Chapter - 944 - 944. Let's tell them what despair is. (3)

He may not be the strongest.

It's Jang Il-so, called Zappa Jeil-in, but no one knows whether his force is really the best in the world. No, I didn't tell you.

Why? It's too simple.

It doesn't matter at all.

The position of all those who live in the strong country depends on their force. To build a prestige in this Dosan Geomrim, one must prove several times how strong one is.

But this guy...…. Not just interest.

a losing battle

The name is entirely heterogeneous in this river.

Even if Jang Il-so's force is nothing more than a third-class ship on the street, everyone in the world will say it in unison.

This is the interest…… The most dangerous man in the current river.

The deadly venomous serpent slowly walked on the sandy beach. His steps were lighter than intimidating, more elegant than serious. It was a leisurely walk as if I were out for a walk nearby.

However, no one on this island could take their eyes off of it.


The dry saliva just went away.

No one has ordered them to stop fighting. But the war was stopped naturally.

At least Namgungmyeong seemed to know why.

No rabbit fights against wolves in front of them.

The moment Jang Il-so showed up, everyone here sensed that this was not the time to fight each other.


A low voice mixed with nasal sounds was carried away by the wind blowing on Maehwa Island.


Jang Il-so's eyes turned to Namgung Hwang.

"I don't think you look good.….”

Namgung Hwang clenched his fist. It felt like a cool scaly snake strangling him.

In fact, it wouldn't just be the feeling. In Namgung Hwang's eyes, ships that followed Jangilso turned around and blocked the river between Maehwa Island and Shaolin Island.

Now, even if Shaolin is willing to come here to help, it will be difficult to break through.

Unlike the easy walk, Jang Il-so was definitely tightening their breathing.

As if to confirm this, the warriors of the deserted bay rushed to the back of Jang Il-so. Then, the pen name that ran out of there stood next to it in the shape of an escort.

Even though he knew it wasn't the case, Namgung Hwang seemed to laugh in vain.

What do you mean, Jang Il-so? Is there a word that doesn't match like this?

At that time, Jang Il-so's corners of mouth crept up.

"The world's Namgung Sega...… How did it come to this way? What?"

Snake-like eyes tightened the breath of inspectors at Namgung Sega, who were struggling. Jang Il-so took a deep breath and laughed.

It's fun.

He loved this sight to the creeps.

Changcheon Namgungse.

Aren't the eyes of those who shine on the glorious splendor now stained with futility and despair?

Some are bitter enough to shed tears, and some are despondent about the fact that it's over. Someone stares at him with venomous eyes, and someone looks at him with a desperate look for mercy.

All the different eyes are on one person.

But the eyes had one thing in common.

That there is no more light of hope.

That's right away.

Jang Il-so stepped forward.

The numbers in front of Namgung Sega are clearly scared and retreating from side to side. A wonderfully wide road opened where there was no place to step in the place where the numbers were densely packed.Jang Il-so walked along the road as if it were natural.

Finally, the step stopped in front of Changgung Geomdae in Namgung Sega. Those who stood before the front of the line. They were the highest inspectors that Namgung boasted to the world.

It was a short but bitter battle. Thanks to this, the Changgung crew, who were still standing, were cut and stabbed to death.

As Jang Il-so approached, they instinctively held up the sword. Then he showed his teeth like a cornered beast.

However, Jang Il-so approached them with completely unchanged steps, as if he could not see a sword pointing at his neck.


On the contrary, the tip of the swords of the Changgung crew began to tremble.

It was a bizarre and eerie situation in which those who were threatened with a sword trembled, and those who were threatened with their bare hands laughed.

"Oh, Ozzie……".”

Standing right in front of Jang Il-so, Changgungdaewon managed to squeeze out a trembling voice. He threatened Jang Il-so, stretching out the tip of his sword as if he could pierce his neck at any moment.

But like Jang Il-so knows that the sword can never stab me in the neck...…. No, it seemed like it didn't matter if it was pierced.

When he finally stopped walking, the cutting edge of the bloody sword almost touched his neck.

All you have to do is poke.

You can drill a hole in that white neck just by putting your history in and pushing your arm in. You just need a little courage.


The sword couldn't go any further. It was just so pathetic that I couldn't believe the inspection of Namgung Sega was holding it. No, it was rather more intimidating and backed down.


Jang Il-so, who smiled seductively, slowly reached out his hand and put his finger on the trembling blade of the sword.

It's sarak!

At that moment they saw.

Jang Il-so's finger tips crack slightly and a drop of red blood flows down the sword.


Everyone thought vaguely until they saw this scene. I don't think that hand will ever get hurt by this common sword. That's why I'm afraid.

However, the moment I saw that drop of blood, my heart became stronger.

Those who do not fear death because they do not bleed, those who do not fear death.

Which one would be scarier?


The white fingers, full of accessories, slowly advanced on a pitifully shaky blade. After slowly stroking the bloody blade of the sword, it finally touched the back of Changgung Daewon's hand, which held the sword's handle tightly.

