Chapter - 929 - Episode 929. It's my role. (4)

Anger soared to the point where it was unbearable. The eyes of the legal world were seething.

So far, we have tolerated the author's It was because the justification was clear to condemn him for his misconduct.

But now this act is clearly out of line.


The voice of the legal world was heard growling.

It was incredibly low and ferocious for a Buddhist voice.

"This is Shaolin's event."


"It means it's none of your business. Do you understand?"

Cheongmyeong stared silently at the legal world.

"Since you may not have been familiar with the situation, I do not dare to ask you for the crime of attacking Shaolin's Mundo. But if you disturb me one more time, I'll regard it as an attack on Shaolin."


"So back off. It's not something you can handle!"

The reason why the legal community has said this is because it has not forgotten that this place is a volcano. This was the least he could do to enforce Shaolin's discipline within the other gate.

So that volcanic censorship will of course understand the situation and step down. If you have the least head to think about, you won't know what it means to block Shaolin's event.

What followed, however, was a completely unexpected remark.

"I think you're the one who doesn't understand."


At the moment, the eyes of the law community grew slightly.

"This is a volcano."

Cheongmyeong said, showing his teeth.

"Anyone who wants to hurt a person inside a volcano must get permission from the volcano's long storyteller. That's the law of volcanoes."


"So get your hands off our baldness right now and step back. Before I hit your neck, not your hand."

The face of the law is horribly distorted.

"…How dare you!"

I was almost out of my mind when my anger reached its peak.

What happened in that room was a process of consultation anyway. But this is not it. This is a threat, a clash of forces.

How come Shaolin needs to get permission from other people to conduct an advisory event? It didn't exist in the history of the millennium.

Of course, enforcing discipline inside a volcano may be beyond the line. But that's a very forgiving area!

The author even carried a sword, saying, "We can never give way to what is possible to understand."

If this is not a challenge to Shaolin, what is it?

"Do you understand what the poet's actions mean? How dare you say that you can't handle it?”

The voice of the law was filled with anger. However, Cheongmyeong twisted the corners of his mouth as if they were funny.

"You can't handle it?"

It was a clear mockery. It's a blatant laugh that's hard to ignore.

The face of the legal community, which has never been so blatantly ridiculed, has turned red.

"You're so good at saying that it's a penetrated mouth."

Cheongmyeong twisted his neck from side to side.

"You don't seem to know, but so far there's nothing I can't handle.”


"So let's check it out. Whether I can handle this or not."

The law community clenched its teeth.

That arrogant man obviously has an indulgence. It's clear that the young doctor was the only one who kept the pride of the political faction during the Great Recession.

But this is no longer something that can be absolved of."You're going too far. No matter how volcano this is, do you think that volcano can protect you?"

"Don't be mistaken, bald."


"It's not me, it's you who's protecting the moment."

Cheongmyeong revealed his teeth.

"If it wasn't for the volcano, if it wasn't for me, I'd have cut off your neck before. With the head of the room next to you."

The law community opened its mouth.

"So get out of here. Before my patience runs out. There's a limit to human patience.”


At a loss for words, the legal community blanked out with incredible eyes.

At least…… I could see only one thing for sure.

'This guy is out of his mind.’

Who in the world would dare say this in front of Shaolin's master? I wouldn't dare say this is the defeat of that Sapaeryon.

What kind of place is Shaolin?

It is said that the power of the strong cannot show the same influence as in the past due to the urgent flow of the situation, but that does not mean that the power of Shaolin has decreased.

This means that the current Shaolin is no different from the same Shaolin that has been leading the country for hundreds of years.

But isn't the author completely denying the authority of Shaolin and abandoning it?

I was so devastated that I couldn't even get angry anymore. I don't even know what to say. There was nothing I could do but stare at Cheongmyeong, shaking as if I were sick.


Then an unexpected voice broke out. It was Hyeyeon.

He shouted urgently.

"This is not Shaolin's business! I know how Xi-ju feels, but if you think of me, please don't come forward...….”

