Chapter - 947 - Episode 947. How can a person do this? (1)

King Black Dragon gritted his teeth. Enemies were retreating from Maehwa Island.



Biting his lips tightly, he shivered in anger.

'These bastards.’

He never gave any instructions to his enemies. His instructions stopped at destroying the Southern Palace. Nevertheless, those stupid people are stepping back according to the order of the pen name.


Of course, the family name is Jang Il-so's right-hand man. Given the system of command, it is not so wrong to listen to his orders. Anyway, Surochae is also a member of Sapaeryon.

However, even though he was right here, I could not help but feel distressed when I saw the numbers following the pseudonym order.


King Heukryong took a deep breath.

Anger rises, but if you make a loud noise, you will admit that you have lost control of the Surochae to them even for a moment. Instead, he clenched his teeth and jumped off the Black Dragon Boat.

Then I approached Jang Il-so heading for the ship.

"Where and where!"

Then he called in an angry beastly voice and said,

"What are you doing? Why are you keeping them alive? If you twist your neck like this, it's over.”

Jang Il-so's foot stopped. He turned his head and saw King Heukryong without turning his body.

"Give me any explanation…….”

The words that had been flirting with him were interrupted. King Black Dragon bit the flesh in his mouth without realizing it.

In Jang Il-so's eyes, there was no emotion.

As soon as his colorless and odorless eyes penetrated through him, King Black Dragon had to feel a chill as if he had fallen into the hole.


Jang Il-so kept silent and stared at King Heukryong. King Heukryong's bloodshot eyes met his eyes. He seems to have to prove who he is at least here.

But the confrontation didn't last very long. Eventually, King Heukryong turned his eyes first.

"Excuse me, Ryeonju...….My excitement was excessive."

a weakly bent head

It's not a gesture that means complete submission, but it shows enough respect for the other person.


Jang Il-so looked a little displeased and gave him a glimpse and nodded slowly.

"I know why King Heukryong was so angry. I'm sure you're angry that I've bitten you in the gutter at your disposal."

"Oh, no, it's not necessarily…….”

"But it's not something to be so angry about."

Jang Il-so smiled and continued.

"It's not that big of a deal to kill them and get rid of them.

King Black Dragon doubted his ears for a moment.

It's not a big deal?

They are Namgoongse. The head of the Great Sega and the prestigious powerhouse that has been in existence for hundreds of years. Just by exterminating them, Sapaeryeon and Surochae make achievements to boast about in the world of Hooray.

But... What do you mean, it's not a big deal?

"That's how it works."

day and night

"If you've caught a pine tree, you've got to catch it with bait. What's the difference in fishing for a small fish?"

"…...did you tell me to forget?"

"It's a pretty big fish."

Jang Il-so slowly turned his head. His eyes stopped on the black dragon boat, which is a symbol of the water channel. I got a strange smile in my mouth.

"I'll get on the boat and finish your explanation."

King Heukryong's expression hardened slightly. However, as soon as Jang Il-so looked back as if there was a problem, King Heukryong nodded.

"…I see."

"Let's go, aliases.""Yes!"

Jang Il-so and Ho Ga-myeong slowly headed for the Black Dragon Ship. King Black Dragon followed them without a word.


He bit his lips quietly and stared at Jang Il-so's back.

The Black Dragonfly symbolizes the authority of King Heukryong. No one can board this ship without the permission of King Heukryong. There is no way Jang Il-so will not know about it, but Jang Il-so has informed King Heukryong that he will be on the Black Dragon ship now.

Yes, it was not an understanding or a request, but a notification.

This clearly tells the location of King Heukryong and Jang Ilso.

'Later or later...'

King Black Dragon clenched his fist.

But now I can't stop it. If he tried to stop it, he should not have missed the initiative at the moment of the first confrontation. From the moment he was unable to control his eyes and avoided them, King Heukryong lost his right to control him.


Three years ago.

When they first formed the Sapaeryon, Jang Il-so was not like this. The reason why Shin Juopae established Jang Il-so as the state of Russia was because he was confident that he could be fully controlled.

However, now the question that has been rooted has been raised.

Is it really controllable? That snake?

As he watched Jang Il-so on board the ship flapping a red tarp, a cold sweat began to seep into his back.

The face of the court, which was watching Maehwa Island, became blank.

Enemies filling Maehwado Island were seen stepping down one by one and boarding.

"This is……."

The murmuring court closed its mouth.

I tried to say, 'What the hell is going on?' but I couldn't bring myself to spit it out. This is because I know how stupid the words will sound to the ears of those guarding the back.

But his worries were nothing more than old-fashioned. I said that out of my mouth. However, no one could have pointed the finger at being stupid.

They didn't understand the situation either. No, no one in the world would understand what's happening in front of their eyes.

"…I feel like I'm leaving."

It came out of the mouth of the legal world. But that wasn't what the court said. The legal community was also just muttering what was visible in the confusion.

"The Namgungi…… Has he already been victimized?”

