Chapter - 928 - Episode 928. It's my role. (3)

The anger of the legal community is not only emotional and personal. He served as the chief of the school of Shaolin. This is beyond personal feelings.


More than ever, he snapped and put strength into his words. It was to emphasize to Hyeyeon.

"Are you going to disobey the orders of the chief of staff?"

Hye-yeon smiled in an unexpected way.

"I don't know how to answer that."


"As a Buddhist of one man, how can you disobey him when he acts according to his heart's will?"”

The face of the law was distorted.

"No matter how much you are a Buddhist, you belong to Shaolin." Do you have no idea what it means to disobey the orders of the chief of the civil service?


Hye-yeon didn't answer this time either. The legal community spoke in an angry voice.

"That's an insistence."


"And justifiable insults rule as excommunication. Do you know what Shaolin's scandal means?"

Hyeyeon nodded her head.


"You know?"

"Yes, I know."

The law community opened its eyes faintly.

"The disciple excommunicated from Sorim is sentenced to a type of monocerial vein."

Hye-yeon's face turned slightly pale when the word "sweet-geun tachamac" came out.

"If you break your Danjeon and cut off the proximal vein of your limbs, you will never be able to use it again. But now you're going to commit the sin of knighthood and accept the ripples?"

There was not a speck of mercy in the voice.

Hyeyeon looked up at the sky for a moment. Courts and legal circles are the same as those who opened up his life. It was not easy for such people to show disappointment and anger at him.


If not right, he is also an obsession.’

There was no more hesitation in Hye-yeon's face, which lowered her hesitation. Both eyes were calm and clear.

"If that's Shaolin's law, and if that's the way to repay the favor I received from Shaolin, I'll follow it."

"You stupid……".”

This time, the face of the legal world turned pale. I never imagined Hye-yeon would answer like this.

a short-geun tachycardia

Cruel punishment for cutting the tendons of the hands and feet, breaking the Danjeon, and breaking the blood clots. Those who receive the punishment will never be able to use ignorance again.

No, it's not just that much.

Those who have lost their track and are unable to use their hands and feet are no better than ordinary people. Who can handle the situation where I can't even lift a spoon with my own hands?

"Are you out of your mind? What the hell are you thinking...…!”

Eventually, as soon as the legal community couldn't stand it and shouted, the court raised its hand to block him.

"Room leader!"

Despite the urgent voice of the legal community, the court shook its head and dissuaded it. And I looked at Hyeyeon quietly. His eyes were cold. It was clearly revealed that the reason for stopping the legal world was never because of Hye-yeon's favor.

"I'll ask you a question, Hyeyeon."

Hye-yeon flinched slightly at the court's voice. However, he soon maintained his personal appearance and nodded.

"Yes, sir."

"What was the reason?"


The court continued in a cold tone.

"You just have to follow with Shaolin. Then you're given a lot of things. In addition to the post of the future head of Shaolin, there will be the seat of the first man in the world and the crown of glory."


"But why do you have to disobey me and cause a stir? Is there a reason to throw away everything you've trained in the meantime.

There was a chill in the eyes of the court. It was hard to think that he had an eye for an adviser. When would Hye-yeon have received such eyes and words from the court?At that moment, however, Hye-yeon had a rather calm smile on her lips. Strangely, the words of the court cleared his mind of confusion.

He asked the court back as if he were giving a pre-question.

"What is all that?”


"Obsession, ball."


The face of the court is stiff. As if you never imagined that he would hear this from Hyeyeon.

"The position of the head of the room, the position of the first man in the world, the glory of the world..."….”

Hye-yeon, who had been reciting, shook her head.

"Did you say why?"

And replied calmly.

"Because I'm a Buddhist, not a warrior."


"Now that you've said that, I think I'll understand my feelings more clearly. Mr. Bang, why are you discussing glory? How can glory be upon those who walk through the fire? The way the Buddha should walk is just for the living. Would you be honored on that road?"

For a moment, the court looked at Hye-yeon as if speechless.

"What's so great about this one-body martial arts. Even if you have the knowledge to reach heaven, it's just a catch that can't save one's life."

"You're the one..."

The court began to tremble.

Everything else was tolerable.

But is there anything more humiliating about Shaolin than being preached by his student?

"I'm a Buddhist before I'm a warrior. If there's no bull road for me to walk on, how can you drag me? Even if your body is in heaven, if your heart is in hell, how is it different from hell?”


"If you want to stay.”

Hyeyeon nods her head slowly. With a deep face without a trace of seduction.

"If you have to take it, take it. Even if you get kicked out of Shaolin, even if you lose your studies, the fact that you are a Buddhist monk will not change. Wouldn't that be enough?"

Hye-yeon smiled and put her hands down.

He was innocent as if he would not resist anything.

When this happened, it was rather the legal community that was embarrassed.

What is Hyeyeon like?

This is one of the most anticipated entries of the millennia. Everyone had expectations that he would take Shaolin to the next level. He was the future of Shaolin.

Wasn't it only because of the expectation that Hye-yeon's growth would help that he, a student of Shaolin, allowed him to go abroad against these principles?

Such a man is saying that he will leave Shaolin on his own. Even throwing away the martial arts piled up on the body.

'Why the hell!'

It is beyond his comprehension.

I hope everyone in the world will be Shaolin's disciples. But the envious one of them was trying to kick himself in the path.

