Chapter - 1 Chapter 1. Dictatorship (Amendment) 1

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The red silk flapped off. A white, slender hand gently swept the man's chin, leaning against the couch. A woman with curly brown hair rolled up gave a seductive smile.

Her upright nipples shook gently before the man's eyes.

Nassin in white.

The woman's hand clasped and unfolded her voluminous chest once. As if to elicit a man's response, she leaned slightly against the bed and crossed her legs. The secret forest disappeared through the bridge. The man didn't respond to her, who was as good as any man's perfect body as he could be possessed once he saw her. A woman whose pride was hurt bit her red lips.

"Am I not beautiful?”


It was an insensitive voice with no interest in her, no excitement even as a man.

The woman's eyes trembled at the indifferent answer. Nevertheless, the woman approached the man and sat on her knees on the floor, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. A firm man's chest came before my eyes.

Intentionally, the lips brushed the man's chest. Slowly sweeping his nipple with his tongue, he held it full. A normal man would have burst into a groan and made rough gestures to dig into her.

The hasty hand found the man's pants dance. The man watched his belt open and pants undeterred.

He was such a smart guy. To the point where a woman wants to sleep.

But the woman knew how dangerous the man in front of her was. I've heard rumors about how many people are dying because of the sculptural appearance. It was a lie that her desire for conquest was not included when she decided to do this.

'He may be able to occupy an impregnable fortress.’

Overlooking the fact that all women had thought so and approached this man, the woman lowered her lips between the man's legs.


His hand lifted the woman's chin.

The moment she met the man's black eyes, she couldn't move. The darkness that seemed to be sucked in was something she had never seen before.

"Who are you?"

How many men have fallen on their feet so far.

Never once did he fail to do what he had to do. The simple movement alone overwhelmed the woman so quickly that she forgot where she was now.

"There must be a reason why you came to my room.”

The woman realized that the joyous foreplay was over the moment she entered the room.

He didn't stop me when I said hello to him at the hotel bar that he often went to, or when I sat next to him. When we first greeted each other with eyes, I thought this would be easy because of the light smile on the lips.

The man smelled dangerous.

Maybe more than yourself.

Instinctively feeling threatened by life, a woman pulled out a hair roll-up pin. The blade flashed thicker than the six sharp little fingers. I had to cut off his breathing as quietly as possible and get out of here. After that, the person in power who commissioned her to do it took care of it, so all she had to do was leave the country.After having rough s*x, he tried to take advantage of the time he fell asleep, but things had already gone wrong. Why a man's eyes threatened her life, the woman couldn't tell. All I could think about was to protect myself.


The man who held the woman's hand holding the dagger in front of his eyes with one hand turned around. In an instant, a woman lying on her couch, where a man had just sat languidly, breathed bitterly.

"Who are you?"

The man didn't bat an eyelid even when he saw the dagger flying to the back of his neck. There was not a moment of panic or agitation. I just subdued her calmly and mechanically as if I knew it.

His eyes briefly turned to the door. Then, without missing it, the woman kicked the man up the shin and pulled out of his loose hands. Her eyes were fixed on her dagger, which fell to the floor. The man was now naked, defenseless. It didn't matter if he was a nass, too.

The only question now was whether I could live here.

I couldn't win in force. Then we have no choice but to take a chance.

"Go tell my uncle. If you want to kill me, do it yourself."

Her gaze alternated between the dagger and the man, calculating which would benefit her. The lips of the man who read the gaze rose obliquely.

Slowly he sat down on the couch again. Her forehead narrowed to the act that she had no interest in a woman who had already sought her own life in this room.

"Let's do that."

Neatly, Bisoo at the man's feet answered the woman who had given up with a smile.

I couldn't beat a man with force. Furthermore, it was a miscalculation that he tried to kill a man who seemed to have received special training by stabbing him with a single dagger in the first place. Picking up the clothes on the floor and her little clutch bag on the bed, she slowly approached the man.

"Do you have anything else to say?”

