense. But now the sense of the court is clear.

If he gives the wrong answer right now, that hearing could really cut his throat.

'How come you're doing this much?’

The court could not understand that deep-rooted anger of the clear. What does a volcano gain from losing Shaolin and Chuck?

"Amitabha Buddha……."

Discontents mixed with embarrassment flowed out of the court's mouth. He didn't know that the end of his disapproval voice was shaking slightly.

"Amitabha Buddha."

Dislikes revealed all his frustration. The cooperation of the League of Nations is essential to address their current situation.

But if the Volcanic GeomHyup, the center of the thunderstorm, comes out tough, there is no way to attract them.

In the first place, Volcano GeomHyup is a very unpredictable person. They never trade at a loss, and threats don't work. What can I say to a human who has threatened Shaolin's leader?

It is almost impossible to shake interest through dialogue.

The only weakness for such a volcano is...….

"Lord of Almighty.

The court's eyes left Cheongmyeong and turned to Hyeonjong.

Hyunjong faced such a court with a dark face. Cheongmyeong's shoulders were shaking very briefly at the sound of Hyeonjong's call, and the court did not miss the response.


That Volcano GeomHyup does not care about anyone else in the world, but only Hyeonjong, a long writer of the volcano, respects it. It's hard for the court to know whether it's the existence of a private matter or for other reasons, but it doesn't matter anyway.

The bottom line is that targeting Hyeonjong may make it difficult to even oppose that volcanic expedition.

"What do you think, my lord?" Do you agree with the Volcanic GeomHyup?"

"Mr. Bang, I'm...….”

"Please do not say that the will of the disciples is the will of the Lord Maeng. The Lord knows that it's just avoidance."

The court continued quickly as if it would not give Hyunjong time to think.

"And please don't forget. I'm asking the Lord of Heaven, not the long writer of the volcano. Even if the Volcano GeomHyup can represent the will of the volcano, it does not represent the will of the entire Cheonwoomang. Are you sure that the other gatekeepers of the Heavenly Union will have the same meaning as the volcanic censorship?"


The water was young on Hyunjong's face.

It was not the words of the court that weighed on his shoulders now, but the tone.

a distinctly different tone from the beginning He was full of will to pressure King Hyeonjong.

"A person who leads a daily life sometimes needs to know how to make decisions that are close to dogma for the future of the clique. If you're a blind lord, you'll understand that even if it's frustrating and seems like a loss right now, it'll eventually be for the sake of the door."


The face of the blue moon is distorted.

He looked as if he wanted to step in and strangle the court immediately, but unlike a while ago, his mouth did not open.

The court, who glanced at the scene, smiled inwardly. Certainly the Volcanic GeomHyup never challenges the authority of King Hyeonjong. Hyunjong is the only snare that can suppress that unpredictable person.And Hyunjong is practically a weak character.

It was not that difficult for the court to persuade King Hyeonjong, even if it was the Volcanic Geomhyeop.

"When I became the leader of the civil school called Shaolin...….”

He calmly continued his words. I was getting more relaxed.

"The first thing I realized was the heavy weight."

Hyunjong is drooling low. If you have ever been the head of a literary faction, you can't help but sympathize with it.

"The pressure that Shaolin's fate can be reversed and the fate of the world may be reversed with just one choice. If you haven't been there, you can't even guess."


"Wasn't Maeng-ju the same?"


The court smiled brightly.

"It's not once or twice that I've wanted to put everything down and live the way I feel. Every time, it was the two letters of Shaolin that held me together.”


"I'm the leader of Shaolin's room, so I have to listen to my students. However, sometimes you don't have to listen to them because you are the leader of Shaolin. It is surprisingly not difficult to move according to mood. What's really hard is to put up with what I want to do and think about the future of the Munpa."

A calm and powerful voice wrapped around Hyeonjong.

After confirming that Hyunjong's expression became a little heavier, the court slowly wedged in.

"I'm not asking for help without any strings attached. Shaolin is a gatekeeper who never forgets grace. If the Lord Maeng gives us his help as the Lord of Heaven and as the chief writer of the volcano, Shaolin will surely repay his kindness. I promise not only the volcano's return to the old school, but also the power that no gatekeeper has ever given."


The beads in the hands of the court were roughly rubbed. The sound makes those who are focused flinch.

Once again, the court, which took control of the surrounding atmosphere, smiled softly.

"If that happens, it would be only a fixed step for the volcano to regain its past films. It's the same for anyone who sees children. But shouldn't a true head be able to see beyond those children and see the future of the clique?"


At that moment, the court heard a small breaking sound. Perhaps that volcanic censorship is the sound of grabbing something to hold back anger. But with desperate patience, the court grabbed the eye to return to him.

At this moment, we have to completely exclude the Volcanic Geomhyeop to deal with King Hyeonjong.


At that moment, Hyunjong opened his mouth.

"What's the difference now that the volcano is going back to Gufa?"

"A lot of things change.

The court looked directly at King Hyeonjong with its sinking eyes. As if to let him know the reality.

"Obviously, the spirit of the alliance is great. So now you can feel that the name of Gupa is small. But, Ma'am. There must have been one or two friendly places in the long history of the strong."

Hyunjong's face slightly changed at the words.

The court reinforced the gap without missing the gap.

"There were some places that had a reputation comparable to the old file room, and sometimes more than the old file room. But the only thing left now is the old file room and the Five Tales. What would happen to all those people in the past?"

