Chapter - 942 - 942nd episode. Let me tell you what despair is. (1)

Enemies literally flooded the river.

A bunch of Seung-nyangs smelling blood? No, a herd of blood-smelling sharks would be a little more appropriate.

With their eyes painted with madness, they vented out their evil voice to gain the flesh of Namgung Sega.

The battle line against each other.

The endless screeching of enemies who were engulfed in madness was enough to color the hearts of those who had barely endured with despair.


The flood of numbers soon jumped onto the head of Namgung Sega. Their backs, which rose momentarily, covered the sun, cast a long shadow over Namgung Sega. As if to foretell their fate.


However, those who receive it are none other than Namgoongse.

Even in the midst of despair, their instincts naturally found the sword path. And before thinking with his head, the sword poked at the number first.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The demolition of Namgung Sega penetrated the bodies of its enemies. As the blade of the sword broke through the back, blood spilling out toward the inspectors of the Namgung Sega like rain.

The feeling of hot blood pouring down on the face woke the minds of the prosecutors who had been hazy.

But it was just the beginning.

"Kill me!"

"Push the harpoon down your throat!"

The enemies, regardless of the blood spilled by their colleagues, jumped without hesitation into the spilling forest of swords.

the insanity of the battlefield

He who is alone cannot stand up to death. But when someone else's rough breath pours out from behind you, you forget your own death.

The bodies and swords are crossed and the numbers come in.

There is no fighting against such odds

The inspectors of the Namgung Sega desperately swung the sword down, but the numbers wielded harpoon like their feet until the moment their necks were cut off.


The battlefield is a land dominated by fraud. Black, depressed by his spirit, can't move in search of his own sword path. Things might have changed if they were in full swing, but the inspectors at Namgung had already exhausted their energy.

So…… all that was left was to collapse.


A sharp harpoon penetrated his shoulder and pierced his side.


A burning fever spread through my body.

However, the enemy's shot did not give him the time to enjoy the upcoming death.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Starving harpooners dug their way through the collapsing body. The inspection, which had dozens of holes in its body, was torn down on the spot without leaving even the body intact.


Break down the entire sword that was violently swung, tear its neck. However, as if protesting against this, the sword bounces the harpoon sideways and pierces the solar plexus.

At one time, the two camps began to mess up.

"Stay in line! d*mn it, don't mix it up.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Namgungmyeong shouted as if throwing up blood.

Namgoongsega is a minority compared to its rivals.

A master who, of course, wouldn't dare to reach out to his enemies. But this place is not on stage. No matter how good they are, the battlefield is rife with shouts and death. How can you stop a sergeant flying behind your back in such a mess?

As soon as the battle line collapses, annihilation is a fixed step.

"Stop it! Stop it!"

At the same time as Namgungmyeong shouted, he drew a sword and rushed forward. This was not the time to order from the back, but because I knew it was time to come forward and restore the collapsing battle line.

As he moved, the elders, who were waiting, also jumped out of their seats and jumped forward.Paaaaaaaaaaaah!

The sword swung like an island war.

"You can't cross this place until you kill me!"

"Come on, dogs of the channel!"

The elders were desperate, too.

Those who are dying in front of them are none other than their sons, grandchildren, and disciples. Their swords, which had clenched their teeth in the face of the death of their own people, finally got a chance to move and split the bodies of their enemies at once.


"Koo, Cough! This dog...…like……."

But the situation hasn't changed as easily as I thought.

The masters who reached their peak swept away a lot of numbers at once, but the number of enemies coming in was so high that it seemed insignificant.

Namgungmyeong's eyes are bloodshot.

'If it hadn't been here.'

If it weren't for an island in the middle of nowhere, it wouldn't have been crowded. However, there is no place to hide or lean on the island. And those enemies are now driving them from all directions.

Even the angle to hide his body was smashed by the shelling. All they had left was an iron sword in one hand and a companion leaning on their shoulder.

No, it's not!

There is still something left for them.


Along with Roh Ho-sung, who is about to burst his ears, a dazzling white sword falls on the heads of his enemies who rush like shells.


The eyes of the enemies who were rushing without looking back suddenly became blank. When the shock returned to their lost focus, their eyes began to be filled with astonishment and fear, not madness.


