Chapter - 936 - 936th episode. Did you look forward to it? (1)

"Room leader."

The court did not answer the call. There were times when he smiled mildly, but now he kept his silence with a cold face like a man, even if he forgot how to smile.

That's the only way.

It was a disgrace to him that he had left with no success on the volcano.

He could not dare to see the faces of those who were waiting for his return from Shaolin.

"The Southern Palace is surrounded."

In the meantime, the news further dumbed down the court.

No, maybe it's a little more appropriate to say that you've turned him into an idiot. It felt like my mind was empty for a moment.

Of all the cases imaginable, the worst result has now been thrown at him.


The mother tongue claps briefly while looking at such a court.

It's a perfectly harmless habit, but the short tongue-kicking warps the court's lungs.

"It would have been better if I didn't waste my time and went straight to the Changgang River."


It was not clear whether the remark was actually a sneaky sarcastic comment on the court. But does that matter to the court? Now he was more ashamed and afraid than anything else in the world to be pointed out for his mistakes.


After a long silence, what he said was only a short dislike.

The top, who had been waiting silently for a response, ended up with a slightly irritated voice.

"This is not the time to be doing this. If the retreat was cut off, it would be only a matter of enduring, but if Sapaeryeon reaches it first, the name of Namgung Sega might disappear from Gangho."


Someone's heavy acupuncture echoed as if in sympathy with the words.

"We need to get to the Zhang River right away."

Even Jong Li-hyung, who argued the opposite of Paeng-yeop, did not refute the statement. It is proof that the situation has become so urgent.

"Room leader."

The court, which had closed its eyes, opened its eyes at the urging of the top.

"…I will."

Blue light flows out of the court's eyes.

"Now that things have come this far, there can be no more hesitation. I will lead all the victories of Shaolin to the Janggang River. So those of you here, please mobilize the power of each of your clans."

Jong-ri asked back in surprise.

"Ba, do you intend to fight an all-out war?”

"……There's no reason to avoid it if you need to."


What Jong-ri was trying to say was obvious.

It is suicide to wage an all-out war with the people of the Moon faction here alone. Even if you are lucky enough to win, you will only make others do good things.

However, the court fully understood the intentions, but it seemed unlikely that he would step down for once.

"I'll resend a letter to each doorstep asking for support."

"…Would those who once backed out change their minds?"

"The situation has changed, so they should choose."


Jong-ri closed his mouth.

This is because I felt that the court's tone was different from before. It wasn't exactly a coercive tone, but strangely, it was hard to mix words.

"…It'll be a little easier if you give it to me."

The court's eyebrows wriggled when Jong-ri's whining came out out of disappointment.

"What difference would it make to find those who don't have it?"

"That's true.Only……."

"You should know that now."

The court shook with cold snow.

"What I've endured so far was to do things in order, not because of Shaolin's lack of power. But if things go so badly, sometimes we have to force ourselves to make sense."It may not be wrong to say.

But it was also true that things just sounded empty because of the situation. If I had made a decision earlier, things wouldn't have come this far.

The court said in a sharp voice.

"I will go to the Janggang without delay. Speed is more important than anything else."

He had no more choice. All this happened with the dogma of the Southern Palace Sega, but if Shaolin truly claims to be the northern head of the world, it should also be accepted that Shaolin is responsible for everything.

If the Namgung were to be isolated and defeated in the Janggang River, public sentiment toward the old faction would be reduced to abyss. At least Namgoong fought with Sapa, and Gufa would have turned a blind eye to him.

"Hurry up, please. As soon as possible, we must arrive before that defeat arrives at the General River!"

"Will it be possible?"

When Jong-ri asked worriedly, the court firmly nodded.

"It's possible enough. Isn't it much closer to here than Gwangseo, where there are many people? Even if the defeated move as soon as they hear the news, they won't get there sooner than we do."

Jong-ri nodded as if he had a point.

"If you think about it backwards, it's the same as Namgung Sega holding a water channel. It's hard to wipe out the channels scattered all over the Janggang River, but it's a great opportunity if they're all in one place. If both sides of Namgoong Segawa can join forces, the victory of this war will come here at once."

The court exclaimed firmly in a solemn voice.

"So move immediately."

Paengyeop responded immediately.

"I will."

Jong-ri still had a slightly sulky face, but he couldn't back out of the situation and eventually agreed. But at the same time, he did not forget one request.

"I'll follow your advice, but you have to take into account the possibility that things will not work out. I'm sure you'll find support from other districts."

At that, the court turned its head and looked at Jong-ri.


A moment of silence, and soon an emotionless voice penetrated Jong-ri's ear.

"I will."

The return was definitely a positive answer, but Jong-ri found it hard to shake off the feeling that the answer from a while ago was negative.

But is there any way to confirm that? In the end, he had no choice but to answer with an anxious mind.

