Chapter - 2 Chapter 2. Under the moonlight, and...…

As soon as he returned to the palace, John, who dragged Seo-yoon, who was resting, to his accommodation, offered cold beer.

Seoyoon received it, lamenting for a while that he had only a nap from day to night. John opened his mouth when he thought it was not bad to be dragged after drinking cold beer in a dazed spirit.

"But there's no job like us playing and eating."

"That's true."

Even if you want to run out with anger, when 300 million won comes to your mind, your temper becomes gentle.

Seoyoon nodded at the thought.

"Hani, are you going to renew your contract?”


But with one stroke it was a no.

I know it's a honey spot, but I never wanted to renew my contract.

"Why, if you die at work, there's no place to pay two billion won to your bereaved family?"

"But I won't."

"Let's work together. Your place changes too often."

In the end, John seemed reluctant to go out because he had been working with him for half a year. When someone goes out, you have to work with someone from the beginning again, and it's been a hassle. However, if the hands and feet are not in sync with the security guard, the employer who hired them will be at risk. Their lives might also be at risk to their employers.

It was terrible to think that someone was cleaning up John's large body like during the day, but Seo-yoon did not intend to give up.

"I'm going to ask you if you want to renew your contract next month, so tell me you're doing it. Huh?"

It was upsetting to think about seeing the unlucky lawyer again who said, "The penalty is ten times."

"John, I like you very much."

"Confession in a place like this, Hani without mood."

"But what you like is one thing, and the contract is another."

"Hani, hang in there for just three years. It's well over a billion including the bonus included!”

The salty bonus, which is paid once a half year, has already been put into her sister's bank account a few days ago. I felt sorry for my younger brother who insisted and started a part-time job at tutoring without touching Seoyoon's money.

Hae-yoon, a lovely younger brother, asked why don't you go on a trip hoping to experience as much as you can, but there was no answer.

"I don't want to give you a billion. What's the matter, John? You quit after a year.”

John, who had been crawling back after being deprived of 300 million won he had collected from under a grumpy employer for a year as alimony for the divorce suit, replied with a face that he was hurt by Seo-yoon's words.

"That's mean, Hani."

"I can make a living with 300 million."

"Well, you don't have a child to pay for, do you?”

"No matter what I do, I won't be able to change my mind. Let's talk about something else."


In fact, Seo Yoon didn't know that he would actually be hired even though he thought about putting his resume in here after listening to his senior's words. Because her career was simply the worst.

He was dishonorably discharged for disobedience and wasted his entire eight-year career. A prince's lawyer contacted him while he was thinking of borrowing from a security company run by his senior or taekwondo studio for a salary of just labor or a small salary. And right away, he flew to Oman with the first class ticket he sent for the interview and was hired on the spot without having to go back to Korea.

Even with the same dishonorable discharge, going out of business and disobedience to orders were clearly different. Disgraceful discharge from disobedience of orders was nowhere to be properly written. The kind of place where she usually wants to work is life-threatening, so the relationship between the top and bottom is very thorough. In such places disobedience could have wiped out allies, not alone. That's why Seoyoon thought he wouldn't be able to do this again. The resume says dishonorable discharge, but I'm sure the thorough lawyer has done his own background checks. Nevertheless, Han Seo-yoon was elected. Why is that?"Well, that's good for me."



Anjohn asked, throwing peanuts into his mouth.

"Think about it. It turns out that our employer is pathetic.”

"Where the hell are you going?"

It was obvious that John was crazy at last.

You sympathize with the polar bear because there's no one in the world to feel sorry for.

"It just occurred to me after a long time."

It wasn't that I didn't know John's personality, who became emotional when he drank.

But yes, it's not that you sympathize with the polar bear.

"Actually, it's not us, it's the Royal Guard that's in charge."


John was right.

The number of bodyguards attached to Ashan, who may become the Sultan of the future, was small but too small.

Although he wanted it, the usual number of bodyguards was significantly lower than Asuka's Of course, there is a royal guard besides them when they go out to foreign events, but I guessed what John was trying to say.

"Maybe it's because most of the guards are immediate relatives of the Presbyterian Church."

Otherwise, the Presbyterian Church, which seeks Ashan's life, could not have taken advantage of it.

Apparently, John was right, too.

The bloody castle, which never bends in front of the Presbyterian Church, may have shortened Ashan's order. If he were a more Asuka-like man, wouldn't he be able to find unity?

After all that thought, he scratched his head thinking he was not Ashan.

"That reminds me of our polar bear."

"Well, it's none of our business."

In a simple answer, Seo-yoon threw an empty can on the floor.

