Chapter - 935 - 935. Maybe it's already started. (5)

"Volcano sword! Ugh!"

As Hong Dae-gwang slammed into the door, the corners of Cheongmyeong's eyes immediately became sharp.

"No, but do you know what this place is like in the front yard of an oyster?"

"Jee, this is not the time to argue about that! Volcanic GeomHyup!

"Why, again?"

"I, Namgoong Sega!"

When the word "Namgungse" came out, the eyes of those who were sitting around Baekmaegwan narrowed.

"The Southern Palace Sega is surrounded by a water channel!"


When Cheongmyeong did not show any significant response, Hong Dae-gwang ran to his face, raising his voice as if he was frustrated.

"The main power was trapped in Maehwa Island, surrounded by a hydrochae's boat! If you don't do something right now, you might be exterminated. Are you listening to me...….”

"Oh! That's a dirty chatter, noisily!"

Cheongmyeong pushed Hong Dae-gwang's ball, which was placed close to him, with the tip of his finger. If others had rushed in here, they would have punched at once, but since they were living on the floor, they wanted to reduce the area they touched as much as possible.

The volcano nodded its disciples pleased.

"He's very polite. Use your hands."

"Yes. I thought I'd push you away."

"He's gotten a lot nicer, though. In the past, I would have kicked my shoes on the floor. I'm pleased."


Excuse me? This is polite?

I wondered for a moment what kind of darkness the volcanic guys were experiencing, but that was not important to Hong Dae-gwang now.

"Oh, what do you do?"


"The King of Namgungs! Namgoongse!"

Cheongmyeong looks at Hongdae Gwang with a look of absurdity.

"What about Namgoongse?"

"Shouldn't we do something about it!"

"Namgung Sega?"


"What about me?"

Hong Dae Kwang's eyes trembled.

"They're all going to die. Don't you call it extermination?"

"Oh, my God. That's why I'm doing this. Tsk tsk tsk."

Hong Dae Kwang's mouth slowly opened.


I tried to say something more, but before that, Cheongmyeong snapped back with a look full of annoyance.

"But this guy thinks I'm some kind of goblin bat! If there's a problem, come running and whine!"


"If they went in thoughtlessly and were surrounded, they should take care of themselves. They're not three years old, they're in trouble, and I'm the one who solves it?"

"Well, that's true, but...….”

"So why are you crawling in there in the first place? If he wants to go crazy, he'll go crazy. How dare you go in there! I heard that when a mullet jumps, a mudskipper jumps, but I guess they can do it if I do it, right?"

I understand why Namgung Hwang was mistaken.

Volcanoes were hard to compare to Namgung Sega three years ago. But they must have thought it was possible because they saw some of the green forests, not even the volcano, occupying the island and keeping Gangnam and the water channel in check at the same time.

'Of course, on the surface.’

But that's not the case with plum blossoms. Maehwa Island is the result of a treaty signed by Jang Il-so and Cheongmyeong based on each other's needs.

It wasn't a place where the enemy attacked because it was easy to defend, but because it didn't attack, there was no need to stop it.

Everything changed the moment the volcano withdrew and the existence of the treaty disappeared. Now Maehwado Island is just a rough spot without escape routes in the middle of enemy land. This means that huge gains are guaranteed only if it can be occupied, but it has become impossible to occupy in the first place.Let's just say that Sapaeryeon and Gupa are scrambling over the island.

Then which one would be better?

"It's a land that Sapaeryon, who owns a watercollet, has no choice but to eat."’

This is why Cheongmyeong and Lim So-byeong also withdrew before the war broke out.

But I entered the dangerous land thoughtlessly and recklessly.….

If you're weak, you're beaten if you don't know, you're beaten if you're playful.…. Oh, except for the last one.

Anyway, isn't it the truth of a strong man to be beaten if he's ignorant?

"But back in the day, I think Namgoongse had a pretty good idea."

It was usually Fanga who caused trouble, and Namgoong Sega was in charge of fixing it. But what happened in the last 100 years made Namgung Sega look like that...….

"Wait a minute."


"I'm asking you just in case, but you know the man named Namgung."

"Huh? Namgoongju? What about Namgoong-gaju?"

"Who's his mother?”

At that moment, Hong Dae-gwang's eyes couldn't get any bigger.

"Hwa, volcanic neologism. Well, of course I know you don't have anything rough, but I think that's a bit over the line…….”

"Oops, shit!"

Cheongmyeong suddenly kicked Hong Dae-gwang and rolled it.

"He's suddenly turning a man into a pariah! Do you think I'm the kind of person I don't know.”

Upon hearing the words, the disciples of the volcano nodded in unison.

"That's possible."

It's more than that.

"It's nothing short of a breath of news destruction of a knight.

But these bastards?

"That's not it. Where's your mother's father? Family! Family!

"Oh, family?"

Hong Dae-kwang, who breathed a sigh of relief, searched in his head.

"Let me see……As far as I know, the mother of the current Southern Palace family is Mr. Paeng.….”

"Oh, right?"

Yes, of course.

No matter where the blood goes.

Cheongmyeong said with a refreshing look on his face, as if the unanswered questions had finally been resolved.

"No wonder. I wondered how such a gentleman came out of Namgung Sega."