"…I can't believe it."

No matter how surrounded they were, Namgoongsega is Namgoongse.

Especially, isn't there a Cesarean Sword Namgung Palace?

King Heukryong has no power over the world. However, it is impossible to subdue that C-Sword without such a fuss.


What the hell is going on over there?’

Why isn't there a battle?

And why isn't there a battle, and the men who put the Southern Palace in a corner just pull out?

They know their mercy, so they let go of their cornered?

That's ridiculous.

Those people wouldn't even be called Safas in the first place.

"Amitabha Buddha…….Amitabha Buddha."

The court quickly exclaimed disapproval.

I don't know what the hell is going on. From the moment Jang Il-so appeared here, I felt like my head was getting tangled up.

"Mr. Bang, do you...….”

The court turns its head and looks at the legal world.

"The Namgungi…… with them…….”

"Can't you shut up?"

At the moment, an angry shout burst out from the court's mouth.

There is no way that the court does not know what the legal community is trying to say. He might have wanted to say that Namgung was holding hands with them. But the words should never have been spoken out."Don't talk about things that haven't been confirmed! It's just an insult to them!"

"I'm sorry, sir, but the situation is...….”

I was angry, but I understood how the legal community felt about it.

No, to be honest with you, the courts have already thought about that possibility. I don't think it's possible, but it's something else that I don't understand.

Amitabha Buddha. Amitabha Buddha.

The court chewed its lips. Just then, I could see a tooth in a red robe climbing the black dragon boat.

What the hell are you thinking?

There is no need to think about who is in charge of all this.

One day and another.

It was clear that that evil man was up to something.

But even the court couldn't figure out what the author was thinking.


It was when the court was gnashing its teeth and staring at Jang Il-so.

"Oh, it's moving."


The ships on the island slowly recoiled. Even the numbers that pushed the ship back across the sandbank climbed onto the ship.

"Well, you're really leaving like that?"

"……why the hell?"

"What are you thinking?”

A murmur came from behind my back.

Strictly, Shaolin, one of the first hands in the world, is in deep confusion enough to speak their own words right in front of Bangjang.

"You're really off the island.”

"……What is this…?….”

I could see it in their eyes.

Survivors of Namgung, standing in the middle of the island where all the enemies have left.

The law community said again with a pale face.

"Ba, Bang-jang, it's just that they've made a deal.….”

"Don't you tell me to shut up!"

The legal community quickly shut up again because of the tremendous anger in the eyes of the court. The court clasped its fist tightly.

It can't be such an obvious move.’

The Namgoong will trade with them and come back alive?

What's that supposed to mean?

It is not a court to suspect and reject Namgung just for that. What can't you do to survive? To achieve great cause, a superior man does not hesitate to crawl between the crotch of his enemies, but is willing to accept licking gallbladder.

There was no reason for the court to get involved in such an obvious trick.

It's not like that. It's something different. But what the hell...…what the hell can you get out of this situation?’

But soon the court realized.

The fact that it might have been better not to know.

"The ship……."

"Ba, Bang-jang, the ship is surrounding the island again."

The Shaolin monks shouted in a bewildering voice. Sure enough, the ships that left the island did not completely retreat and began to slowly surround the island again.


Do you have to do it again?

If you're going to do that, I'd rather kill them all...….


At that moment, the eyes of the court were wide open.


At the moment, a sound came out of my mouth as if all my soul were escaping. Even the law community, who served the court his entire life, had never heard of it.

His mouth was wide open, and his eyes trembled as if there were an earthquake.

"Oh, how...!”

The boats, which surrounded the island thickly, apparently turned to the outside of the island, so to the north of the river.

"Oh, how can a person do this? How could a man do this with a pharyngeal fear? What the hell! What the hell!A desperate scream came out of the court's mouth.

"Ba, Bangjang!"

The legal community, which has yet to understand the situation, was greatly embarrassed. I swear, it was my first time seeing the court use such evil.

"Loser! Loser! Loser of the devil who's going to fall into hell! How can a person do this? How can a man!"

"Ba, Bang-jang, calm down!"

It was just then.

The black giant black dragon boat, which was overwhelming just by looking at it, slowly approached them, cutting through the current. Soon, the boat, which reached the river between the monks of Shaolin and Maehwado Island, slowly slowed down and stopped.

No one could breathe out.

No one could open their mouth.

Above the sharp player of the black dragon boat, a man in a red jangpo appeared leisurely.

Everyone couldn't lift a finger and just looked at Jang Il-so, who lost. Every look on his face, every gesture, every drop of long cloth flapping in the strong wind!


Jang Il-so's two eyes turned correctly to Shaolin.

"Oh, my God, why are you so angry?”

A soft, low voice penetrated my ear.

"I'm going to tell you...….”

The silence during his brief pause made everyone's heart drop. Soon the devil smiled and continued.

"I'm here to give you a chance."

His red lips, like blood, looked like Hyeonwol.