The man seemed silently lost in thought, without even looking at her as she walked step by step.

Inside the clutch bag, she asked, holding a smaller-sized pistol in her hand than the palm of her hand in the compact.

"……I'm sure."

The man opened his mouth slowly. His eyes were on the door, not the woman.

"I don't think my uncle will hear me again.”

It was at the same time pointing a gun.

It happened at the same time that a man pulled out of a cushion inside the couch and pointed it at her.

But the man was one step faster.

As if he was used to this kind of thing, he pulled the trigger without hesitation.

1. Land of heat, polar bear


A single shot from inside the door hit two pairs of eyes guarding the outside of the door in Ho Gong.

He was on the duty of security in form, but in fact, he was not the one who needed security. Now that I heard the gunfire, I had to rush in and check the employer's condition, but it was the first time or two, and now it's not surprising.

"It's your turn this time," she and Seo-yoon shrugged at the eyes of Moon and her colleague who looked at her alternately. He lamented briefly about how he came here, but quit in the first place because he thought he would be born to find the answer to the question.John, his colleague, shrugged his shoulders to Seo-yoon, who turned the door handle, and soon turned away.

As soon as I opened the door, my sense of smell responded first than my sight. No matter how many times you smell the stinky smell, you can't get used to it. And the bloody room, too.

The naked woman was lying on the bed, bleeding with a brainstorm in her head. And, as if to appreciate it, I lay back on the sofa by the window and saw him, naked and keeping his eyes on the bed.

He is 187 centimeters tall and has a slim figure as much as a model, and acts as if he doesn't care about his outstanding appearance. She was born with fair skin and blonde hair, resembling her French mother. Sharp jawlines and thin but distinct red lips made the man's skin look whiter. Unlike the blemish-free face, it was "he" who had various cuts or scars on his body.

Who said that the completion of appearance is the face.

Seoyoon thought that the person who said it should look into his eyes.

"He" was the only one who inherited his father's dark eyes, which were so dark and dark that he mistook the other for being in the middle of a deep swamp. If you look into that eye even once, your appearance will disappear.

It was a man with eyes that were hard to face at all the time.

Why does every time I open the door and look at the body of a woman lying in bed remind me of the Arab myth, "One Thousand Nights"?

"Get rid of it."

Seo-yoon approached the body on the bed without a word at the cold words that Seo-yoon spat out as if he was annoyed. He extended his hand to close his eyelids, expressing his silent condolences to the sight of him dying without even closing his eyes properly.

It has already been more than half a year since Seoyoon came here and started cleaning up. He had crossed the sea as a one-year contract worker in the first place, but was planning to leave soon after it was completed. It was the fifth body she was cleaning, and John, who had already been here for three years, had no idea how many times he had done this.

I should have left the first day I saw the body.’

It wasn't the first time I saw a dead man. I've seen a lot of things worse than this, and there's even a lot of times. But it was a story when it was a battlefield. If it wasn't for my father's debt, I wouldn't have come here or seen a man sitting there as if he didn't feel anything in this earthy air.

Seo-yoon was now realizing with her whole body that "the wens of that money."

One hand under the woman's neck and the other under the knee. The body, which was not long after its death, still retains its warmth when it was alive.


He gritted his teeth and lifted it, but he couldn't stop the groaning.

The eyes of the man looking at Seo-yoon were still cold. In the middle of this scorching desert that man was so cold. To the point where I wonder if he'll die of dying of frostbite.

Blood dripped on the floor every time I walked with the body in my arms. On the black shoes she's wearing, and on the smooth marble floor.It was hard to move a droopy person. Still, Seoyun was 170cm tall and tall for an Asian woman. Without round foreheads and double eyelids, large eyes, a rather towering nose, and thick eyebrows were gently drawn on top of the eyes. There were many times when the tail of her eyes drooped slightly and bent softly whenever she frowned or smiled, causing misunderstanding as she seemed to smile when she was angry.

