Chapter - 952 - 952. Don't lower your head. (2)

Two days have passed.

And in those two days...…the Shaolin monks could not move a single step from their first place.

No one sat in their seats, and no one left their seats. He just stared at the fleet of Sapaeryeon, which blocked Maehwa Island and the place between them with blood-stained eyes.

A motionless stillness had subsided, but their inner hearts were shaking more violently than ever.

In life, everyone suffers from the gap between reality and ideals. It is "living" to find one's position by repeating those moments.

However, the current Shaolin monks did not go through such a general process.

The threshold of Shaolin surrounding them was too high for ordinary anguish, and their learning was too good.


One of the unbearable Shaolin monks looked at the court with bloodshot eyes.


In the past, he visited the volcano to deliver the non-military tournament. A suppressed voice leaked out of his mouth.

"Will you just... be watching?”


The court fixed its eyes forward and did not move. I didn't know if I was listening to him or not.

However, Hyebang continued as if it didn't matter.

"Are you really going to let the people of Namgoongsega die away?”

Then the court's neck muscles flinched slightly. Hyebang eventually raised her voice.

"Room leader!"

Only then did the court turn its head slowly. And I faced Hyebang, who was pouring out anger on himself.

"If you do, what would you do?"


"I'll ask you my opposite. What do you want me to do?"


"Do you think we should fight against that Sapae-ryeon? Do you think it's right to ignore the battlefields and the crowd and jump into that river to oxidize?"

Hyebang bit her lips.

There is nothing wrong with what the court says. Now they're jumping into that river is no different from jumping into the fire with their feet down.


Hyebang soon looked straight at the court and said,

"Is that stupid?”


"Aren't you the one who taught me that way?”

At that, the court shut up. His eyes shook a little.

"…Sorim must defend the midfield. What needs to be pursued is a bull road, but consultation should not be missed. That's exactly what he said."


"Is this the way to protect the Buddha? Or are you on your way to the agreement?”


"Are you just talking? Head of the room manager!

"Can't you shut up?”

It was not the court but the law community who raised their voices. He glared at Hyebang with an angry face.

"You just have to vent your anger. But you have to make a decision on everyone's life here!"

Hyebang bit her lips until she bled.

"Can you put the death penalty and all your qualities on the path to death for the sake of good consultation? Can you say with confidence that it's right?"

Hyebang couldn't answer and bowed his head.

The court closed its eyes gently.

Everyone here is distorting and festering at a time when they can't do this or that. It will only get worse as time goes by. Just as a dark scar is left where the pyroots are formed, perhaps the scar will not disappear forever after this situation.

...where and where.

This is why I'm afraid of the long and short and short.

Jang Il-so has already won.Even if Shaolin jumps into that river and saves all the Southern palaces on his back, the scars on their chests will never heal.

Shaolin, who used to carry two weapons of Buddhism and consultation, may no longer exist from this moment.

It was hard to breathe and chilling to think that the whole situation was a ruse from a single person's head.

An inevitable sigh escaped from the mouth of the court, which opened its eyes again.

I could feel it. The eyes of his disciples are no longer the same as before. The anguish and distrust rooted in them were revealed in the eyes of the court.

And then, something fortunate happened to the court.

The Zhao-gae, which gathered the beggars of Jong-ri and Open who led the joint inspection, arrived.

"What the hell is going on here?”


Jong-ri couldn't hide his frustration when he saw the fleets blocking Maehwa Island.

"On that island……….”


The court nodded helplessly.

"There are survivors of the palace."

At that moment, the eyes of the bellies became slightly thin.


It's not wrong. But isn't the word survivor usually used to refer to a few who have survived a force that has already been destroyed enough to destroy?

It was a very subtle tone.

"Those wicked men!"

They are also leading a group of people. Therefore, it was impossible not to understand why Sapaeryeon was blocking the place and keeping Namgung alive.

"Is it too late?”

"…I came as soon as I could, but by the time we arrived, we had already taken over the river by the time we arrived."

"Oh, my God…How can a man in Gwangseo be so...….”

Jong-ri's complexion became noticeably darker. It is a force that is so strong that it is not easy to deal with just those who are here.

However, if such people had secured ships and occupied the river, I could not imagine how many sacrifices they would have to make to break through there.

Jong-ri asked.

"…Will it be possible to break through?

The mother-of-pearl answered in a seductive manner.

"It's not that difficult to break through. Is it a problem if I push all the power I have?"