A flying white sword was sweeping and crushing the numbers.

Single sword.

On the sword, at the very least, the twenty-year-old bandits failed to leave a proper body and turned it into a six-sided. The broken sword stuck in the ground left not a drop of blood on the floor.


The aftermath of the explosion swept the area. Each of the enemies stopped there in surprise of the spectacular sight.

"What the hell is this?….”

"Je, the Cesarean Sword!"

No one would want to be swept away in the face of that sword. But the battlefield didn't give them a chance to realize the reality.

"Get out of my way, you idiots!"


Those who did not see the power of the sword properly because of the back of their co-workers who were packed in front of them only pushed forward, kicking them as if they had stopped at the sight of the fire.


Once again, a white sword was released.

Emperor Nam of the Cesarean Sword.

He, too, is in a state of exhaustion. But his sword was proving why he was called the C-Sword.

"Kill me!"

But he also has one body. The sword was too short and the body felt too small to stop all of them, as the numbers flooded in like a herd of ants in all directions.


A seizure rant broke out from Namgung Hwang's mouth.

Bite! Bite! Bite!

Every time the sword was swung, a terrible sword hit like a storm.

"Black Dragon Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Blood rose in Namgung Hwang's eyes.

"Are all your men going to die? You coward! A coward like you is the king of the Long River, the world must laugh at you!"

The content was not enough to mock or sound desperate. There was a desperate need to provoke King Heukryong and bring him out somehow.

However, King Heukryong remained steadfast.

He just watched Namgung, who was running wild like a wolf in a flock, with a corruption of ridicule.


It's a distance where we can feel each other's eyes, but Namgung Hwang can't jump at the owner of that gaze. As soon as he stepped out of this place, he sensed that Namgung Sega would be wiped out regardless of their competition."Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Namgung Hwang cut off the entire waist of the enemy. His body was covered with internal organs and blood from his cracked waist.

The hotness and terrible fishy smell stimulated the whole senses.

In the middle of the battlefield, Namgung Hwang cried and cried.



His student.

I'm going to die again.


His family.

an overwhelming cost of engagement Every time a male palace dies, the enemy dies more than ten times. This is a performance worthy of the name Namgoongse.

But who can be happy?

Who is willing to trade my death for the death of the enemy?

"You son of a b*tc*!"

I could see it in the eyes of Namgoonghwang.

His son Namgoong Dowi is shedding tears of blood and cutting down his enemies.

The sword was fast and strong. He harbored a clear light even in despair. The light that Namgung sought so much.


'Even that sword will lose here.’

Hot tears eventually flowed from Namgung Hwang's eyes, which realized the fate of Sega.

Tears could not flow from this iron man's eyes even if his arm was cut off, or even his heart was punctured. However, in the presence of a dying Gassol and a family whose horrendous fate was set, he was only a weak human being.

It's all his fault.

Everything is his sin.

If he could save even one more, he wouldn't mind hell, where the whole body would be crushed and suffering forever for thousands of years. But heaven didn't even give him a chance to sacrifice.

As if his life were too insignificant.

The blood of the male palace was mixed with the blood of the blood of the male palace was mixed. They are different when they are alive, but once they are dead, they are just the same body.

"Argh, argh, argh! Let me live!

"I don't like it anymore!"

It's collapsing.

Although he has fought in the face of death, his will could not overcome the fear of harpooning him constantly and the death of his colleague who was dying right next to him. One by one, he started to retreat, pouring out tears and runny noses.

"Don't back off!"

"Keep your seat! Please! Please!"

The shouts of Namgoongdo and Namgoongmyeong were intertwined and the sky of Maehwa Island resonated desperately.

At the last moment, he tried to protect the name of the palace and die. But the deaths they faced were not so romantic.

Name? Fame? Dignity?

What's the use of all that for a dead man?

I just want to live. One more moment. As long as you're shielding your colleague for me, even for a moment longer...….


A lion roar erupted from the mouth of Namgung Hwang, who was engulfed in anger and despair.

His prowess was like a criminal among wolves. Even wolves with sharp teeth dare not confront criminals.

However, there is a limit to what one bum can do in this wide battlefield.

I'm a loser.

A head flying from somewhere fell at the feet of Namgung Hwang.


