Chapter - 932 - Episode 932. Maybe it's already started. (2)

"Clear alert!"


Namgungmyeong nodded loudly. Namgoongdowi, who was escorted by him, looked at the conditions of those who were wary with sharp eyes.

"The boundaries cannot be excessive. Do everything you can to make sure you don't miss a little thing."


Namgoongmyeong, who nodded lightly, moved to the next area, accompanied by Namgoong-

"What do you think, cow's wine?"

"Yes, uncle."

Namgoongdowi said, looking back at Maehwa-do with new eyes.

"I'm glad the island isn't that big. At this rate, even if the numbers come in, there won't be much difficulty protecting them."

"That's what I think."

Changgung Geomdae is not the only one guarding Maehwa Island. Other armed forces guarding Sega under the orders of the Namgung Hwang also joined Maehwa Island one after another. Even though Namgoongse has failed, the armhal of the former is gathered here in Maehwa Island.

With that amount of power, there would be no shortage to separate 18 units and Jawungs with that Janggangsu.

"A narrow island would be an advantage for us."

"It's hard to show the merit of the waterway bonds, rather than the quality of the warrior?"

"That's exactly it."

Namgungmyeong smiled as if he was satisfied with the answer.

His nephew, who will become a household member of Namgung Sega in the future, deserves to be called Gija. He is excellent at martial arts, and he is good at reading the war.

"Learn well from your brother.”

"Yes, uncle."

"To be a good warrior, it is enough to try and work hard. But it is not enough to lead a family. You have to be bolder, and you have to look further."

"I'm always thinking about it."

"That's great."

Namgungmyeong nodded quietly.

'I should thank the Volcano Sword Association.’

In the past, Namgoongdowi was often arrogant, causing Namgoongmyeong's worries. Although Namgoongse was inevitable because of his unique temperament and his father's presence, being full of confidence and arrogance can never be the same.

Fortunately, however, after losing to the Volcano GeomHyup, he found himself lacking. He also became a completely different person after a bowel failure.

If the experience builds up like this, it may become a household liquor that surpasses that Namgung Hwang.

'It won't be easy.'

People like Namgoong Hwang are not made to teach. He must have a natural hand of his own.

"Do you know why the Lord occupied this place?"

"…I don't know the truth, Uncle."

Namgoongdowi looked around with a little disappointed face. The black black river sent him an unknown sense of uneasiness.

"It is true that we have an indelible grudge against the channel. But I don't know why we have to face the watercolors alone. Hasn't Namgung Sega already informed the world of its will?”

"You're right."

Namgungmyeong nods quietly.

"If we occupy this plum island, we will eventually become a protruding awl. If you keep up the good work, you may face Sapaeryun alone as well."

"That's what I think. No matter how hard I think about it, there's more harm than good."

"Yes, that's the right idea. But that's what criminals like us think."


Namgungmyeong smiled brightly.

"I'm sure the householder is thinking about it. Still, there is a reason why the householder chose this difficult road."

"May I ask?"

"Because if we step back from here, we end up listening to Shaolin's orders."The unexpected answer hardened the face of Namgoongdowi.

"Oh the Great. That's a fantastic name. But people in the world think of Oh Dae-sega as something attached to that old file room after all."

"Uncle, that's...….”

"That's the reality. When that canal took control of the mouth, did the mouth people think of us? Or did you think of Shaolin and the old file room?”

Namgoongdowi could not bear to answer. No, it wasn't necessary to answer.

"That's why the owner took the risk. The five generations are not well positioned now. It's because the mainstay of the Five Great Sega with us has distanced themselves from the Five Great Sega."


"What if Shaolin moves according to his will at a time like this?" Perhaps we will never escape the name of the old file room."

Namgoongdowi nodded only then.

Come to think of it, it's a very good time.

The news that other old file rooms and Oh Dae-sega responded warmly to the call of Shaolin came to this distant mouth. This is a time when the influence of that Shaolin and Goofile room is lower than ever. So when else would you try to do something like this?

"The lord wants the Five Great Segas and Namgoong Segas to make a name for this, not for the Gufilebang and Shaolin. You're willing to take some risk for that."

"But that won't be the only one."

Namgoongmyeong, who was rushing his feet, stopped there and looked back on Namgoongdo Island. Namgoongdowi said with a confident face.

"I'm sure there's a reason for that, but he's not the only one who's going to do things for that reason. I believe that consultation is alive in his heart."

Namgungmyeong's happy smile was young.

