Chapter - 940 - 940th episode. Did you look forward to it? (5)

King Heukryong's mouth slightly twisted while standing on the player and looking at Maehwa Island.

"What's the situation?"

"It's progressing steadily. We'll soon run out of energy."


King Black Dragon snorted as if he were in a good mood.

"The Sword of the King.

Sometimes the angry voice of Namgung Hwang was heard here. Every time he heard the voice, King Black Dragon had no way to suppress his blooming smile.

"You're such a fool."

How stupid of you to think you'd dare to deal with a ditch on this water?

They were no longer the enemies of the hydrochae as they rose above the water. It was just a prey to cook skillfully.

"Dear Black Dragon King. I think your enemies are tired enough, so slowly tighten the reins.…?”

"That's stupid."

King Black Dragon waved his hand loudly.

"This is fishing."

There was a smile on his lips.

"When you catch a big fish, you shouldn't show off your strength. If you fight with force, the fishing line breaks and you miss the fish you caught at your best caught. What matters in fishing is not strength, but patience."

King Heukryong's eyes glared gently at Maehwa Island. It was the eyes of a predator waiting for the right time.

"You just need to relax a little bit more. No matter how big the meat is, it will have no choice but to be dragged up on the boat after losing its strength.”

He pointed his chin at the plum blossoms.

"Continue the attack! I untied the fishing line. As if, when you're relaxed, repeat the attack again."



The triumphant spirit flowed from the eyes of King Heukryong.

It's just a greenhouse-grown boy.’

He acknowledges Namgung Hwang's ability. Its prowess and natural waves were enough for even King Black Dragon to feel threatened.

But this is Gangho. It's not the world where the power alone determines the outcome.

Now, Namgung Sega must be fully aware of the feelings of the fish caught in the hook.

The more you resist, the deeper the needle digs, the less power you lose.’

The needle, Janggang, is already stuck deep in the throat of Namgung Sega. There is no way to pull it out on its own.

Hunger and fatigue, fear and feeble hope.

All of that would now be driving Namgung Sega to the bottom of hell.

It's two days at the longest.’

It's not so good to drag things out too much. There is a time for everything. According to King Heukryong's calculation, if he loses strength for the next two days, he can exterminate Namgung Sega without any damage without having to wait for support.

"Continue the attack!"


King Black Dragon smiled quietly.

"Namgung Hwang…. I'll cut your neck for you."

His burning eyes looked at the plum blossoms as if they were about to devour them.

Meanwhile, Namgung Hwang's eyes were dimly sunk.

The dark shadows beneath his eyes seemed to tell how deep he is now in agony.

"…...I don't want to attack you.”


Looking at the ships still surrounding the island, the Emperor Namgung volunteered. I could see it when I turned my eyes. The brothels of Namgung Sega, who are exhausted, have collapsed.


A sigh came out of the mouth of Namgung Hwang, who had been looking at them for a long time without saying a word.

The attack barely stopped.

But he knows. The reason they stopped attacking is not because they didn't have enough energy. It's because I know it's much more effective to shake repeated attacks and neglects than to drive them constantly.



Namgoongmyeong, who had thought about calling him "Gaju-nim," said the word "brother." This is because I guessed that Namgung Hwang is looking for his younger brother Namgung Myeong, not Changgung Daeju."Am I wrong?"

Namgung said in a self-help voice.

"That's what Dowdy said. You have to cut the Black Dragon King when you have strength left. Otherwise, you'll end up dead and dry."


"It's working out like that."

Inspectors at Namgung Sega, who collapsed, no longer seemed to be able to lift a sword. I'm barely protecting my pride by not falling on the sand.

But how long will it last?

Everyone is already at the end of their rope. Even Namgung Huang is suffering from fatigue and suffering, will they be shocked?

"Tell me, Namgoongmyeong."


"Am I wrong?"

"Tongue, brother!"

Namgungmyeong said in a desperate voice.

"That's not true. Your choice was the best. No sputum risks Gargall's life!"


"It's not over yet. If you hang in there a little longer...….Just hang in there a little longer and you'll definitely have support!"


Namgung Hwang smiled quietly.

"What if he doesn't come?"


"What happens if the support doesn't arrive in time?"

"He, it's....”

Namgungmyeong could not bear to answer. He knows the result and Namgung Hwang knows it.


Namgung Hwang's shoulders were shaking.

"I can't stand it. I can't stand it...….”


He clenched his fist to the bone.

"What I really can't stand is not death. It is not the end of the Southern Palace."


"They've trusted me for the last three years, and they've endured that painful training...I can't let you die as a prosecutor, and I can make you die like you're being hunted.….I feel so sorry and sorry."