Every time I think about it, biting my lips has become a habit, and my lower lip, which is always swollen, was biting hard today. My cheeks, which had gained weight a little chubby maybe because I had suffered for a long time here, became slim and revived my forgotten jawline. had forgotten. Because of the black hair unique to Asians, Asians still rarely walked around arrogance, drawing attention all at once.

Seo-yoon has been trained in many dangers so far, unlike his appearance, which no one expects to be a soldier until he speaks directly.

But I'm not used to this kind of thing yet. No, it's actually a big deal if you get used to it. I never wanted to get used to this kind of thing. It was harder than running around eating dust under the scorching sun wearing a bulletproof vest weighing more than 20 kilograms.

Mentally and physically.

It has always been a question of how a person who cleans up the mess can be so calm. Of course I didn't say that either.

As soon as Seo-yoon came out with the body in his arms, the maids that John had already called were waiting outside to clean the room. He went inside without even blinking, cleaned the bloody bed, and changed the pad.

"Why would you want to kill that polar bear?"

The face of the already dead woman he holds was indescribably fine. John spit it out from the side, perhaps it was a waste. Seoyoon brushed past John, who seemed unwilling to help her with the body struggling.

Polar bear

It was referring to the object they were guarding.

Of course, you never know. Perhaps if he had put a polar bear something in his mouth in front of that icy face, he might have to be moving that big John's body.

A man close to perfection on the face of it.

She was named the next Sultan of a small country called Oman in the Arab world, which she was unfamiliar with.

Even in a small country, I could never ignore huge oil fields and minerals in this country. The only 'living' son from a French mother and a Sultan currently ill. As an Islamic institution, fastidious elders were absolutely opposed to his enthronement. Half-blood sometimes goes for life like this, claiming it cannot be mixed into the royal family. Most of the killers were women, perhaps because they thought women were the only way to approach a man besides his bodyguards.

There were foreigners, and there was a woman wearing a hijab, who was ridiculously named No. 1 in the Oman Beauty Contest. The taste of men was unpredictable. At this rate, the majority of the killer's gender was women, to the extent that all female killers around the world might become extinct.

I don't know if this man's taste is a woman with a dangerous smell.

I wasn't interested in whether I knew it or didn't know it. She's a bodyguard, but all she does is clean up the body, so she's more of a clean-up unit.I was told that the Sultan was bent on finding a suitable marriage partner for his son, and it was also funny but true that no one gave him a daughter. Who now gives his daughter away to a prince whose life is on the line? And even if I did, I gave it up.It was clear that the woman would run away with her life as collateral if she saw that temper once.

The main character is...

Ashan Al-Lugerta, 33, this year.

That was the name of a frozen polar bear living in a tropical desert.

Or, burn to death.

Even after taking a shower, the smell of blood still lingered in my body go away. Seoyun knew from long experience that she would have to live with this smell for a few more days. Without even thinking about drying his hair, he roughly tied his wet hair down to his shoulder with a rubber band and hurried out of the room to guard again.


The man who came across the garden with a pleasant tone when he found her was a cousin of a polar bear. It certainly looked like a polar bear, except for its different hair and skin color. First of all, the height was similar, and the eyes were the same color as the bear's eyes, but they looked much simpler. Seoyun believed that it came from the impression of smiling all the time.

Looks like a typical handsome oil rich Middle Eastern prince. It wasn't greasy, but really straight nose, deep eyes, and thick black eyelashes made me think of the Persian prince. His curly black hair shined in the sunlight every time he walked in.


The cousin, who showed his white teeth at Seoyoon's greeting, tried to hug her tightly. Seoyoon stepped back reflexively.


The polar bear's cousin Asuka opened his mouth with a disappointed face.

"It smells like blood."

The polar bear cousin was incredibly suited to this desert. Asuka has always been hot and passionate, and basic manners for humans are at the base.

Seoyoon said, "I want to mix polar bears and Asuka properly and share them."

"Let's see."