Then Kay and Salmon, who finished their duty, entered John's room. Seoyoon, who knew that the three of us always gathered for a drink after work, got up after shaking his butt.

"Where are you going?"

"To swim."

"You'll be in trouble if you drink and swim."

Seo-yoon took another can of John's beer from the refrigerator attached to the room and shrugged instead of answering. He couldn't get drunk with a glass or two of beer was his limit.

Looking at the watch on the wrist, it was past midnight. Realizing that the shift will start again at 8 a.m., I thought I would sleep like this, but soon turned to the swimming pool.

The outdoor pool used by Ashanman was quiet except in the morning.

In fact, no one dared approach. The pool available to employees was underground in the palace, but sometimes I used it when I wanted to swim while looking at the desert moon.

If you avoid the time Ashan uses, everyone would just overlook it.

The pool, which is over 200 meters long, is only built for Ashan.

White marble and tropical palm trees surrounding it. And a nail-like crescent moon reflected on the surface of the water caught Seoyoon's eye.

Seoyoon threw off his training suit without hesitation because it was a place where no one else came except those who stood guard sometimes.

He jumped into the water wearing only a short top and underwear.

Seoyoon, who opened the pool tower of beer placed on the floor with a small spray and emptied it at once, slowly.

Floating through the backstroke, tens of thousands of stars and the crescent moon were mesmerized by the hanging palm trees. Sometimes, in this boring country, you comfort yourself by saying that you need this kind of beautiful luxury.

The temperature of the flowing water gently wrapped around the body was reasonable. Properly heated temperatures in the hot sun during the day made the body drowsy. It was also better for Seoyoon to relax the muscles she had been nervous about while swimming than for someone else's massage.Time seemed to have stopped except for the seemingly passing scenery.

I thought it was a good thing I didn't fall asleep in this quiet atmosphere. In the water, I was drunk if it was right to say that I was drunk quickly. I closed my eyes for a moment and put myself under running water.


Before I knew it, I had come to the end of the pool while I was so frantic that my head hit the wall. Seoyun, who woke up in the water, found someone who should not be in a place where no one should be and breathed in.


It was obviously Ashan who was sitting languidly on the beach, wearing only comfortable white Sarwals, Arab bottoms. There were no guards in sight who should always be following in his footsteps.

Seoyoon slowly bowed his head below the surface when he saw him smoking water with a pocketbook in one hand.

Did they see it? Are they pretending they didn't see it?

As if he didn't care about Seoyoon, Ashan didn't even look away.

But you wouldn't know she's here.

Seoyoon sneaked under the water, as did his attire.

"Come out."

Without even giving a glance, Ashan opened his mouth indifferently. Seoyoon crept back, thinking it might be a story for bodyguards somewhere.

However, Ashan did not even look at it and nodded as if he had to point his finger at Seoyoon.

The water from the water cigarette in the glass can fluctuated when Ashan sucked it in. Seoyun said without going out to point at her.

"You'll be embroiled in a scandal if you go out like this."

Like this.

Ashan, who covered the book he was reading aloud, sucked in the water cigarette once again. He was looking at Seoyoon correctly in the hazy smoke he exhaled. Her languid and ennui stared at her face, half exposed above the pool.

"I'll go."

Ashan's naked body has been seen countless times even if he doesn't want to see Seo-yoon.

The dynamic muscles of the upper body, which were only wearing Sarwals, were visible to Seoyun's eyes. Muscles held to the point of view appeared under the moonlight every time Ashan moved. Attention was drawn to scars all over the place, not like a prince who grew up beautifully.

Ashan, coming to the edge of the pool, sat there on one knee.

"I'm sure you won't leave me alone if someone sees you in that outfit and gets in your old people'”

Ashan said, looking down at the short tower of Seo-yoon.

There was Seoyun who could reach out his hand.

Her shoulder-length head clung to her neck by the bite, spreading like petals every time the water shook.

"It's a mistake."


"I'm here. I didn't know you were here."

"If it weren't for me, you'd be fine?"

Of course, I didn't mean it was OK because it was Ashan's. How can I put the implicit rule into words.

"……I'm sorry."

It was not a conversation in the pool, but Seoyoon quickly apologized to end the situation.

"I don't like it."

It was when Seo-yoon, who couldn't hear Ashan's sudden talk to himself, turned around to get out of here in a hurry.


Ashan, who reached out, grabbed Seoyoon's backside and stuck him in the water.

Stuck in without time to breathe, she struggled to escape his grip, but Ashan's hands did not budge.The water poured into my mouth and nose constantly. The grip of her hand on the back of her neck was immense. I'm worried that I might die of a broken neck.