Namgung Hwang's voice was shaking.

He couldn't stand his anger and anger, and he couldn't stand his disgust.


"Did I really make that choice for the future of my family?"


It was a voice toward Namgungmyeong, but it was never a question to him. It was a question that he asked himself.

"Wasn't I just afraid?"

Namgungmyeong saved his breath. His voice was so heavy that he couldn't even think of consolation.

"Wasn't it true that I was afraid to risk my sword both my family's fortune and their lives?"

Namgungmyeong bit his lips instead.

He had never seen such a weak figure of Namgung Hwang. Despite the fact that there is not much age difference, Namgung Hwang has always been bigger than Taesan to him.

But now, the Namgung was collapsing.

"Brother! You can't do this. Brother is going to Namgung! Everything in the world may be shaken, but you must not be shaken!"

"……Yes. Yes, that's what you're saying."

Namgung closed his eyes gently.

The weight of the two letters weighed on him now.


Namgoong Hwang said as if he were self-supporting.

"It was not once or twice that I felt sorry for being born in this era."


It was rather out of the blue, but Namgungmyeong didn't stop him. Now, Namgung just needs someone to talk to.

"In this peaceful age, my sword will never be shaken."

Namgung Hwang's eyes turned to the distant sky.

"A hundred years ago, if I had been born in that turbulent age...… I was confident that I would be a savior of the world and raise a reputation that is incomparable to now. Cutting the Heavenly Demon's throat with my sword.""Brother……."


Namgung Hwang burst into laughter.

"They've been fighting this kind of war for years....and go through hell that's incomparable to this, just fight and fight as I watch my birth-like family and disciples vomit blood and be decapitated next to me.….”


"How could it have been? How... How could I not break my heart?”

Namgung Hwang's voice was weak. It was the first time in his life that he felt so small.

"I cut off the head of King Heukryong and couldn't even muster up the courage to save the family...… turbulence? Heavenly Demon? LOL."

He shook his head with a smile.

"It was a one-day puppy who didn't know the subject. I was only one human being. Just……."

My fist was shaking as if it were going to explode.


"I know."

However, even before Namgoongmyeong offered words of consolation, Namgoong Hwang shook his head.

"I know it's not the time to be like this."


"Changgung Daeju."

"Yes, my lord!"

"The enemy will launch a general offensive in a few days. He'll try to wrap it up with as much power as he can."


"Until then, let the gasols take turns resting."

Namgung Hwang clenched his teeth.

"At least it's not going to happen that you don't see the sword once and die."

"I'll take your orders!"

Namgungmyeong ran toward the gasols. Namgung Hwang, who was staring at the scene, once again leaked a deep sigh from his mouth.

Like that, the attacks continued endlessly.

Namgung Sega, who lost its place to hide, changed its strategy and placed it in a circle in the middle of the island. The people on the outside are trying to protect the people on the inside, take turns, and rest a little bit.

I could not rest comfortably in a situation where shells flew in and numbers were attacking me little by little, but I could preserve my stamina just by not having to wield a sword.

But that wasn't a very good number.

Those who gathered inside were able to face the surroundings objectively more than before, and they had no choice but to realize how desperate they were in.

a feeble hope

The desperate, but endless belief that someone would surely come to their rescue was all that supported them.

But…… one day goes, two days goes, and three days go.

Salvation has not arrived.


Namgoongdowi looked at the sun that was blazing hard.

Indeed, the warm sunshine, but now even this was breathtakingly burdensome for him.

Didn't you come?’

I turned my head instinctively and looked at the riverside, but I still couldn't see anyone. I can't blame the empty riverside so much.


A dry cough came out automatically. I drank enough water, but my whole body seemed to have dried up.

Can we hold on longer?’

No, it doesn't matter if you can. You have to endure it no matter what.

Those who are harder than that are holding out.

Namgoongdowi instinctively grabbed the sword and put it in the ground. And I barely managed to get myself up.

The eyes glistened with anger touched the stomach of the enemies. Those ships surrounding the island of Maehwa are so hateful.….


At that time, the eyes on Namgung Island grew even bigger.


My mouth opened automatically, and the corners of my eyes trembled.

"Ee, wake up. Get up!"

A squeezed voice burst out of his mouth.Ships that were circling around the island surrounding Maehwa Island and drying and killing Namgoong Sega were turning their heads toward the island!

Blood burst out from the mouth of Namgoongdo Island. But he shouted evil without knowing it.

"Here he comes! Attack!"

This is the last attack of the Surochae, which aims to cut the Namgung Sega's breathing.

The final chapter of the long and long Janggang Helldo was unfolding.