"…I'll join you."

The court's eyes turned to Zhao-gae. Zahogae nodded silently.

"That's what you're going to do. We don't have time, so please go back to Munpa right now, get ready, and gather by mouth."

"Yes, sir."

"We don't have time! Come on!"



Those who were sitting get up from their seats and rush outside. Finally, the five-legged dog turned his head as he took an unwilling step.

He could see the court sitting at the head and closing his eyes.

"When you have to make a decision, you hesitate endlessly, but when you have to be careful, you decide the answer and move on.’

He doesn't take the court ill. As the leader of Shaolin, Kang-ho's big adult, he has done his part well so far. It's true that the conflict between the clans has been easily reconciled with their unique gentle nature.


"I heard that in times of trouble, you can become a saint, and in times of trouble, you can become a dark army.’

As the world began to change rapidly, the merits of the court seemed to be nowhere to be seen.In my opinion, I wanted to stop the court.

However, there is only one reason why Zhao-ge could not finally express his opposition to his opinion.

Hell, I suppose.

It was because Namgoongse could guess the horrors they were experiencing through.

'Please hang in there. Namgoongju.'

A bell with the two words "consultation" engraved on its chest ran toward the main body of openness like the wind.

* * *

Namgungmyeong looked down at the man who was lying down in front of me. His face slowly distorted like a demon.

He knew too well, the one who died with his eyes wide open.

All Namgung Sega's Gasols are like family to him. But now the first victim among those like the family has occurred.


He gritted his teeth with chimi's anger.

On the side of the body with Dokdo (毒刀) is seems to stick to his eyes.

It's like nine times. The number of attacks in the past three days.

What about the victim?

No executive director.

No one was hurt, no one was killed. The attackers jumped out of the river and died trying to attack those who were wary of their surroundings.

The word insignificant was enough to suit me. It was the result of proving that Namgung Hwang's statement that there is no reason to lose to the watercolumn where the feet touch the ground was true.

But this is only when it comes to the results. If everything had been so smooth, Namgungmyeong would not have been so angry now.

When they first repelled the attack, everyone was brave enough to boost their morale endlessly. When the second attack was blocked, it was not like this, but it was argued that it would be better to approach the enemy's ship and try to attack.

And when he finally defeated the third attack, Namgungmyeong realized.

The fact that not a single person had their eyes properly closed during the two days following the assault.

Then the raid continued.

He took advantage of the night and stormed in broad daylight.

That's not all. When the dew of dawn falls, when the deep sunset colors the river...….

The raids continued at any time.

The inspectors of the Namgung Sega bravely defeated their attacks one after another, but the first death was finally reported in the previous raid.

"…Empty a warehouse and move the body."

"Lord, first of all, burying in a tentatively.….”

Namgungmyeong turned his sharp eyes.

"Can he sleep in the land of the beasts?"

"…I'm sorry."

Namgungmyeong gritted his teeth and said,

"I'll be able to get off the island in a few days. Then you can pick up the body and leave. So do as you are told."


He pressed down on his eyes as he saw those moving his colleague's body.

God d*mn it.

He is not strong. No, it's an enemy that's nothing but rubbish.

Nevertheless, there were casualties.

Due to a series of raids, he made a mistake that he would never have made.

This island is wide. To the point where hundreds live at the same time.

But at the same time, the island is narrow. When the enemy steps in, it takes no time to get to the other side of the island.

In other words, now they are trapped in a castle where the walls have fallen, protecting the invasion of foreign enemies.

'No, it's a hundred times better.’

In that case, at least we know where the enemy is.But they have no idea where the enemy will attack. Perhaps even under the water that Namgungmyeong is looking for, the numbers are looking for opportunities.

Therefore, no one could rest easily. We don't know when the enemy will break in, and when the defense will break into their quarters.

Even though they knew they had to rest with their heads, the extreme tension did not allow them a moment of relaxation.



"Darn it!"

"Why are you shooting at me when it's useless? Son of a b*tc*!"

Watercrafts surrounding the island occasionally crept toward the island and fired fire. Of course, the trained inspectors of the Namgung Sega could not have been attacked by a firearm flying from a long distance.

But this is an island with no place to hide.

If you care, you can avoid it, but if you can't avoid it, shelling, which is not strange to die, has occasionally been fired unexpectedly. Who can completely relax in such a situation?

"If we do this, we will destroy ourselves before we can even swing around the sword."’

Those men are eating away at the spirit, not the body. He knows too well how to make a person suffer the most.

"Hang in there a little longer. Support will surely come!"


The answer is not big. The fraud, which had been raised without knowing that the sky was high by blocking the first attack, had already been stuck on the floor.

All that's left is just to hang in there.

The sun was setting before I knew it. Namgungmyeong clenched his fist without realizing it.

Once again, an endless long night was creeping toward Maehwa Island.