Asuka, who was sniffing with a playful face on Seo-yoon's shoulder, shook his head and said.

"No, I don't."

"Well, it's just a feeling."

"Ashan did it again today, didn't he?

Cleaning up his body was nothing new in this palace.

"Was she a great beauty again?"


"Hi~ I envy you. Why don't I just let such beauties raid me?

"It's a physical attack, and even if you want to, it's a little scary if you take a gun or a knife and attack your life."

"That's right, I'm not as strong as Ashan."

Both Ashan and Asuka were outstanding handsome men.

If I had met him somewhere other than here, I would have made Seo-yoon look back once or twice, who was not interested in men. If Ashan was a handsome face full of wild charm, Asuka was more of a maternal beauty.

Well, the polar bear nickname was given to him because of his unblinking ferocious nature behind his handsome face. John, who saw the innocent polar bear's face, approached it thinking of Coca-Cola's polar bear and saw the Internet news somewhere that half of his face was blown away by a single front paw, started calling Ashan a polar bear since then. And Seoyoon agreed with that.He's hiding behind that handsome face a frenzied spirit of smashing and destroying everything he doesn't like.

"Why, why, what are you thinking about?"

"I think it would have been nice if Asuka was my bodyguard."

I didn't really want to say what I meant, but the words on my mind popped out at Asuka's whip. Asuka, who heard that, squinted and soon giggled.

"I want to have Hani by my side, too.

Her name was Han Seo-yoon. However, everyone who had a hard time pronouncing the Korean word "Seoyun" was calling her by pronouncing it instead of her name as if she was increasing her family name.

Whenever I heard the name, I remembered an animated film I enjoyed watching when I was young, but I soon shook my head and erased the idea.

"Shall I talk to Ashan?”


You didn't have to scratch it. Just like now, Seo-yoon's hope was that the polar bear would quietly end the remaining contract period and return to his home country without knowing his existence.

Waiting for Seo-yoon, who had just returned from Afghanistan after being discharged from the military for more than eight years, including a military academy, was a father and sister who had lost all their homes and quite large businesses. In the summer, no word was said when I saw a smelly semi-basement room where water was flowing back from the sewer.

Hae-yoon, the only younger sister, burst into tears that she had endured as soon as she saw Seo-yoon, saying that she could not marry Eun-gang, who had been dating for five years. I was introduced to this place by a senior who visited to soothe crying Hae-yoon, saying that money for marriage and hope had disappeared.

The senior, who quit his military career in the middle of military school and graduated from the Department of Security at a regular university, said, "I can't tell you anything else because of the secret clause with a white face, but it's like hell."

After hearing his bleating that it was hard just to endure a year, Seo-yoon decided to come here as soon as he heard his salary for a year.

300 million won on a one-year contract.

His younger brother, Hae-yoon, strongly opposed that he would go to the Middle East this time because Afghanistan was not enough when he was moving from 28 to 9. I knew it wasn't easy, but I had to go. With that money, I could marry Hae-yoon and give him even a small shop.

Of course, less than a month after he came, he called for the cancellation of the contract because he thought he would break his head due to ethical matters, but he was led back to the palace by a lawyer who laughed that the penalty was 10 times.

And the ethical part is sort of settled. It was one fact that Ashan was not a murderer who indiscriminately killed people. Killing only people who go against their nerves, not indiscriminately, is really a "ah" and "uh" different thing.

"Hani, how long is your contract?"

"Five months and 28 days."

"Are you counting the days?”


He attached a calendar of a local church brought from Korea to his accommodation and used a red marker to draw an X every day.

The place where they stood was a corner of a garden that was not air-conditioned, so sweat quickly flowed from Seoyoon's forehead after taking a shower.


Asuka looked at Seoyoon with a subtle look and swept the sweat up her neck.

"That's too bad, really."

"If you're sad, come to Korea sometime. Asuka is always welcome."Asuka grinned again at Seoyoon's words.

"What about Ashan?"

