Chapter - 937 - 937th episode. Did you look forward to it? (2)

Namgoong Hwang's eyes twitched.

I'm trying not to show my feelings as much as I can, but I couldn't stand what I just heard.

"No food?"

"…Yes, my lord."

For a moment, Namgung Hwang burst into a blank smile. Now I'm more devastated than angry.

"This is where merchants used to live on the Janggang River. Of course there's some grain in stock.”

"……It looks like the green forest has pulled out all of its luggage."


"And I don't think there was a lot of grain that was brought back when the watercolors re-occupied the area."

Namgungmyeong closed his eyes tightly and opened his mouth again.

"I'm sorry, my lord. I should have paid attention to all of this…….”

"I was the one who ordered the island to be occupied. If there's a fault, I'll have it. It's not your job to hold your head!"

Namgoong Hwang said clearly and leaned back on the chair.


It's not much of a problem in terms of circumstances. For ordinary soldiers, running out of food is a matter of great importance, but they are unmanned and have no problem enduring for about 15 days without eating.

"But that's not always possible."

Those who are already here are exhausted. The continuous raids of the hydrochae are still eating away at this moment.

In the meantime, you can't even eat properly?

It's gonna be harder.’

Each and every one of them is just a small matter.

Continuous raids.

Shelling from afar.

That we don't have food.

The pressure to get out of the island.

If the enemy's support is faster, they may have to risk their lives in unfavorable situations.

It's not that great when you look at it one by one. But when all those elements gathered and gathered, it became too much to put hundreds of pieces of reinforcement on his shoulders.

It's a mess.

This place is a mess. A swampy mud that falls deeper when you try to escape with evil.

Namgoong Hwang rubbed his eyes.

Not many people will be able to play as well as Namgung Hwang in the battlefield where they face each other with all their might. This is a fact that everyone else besides Namgoong Sega acknowledges.

However, neither a sword penetrating the sky nor a wave that separates the river is meaningless in this situation.

"Isn't this a river? If you don't have enough food, you can replenish it."

"…I've already checked it out. But I can't see any fish around the island what they've done."

At that time, Namgoongdowi, who was listening silently to the conversation between the two, opened his mouth.

"Even if I can catch fish, I don't think I should eat it."

"…How come?"

"They're numerical, they're more familiar with rivers than we are. We don't know what those people will do. If there's anything you have to be careful about, it's right to be careful."

Namgoong Hwang nodded heavily.

It may be said to be too much of a concern. However, Namgoongsega is already in this situation because it does not worry too much.

"Water? Is there a problem with drinking water?"

Namgungmyeong nodded.

"It is impossible to contaminate the water in this flowing Janggang River even with Dangga. So I don't think we need to worry about that."

"I'm glad you're unhappy.”

Namgoong Hwang murmured, washing his face dry. There was a lot of fatigue that was rarely found in him.

'Not yet, not yet.'

I feel like I'm poking my stomach with a needle, but I can still hold on. However, it is impossible to endure this situation."Is the support still far away?"

"…I'm sure he's in a hurry."

"I guess so."

Namgung Hwang looked up at the ceiling with his back on the chair.

It's perfect.

He seems to have been surrounded and dried up. In the midst of all this, Shaolin's salvation is waiting...….

"For God's sake."

Namgoongdowi sighed deeply when he saw Namgoonghwang reciting in small voices.

Is this really the right thing to do?’

The question raised my head.

Of course, I do not doubt the judgment of Namgoong or Namgoong Hwang. As a result, however, they are losing power against each other while holding out.

After a few more days, the only thing we can do is hold out.

What would he have done?’

At that moment, it was Cheongmyeong of the Volcanic Geomhyeop that came to mind on Namgung Island.

Rationality accepts that there is no other way but to endure. But his mind kept saying that if the people here were not Namgung Sega but volcanoes, they would never have felt the same way.

"If it's the Volcano Swordsmen's Federation...….’

It was just then.

Stand up!

Namgung Hwang, who was sitting on the chair, rose up like a bolt of lightning and pulled out a sword in his waist.


He swung the sword without delay. A white sword shot up, destroying the roof of the foreground.

(sighs) (sighs) (sighs)

The whole ragged roof blew away with a terrible explosion.

Bite! Bite!


There was a series of binge drinking.

The first one was created by Namgung Hwang's sword, but the subsequent bursts were not related to his sword.

It was a bombardment.

Shelling began to pour into the center of the island, where they were.

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

The war angles burst out one after another. Debris scattered all over the place.


"What, what! Why are you bombarding me here!"


The shouts and screams of embarrassed people echoed, mixed with the sound of the shell colliding.

"Stop it! Drop the shell!"

Namgung Hwang burst into a lion's roar and lifted himself up into the air. And the shells flying overhead began to crack apart at once.

The elders, who understood the situation, quickly followed the Southern Palace to prevent artillery fire.

It was not that difficult to stop the artillery fire as the spines and elders began to come to the front.

However, what they faced after blocking all the bombardment was a scene that had no way of explaining except for the expression "disastrous."

