Chapter - 938 - 938th episode. Did you look forward to it? (3)


The court's feet, which ran out of a dozen sheets at once, hit the ground again without a break. He jumped over the mountain in front of him in an instant, crossed the flowing river, and went on and on.

And behind him was a crowd dressed in yellow, the symbol of Shaolin.

Shaolin's 300 draw.

Where in the world would anyone not feel intimidated by the sight? It was a scene that symbolized the power of Shaolin itself.


The faces of the draws that followed the court were all pale, not worthy of its high reputation. The bridge that kicked the ground shook as if it were about to break.

"Ba, Bangjang!"

The legal community, which followed the court right behind it, called in a fierce voice. But the court didn't even turn its head.

"Bangjang! My disciples can't stand it anymore. We need to slow down!"

Only then did the court's head turn back. The young emotion on his face was not a concern, but a bluish anger.

"We can't slow down."

"There will be losers!"

"I don't care!"

The bluish blue voice made the legal world flinch.

The lips of the tight court seemed to tell his determination.

"We leave behind those who fall behind. I'll be joining you in the Zhang River later! It's important to get to the Janggang River as soon as possible now!"


"It's an hourly wage thing!"

"But even if you arrive at the Jang River at the most, it's useless if your disciples are tired and unable to fight!"

"Don't you say it's okay!"

The court said firmly.

"If there is no Namgung Sega, we don't need full power as long as there is Namgung." It's enough to overwhelm the channel!"

"……he is, but…….”

"So stop talking and speed up!"

"……I see!"

Blue eyes gushed out of the court's eyes.

'No more.’

I've already made many mistakes. If things get worse here, it may be irreversible. He could no longer stand by the fact that Shaolin's reputation fell to the ground.

Crisis is always an opportunity.

The current situation was not enough to say that it was the worst, but if Shaolin could reach the Janggang River in time to defeat the water channel and save the Namgung Sega, the situation could be reversed at once.

Even more so, the court could not afford to miss this opportunity. I should never have done that.


All you have to do is get there before that Jang Ilso.

Power is always relative. It is impossible to deal with the entire Sapaeryun with the power of Shaolin. But what if your opponent has only one channel?

Without having to wait for the joint or the Fanga, just joining forces with the Namgoong will be able to subdue the Janggang River.

No, it's hard to do that far. It is possible to evacuate Namgung Sega from the island without harming it.

Then wait for the other gatekeepers to join and take care of it.

The most important thing now is to reach the Janggang River before that bay.

"Hurry up, now!"


The yellow line of Shaolin ran and ran to the Janggang River.

* * *

"That's why...….”


At the creeping words, the swollen cheeks warped lightly and flared back.

I'm going to explode.’

'But I'm still in front of a long-winded man, don't tell me.'

No, I think it's about to explode.’

However, the swelling of the cheeks slowly faded away with the veins.

'Hold back, hold back.’

'Oh, oh.'

You've grown up, Cheongmyeong.…! This private residence was thrilled.’Hyunjong, who was looking at the face of Cheongmyeong, coughed quietly in vain.

"I mean, isn't this force majeure?"


"I'm not asking you to go. The... Hmm. We're a political faction, but I don't think it's appropriate to refuse to do this.….”

Cheongmyeong's gaze slowly went down. A library at the tea table caught my eye.


"Yeah, yeah."

"Mr. Dang……"No, the dang-ga-nim.”

"That's right."

"You're asking for backup?”

"That's exactly.

Hyunjong nodded in delight.

"So do you want to go?"

"Well, it's not a matter of wanting to go or not. Isn't this something we've already agreed on?"


"It's not a matter of profit, it's a matter of faith, so there's nothing we can do about it."

This time, blood vessels began to appear in Cheongmyeong's eyes. Hyunjong turned his head slightly and looked up at the far ceiling. He is a long-time writer and a distant superior, but at times like this, I was scared to face to face.

"Turn it off……."

A sick sound came out of Cheongmyeong's mouth.

The situation was very simple. Cheongmyeong declared that he would never intervene in the affairs of Zhang Gang. Of course, the position of the volcano is determined by King Hyeonjong, not Cheongmyeong, but Hyeonjong cannot defeat the meaning of the volcano as long as Cheongmyeong has a justification.

However, a scribe flying from the Janggang River now made a cause that Hyunjong did not have.

"Long lecture…… Need more manpower to evacuate people?"

"I see."

Cheongmyeong rubbed my face with both hands.

"Oh, my god, you're all over the place! This guy's cockpit is a mess!"

And I started slapping my mouth with my hands. Baek Cheon scratched the sheep's chin slightly.