Jong-ri was pleased to see hope. But at that moment, the magenta snapped out the light.

"But this is not a battle to break through the siege. After they break through their occupation, they must reach Maehwa Island, rescue the survivors of the Southern Palace, and cross the river again."


"It means we have to fight the same battle twice. The second is a tired body with one person at a time."

Jong-ri's forehead began to sweat. Only then did it properly show how ridiculous this situation is.

"Every, what if we gather our power in plum blossoms first?"

"We are only surrounded together. Will you let them pull themselves together?"


"Then why don't we get a boat, too?"

Zhao-gae grinned.

"Didn't the defeat think of that? There probably isn't even a ferry in the hundreds of miles around. If you go farther than that and get a ship, the family name Namgung will no longer exist on the Janggang River by the time you arrive."

The court nodded its head. Although Zhao-gae is certainly cynical, he has a quick and accurate grasp of the situation as an elder of openness."Well, what should I do?"

"What do you mean?"

I looked at the ships where the cobblers were placed. I'm sure you're staring at the people in it.

"Or risk your life to rescue the Namgoong by squeezing out all your power without power...…or we'll have to watch them die over there."

"Lord, I'm dying.…!”

Jong-ri's complexion turned white.

What the hell is going on here?

I have drawn many cases in my head, rushing my feet to the intestines, but I have never imagined such a ridiculous situation.

"Ba, what are you going to do?”

Jong-ri asked me that.

This is because he didn't think he could make a judgment at all. It was impossible to make numerous sacrifices through that ironclad defense, and to watch Namgung's dying body with his eyes.


But the court shook its head.

"I don't think we're the only ones to judge."

"Well, then."

"Since Paenga hasn't arrived yet, I think we should make a decision after arriving in Paenga Province."

"Oh, I think that's the right idea."

Jong-ri nodded furiously.

But it wasn't really a saying to judge whether the court was right or wrong. He was just relieved that he could postpone any moment of decision that might determine the fate of the Moon faction.

In fact, if you think about it a little bit, it wasn't anything to be relieved about.

Jong-ri looked back at the confused common Mundos because he did not understand the situation properly yet.

'For God's sake...'

There is too much time.

Now we have three days left. It was too short a time to decide the fate, but too long a time to dwell on oneself before this situation.

From now on, they must grapple violently with ideals and reality as if they were being punished.

What kind of nonsense is this?

Zahogae frowned at Jong-ri, who was at his wits' end.

You're wrong.

Determination without knowing is a bold one. The decision to postpone and postpone cannot be a proper one.

Moreover, I felt like I could see what their decision would be in the conversation they already had.

However, Zhao-ge did not want to blame them.

It is undeniable that there has been a subtle rift between the old file room and the five generations. Would they be loyal enough to risk their lives to save the Southern Palace?

Not only his own life, but also the fate of the gatekeepers?

This was something that Zhao-gae also wanted to decline.

Turning his eyes to cynicism and shame on himself, he stared at Maehwado Island.

"Namgoongju, how could you have done such a stupid thing?"

Deep sighs and sighs came out.

However, Namgung Ga-ju did not want to blame him deeply either. Even the people standing here seem to be scratching their hearts with knives, but what can I say about the Namgung's feeling of enduring all this while watching the situation on the island?

It was terribly harsh to pay for a single mistake.

Zhao-gae, who had been silent, opened his mouth with an emotionless face.

"You'd better remember one."

The court and Jong-ri looked back at him.

"It's only your two minds who make the choice. Just……."

The mother tongue bit her lips slightly and opened her mouth again.

"The world will remember the choices you have made here. And beyond the world, history will remember."“…….”

"I hope you make the right choice."

Leaving the words, he turned away. I couldn't stand facing them anymore.

It wasn't because of the hatred of those two. However, when I saw them, my hatred for myself soared.

What am I to say?’

Isn't he a sympathizer, too? He may be the most cowardly man here, putting off his choices and saying things right to them.

The pebble fell back and a beggar followed.

"Should I tell the headquarters what's going on?”

"……I should."

However, if the remaining time is three days, the headquarters will not be able to easily make a decision. It's a harsh choice for an open-minded man who has only a few days left to live due to his old age.

"Then I will."


At that moment, the mother tongue bit her lips.

I know it's something I should never do, but I have no choice but to do it. It's not a way to choose as an elder of openness, but as an unmanned man, he brought it up.

"……where did you say the volcano was?"