"……I'm going to report it. Korean police are not as easy as they are here."

Asuka held her stomach and laughed at Seoyoon, who answered seriously. His laughter was so refreshing that it seemed cool even though the wind was not blowing, so even Seo-yoon laughed.

"Now you're laughing."

It was Asuka who always gave an essay about the need to be soft to Seo-yoon, saying, "It's hard."

"It's a waste if you don't smile when your dimples are so pretty.”

"What logic is that?"

Seoyoon, who knows Asuka's sister is his age, said understanding his behavior of treating him like a sister.

"I hope Hani stays here for a long time."

"Don't say that in your dreams."


Seoyoon looked at Asuka, who asked back, with a remorseful face.

"You're not telling me to clean up a dead body here for the rest of my life, are you?”

"Did it sound like that?”

"It's clear to me."

Asuka, who saw Seo-yoon's two fists clenched while speaking with a straight face, waved his hands.

"That's not what I meant...….”

An uninvited guest intervened between Asuka and Seoyoon, who were seriously trying to talk about his intentions.

"What are you doing?"

John was nodding his head down the hall and giving a wink of welcome. Seoyoon hurried to move.

"Well, then, Asuka. See you next time."


Asuka shrugged his shoulders as if nothing had happened when Seo-yoon turned around with a depressed voice.

Asuka was the only one in this vast palace who treated Seoyoon without hesitation, unlike the royal family. No, it was almost the only one except Talin Ashan because he was so free of grudges. And Asuka was the only one who always took care of Ashan, who was alone.

I didn't want to dwell on this complex and subtle conflict in the Middle East, but watching the relationship from the side, I naturally understand it.

Ashan, who now has the only right to succession, but is not supported by the Presbyterian Church. And Asuka, which the Presbyterian Church is pushing for as the next Sultan, was, in a way, a rival. But both of them stuck to their own lifestyles, completely unlike rivals, so they even seemed like close friends in a way.

After all, the problem was the Presbyterian Church.

Ashan was unlikely to die until his contract was terminated. But it didn't seem like the Presbyterian Church would stop trying to kill him.

In a way, the most pathetic thing was Asuka. It was not once or twice that I saw him in trouble between Ashan and the Presbyterian Church. And the biggest problem of all was that neither Ashan nor Asuka was interested in the Sultan's seat.

"Yes, that's the biggest problem.」

If one of the two rushed in with his eyes on the spot, things would work out, but he did not show any greed for the position as if they were turning away from each other. So I didn't even know that the Presbyterian Church was somehow trying to kill Ashan and force Asuka into the position.

"What are you muttering to yourself?"

"I just looked at the complicated situation in the Middle East."

"What do you mean?"

There were blood droplets that had not been cleaned up on the long corridor covered with virods.

Seoyoon rubbed his nose like a habit. There seemed to be a fishy smell on the tip of my nose.

"I don't know why we're the only ones having this problem."

I nodded at John's words.

I knew what he was talking about. It was only John and Seoyun on three shifts who always cleaned up the bodies. It's not always that, but most of the time it was."Is this the polar bear trying to screw us?"

"No way."


Looking at the clock, it was a little past 4 p.m. The next shift, Kei and Salmon, waved lightly at John and Seo-yoon where they were standing.

"Do you want to take a nap and go out for a beer tonight?"

"Why do you have to go outside and drink beer that you can drink in the dorm when you're so tired?"

John slapped his tongue at Seo-yoon's lukewarm response.

"Ardora, Arthur. What kind of woman would I go to pick you up with?"

"You're going to get stabbed on the roadside. Do foreigners attract women in Islamic culture?"

Seoyoon lashed out at John's mental state and he covered her mouth with one hand.

"It's noisy.

It was then.

The door opened without warning and Ashan walked out. John, who was standing for a while with Seo-yoon's mouth closed, hurriedly pulled out.

Naturally, Kay and Salmon followed behind his steps.

"Follow me."

Ashan pointed his finger at Seoyoon and walked away.

