Chapter - 933 - 933. Maybe it's already started. (3)

A ship doesn't sink as easily as you think.

There is space on each floor below the ship. Therefore, even if the floor is tilted and twisted with holes, it usually takes enough time for the entire ship to sink under the water.

That's common sense for ordinary people.



Now that common sense is falling apart before my eyes.

How the hell did he attack, that big ship is being sucked into the water in an instant.

The sight of the black water dragging the boat in as if it were devouring it was enough to terrorize the viewers.

"The ship, the ship....”

I wouldn't be so embarrassed if someone had attacked them. But for those unfamiliar with handwriting, it was a ridiculous shock to be attacked first by a ship over a man.

Someone suddenly came to their senses when the second ship tilted over with a roar.

"Hey, stop it! You d*mn it! Stop it! Stop it!

A voice more like a scream than a shout rang out. Those who managed to wake up to the sound urgently looked at the ship.

Yeah, we have to stop him. If we leave it like this, all the ships will sink.

But how?

How am I supposed to stop an attack that's flying out of sight and sinking a ship?

"Dive in! The enemy is attacking in the water!"

Everywhere there is a man who is quick to judge. Such people often offer a way to slow-thinking people. Those who heard clear answers rushed into the water as if they had nothing to think about.

Those who flew in the air hit the water like shells, and a huge spray of water soared.

If there was someone who could watch the scene leisurely, he might have applauded, saying, "It's a spectacular sight." Unfortunately, however, not a single person could afford it.


At that moment, another ship tilted with a roar and was sucked down with a big foam.

"You son of a b*tc*!"

A statue of a prostitute threw himself to the surface with a shout.


A huge shock was delivered to the body of the statue who jumped into the water. As the speed of jumping into the water was fast, the impact of passing through the water was also great.

There was something else that really embarrassed him.

The fact that he can't see anything in front of him.

Dark Heaven.

This dark night in the river was darker than he thought.

Darkness deep enough to distinguish an inch ahead even by the sight trained by the martial arts. The moment I encountered it, I was thrilled to ride the spine. It was a fear that was not easy to overcome.

Fortunately or unfortunately, however, Yeopsang was not given time to relish the fear.


Fear is just luxury in the presence of a sense of something piercing your chest and lower abdomen.

The mouth of the foliage opened wide. Black water poured into his mouth and began to fill his stomach and lungs.


Air bubbles poured out of the open mouth. Barely accustomed to the darkness, the long eyes stuck in the chest and stomach confirmed that the harpoon of the numbers.


But that's all.

His vision, which had barely distinguished the outline, was rapidly dark again.

With the darkness of death, so deep and so deep.

The body of the statue, which had stopped moving, slowly floated to the surface as if it were floating. Not only the foliage, but also the people who jumped into the water quickly became the bodies of several and climbed at the same time.If it wasn't for the water...…. No, water would never have had this result if it hadn't been for this night.

But the river in the dark was more harsh than they imagined.

Where they could not see, feel, or breathe, everything they had learned was meaningless. Those who could not afford to choose a battlefield in their favor due to urgency paid the price.

"Soya! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Namgungso!"


Looking at the rising bodies, inspectors at Namgung Sega shouted out loud.

And just then.


Another ship began to sink, as if all hope were to be taken away. Namgoongse lost all the blood on the prosecutors' faces.


Now there's only one ship floating properly on that fluctuating water.

If they lose that, they'll totally lose their way out of this island.

I thought I had to stop it, but my feet didn't move. Who dares to jump boldly when those who jump into the water quickly become bodies and rise?

"Get out of the way! I'

At that time, a angry voice came from behind and one person flew toward the sleep without any hesitation.


"Cow, cow!"


The inspectors of Namgung Sega looked at the back of Namgung Island, which jumped into the river, and screamed. But he had already jumped into the river like a vizo looking for a fish.

Namgoongdowi disappeared at once with a flurry of water.

As So Ga-ju, the successor of the family, jumped into the water without sparing his life, the eyes of the prosecutors who saw him burned red.

"Protect the cow!"

"Pears and cattle must be protected!"

"There is no fear in the name of the male palace! Let's go!"

The inspectors who guarded the river and the inspectors of Changgung Geomdae, who ran late, were all brave and followed the Namgung Dowi. As if he was ashamed of having paused for a momentarily.

Until they hear a desperate scream behind their backs.

"That's not where you're going.

Those who rushed into the water were startled and looked back.