Namgung Hwang turned his head without seeing the head. Tears of blood poured down from my chest.

'Yes, let's all die here.'

He clenched his teeth and raised all his potential. If you're going to die anyway, you'll have to take at least one more man. I don't even think of hope.


But at that moment.

An incredible roar was heard in Namgung Hwang's ear.

"Argh! Argh! He's here! It's here. Argh!

He looked hastily at the side where he heard the sound.

"Sorim! Shaolin is here! Shaolin has arrived.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!Shaolin?

When the news such as Danbi was delivered, the eyes of prosecutors at Namgung Sega, who were falling, were shocked and delighted. Everyone checked across the river with a desperate face.

"Ah……. Ah…….”


"For God's sake! He's here! Jiwon is here!

As soon as the group on the other side of the river was confirmed to be wearing Hwangpo, inspectors at Namgung Sega shouted out loud.

"Sorim is coming to help!"

Hang in there! Hang in there!

"You scoundrels, you scoundrels! I'll kill them all!"

The appearance of Shaolin was a delight to Namgoong Sega, but it was despairing news to Surochae.

"Cow, Shaolin?"

"The Shaolin is here?"

The enemies also had eyes, so as soon as they saw Shaolin on the other side, they quickly began to regain their senses.

"Why, why Shaolin...….”

"For God's sake!"

They know.

It's too wide a river for ordinary people, but they're Shaolin's draws. If you decide, you will be able to go down the river and join this island.

The movements of the numbers slowed for a while.

Chaos and chaos were covering plum blossoms repeatedly.

"Room leader!"


The court bit his lips and nodded.

"It's not too late! No... It's a little late, but it's not irreversible!"

If only a few were late, there wouldn't have been anyone living there.

It was painful that the battle took place before arriving, but the Namgung Sega was not yet extinct. Even if we can save half of that power, we'll definitely be able to talk about winning!

"It's not time to delay!"


A big lion roar came out of the court's mouth.

"Listen, disciples! River down to support Namgoong Sega! Get the wicked band of men off the island!"


The victory of the court fluttered as the wind blew.

I won this time!’

The court clasped its fist.

The match was a battle of who arrived first in the first place. As long as they get here first, the game is decided. No matter how great the channel is, it is not possible to deal with Shaolin and Namgung at the same time.

It doesn't matter how much Namgung Sega is not in its right condition. I can deal with the watercolors alone. Just by tying their feet to that island, Namgung has done its part.

"Now! Go and defeat the evil enemies...…!”

It was at the time when the court burst into a brave old castle.


As he was shouting, he flinched and stopped talking. And soon he started shouting urgently.

"Mur, stop! Everybody stop there!"

Shaolin's monks, who were about to jump into the river, looked back, surprised by the urgent voice coming from behind their backs.

"Ba, head of the room?"

The legal community also looked at the court with a look of unknown reason. Where's the time to lose?

"……the head of the head of the room.

However, the moment I checked the face of the court, I was startled. The court was white as if it had encountered a ghost.

"What's wrong with you……….”

"Oh, Army……. Amitabha Buddha…….”

Dislikes trembled terribly.

"How come... How come! Why!"

As soon as he burst into anger, the legal community turned slowly as if they had noticed something. His gaze was on the upper reaches of that river, where the court was staring first.


It was only then that the eyes of the law community began to see it.

A large fleet that has finally begun to emerge on a vast bend of the river.

"Turn it off…."

You can't be mistaken. I can't turn a blind eye.

I had no choice but to check with my disciplined eyes.

The largest leading ship among dozens of ships that emerged at the same time. And the image of a man standing in that player.There's no way you can't recognize me. How can I forget that? If you've seen the author once, you'll never forget it.

"Come on, Jean……."

A tired voice leaked out of the mouth of the legal world.

"It's a day………."

a losing battle

Standing at the forefront of the fleet advancing to Maehwa Island, he saw Shaolin lining the river and pulled up one corner of his mouth.

"Oh, my God. You've worked so hard.”

He smiled earfully, covering his face with a hand with a colorful ring.

"Why? Did you expect anything? Hahahahaha! Ahahahahaha! Hahaha!

Even Jang Il-so's laughter filled with joy and madness held his breath.