Apparently his shift is 15 minutes over. There was no reason to keep up, but it was an employer.

"Hurry up and go."

John pushed Seoyoon's shoulder and said.

Sometimes, I pointed at Seoyoon and made him drive, but today seemed to be the day. I moved the drooping body with all my might and my shoulders are about to fall out, but you even let me drive on a day like this. She glared for a moment at the back of the same impure employer, but there was no way he would look back.

Seoyoon, who was behind Maybach's wheel, glanced back in the rearview mirror.

Ashan buried himself deep in a leather sheet and stared at a desolate desert with nothing. And Kay and Salmon's Maybach were seen following the car she was driving.

I knew where I was going.

Even if Ashan doesn't say his destination, Seoyoon just knows.

He always accompanied himself when he went there.

It was a strange thing that started when Seo Yoon came here on the first day. It was also true that there was a woman among Ashan's bodyguards for the first time, and after hearing that, even the Sultan lying in the hospital ran wild to change his bodyguards immediately, but Ashan did not cut her off. So sometimes I get surprised whenever Ashan points his finger at Seoyoon. I thought you'd point your finger at her and say, 'Get rid of it'.

Of course, when the sound came out, Ashan said that he would scrap the contract, so Seo-yoon raised his hands and said, "Hooray."

However, the problem was that most of the 'clean up' sounds were referring to bodies. I didn't want to return to my home country with the body. So I memorized the route to the Korean Embassy in Oman so that I could run away. Looking at Seoyun, John snorted at her for doing useless things, but she knew that he had seen her actions and had called to ask for the location of the American Embassy in Oman.

Eyes met with Ashan in the rearview mirror.

I didn't mean to peek, but anyway, when Seo-yoon couldn't look away, Ashan's lips slowly opened.


Seoyoon didn't understand what he meant, but he applied the brakes reflexively to his sudden intuition.


A herd of camels was passing through the middle of the desert road. As if it were a camel tour of tourists, locals were also seen. He shouted something at Maibach, who suddenly stopped right in front of him, but it didn't even ring a bell."……I'm sorry."

"Wake up."

Ashan looked expressionless and tapped her head with his fingers.

"I'm sorry, I'm hurt...….”

"No, let's go."

In Maybach, who was following her, colleagues came down to see what had happened to their bodyguard. Seoyoon opened the window, waved his hand to signify that nothing had happened, and sighed.

It was a moment, but I had a cold sweat on my back. It was clear that I forgot who was riding in the back for a while.

Wake up, Han Seoyoon.

He was a man who could 'clear' himself.

It was not far from the palace that they went through countless desert sands.

Where few seas and deserts meet on earth. Instead of a white sandy beach full of white sand, waves were hitting it full of yellow desert sand.

Seoyoon liked this place where the white breaking waves hit.

If it weren't for Ashan, I'd have watched it like a dog all day. It was not easy to see the sea where she lived, so I was amazed when I first saw the sea here. There was a scenery here that could not be seen anywhere else.

There was an endless ocean ahead, and when you turn around, there was a yellow desert horizon with no end in sight.

This was the Sultan's private property, so no one could enter except his immediate family. The beach, which can be used by tourists, needs to be further west from here. It would be much better here than it is crowded with people.

Quiet, all I could hear was the sound of the waves breaking. The smell of salty salt passed by with sand dust at the tip of my nose. The emerald sea certainly shows that this place is an exotic country.

Ashan got out of the car and started walking, Kei and Salmon followed him with the shades prepared. Kei winked at Seo-yoon, who is still in the car, if she would go with her, but she shook her head.

It was overtime anyway. Always his duty was to get him out here, so he didn't move in the car as usual.

If I were alone, I would have gotten off, thrown off my shoes and socks, played in the water, and picked up some clams on the sand, but that luxury would not work.

"I'm tired."

Seoyoon leaned his forehead against the steering wheel in fatigue of pressing his shoulders heavily behind the superb view.