Broken war angles, and those who were wounded and moaned by artillery fire.

It's underground in a collapsed war. Those who barely managed to escape cry because they couldn't hold back their anger, and those who treat the injured use a crocodile while looking for urgently needed items.


Namgung Hwang's teeth were cracked.

"…What the hell did the guards do while the ship was so close to the island!"

"Oh, no. My lord."


Namgungmyeong said with a contemplative face.

"Bae, the ship is in position."

Namgung Hwang turns his head at the word. His eyes also saw boats floating on the dark river. Apparently the distance was no different from daytime.

"……then what the hell is this shelling?"

"It's like a ship, a lightning gun."

"…Lightning artillery?"

Namgungmyeong bit his lip and nodded.

"The range of lightning guns is three times that of ordinary artillery. I think they're starting to use the white artillery they took from the island."


Namgung Hwang clenched his fist until his hands burst."Black Dragon King! You son of a b*tc*!"

I felt like I was going to get confused with blood on my head. It was hard to handle the raging anger on his own. I am not angry at the fact that I was attacked. The fact that he couldn't do anything even though he was under attack made him unbearable.


Namgoongdowi opened his mouth in a subdued voice.

"Now you're saying you can fire your guns from that distance."

"……we can't keep shooting because there are limits to shells and gunpowder."

"It's good to make up for it."


Namgoongmyeong could not bear to answer this question. I try to be as positive as I can, but no matter how hard I try, there is no room for a good interpretation.


Namgoongdowi looked at Namgoonghwang as if he had decided to do something.

"At this rate, we will be exterminated."


"We can't just wait for support that we don't know when it's coming. I've lost my angle. The shelling will continue to fly. If we keep our heads up in preparation for the bombardment, we won't last three days and we'll run out of energy."

Namgoongmyeong refuted the Namgoongdo Committee.

"Three days is enough time for Shaolin to arrive!"

"Yeah, I guess so. But before that, what would you do if the channel attacked you?"


Namgungmyeong closes his mouth.

The saying that it can last three days does not mean that it can maintain its current power for three days. And where is the guarantee that Shaolin will arrive in three days?

"Lord, this can't be done."

I saw Namgoongdowi with the eyes of Namgoonghwang burning.

"Well, what are you going to do?"

"What you said the other day."


Namgoongdowi turns his head and looks at the river.

"Are you sure you can reach the river through that siege alone?"

Namgung Hwang's face is distorted.

"Of course it is possible. But didn't you tell me? There's no difference if you break through that siege and touch the land. If anything, it's going to be dangerous here...….”

"It's not ashore.


Namgoong Hwang momentarily frowned at Namgoong Do-wi's words. However, Namgoongmyeong raised his eyes wide as if he understood what Namgoongdowi was trying to say.

"Stop, don't tell me."


Namgoongdowi turned his head to Namgoongmyeong's response. At the end of his gaze, it was a huge ship half-darked in darkness over the river.

A colossal ship, painted black enough to be daunting.

"Black Dragonfly……."

A groan-like voice came out of Namgungmyeong's mouth. Namgung Dōwi said firmly.

"If the lord is away, there is no one on this island to fight King Heukryong."


"Then there's only one way."

There was a foresight in his voice.

"We're going to hit the Black Dragon King in reverse. As long as we can cross the river and attack the Black Dragon and cut off the king's neck, then siege is no problem."

Namgung Hwang's eyes grew bigger.

"Changcheon is fearless and does not shrink. If you're going to be beaten down like this, you'd better fight back with your life on the line."


A knife-edge gaze on the Namgung Island turned to the Black Dragon Ship.

'He must have done this.’

In the past, during the Great Recession of the Korean War, Cheongmyeong of the Volcanic Geomhyeop abandoned everything else and rushed to take Jang Ilso's throat. This is because they thought that the only way to solve the unfavorable situation was to eliminate Jang Il-so, the center of all the schemes.

The same is true of this time. If the people they are dealing with are watercolors, they have no choice but to remove the core of watercolors."I'll assist your father. That's the only way to save everyone here. Lord! Make a decision!

Namgoongdowi bowed to Namgoonghwang.

Namgung Hwang, who was staring at him, bit his lips.

"……not possible."


Namgung Dowi looked at Namgung with surprised eyes. I never imagined that he would reject this offer.

"I'm a warrior. But before that, it was Namgung Sega's Gaji."


"If we fail, we cannot conduct an operation that is clear that everyone will die."

"But at this rate…….”

"Hang in there!"


"Sorim must come. When Shaolin arrives, I'll tear and kill those worm-like enemies and chew the flesh! Until then…."


The lips of Namgung Hwang, who was bitten hard, were torn and red blood flowed down.

"Until then, I'll do whatever I can to hold on!"

"…I see."

Namgoongdowi replied in a dark voice. The name of the household is an absolute law. Once a decision has been made, there can be no further counterargument.


'I'm sure he would have thought the same thing as me.’

A deep sigh came out.