'This is what happens.’

Cheongmyeong once said that while discussing the affairs of Danggunak and Janggang.

- It's infinite. Even if it's inevitable, some of the people living in the Janggang basin will move to Sacheon if they support it properly.

Danggunak played a major role in returning to Sacheon, leaving the people who had been taking care of him. As an agreement on the conditions for the withdrawal of the Dangga from the Janggang River, the residents of the Janggang River who requested to move out were to be allowed to live in Sacheon. Volcanoes actively support him.

Danggunak finally accepted Cheongmyeong's proposal and was in the process of moving the people of Janggang to Sacheon.


"No! Does it make sense that we're understaffed? I'm going to Sichundang! Huh? What dangga is not a place where all the relatives live in the neighborhood, it's understaffed?"

"…didn't things change?"

"Oh, you son of a b*tc*! It's not helping at all! I should have stopped those bastards!"

Cho Geol whispered to Yoon Jong.

"When the hell was that he talking about?"

"Don't you mean the time of the bowel disruption? No, he's better at saying things like that than that. As expected, it is clear."

Normally, I would have given Yoon Jong an eye, but Cheongmyeong was out of his mind.

Things are changing more rapidly than he thought. I expected the Surochae to occupy Maehwa Island, but when I made the plan, I couldn't even think of the existence of the "crazy" as clear as possible.

With the occurrence of unexpected variables, the situation began to change more quickly than he had expected.

In other words...

"Originally, I could have moved everyone I wanted over a month or so, but as you know, the situation in Janggang has changed. The number of people who want to go to Sacheon naturally increased as they learned that the situation has deteriorated."“…….”

"We can't say that we're not responsible for this.Isn't this done not in the name of the party, but in the name of the affable? My name is Maen-ju, and I can't say that I don't know after throwing the Lord of Heaven's work.….”



"…You just want to go and help, right?”


Hyunjong coughed loudly with a red face.

"Anyway, your eyes change when you hear Yangmin."’

That's pathetic, but...….

'That's a good thing.’

Cheongmyeong liked the foolishness of King Hyeonjong. No, I looked up to it. It's stupid not to know, but stupid not to know is great.

"So for now, responding to requests for support…….”


Add Hyun-jong, who was still sad about Cheongmyeong's expression.

"I'm not trying to do anything in Janggang. Why don't we just get the people there to evacuate quickly? Is there any room for the Shaolin or other gatekeepers running to the Janggang River to pay attention to that?"

"……That bald guy doesn't usually care about that. I don't have any hair around me."

"…He, he is. I don't have any hair around me."

Yunjong quietly asked Baekcheon.

"Does the writer know what you're talking about?”

"Do you understand?"


Hyunjong, who said something that should never have been thrown at the bald man, again, hinted at the cleanliness.

"So before the damage gets worse...…shouldn't we do something about it?"

Cheongmyeong sighed deeply.

'I never thought of this.’

This war is more likely to spread than expected. Then who will suffer the most damage in the war?

Shaolin? Surochae? Namgoongse or Manboongse?

You're welcome.

The people who suffer the most are the people living near the Janggang River. The fighting strongmen have their own purpose and have intervened in this matter with my own will, so I have nothing to say. But what's wrong with the people who are going to live a good life and get caught up in the phone?

That's why Hyunjong comes out from there. To reduce even one more unfortunate death that might happen.






"Oh! Okay, okay!"

Cheongmyeong shouted as if he were angry. Then he glared at everyone with his ax eyes.

"Instead! No matter what happens, you don't get involved in the Long River war! Never! Even if they attack me first, I'll run away and never fight! I will never do anything good like that big bald man!"

"Of course, of course! Of course! This isn't a slogan for the people of both nations! I don't have any intention of fighting either. Not a bit of it!"


Cheongmyeong, who looked at everyone with unhappy eyes, turned his head curtly.


They change their eyes as soon as they are told that they are dangerous. I've told you so much to think about yourself, but I don't think his words even sound like the back of my ear.


'Yeah, that's what volcanoes are all about.’

What Hyunjong told the court would mean this. In order for a volcano to be a volcano, you must not refuse this request.



"Go, go, go! We just need to get people out of here!"

"Yes, yes!"

"Come on. Come on! What happened……."

Hyeonjong shouted urgently before more pain came out of Cheongmyeong's mouth.

"Hyunyoung! Phenomenon!"

"Yes, Jang Moon-in!"

"Prepare all your disciples! I'll start right on the Janggang River. Remember, we need to get there any sooner so we can save even one more."Yes, Jang Moon-in!"

The atmosphere in the hall heated up.

So…… the volcano's long journey was decided.