That can be the case in the general circle of doors. Munpa is a place where many people gather with one value.

But a family is a place that leads to blood. Wouldn't it be inevitable that those born with similar temperament will end up being similar when they receive similar education?

Of course, Namgoonghwang is a little too much considering that Paengga's temperament is mixed.….



At that time, Baekcheon of the five swords that approached Cheongmyeong asked.

"What do you think will happen? Do you think the Southern Palace Sega can escape from there?"

"It's gonna be hard."

"……so what happens now?"

"Well, that's...….”

Cheongmyeong rubbed his chin.

"It's gone as expected, but it's a little different.”

It is obvious to the eyes that Namgung Sega will be completely defeated. The fighters of this era have never experienced a large-scale war. Therefore, I don't understand how important the terrain is.

Of course you learned how to play. But he would have thought he could overcome it with his own force.

"We predicted that Namgung Sega would advance to Maehwa Island.The problem is the Black Dragon King."

"Black Dragon King?"

"It looks like you're about to rush into the plum blossoms and die and die and die and die and die and die and die and die and die and die and die and die and die and die and die and die and die and die… surprisingly old-fashioned. Like an old raccoon.”

"You shouldn't judge a person by appearance, but...….”

Baekcheon agreed with this statement. King Heukryong, who I saw three years ago in Janggang, looked like the embodiment of a wave. Who would have imagined this would be the case when his Surochae and Namgoong Sega, led by Namgoong Hwang, were confronted each other?"If the king of Heukryong is as violent as we think he is, and if he drives into the island to destroy him while surrounding him, he will open a way to the Namgung Palace.”

Baek Cheon, who was listening to it, hardened his complexion. When Cheongmyeong says this, it's always time to think about other situations.


He said in a dim voice.

"What happens if King Heukryong and the Surochae do not intend to invade the island? It's a battle of which salvation arrives first?"

"In common sense, that's what happens. But…… it won't happen.”

"Huh? Why?"

"The Black Dragon must know that."

"What do you mean……..”

Baekcheon, who had tilted his head for a moment, was startled as if something had come to mind.

"That…… yes. I see."

Cho-geol, who did not understand the conversation between the two, looked at each other in wonder and asked.

"What are you talking about? Please explain so I can understand."

"…Even King Heukryong, who is surrounding Namgung Sega, knows that it is advantageous for salvation to arrive."

"Yeah, he's not a fool either.”

"But think about it. What if King Heukryong thinks Gufa's salvation will be reached first? Will you just release the food in the jar?"


Baekcheon bites his lips slightly.

"At least before salvation arrives, they will try to reduce the power of Namgung Sega as much as possible. It means that spending time confronting each other does not happen."

Cheongmyeong nodded his head.

"And King Heukryong's position is different. The fact that Sapaeryun arrives first means extinction to Namgung Sega, but the fact that Gupa arrives first is just a little more troublesome for Surochae."

"Because you're up the river?"


The corners of Cheongmyeong's mouth rolled up slightly.

In the past, Cheongmyeong's mouth was busy explaining such conversations. However, now Baekcheon understands the situation first and gives an answer before that.

"Anyway, all Namgung can do is endure. That's all for now."

"Can I hold on?"

"Nam Gung Huang is a madman, but he's not an idiot. I can hold on to it. The problem is……."

Cheongmyeong's face is slightly distorted.

He slowly opened his mouth after taking a moment as if he was choosing a horse.

"Do you know when a person falls apart?"


It was out of the blue, but Baekchun couldn't bear to hang on to anything. This is because I could feel the unknown weight of the young in his voice.

"The moment when a person collapses is not the time to suffer. I can handle the hard stuff somehow. When there's hope of surviving.”


"It's the moment when hope is lost that man is falling.”

Cheongmyeong sneaked a sneer.

"I'm curious, too. I wonder if he's willing to risk his life to save the Southern Palace Sega.”

It doesn't exactly have a name. But everyone here could tell who Cheongmyeong was referring to. No, I couldn't have known.

"Stop, don't tell me....”

"It's just a thought, a thought. It hasn't been done yet."

Cheongmyeong shook his hand as if not to go out too much. But unlike the nonchalant and light hand gesture, his eyes sank dark.

"But if...….”

Cheongmyeong took a little time and continued.

"One in a thousand, one in a thousand, if what I think happens...….”The atmosphere subsided heavily.

"The Southern Palace Sega will live to see hell."

There was a moment of silence. Everyone couldn't open their mouths.

"Well, we can eat good food and rice cakes."

"Cheongmyeong, then shouldn't we do something?"


"If Namgung Sega is so dangerous...….”

"Living quarters."

Cheongmyeong cut off the horse as if weighing down a thousand words.

"As soon as you go to war, you have to take responsibility for all your judgments.”


"Those who take it for granted that I should step up and help, and those who take it for granted that someone will step up and help even in times of crisis. That complacency takes your life."

Baekchun shut his mouth.

"That's the battlefield, that's the war. Don't forget, if you don't want to see my death penalty die from that complacency."

"…I'll keep that in mind."

Cheongmyeong, who nodded, shrugged.

"Keep an eye on everyone. It might one day be what we're going through."

Somehow, with a burning sensation, everyone swallowed a dry saliva.