"What? Shut up, bald!"


The flinching Hye-yeon was so embarrassed that she saw a clear sky.

"I'll take care of it, shut your mouth!"

"Oh, Amita...….”

And then.

The court, which had been silent so far, opened its mouth.

Volcano Sword Association.

The two men's eyes met heatedly in the air.

"Don't force yourself."


"If the world gains something, it loses something. If you choose to antagonize Shaolin, you will no longer be involved in Shaolin's internal affairs."

It was a very cold voice indeed.

"This is the result of your choice. If you made a choice, you'd have to learn how to pay for it.”

At first glance, the tone seemed to be quiet, but the voice contained the power and authority of the millennium sorim director Sorim. Most people would not be able to overcome the pressure of this voice and would have left themselves behind.

But it was clear in front of him.

"You know it well."

"…What did you just say?"

He said as he looked at the court with endless eyes.

"He said he knows well. As you say, everything in the world comes at a price. That's why I'm asking...….”

Cheongmyeong, who stopped talking for a moment, smiled crookedly and grinned.

"How do you intend to pay for hurting people in the realm of volcanoes?"

Then the court stared at Cheongmyeong with a blank face.

"So far I've been...….”

His vivacious voice began to tighten its grip on cleanliness.

"I have shown you a great deal of mercy."


"But this is not just about you and me. If you get involved in this anymore, it will be Shaolin, not me, and it will be you, not you, but the volcano that will have to deal with it."The eyes of the blue moon sank more and more dimly.

Like a wedge, the final words of the court echoed through the volcano.

"Let me ask you."

The momentum from his body was truly overwhelming.

"Your volcano is...….”


"Are you sure you can handle Shaolin's anger?"

It wasn't the eyes that looked at those who walked on the same path.

It is a pure look at the enemy.

Depending on how Cheongmyeong answers, it seems like he is saying with his eyes whether volcanoes and Shaolin really turn to enemies or not.

It was indeed a heavy question, and the answer should be heavier than that.

But Cheongmyeong was still nonchalant.

"Are you confident that you can turn Shaolin into an enemy?….”

He recited for a moment and smiled lightly.

"I don't think I'm the one who'


At that moment.

Shake shake. Shake shake.

One walked slowly and stood beside Cheongmyeong.

It was a hundred thousand.

He glared at the court with a well-structured, sharp-edged look.

Another person, Yoo E-seol, filled the empty side of Cheongmyeong with his unique insensitive face. Her face was as if it had been washed, but her hands were on the sword around her waist.

There will be no other way to show more determination.

It wasn't just them.

Yoon Jong, who walked calmly, stood next to Baekcheon, and Jo Geol filled the side of Yu Seol, who was shaking his shoulders with the spirit of rushing at any moment.

Soon after, the place, Paeksang, and even the disciples of the volcano, who had been watching from afar, have narrowed the distance as if surrounding courts and legal circles.

What their eyes said was clear.

"Is this the meaning of the volcano?"

The court asked. There was only one person here who could answer him now.

"I don't know what the situation is, Bang-jang, and the ambassador."

Baek Cheon looked at the two briefly and looked at Hye-yeon.

"But…… Whether it's right or wrong, volcanoes don't know how to fight and throw away their bleeding companions."

The court clasped its fist.

There was no shaking in the voice of Baekcheon, and his eyes were straight without a single shake.

"It doesn't matter if you turn Shaolin into an enemy. The volcano would rather die with its fellow workers than abandon them and survive. It's……."

He declared calmly.

"Volcanoes were taught by ancestors a hundred years ago."

At the end of Baekcheon's words, Cheongmyeong suddenly looked up at the sky.

'…the death penalty.

A hundred years ago, it was really stupid.

It's full of regrets.

But now, their descendants are referring to that time. It was filled with regret. I learned from the past I thought.

Maybe we'll...….’

A small smile is built around the mouth of Cheongmyeong.