Before I knew it, Namgungmyeong, who ran, was shouting with a blue face even at a glance.

"Bae, not a ship! Wharf! Guard the wharf! We must protect the dock!"


"Ship! Don't you call it a dock? The dock before the ship...….”

Whoo! Whoosh!

At that moment, a column of water spiked along with a huge heavy sound wound the long-constructed dock along the river. The broken wood, unable to overcome its power, bounced up the river like a firecracker.



Nam Gung-myeong's face turned white as if he had seen a ghost.

The skyrocketing column of water was clearly seen swallowing the lightning gun that had been placed on the dock.


He sank to the spot as if his legs had loosened.


At the same time, even the last ship they tried to guard ended up sinking underwater with heavy drinking.

Namgungmyeong stared blankly at the whole scene. He looked as if he had lost his mind.

A quaintly long dock, and a bag of artillery installed there.

These two are the key to defending the island. The dock is nothing short of a lifeline that allows them to set foot and swing swords, and to narrow the distance from the land to seek survival.

And the lightning gun is the only defense line that completely blocks ships approaching the lifeline, the dock.But now, they have lost all their weapons to keep the land and ship from approaching them. Even the ship to be their feet.

Now, wait, weapon?

Namgungmyeong hurriedly turned his head.

Sure enough, I could see the warriors of Namgung Sega coming in unison after hearing the noise.

"Oh, don't come!"

Namgoongmyeong shouted his throat out.

"Stay where you are, d*mn it! You stupid bastards! We must protect the lightning artillery deployed around the island! Go back! Go back now!

The cry was even desperate.

But it was late. The only things that the warriors, who were embarrassed by the voice and hurried back, encountered were bags that had already been thoroughly destroyed and bags that had disappeared as if they had never been there before.

"Oh, my God….”

The same goes for everyone else.

The enemies listened to the disturbance and waited for them to run, then jumped out of the water, broke the battery, and slowly escaped.

Darkness and water.

It was a black useless thing that Namgung Sega boasted against those who could use the two at their disposal. You can't face each other, what the hell can you do with that sword?

Those who returned to Namgoongmyeong with their torn hearts took the place.

"Large, major. The battery was destroyed."

"We failed to protect the battery."


Splash. Splash.

Namgoongdowi, who came out of the water, also clenched his teeth with a miserable face when he saw the situation on the island.

"…I missed it."

Namgungmyeong looked around the island with a series of sad news.

I've lost everything I should never lose. Dock, boat, white lightning.

This place could no longer be called Maehwa Island.

The Maehwado Island, which lost its weapons against the enemy and the dock that restricted the movement of the enemy, was just a huge poison floating in the middle of the river. And now the Namgung Sega is a rat in the jar.

I got you. Perfectly.

Were you negligent in your vigilance? No.

Then did you look down on the enemy? That is by no means the same.

The reason why they were so thoroughly attacked is because they never understood that this is an island in the middle of the river. No matter how ferocious a lion may be, he did not realize that he had no choice but to be a food for crocodiles on the river where darkness fell.

"You've been horribly beaten.”

Namgungmyeong clenched his teeth at the loud voice heard from behind his back.

"Go, my lord."

His eyes trembled as he looked back.

Namgung Hwang, who walked toward them, threw something in his hand.

Three supply and demand.

The head rolled on the floor, apparently numerical.

"Something like a day's age."

Namgungmyeong kneeled down and nodded as if to reach the ground.

"Lord! Your servant was so insensitive that he made a mistake. Punish me."


When Namgung saw that, he shouted.

"Raise your head! The Southern Palace Sega's meal brush never bows its head recklessly!"

"Go, let's go...".”

"What was the problem? Ship? Hwapo? Dock? What's wrong with losing such a thing!"


"We lost our feet. But they can't take a single step into this island! Not a single number will be put into the land protected by the Emperor Namgung."

Namgung Hwang drew a sword violently and shouted.

"The same is true of the Black Dragon King! You just have to let them know that you can never beat the sword of the Southern Palace Sega! Do you understand?""Yes!"

The royal commanders of the Namgung Sega answered with courage.

Namgung Hwang, who raised his spirits at once, glanced at the black river with a firm face.

'...That's not good.’

Although he bragged about the trick, he wasn't the one who didn't know the problem was serious.

God d*mn it.

Things began to get swept away in a way he didn't want to.

Like a boat being sucked into the vortex in the middle of the river.