Hyunjong's fist hidden in his sleeve was quietly clenched. Because he knows that the words are not wrong."It's obviously a great place. But the Lord Maeng knows. Solidarity with Sae-yeon Mun-pa cannot last long. At the moment the regiment is broken, the reality that the volcano has to face is the old file room and the five generations that have bad feelings for the volcano. And at that time, it's just the Four Thousand Dangga that's definitely not the same relationship now. In other words....”

At that moment.

The court's gaze returned to Cheongmyeong for the first time since it faced King Hyeonjong. It seems that this is not just for Hyeonjong.

"As soon as the Volcano GeomHyup no longer can protect the volcano, it means that it must encounter a disastrous reality that cannot be compared to the past. Do you really think that the volcano can survive even after turning Gufa and Odaesega into enemies?”


Cheongmyeong's face was distorted, and Hyeonjong gently closed his eyes.

This remark has been punctual in his troubles.

Volcanoes have expanded their waters with formidable momentum. Hyunjong couldn't have known that it was only because of the existence of Cheongmyeong. Therefore, Cheongmyeong was so grateful and precious to him.

But if there is light, there is darkness.

Volcanoes became close to Sacheondangga, Sae-eou's Munpa and Nokrim, but their relationship with Gupilebang and Oh Dae-sega, which represented the order of the existing powerhouse, deteriorated significantly.

It wouldn't be a problem if the thunderstorm could continue to spread at the same pace.

But which volcano doesn't exist anymore?

Even if Cheongmyeong is not destroyed during the war against the Sapaeryon, or if it does not happen, what is the volcano after enjoying the innocence of Cheongmyeong?

Are you sure you're going to make it through that old file room and the Great Sega?

Probably not.

Volcanoes have already evolved beyond the limits of what they can do as a one-man clique. Asking for the same thing to those who will continue to volcano in the future is nothing but violence called expectation.

The terrible weight, which was hard to put into words, weighed down Hyunjong.

You don't have to worry if you can watch all this while he's alive. But how long is the rest of his life?

Now he can only make a choice, but the price of that choice should be fully paid by the rest of us.

Is it really right to put this heavy weight on future generations for a brief exhilaration? Can giants who have supported the stronghold for the past hundreds of years really make the choice to make the volcano feel bad?

The court said while looking at Hyeonjong, who was lost in thought.

"I really want you to know what the path is for a volcano. Ma'am... No, Jang Moon-in!"

It was the last wedge.

There was a long silence. Everyone just waited for Hyunjong's answer.

King Hyeonjong, who had been struggling for a long time with his eyes closed, slowly opened his eyes. And looked at the disciples of the volcano looking at him.

There were various facial expressions on the face.

Someone is eagerly looking at him, and someone is giving him more faith. There is also a lot of dissatisfaction that someone is listening to this, and someone is deeply thinking about something.

Of all the thoughts and meanings, it would be the role of a person named Jang Literary to find the right way.

In the meantime, he's left a lot of choices to them.

It was because he knew that he was too lacking to make a choice alone. At this moment, however, Hyeonjong felt it.This is entirely a choice given to him.

Postponing this is nothing more than putting the responsibility on the young disciples.

It's a lonely fight. It is an act of asceticism as if walking alone on an eternal night path that is nowhere to be seen.

However, King Hyeonjong knew a starlight that would light up the darkness. A star that shines brighter than anything else in the sky.

"Room leader."

After finishing his agony, Hyunjong opened his mouth while looking at the court.

"The frequency of what the chief was trying to say was absolutely understandable.

"If you do……."

"Surely, if Shaolin and Chuck fall now, future volcanoes may have to spend a time of pain. Maybe we'll have to go through a big crisis and go through the disappearance of the names of the volcanoes that barely followed."

The court nodded loudly, pleased inside. Hyunjong certainly seemed to understand what he meant.

"Then isn't the choice to make as the head of a clan too simple?"

"Yes, sir, it's too simple."

Hyunjong faces the court with a calm face.

At that moment, the court unwittingly straightened its back. This is because King Hyeonjong, who had always been gentle and gentle, has been told that it is hard to reach him.

"When a student of the text visited Unnam in the past, there was an interesting story."


However, what came out of Hyunjong's mouth was a random story. The court frowned.

"What do you mean, all of a sudden...….”

"Selling the plum gum that the disciple of the text who witnessed those who were in poverty in Unnam carried with him to save grain." They said they gave it out to them. No one has ever told me about it, but the disciple has pleaded guilty by telling me about it himself."

Then Oh Gum's eyes turn to Yoon Jong in unison. Yoon Jong's face quickly turned red.

Hyunjong also looked at Yunjong once and smiled.

"The Lord of the Beast told me about that time. I'll tell the master what the disciple said to the Lord of the Beast."


"If the glory of the volcano makes those who live in the world more comfortable, all the disciples of the volcano will be able to proudly boast of it. But if it just stays in its own glory, it's always a gatehouse that doesn't matter if it's replaced by another gate."

The face of the court has hardened.

On the other hand, Hyun-jong's face was soft as if he had let go of all the temptations.

"The most important thing for a volcano, Bangjang, is not to leave a false impression. No matter how much glory a volcano has if it doesn't leave the will to convey to its future generations, it's just another door file named."


"If you break right and choose to survive, volcanoes will no longer be volcanoes. I would rather look at the end with these two eyes than at the volcano that has changed. It's……."

Hyunjong's eyes were filled with dizziness. It was hard to even face the court.

"It's my role as a long-running volcano even though I'm not good enough."

A low, gentle, but irresistible voice penetrated into the court's ears.

"Go back, Bang. Volcanoes will not comply with your request. If you wanted to change the meaning of the volcano, you had to bring sincerity instead of logic."

It was the declaration of King Hyeonjong, the great Hwasan long storyteller.