'Maybe it wasn't that stupid.’

The court said with its teeth clenched, unable to hide its anger.

"Are you entitled to say that, Volcanic Sword?"

"Of course, sir."

The answer came from someone else's mouth, not a hundred thousand.

"Any disciple of a volcano can represent it. That's how volcanoes teach."

"……long story."

Hyeonjong, who was approaching, saw Hye-yeon still kneeling and hardened her face.

"Although Buddhist monk Hyeyeon may not be the Mundo of the volcano, volcanoes do not distinguish between Mundo and his colleagues. If you want to hurt him, you'll have to deal with the entire volcano."

As soon as the soft but firm voice came out, Hye-yeon's shoulders began to tremble.Tears fell from his big eyes, which he couldn't hold back.

The court glared at the sheep.

"The writer is...…I guess Shaolin is funny."

"It's not like that."

"If not, how dare Shaolin intervene in punishing Shaolin's disciples? You will regret this for sure.”


Suddenly, a smile burst out from the mouth of Cheongmyeong. The court asked with an angry face.

"…what's funny?"

Cheongmyeong, who was shaking his shoulders as if he could not hold back his laughter, shook his head.

"Maybe the chief still doesn't understand the volcano."

"I didn't understand?"

Suspicion was young in his face. What's there to understand and do?

Cheongmyeong laughed out loud for a moment and explained kindly.

"I'll let you know if you don't know, so listen up. The volcano fought against all the people even when there was nothing, and even when everyone was busy begging for my life, it was the last time I fought against Sapaeryon."


The volcano's mundos giggled and laughed when they heard it.

"That's not all. A hundred years ago, you were beaten up by a horseman, didn't you?”

"That sounds like it."

"…Isn't it a tradition to be fearless at this point?"

Suddenly, the court could not hide its absurd expression as they saw the volcano's mundos laughing among themselves.

"It's that kind of volcano."

At that moment, Cheongmyeong's voice caught his eyes.

"You think you're going to be a threat?”


"I'm sorry, but if you don't understand this place, it's just a bunch of crazy people who have to fight against each other until they die."


"No, that's a little too far."

"…I'm going too far."

Cheongmyeong lightly ignored protests from other disciples.

"So if you want to threaten, report to the other person.”

The sound of the court grinding teeth spread eeriely.

"And…… I'll let you know one thing, just in case, remember."

Cheongmyeong's cold eyes penetrated the court.

"In history, there have been no unbroken clans who have dealt with Shaolin, but so far, there have been no unarmed clans who have turned the volcano into enemies.”


"So stop threatening me that doesn't work and get out of the volcano right now. Before my patience is lost."

The face of the court sprang up. At least now his face looked more like an Asura of Hell than a Buddhist monk.

"Sorim is……."

He spoke softly with bloodshot eyes.

"I will not forget the disgrace of today."


Cheongmyeong, Hyeonjong, and other disciples of the volcano were all in his mind. And lastly, even Hye-yeon, who kneeled down, turned around without saying a word.

"Ba, Bangjang!"

"Let's go!"

Turning to the cold wind, he led the law community and strode out of the volcano.


Hye-yeon looked at the court's back, leaving her with a bewildering eye. Then someone grabbed him by the shoulder.

"……Paint Joe, Jorge."

"Well, why are you doing that soaking on your knees? Please stand up."


Yoon Jong also smiled and grabbed the other shoulder to raise Hye-yeon.

"Our monk is in trouble now. I don't think you'll ever be able to go back to the sound."


Hyeyeon bit her lips tightly.

How on earth should I express this feeling?

"……Thank you."

No matter how hard I think about it, this was all I could say.

Baek Cheon smiled, tapping on his shoulder without saying a word.Of course, it's not that I'm not worried about the future. But…….

There is no reason to hesitate about what to do.’

Cheongmyeong's horse and Hyeonjong's horse make way for their hearts.

"If it's not right, it's not a volcano."

This is the will of the volcano to continue.