Seo-yoon's movement, which was struggling for a moment, stopped. Then naturally the hand holding her neck also loosened.

There was only one chance.

Without missing that moment, he kicked the wall of the pool with his two feet and pulled one hand of Ashan holding his neck with all his might.


Ashan, who lost his balance and fell into the pool, rose with an unpleasant face.

Considering that he almost caught a real person until just now, he was angry at the way he looked fine. Without asking if he really intended to kill, he just glared at Ashan with all his might.

"Well done."

"That's about it for a crazy employer."

Seo-yoon spewed out every word without losing a word.

Far from being swayed by the words, Ashan, who smiled, swept up his wet hair.

"I'll see you tomorrow morning with a fine face."

Seo-yoon hurriedly left the place because he thought he would snatch the back of his head again after saying thorny words to the end.

"Ha! Poor? Poor?"

Already Ashan has not been seen, but it has not subsided.

As I roughly opened John's door, which must have been already sleeping by now, I could see his face asleep half asleep as she expected.

Without hesitation, he lifted his foot and hit John in the stomach.


He couldn't even scream properly because he threw out the end of his plexus, making a strange noise and slapping his waist.

"What are you doing, Hani!"

"Tell me again that you feel sorry for the polar bear, let me see!"

Seoyoon said only that in a livid voice and strode out of the room.

"Hani, are you okay?"

It was Asuka who found Seo-yoon, who was breathing while leaning against John's visit with a fever to his head. Next to him was an American model who he started dating not long ago.

John heard from Asuka that the elderly members of the Presbyterian Church had foamed at the mouth when they heard that Asuka was meeting her.

It was the first time Seo Yoon actually saw her. I heard that he came to Oman for filming and stayed here without going back due to Asuka.

Maybe they were about to go for a walk because they couldn't sleep. Seoyun slowly pulled herself out of the door, knowing that the fastest way out of the main palace where they lived to the garden was through the accommodation used by bodyguards like her.

"Dear Asuka."

"What happened?”

Asuka, who approached Seo-yoon, who was soaking wet and shaking off the water from his dripping hair, asked. Seo-yoon, who read the light of concern in his brown eyes, shook his head and said.


"What's this look?"

Asuka's hands swept through his wet hair. The friendly touch reminded me of Ashan, who had just squeezed her throat.

It's the same person's hand, and someone grabs her by the back of her neck and tries to drown her, and someone pats her with anxiety.

I can't believe there's such a big difference in the personalities between cousins.

A bitter smile caught Seoyoon's lips.

Obviously, even if he wanted to remain neutral about Oman's next Sultan, his employer, Ashan, was making him want to side with the one who gives him another piece of rice cake. I even thought that the Presbyterian Church, which is trying to assassinate Ashan, would be afraid of destroying the country in the aftermath if he became a Sultan."I know."

Seo-yoon bowed his head to Asuka as a sign that he would leave first. At that moment, a scar on her neck was revealed. Asuka's finger pressed the mark and the dull pain spread. Seoyoon has hardened his lips.

"Did Ashan do that?"


It seemed like you were telling me off, but I put up with it a lot. At heart, I wanted to point the finger at your smart cousin for trying to drown a sane man in the pool half an hour ago. But what's wrong with Asuka? He is innocent. It was Ashan who would be pointed at.

"Ashan was mean."

"If you get mean twice, I'll kill you no matter what."

Seo-yoon responded furiously, snorting at Asuka, who said he was mean. I came out to cool off my bursting head, but I ended up spewing out only my life.

"Really? Are you really going to kill Ashan?”

Seoyoon sighed deeply when Asuka asked again with his eyes wide open.

"I'm an employer, so I'll kill you when the contract is over."

"Wow, that's cool. No one can say that in front of Ashan."

Seoyoon corrected Asuka's words.

"I'm cursing because I'm not here."

"Oh... yeah...…?”

Looking at Asuka, who talks awkwardly while increasing his backbiting, Seo-yoon felt it.

The fact that he's behind him now.

"You're behind me, right?"


Seoyoon jerked back at Asuka's positivity. Ashan stood three steps back, looking clean for a person who had fallen into the water together. And a few steps later, there were her colleagues escorting him, whom she had never seen before.

Hahaha, our Ashan is here to apologize to Hani.

Asuka laughed profusely and desperately tried to pave the way for reconciliation.

On the other hand, however, he was only trying to enjoy a walk with his new lover, but he didn't understand why he was mediating here.