Jang Il-so's fingers, which climbed up his arms so slowly like a snake, finally brushed Changgung's shoulder and touched his forehead after coloring his pale cheeks with blood.

It was nothing more than a very light and slow movement, and everyone looked at the scene without even breathing. It was as if he was possessed.

At that moment.

Jang Il-so's hand, which was only unfolding his index finger, was straightened out.

Just when everyone flinched at the sudden change.


Jang Il-so's big hand covered Changgung Daewon's head. It was like stroking a little child's head.

"…Poor thing."

Jang Il-so's friendly voice filled with pity resonated in a calm voice.

"We fought so hard...….”

Changgung began to tremble all over. The inspectors of Namgung Sega, who were watching this, bit their lips until they bled.How can I describe this situation in which the enemy comforts you and comforts you for a moment?

When that Jang Il-so appeared here, was there anyone who expected this?

Jang Il-so shook his head slowly. Then I opened my mouth again.

"But in the end...….”

The inspectors of the Namgung Sega uttered the word they never wanted to hear.

"You've been abandoned.”

Everyone felt suffocated at the moment.

After seeing despair, I saw hope again, and it fell from the hill of hope to the depths of hell. I really didn't want to hear that at all.

"Poor thing……. Tsk tsk tsk."

Jang Il-so's eyebrows softened down as if he was really pitiful.

At the abominable sight, Namgung Hwang gritted his teeth to break. I couldn't have been watching this anymore.

"It's a... it's a... it's a!"

Then Jang Il-so slowly turned around. He looked full of wonder as if he had forgotten that Namgung was behind him.

"……Don't fool us."


Jang Il-so repeated as if he had heard something funny and laughed.

"Yes! Tease! Warrior will die, but no insult will be given! Rather, kill neatly!"

At Namgung Hwang's words, Jang Il-so raised the corners of his mouth.

"That's a strange thing to say.…the more I hear it, the more strange it is."

"…What's wrong with you?"

"When did I ever fool you?"


A look of innocence as if it were a mystery. There's no one who doesn't know that expression is acting. But that's not what matters. It's how much you shake them with that expression and gesture.

"The reason I made fun of you is...Isn't it Shaolin, not me?"

"What a sham!"


Jang Il-so's hand goes up. Jang Il-so's hand, which penetrated the sky in exaggeration, slowly lowered to point to Shaolin beyond the river.



"It's just a river. There's no reason not to cross. Wouldn't the name Shaolin cry if they couldn't cross a river because they were blocking it?”

Namgoong Hwang bit his lips.

"But what are they doing? You're just watching. I'm just watching the end of your life here."

"Where and where!"

"That's what it's....”

There was a clear laugh at Jang Il-so's mouth with his arms down.

"It's a joke."

Namgung Hwang clenched his fist until his bones were white.

Jang Il-so continued.

"I've been running for a month as if I were going to save you, a great savior, but I don't intend to bleed to save you. That's what they think you're worth."

Namgung Hwang knew that he was not angry because he was being played.

It's so painful because there's nothing wrong with what the author says. There was a cry in his throat that he couldn't bear to spit out.

"…So? Are you trying to make fun of us for being in this situation?"

He gritted his teeth and said.

"Don't be ridiculous, jang Il-so! Namgung is never a joke! If death is determined anyway, the last one will fight! The fact that we've been abandoned will not tarnish the name of our palace!"

It was such a wild word that he didn't even know what he was talking about.

However, the anger in the voice was clearly conveyed to those who wrote the name of the palace. Some of the eyes that were losing focus come back.


Jang Il-so shook his head as if he was in trouble.

"Come on out, Jang Il-so! I'm the first one to die!"

Namgoong Hwang raised all his efforts.

He should be the first to inform the inspectors of the Namgung Palace who are afraid that a warrior proves himself by death.Namgung Hwang and Jang Il-so looked at each other as if they were going to rush at any moment.

Jang Il-so's mouth opened very slowly at the moment when Namgoonghwang grabbed his own sword and rushed in.

Do you want me to give it to me?

Namgung Hwang's body stopped standing tall. Like being struck by lightning.

Distrust and dismay, and frustration and expectation.

All those emotions swept through Namgung Hwang's eyes in a short moment.


That's the devil's whisper. You should never listen. However, the current Namgung Hwang has no choice but to hear that.

Stuttering as if he could not open his mouth, he struggled to complete the sentence.

"What did you say?”

Jang Il-so smiled loudly. It was like a demon crawling up from hell and talking to a man with his feet under his feet.

He spitted out his red lips as if he were throwing the same words in the same tone as before.

"Do you want me to save you?"


A deep and heavy silence fell on Maehwa Island.


And in the midst of that silence.

The devil laughed.

"Hahahahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahaha!

Jang Il-so's laughter and the jingle of accessories covered Maehwado Island like the noble nature of married women.