"You're saying the obvious. Of course that's the first one."

"If we don't do what we shouldn't do, and we continue to do what we should do, it's a reputation, isn't it? I…… like a volcano."

Namgungmyeong nodded.

"Yes, you will have to."


It's a name that disappeared from memory only a few years ago. However, the reputation of the volcano has surpassed that of Namgoongse, who is now called the head of the Great Sega.

Not by strength but by spirit, the volcano has acquired what Namgung Sega wanted so much.

"They're great people.”

"Yes, that's great. But we can do it, too."

Namgoongmyeong tapped Namgoongdo on the shoulder. This youthful vigor makes even his blood hot, which sometimes cools.

"Yes, there's something I can do...….”

Namgungmyeong's eyes, who tried to hurry up with a smile, immediately turned to the river. With a serious look on his face, Namgoongdowi turned his eyes after him.

However, all I could see on Namgung Island was just a calm wave.



Namgungmyeong's sword was pulled out like the flesh of light. A quick white sword burrowed into the water and went under the river.


A spray of water broke out water. And…….

Something big floated up where the scandal had subsided.

Namgungmyeong's face, which confirmed its identity, was finally loosened.

"…is it a carp?"

"You look like a human being. My uncle may be mistaken."

"I know."

Namgungmyeong shook his head. The blood spilled by the carp spread red on the surface of the Janggang River, which was lit up.

"You wasted your time. There is not enough time to sleep to check all the remaining people and check their posture. Let's go."

"Yes, uncle."

Namgoongmyeong, who walked forward leading Namgoongdo, looked back at the water.

'That's unfortunate.'

The water, whose depth was unknown, kept bothering me."It won't be a place to stay long."

He shook his head and hurried.

At that time.

With the surface of the Janggang River in the dark, things like the head of a fish or a small ball appear one by one.

Those who are good enough to see them through the darkness will know that their identity is the head of a person wearing a specially-made garment.


"What about the enemy ship?"

"There are five ships in all. They're all bordered by the southern wharf."


A man called Daeju nodded with a firm face.

"What about the wound.

"It's not great. But…… Namgoongsega is Namgoongse. I never thought you'd notice the sign."

One of the group leaders looked down at my shoulder with a stiff face. My skin was bleeding out. Wouldn't it have been in vain if you hadn't cut the carp passing by you at the moment's base?

"The opponent is Namgoongse. There should be no indifference at all."

"Yes, major."

"I finish it in one breath.”


When he gestured for some instructions, the nodding people went deep again. After confirming that everyone had started to go underwater, Daeju captured the image of Maehwa Island once in his eyes and then began to go underwater.

Deep and deep.

After diving endlessly into the dark river, which has little visibility, they went down to the bottom of the river and moved with their hands on the floor. No matter how good the senses are, they will not be able to catch the signs of those moving along the bottom of this long river.

There are countless fish flying over their heads that show signs bigger than them.

But that doesn't mean we can just relax.

The more you approach the island, the thinner the water becomes, and the greater the chances of their craft being caught. This is the moment when you should never relax.

As they crawled down the river, they looked up in unison.

Usually, the pier is built on the deepest and steepest slopes even where rivers and land meet.

What caught their eyes with their heads up was the underside of a large ship. exposed to the weak flesh without knowing anything

'You're not that stupid.’

Namgungse was walking around, escorting some of the inspectors. This means that they understand how important this ship is.

But darkness becomes thicker in the water than out in the water. No matter how particularly vigilant they are, they won't be able to track them down in this water.

Namgoongse, who did not know their existence at his feet, laughed at the inspectors.


Of course, he is a strong and dangerous opponent.

If this is not the case between Korea and China in Janggang.

They should have understood what it means to have an island between Korea and China.

It's time to pay for it.

The juju gestured to the stomach above.

Then all his men nodded and began to rise to the surface in unison. Air bubbles created by their rapid movements rose to the surface together like firecrackers.

The harpoon in their hands each had a green aura.


Soon, the sharp harpoon tip stretched in unison, cutting through the water.


Then, with a loud blast, they were all stuck on the bottom of the ship.The bottom of the ship, made of thick wood, twisted and broke, and black water poured into the ship in an instant.

"What, what!"

"Attack! d*mn it! Nocturnal attack!"

After binge drinking, inspectors at Namgung Sega shouted with a blue-faced face.

"Stop it! We must protect the ship!"

Screaming, shouting, and confusion color the night of plum blossoms.

The fuse that had been turned off for a long time finally caught fire again.