Ashando and Seoyoon looked at each other without saying anything. Seoyoon wouldn't have avoided his eyes or said anything, but now he was holding out without avoiding his eyes.

This spirit waited for his lips to open, guessing that it was because of the alcohol still in his body.

Asuka said, if he had come to apologize, he would have let it go.

"Are you going to kill me?”

A twirling smile hung narrowly around Ashan's mouth.

I got chills and goosebumps on my back at the moment.

Never once did he laugh that way directly in front of him. I felt like I was facing a beast who didn't know where to run. As soon as she turned her eyes away, a vicious carnivore, showing its fangs and preparing to bite off her trunk of the neck, was shining.

Ashan is one step closer.

Seoyoon desperately endured the foot trying to back down.

Ashan, who came right in front of her, bowed at Seoyun, a hand smaller than her.

His hair brushed the back of Seoyoon's neck. At the same time, a refreshing wind passed through the tip of Seoyun's nose.

I couldn't tell if it was Ashan's scent.

"Answer me."

If you say yes here, this man will surely show that you can die on the ground, not on the surface.

"You heard it wrong."



Seoyoon shamelessly put out his flippers.His own winged life and 300 million were floating in front of him. The only thing I have realized since I was young was the fact that those who have it are the strongest and those who do not have it are the weak. Now Seoyun was a thorough underdog to Ashan. No life, no money.

"Hahaha, yes, Ashan misheard."

I'm sure Asuka was trying to help Seoyoon, but the awkward smile with the horse didn't help much. Thinking that he wanted to shut Asuka's mouth, Seo-yoon bit his lips. Still, Ashan's hair tickled the back of her neck.

"I see."

A hot breath arose through the fresh wind.

Seo-yoon couldn't stand it this time and tried to step down, but Ashan caught him. His shoulders felt like they were going to crumble. I felt it in the pool, but this man's grip was monster-like. Are you going to grab the employer by the collar and throw him to the ground or sacrifice his shoulder? Seoyoon is in a bit of trouble.

"Let Hani go, Ashan.”

Surprisingly, it was Asuka who saved her. Asuka, who held Ashan's hand holding Seoyun, spoke with a low voice.

"I don't want to."

Seoyoon agonized over whether to grab her by the collar once again in Ashan's reaction, which was so obvious.

"Let me go, or else."

Asuka's serious voice was the first time I heard it, so both Ashan and Seo-yoon's eyes turned to him.

"Or not?"

Ashan laughed sarcasmily.

"……tongue, I'll teach you a lesson as a brother."


Asuka's words ended, Seo-yoon groaned helplessly. Asuka also pretended to be calm, but seeing her stammering, Ashan seemed quite frightened.

I can't believe you're scolding me.I can't believe you're going to scold me.….

This was the first direct remark since my late mother said she would scold me if I didn't take care of my younger brother sometimes.

Finally, Seoyoon burst into laughter. As Seo-yoon, who started laughing with her shoulders up and down, finally grabbed her stomach, Ashan removed her hand from her shoulder with a disapproving face. Asuka won as a result.

"Hani, are you okay?"

Asuka literally asked Seo-yoon, as I first asked.

"Yes, I'm fine."

It's cute.

It was really cute.

Asuka was five years older than herself, but she often had this cute side.

When the gentle black eyes saw Seo-yoon's smiling face, they could be seen from worry to joy. When Seoyoon saw it, she felt a low mood flying away.

After looking at the two without expression for a moment, Ashan walked past her and Asuka.

"I went..."

"Yes, he's gone."

As soon as Ashan left, Seo-yoon, who stopped laughing like a lie, nodded and answered Asuka's words.



"Don't make Ashan angry."

"As long as my employer doesn't upset me.”

You were right. Never once did Seoyoon pick a fight with Ashan first.

Asuka, who seemed to be in trouble at Seoyoon's answer, soon shrugged.

Only then did the American model, who could not join their conversation and stood like a sack of barley, approaching the two and calling Asuka's name.


As if it were annoying for the two people to tell stories they had no idea about, she was expressing irritation with wrinkles between her eyes.

"I have to go, Hani."

"Thank you, Asuka."

"That's about it for Hani."

"I'll pay you back as much as Asuka did for me someday."



"Really, really, really?”

Ask Aska's refusal to let her go crumpled the model's face behind her again."Well, if it's possible, I'll blow my body out of danger."

His eyes were red with Asuka's expression of emotion. Seoyoon wondered for a moment whether he had made a mistake in answering.

Soon after, he threw a good night kiss on Seoyoon's cheek, and Asuka quickly disappeared with the model.