The work itself wasn't that hard. All he had to do was stand next to his employer for eight hours with little movement. Of course, there was a duty to guard his surroundings, but strangely, Seoyun was convinced that Ashan would never die.

He is good at it.

I didn't want to admit it, but it was true.

If Ashan decides to do so, he will overpower Seo-yoon, who has been in the military for a long time.

The first is to overpower them, who have been trained as killers, and the second is to actually observe his lifestyle in detail.

And the third most important thing is...I didn't want to think much about …

He always wakes up at five in the morning and finishes swimming, and eats an early meal at six. Sometimes I went to the shooting range and practiced shooting when I felt like it, but other than that, I didn't move in my study or room.

Despite the lack of noticeable activities, Seoyoon instinctively felt that Ashan was not a pushover.Every time he moves, he naturally finds a cover to hide himself. And always check the exit with a nonchalant eye no matter where you go and secure the retreat first. It was their job as bodyguards, but the eyes of the hill always moved first before she could move.

Whenever he looked at his lifestyle, Seo-yoon could see that he had lived in the military for a certain time. A soldier recognizes a soldier. No matter how hard a skilled soldier tries to hide it, the way he lived his life comes out like a habit. Seo-yoon had no doubt that Ashan, who might be the next Sultan of arrogant arrogance, was a soldier.

The problem was Ashan. Yeah, it's always been him who's the problem.

The biggest problem with this idle job was the employer. He's superior to his bodyguards, so he always freezes in front of his eyes like a man who's done something wrong. Ashan didn't say a word to them, but the gaze alone made one nervous. There were times when I was exposed to that gaze for eight hours during working hours without luck. Her piercing glance, which did not miss a single meaningless sigh, made her body stiff.

"That's why this d*mn muscle pain won't leave me.

I was stuck in the bedroom today, so I thought things would get easier, but the accident burst out laughing.

Holding on to the end of the ceremony, which was about to be relaxed, he turned off the car air conditioner, which still had a cool breeze. Then in less than 10 minutes, the heat quickly came into the vehicle. He opened the window glass and closed his eyes to get a short sleep after picking up his cell phone with his face still buried on the wheel.

One hour

His time here was no more, no less, just an hour. It was great to sleep for an hour.

Seo-yoon fell into a hot, drowsy, and salty sleep, thinking that she was a little tired now and had to charge.


Moving in a place where the sensory temperature exceeds 55 degrees Celsius was already hell.

At the start of the aerial shelling, yellow and cloudy dust, which could not be seen an inch ahead, was obstructing vision. Sweat was tight in the hand holding the K-2 rifle. I heard a crying child's voice somewhere, but no one was acting as if they had heard it.

You can't get out of line.

No matter how much the child cried for life, it was suicide to get out of here.

If she escapes to save a child, her career so far will collapse before life threats.

The child's crying was still ringing in my ears. It didn't get far, it didn't get close.

What should I do in a situation where I don't even see my colleague go ahead? In addition, Seoyoon now has an opponent to escort.

The child was not calling his mother. I was crying calling my sister in a hoarse voice. The image of his sister, who had left behind in her home country, passed by. All Seo-yoon could do was to relax his hands holding unnecessarily powerful rifles. It's a big deal if you pull the wrong trigger and shoot your friend.

Rational thoughts and irrational thoughts floated in my head.

He didn't even remember where he was walking now."Sister!"

Seoyoon stopped breathing in that tearful scream.




With the sound, Seo-yoon opened her eyes with frightening surprise. The fact that it was a dream was both relieved and horrified.

What was heard was an abnormal horn, and it was Seoyoon, himself, who was gently pressing the car's Claxon with his forehead. As soon as he realized it in a hurry, he woke up, but Ashan, with his arms crossed, was waiting outside the car window that Seo-yoon had opened.

"Open the door."

He was always a man with no expression.

With the natural attitude of ordering Seo-yoon as if nothing had happened, Seo-yoon hurriedly got off the driver's seat and opened the door to the back seat.

