Chapter - 939 - 939th episode. Did you look forward to it? (4)


Baek Cheon's face is slightly distorted.

Let's be honest. Yeah, let's be honest.

I fully understand that intervening in this lecture can be a play on Shaolin's Baekcheon is still young, but based on his experience, most of the great disciples of the Munpa are now enough to survive.

When Cheongmyeong hears that he is Janggang, it means that he is fully convinced to start the game with bubbles in his mouth.

But that didn't mean Baekcheon didn't want to go to the Janggang River.

Baekcheon, a disciple of the volcano, did not want to get involved in Janggang's work, but Baekcheon, a prosecutor, wanted to run to Janggang right now.


"Shouldn't you try something old?"

In the past three years, disciples of the volcano, including Baekcheon, have literally gone through hell.

The volcano's water lily is so strong that other gatekeepers automatically say, "Aren't they crazy?" But the mad man who laid the foundation for the intense training took the angle and hit it properly, so how was the three years of training?

Just thinking about that time made my body tremble, my teeth cracked, my jaws were numb, and tears were coming out a little by little.

So why don't you make sure he's right?

It would not be a wish of 11 million people to strike the heads of the evil enemies of Sapaeryon with a plum sword and shout, "I've prepared it for you!" that made them do this hellish training.

Wouldn't it be all volcanic inspectors who want to pay back the tears they shed over the past three years with blood tears?

So to be honest, I was rather pleased.

Whatever the reason, if we go to the Janggang River, we'll somehow get involved with the Sapa, and we'll be able to return all the pain they've suffered!

However, it was not his future to stand tall at Kang Ho's inspection, but the past that he did not want to recall.


Baek Cheon opened his mouth with a slightly trembling voice.



"……what is this?"

Cheongmyeong smirked.

"You're a young man with dementia, don't you see it?”

"You know what it is, man.

"But why are you asking?"

"Why is this here?"

The voice of a hundred thousand was exasperated. What his trembling fingertips pointed to was the dozens of carts at the beginning of the chord and the Hwangjong smiling in front of the cart.

Hwang Jong-yi greeted Cheongmyeong with a bright smile, unaware of Baekcheon's speed.

"Fortunately, it's not too late, seal."

Cheongmyeong welcomed and held his hand tightly.

"Oh, you did a great job.”

"It's the seal's request, so it's a must-do thing. As you said, this cart has been reinforced a bit more. At this point, even if you hit a volcano with a sword, it won't break at once."

"Wow! I know the quality of the top cart of the galaxy. That's trustworthy!"

"Hahaha. As you can see, this cart has been sized up to carry more items and has been more concerned about the ride quality (?), so that people can ride it). And I've doubled the weight than before."

At that moment, Jo-geol raises his hand.

"I'm sorry to interrupt!"

"Tell me, seal Jorgeol.""Shouldn't we usually brag about losing half the weight…"…?"

"It's generally the case, but this is the request of a Cheongmyeong seal. I did my best."

Jorgeol looked back at Cheongmyeong with a look of no life in an instant. Cheongmyeong asked curtly.

"Why? What?"

"……a son of a b*tc*."

That's right.

At that moment, Cheongmyeong looked back at the Ogum and grinned.

Even the disciples of the volcano, who did not understand the situation, shuddered for a moment how vicious the expression looked.

"Oh, my private quarters, the executioners."


"Did you expect to go down to the Jang River and do a nice sword-wielding collaboration with the Sapa?"

Cheongmyeong giggled as he saw his pupils of the flinching volcano.

"Wake up, you guys. I told you, didn't I? We're not fighting! Why are we going there? Yoon Jong's death penalty!

"Hey, let's go save the people."

"Exactly, we're going to move them, move them! Do you know what the world calls it?"

"What do you say?….”

"Transport! It's called transport, transport!"

The blue light blew out a runny nose.

"Transportation is volcano! Volcano is transport!"

"Since when, you crazy!"

"That's how it was!"

As soon as the word was over, all the disciples of the volcano realized desperately.

"He's really going to move his stuff."

It feels like a crazy man poured a bucket of cold water on the fire that was burning small in his heart.

Then, Baekchun, who realized something, opened his eyes wide.

"Now, wait a minute."


"When did you tell me to get this cart ready?"

"I told you when I went to the top of the galaxy."

"Well, then you knew this was gonna happen from then on...…?”

"What are you talking about?"


Cheongmyeong smirked.

"It's just that we've all been feeling better and we've got a better history. I thought the cart could be a little bigger than it used to be."


"Since I'm making it, I thought if I made a lot, I'd use it for anything, so I talked about it. I didn't know I'd end up using it like this, but...….”


Isn't that to say, as soon as you unburden them, you were somehow making a more frugal calculation?

"The devil."

"He doesn't even bite the dog."

"That's the wrong door-to- If I had gone to Safa, I would have made a few strokes for Murim.”

"It's noisy.

Cheongmyeong waved his hands as if chasing flies.

"Don't waste your breath and grab a sirena! From now on, the death penalty is soda. It's not a check, it's a cow! Our goal is to run to the Jang River at full speed and carry every single person to a safe place!"