"You fool...….”

A sad voice came out of the mouth of the legal community, which should be stricter than anyone else. But unlike such legal circles, the eyes of the courts only grew colder.

"Is that what you meant?"

"Yes, sir."

He glared at Hye-yeon without saying a word.

Other times, Hye-yeon's whining might have been laughed off. But the time is not right now. It seems to the court that his beloved disciple chose a volcano over him and Shaolin.

"The volcano has covered your eyes."

"The volcano just showed me my way."

"I wasn't sending you to the volcano then."

"Thank you very much for sending me to the volcano at that time.""…until the end."

The court's face was full of knife-edge expectations.

The leader of one clique must be unrelenting, but sometimes unrelenting. The law of Shaolin itself is shaken if the person who committed the annihilation of knights is not condemned in front of the long sentence.


'Am I angry that he broke the law? Otherwise, what can't you do with the hurt of your pride?’

The court desperately shook off the temptation that came to him.

"The law community."


"I excommunicate Hye-yeon."

"Ba, Bangjang!"

"I will ask my student Hye-yeon for the sins of the destruction of knights and retrieve everything that Shaolin has given me. Execute the sentence as Shaolin's Recession Principality."

"Ba, Bangjang!"

The legal community, which was unable to destroy Hye-yeon's military exploits, desperately tried to calm down the situation.

"This is not Shaolin. Volcano! Bangjang! Jeong Hyeyeon...…. No, if you have to punish a sinner, first send him to Shaolin...….”

"How can there be a place for discipline?"


"Or what?"

The court glared through the legal world with its eyes.

"Do you mean that Shaolin should be wary of the volcano when it comes to doing the law?"

"Well, that's not it. How dare I have such a unique idea?"

"Then do it."


"Come on!"

The legal world closed its eyes tightly. If the court is so determined, there is no way to reverse the situation.

How did it end up like this?’

Everything went wrong. All the times were not good.

'The stupid guy...I'd rather run away!'

Why did he appear in front of the room manager at this time? If it had been after the court calmed down anger, there would have been another way.

I opened my eyes that the legal community had closed. I could see the disciples of the volcano creeping in when I found out that there was a disturbance. What the director wants may be to show the dignity of Shaolin in front of them. But…….

If the price is Hye-yeon, isn't it too big for us to lose, Bang-jang?

But whatever it may be, I can't help but follow the orders of the director. The legal community clenched its teeth and told Hye-yeon.

"Get down on your knees, sinner."

As soon as that was over, Hye-yeon's knee touched the floor. The legal world forced its unwillingness to step back behind him.

"What are you doing?”

"What's wrong with Buddhist monk Hyeyeon?"”

Although the disciples of the volcano roared and frowned at the sight, Hye-yeon is a student of Shaolin anyway. They couldn't get in Shaolin's business.

In the midst of this, a few quick-witted people started running to Jang's place with all their might.


The legal community established the capital. The blue game was young on his fingertips. This hand, which is sharper than a knife, will cut off Hye-yeon's whole-body muscles and cause her shortness.


The legal community, which could not bear to reach out, persuaded Hye-yeon one last time.

"If you change your mind now, the director will show you mercy."

But all he could see was Hye-yeon's firm back shaking her head.

"Don't hesitate, Elder."


The legal world bit his lips.

"What the hell did you see on the volcano that made you so stupid? What's better than Shaolin's teaching? It's just a unique seduction."

Hye-yeon calmly replied to that.

"I didn't really learn anything from the volcano. They didn't try to teach me. What would you learn from those who don't want to teach?""If you do, why are you doing this?"

"Because I just realized it."



Hye-yeon, who was still the class president, smiled brightly.

"What was the 'itar' that you couldn't find in Sorim?"


"If I knew the road I was looking for was here, why would I hesitate? If the elder really cares about me, don't hesitate. That's the way for me."

The legal world closed its eyes.

As an elder of Shaolin, I cannot bear to hear it. But as a man walking through the fire, he seemed to understand the word.

I don't know.’

It is sad that Hye-yeon disobeyed him. However, it is a great pleasure to establish one's own illegality as a Buddhist. The heart of the legal world burned to a crisp in that treacherous sentiment.


I am the elder of Shaolin.

There should be no hesitation.

"The sinner……."

The legal world bites the lips.

When I looked up for a moment, the court nodded silently.

"I will take back everything I have received from Sorim in the name of Shaolin."


At the end of Hye-yeon's disapproval, a sharp match hit the young legal capital toward Hye-yeon's ankle.



The disciples of the volcano screamed at once.

Those who had never imagined this would happen rushed to the ground, but it was already too late for them to reach.

"No, no, no, no, no, no.

The moment when the legal capital is about to cut off Hyeyeon's ankle tendon.


With a loud noise, the legal community grabbed my hand and hurriedly stepped back. When his hand touched Hyeyeon's ankle, a sword that flew from somewhere hit his hand.

"How dare you!"

This is Shaolin's event. Who dares to interrupt Shaolin's event by force?

When the embarrassed and furious legal world turned its head, what he saw was a man walking this way.

Volcanic GeomHyup.

His sword was coming straight toward them, pushing it into the sword he picked by him.


Cheongmyeong growled out.

"How dare you allow me to do this on a volcano?"


"Answer me, you bloody bastards."

His anger began to sweep everywhere.