Watching his slippery legs disappear into the back seat, he closed the door and then looked around for his missing cell phone.


Kei tapped her shoulder and pointed to one side as if she was sorry for Seo-yoon. Looking there, I saw my cell phone half stuck in the sand.

"Why is it here?”

"Why are you here?"

Kay pointed to Ashan with a wink.

"When we got back, the cell phone alarm was ringing like crazy. So our prince picked up the thing on Hani's leg and threw it away.”


You can just wake a man up, you filthy polar bear.

Seo-yoon picked up her cell phone with her mouth pouting and holding the sand in the desert.

He glared at Ashan in the car with anger, but he didn't even give attention to whether he knew Seo-yoon's eyes or not.

A person who doesn't bat an eye for anything.

Lips that are tight on the nose. And the eyes that sparkle like the obsidian are always closed or languid, making the viewer feel ridiculed.

Ashan's skin was quite white, perhaps resembling his French mother's side. That's why senior citizens of the Presbyterian Church oppose the idea of being foreigners. Seo-yoon quickly sat in the driver's seat, fearing that her tightly closed lips would open for a moment, even though she couldn't understand what she was thinking.

As soon as he leaned back on the sheet, he realized how much he had slept in a cold sweat. I didn't sweat in the heat with the car windows open. It was always like that when I had this dream. I always had a cold sweat even when I slept in a bedroom with excessive air conditioning.

If you woke up to your alarm, you would have turned on the air conditioner in your car before Ashan came. Unknowingly, I turned on the air conditioner and closed the car window.

Seoyoon's shoulders cringed because he was chilling from the air conditioner's sweaty body.

"Nightmare springs out of a man's weak heart."

Suddenly Ashan opened his mouth first.

Seo-yoon looked at him in the rearview mirror because it was extremely rare for him to tell personal stories other than orders.

Ashan opened the car window in response to Seoyoon's mysterious eyes. A hot, lukewarm wind blows in. It seemed to drive away some of the chill in Seo-yoon's body.

"Without a weak mind, there is no nightmare."

That was definitely what Seoyoon said.

Does he know he had a nightmare?

Ashan's black eyes were looking at Seoyoon head-on this time.

The eyes that glow in the sun were still indifferent, but it was not indifferent to Seoyun."There is no one who doesn't have a weak heart."

I didn't know why I had to have this conversation with Ashan, but I answered clearly.

"There is no such person...….”

Ashan uttered as if he was brooding over Seoyoon's words. Of course, I wanted to say that there are exceptions.

The exception was polar bear, Ashan, who wanted to say you were going in, but Seo-yoon was not half asleep or drunk yet, so she quietly shut up.

"What did you dream about?"

"I don't want to answer that."

"Try it."

Today was like the worst day ever.

I wasn't a student taking an exam and I didn't want to stutter in front of him.

Especially about dream content.

"It's just a nightmare."

"No matter what choice you made, it would have come back as a nightmare. There is no better choice.”

After saying that, Ashan stole the sweat flowing on Seo-yoon's neck with his hands. At the same time, she braked and looked back.

"What are you doing?"

The reason I screamed without realizing it was not because he wiped off the sweat, but because he acted like a person who knew the nightmare.

You never know. It was something that Seoyoon kept to herself.

"There's no secret in the world. We'll see how long he'll keep his mouth shut."

Don't tell me, do they know?

Seoyoon shut up. There wasn't much clue given to guess from that subtle tone.

"Let's go ahead.

Why does Ashan look so happy every time he opens his mouth?

In fact, there was a rare smile around his mouth.

"No, I won't."

Get on one's nerves.

He was poking Seo-yoon, as if he were poking his finger at a bow demonstration that had been pulled as close as he could.

This is why she didn't like the situation where there were only two left. Ashan, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying the situation.

Thinking about the remaining contract period of five months and 28 days, he slowly took the wheel again, appeasing that he could draw another X on the calendar in a few hours.