"……no, dude."

Darkness filled the hearts of the volcanic disciples who had inflated toward collaboration.

"Well, this is a nice cart."

"Where…… I think we should see if there's a big problem with the people riding."

"That's right, Jang Moon-in. It's important."

And the darkness became darker when the wise men sneaked onto the cart, and the wary Unja ships coughed in vain.

Hyunjong laughed.

"Cheongmyeong is right. Fighting with a sword is not necessarily an agreement. It's collaboration that does what people need the most. Do they want us to fight? Or do you want us to help them?"

That was a good word.

It would have sounded better if it wasn't just about getting on that cart in advance.

Jang Moon-in. You look very comfortable."We don't have time! Stick fast."


The disciples of the volcano trudged along with a cow-like face being dragged to the slaughterhouse and grabbed the cart. At that moment, the familiar sensation from the fingertips made them even more sad.

Oh, it's been three years and it won't come off my hands.


Hwang Jong-ah, who was watching from the side, laughed as if she was satisfied.

"The handle should be a little bigger, but since it's a cart used by volcanic people, I paid special attention. The thickness of the handle is the same as that of the sword you use, so you won't feel uncomfortable using it."

……Thank you so much for that.

You're so considerate, Danju.


Cheongmyeong jumped a little and climbed to the lead.

"Now, let's go straight to the Zhang River! Let's go! Run, mate!

"Eh, shiba!"

"Let's go!"

As soon as Cheongmyeong's horse fell, large, heavy carts bounced off at an enormous speed to overshadow the weight.

"The last ones to arrive will use the wheel instead, so run to death!"

Sick insults and shouts rang out. The speeding cart quickly disappeared very far away.


Hwang Jong-yi, who was left behind, burst into laughter.

"Please don't worry."

Hwang Jong-ui deeply captured the dust cloud in the distance.

* * *


The hands of Namgoongdodo were shaking. My mouth smells sweet, and my whole body is as heavy as a wet cotton.

But he was not given time to rest.


He jumped up from his seat and fired a flying shell at once.


A shell and a sword collided and created a loud explosion.


Such shells are actually nothing. If he had kept his head above water, he could have blown it off like a feather.

But that shell was too heavy and heavy for him now.

'Like a dog...'

Now I know what it's like to be thinned to death.

They are never in a hurry. It has not fired enough artillery to attract this side, nor has it landed more than it needed. They attacked the river so little that they didn't have time to stick their hips to the ground.

In a word, they were very lukewarm attacks.

But the attack lasted for days, leaving me thinking I'd rather face it head-on, even if I were defeated and wiped out.

Slowly, but surely, they were nibbling at Namgung Sega.



Someone screamed from somewhere.

If it were only two days ago, everyone would have turned their heads in haste at the scream. And would have let out an angry shout.

But not anymore. I got used to it.

It is not uncommon in Maehwado Island to be hit by artillery fire, which would have been easy to avoid if one had lost his concentration.

Namgoongdowi looked back with a distorted face.

The feelings of Changgung Gumdae's expression were not despair or anger.


There is no face that was full of spirit anymore. It is close to the faces of those who were taken to a faraway country and forced to catch the oars at the dock.

The resignation seen in front of the situation was placed on the face of that palace sword.

'You should have attacked.’

It is not that I do not understand Namgung Hwang's decision. But I understand. So I don't think it's the best thing to do.

What was I supposed to do?’

And what should we do in the future?At that moment another shell flew into the island. In the eyes of Namgoong-do, Changgoongdae, who stood weakly without responding to the shell, came in.

It was a moment when Changgung's face turned blue when he discovered a shell that flew to the ground.

My body moves before I even think about it.

Whoo! Whoosh!

Namgoongdowi, who rushed like a ray of light and cut off the shell, clenched his teeth. Perhaps because he was in a hurry to wield the sword, his hand, which caught the sword, was torn and poured red blood.

"Cow, my lord...….”


Namgoongdowi grabbed Changgoongdaewon's shoulder, which barely escaped from the crisis.

Changgungdaewon closed his eyes, thinking that swear words would definitely come out.

"Hold on a little longer!"

However, what came out of Namgoongdowi's mouth was not reprimand but encouragement.

A voice with a distinctly different echo from Namgung Hwang resonated throughout the island.

"Clench your teeth! We are Namgoongse! You may die fighting, but you are not allowed to give up on your own!"


"The opportunity will surely come! If the opportunity doesn't come, I'll make it! I won't let you die here without a single sword! I mean!"

Namgoongdowi shouted in a bloody voice.

"Trust me and cheer up a little more! Until the moment I repay them for this pain and humiliation!"

Light gradually returned to the eyes of inspectors at Namgung Sega, which had become blurred.

They nodded with their teeth clenched. And with bloodshot eyes, he glared at ships surrounding the island.


Namgoongdowi also stared at the Black Dragonfly floating in the Janggang River, chewing his lips to the point of blood.

He looked really confident.

But his fingertips, which he desperately hid in his sleeve, were shaking.

'Anyone, please... '….Please, quickly.'

Before this feeble spark that barely revived went out...….