Chapter - 3 Chapter 3. Hide-and-seek is over.

The top of the head seemed to be on fire. There was nowhere to escape the scorching sun from a cloudless sky. Every time I breathed in, the hot air heated up my lungs as if I had come to a sauna.

In the heat of the day, John's gaze was enviously upon the podium. Ashan was attending the opening ceremony of the library, which was built in the name of Sultan, with a bored face under the shade.

Appeared as an agent for the Sultan who is currently in bed, but it was not one person. The second Sultan's successor, Asuka, was also with him. Unlike the two people listening to the library director's speech in the shade, bodyguards John and Seo-yoon were enduring the heat with only one pair of sunglasses in the scorching sun.

Seoyoon, who didn't sleep a wink all night, wasn't feeling so good.

It was natural that the main culprit was sitting there stretched out his feet and stretched out casually, making him feel bad. I wanted to insist it was attempted murder, but I didn't really feel alive.

The thought that it would have been just a joke for Ashan made me feel more unpleasant.

If I had a will to kill myself, I would have run into him, but I felt worse thinking it would have been just curiosity or a joke.

The back of his neck still stiffened.

As Seo-yoon turned his shoulders nervously two or three times, John opened his mouth.

"But at night...….”

"Keep your mouth shut up.”

My head was pounding. I couldn't sleep well and John was talking on the side. Seoyoon thought for a moment that one day, if one loses one's temper in this heat, one might really punch one in the mouth.

"If our polar bear and Asuka were mixed in half, it would be easier for us to work."

Seoyoon wasn't the only one who thought that. John, who thought he would finally respond to his story, was even more excited when she smiled at the thought that everyone thought the same.

"It's hard to work, isn't it? Aska said she'll treat us later. I think he's really an angel, an angel."

"By comparison, polar bears...…,' John glanced sideways at Ashan.

As John said, Asuka was an angel compared to the polar bear.

It was actually Asuka who saved her last night. There was something strange about the expression saved, but for now it was. Asuka, kind and friendly to everyone.

If he really becomes a Sultan, arrogance will develop and grow further.

"It's none of our business."

It doesn't matter who becomes the Sultan. Seoyoon's biggest concern now was to leave the country quickly after finishing his contract period.

I'm so sorry for Asuka for being so kind to me, but I think I'll have to live. After a year here, it was unclear whether she would die at the hands of a polar bear named Ashan or turn herself into an assassin.

"I have a headache."

I always try to think simple, but the idea digs deep into my brain like roots.

As Seo-yoon turned to check her son-in-law like a habit, her eyes met Asuka, who was looking at her. As soon as I saw Seo-yoon, I picked her again for the playful look of her winking one eye, and I burst into laughter.


Seoyoon called John reflexively.

For a moment, Seoyun moved her body first in the light reflected in her eyes. Still on the podium, the library director was giving a speech, and the audience was listening to it quietly as if it were dead. After seeing Seoyoon's movements, John started running at the same time.Apparently there was no such light when they checked 10 minutes ago.

Then there is only one possibility.


f*cking Guard guys. They knew and remained motionless as to whether they were turning a blind eye.

Seoyoon quickly passed by them and jumped up to the podium in a single stroke. The library manager, who was speaking, looked down at her in bewilderment.

Seoyun intuitively realized that there was not much time left. Even in that short time, hundreds of unexpected situations came to mind, but for now, he flew to the security object in front of him.

At that moment, John's large body, which was following right behind her, hit Seo-yoon on the shoulder.


A single shot rang out and the hall turned into a shambles. At the same time, there was hot heat on my face. After hearing the gunshot, the moving guards hurried around Ashan and Asuka.

Seoyoon opened his eyes to check the employer he covered with his whole body. And soon, he doubted his own eyes.



What was underneath him was obviously a good Asuka.

I'm glad you saved Asuka. Fortunately, Seoyoon recalled his terrible mistake.

The target she had to protect was her employer, Ashan. And this shot was aimed at Ashan no matter what. He wouldn't have suffered any damage if he didn't have to.

I didn't want to think about what I felt from before.


I guess he wasn't the only one who was panicking. It was John who was completely careless to call her name carefully.

This time I was able to look around.

It was her employer, Ashan, who pressed with one hand on the clean penetrated right shoulder and half-stretched on John's shoulder.

He was looking at Seoyun silently, not frowning an eyebrow or an eyebrow, despite the blood dripping through his fingers.

At that moment, all I could think of was running away from here.

That man won't let her live who he hopes. I'm sure I'll kill him.

"Hurry up to the hospital, prince...….”

"Don't make a fuss."

John tried to escape the situation somehow, but Ashan covered it with his bloody hands and said as if it was troublesome.

"Well, still, stop the bleeding...….”

The dark red blood was pouring down his white top. John once again opened his mouth, but Ashan did not move on the spot, keeping his eyes fixed on Seoyoon. And soon put a smile around my mouth.

As soon as he looked at the smile head-on, Seoyoon realized that there was no turning back now.

"My bodyguard."

In some ways, the voice sounded unprecedentedly soft.

"I did something interesting."

Seo-yoon, who tried to reply that it was not fun, but quit because he seemed to only raise his anger, slowly rose above Asuka. There was no excuse that this was inevitable because John hit him on the shoulder.

John was already shedding tears for fear that Seo-yoon's lips would open. The tears were filled with a sense of urgency, asking not to speak. A divorced man with three children, John.

Poor John, who pays ten million won a month for child support.

Unfortunate John, who still wants to hang himself 12 times a day because the alimony dispute is not over.

……did you say 2 billion won was worth of demonstrations here to lose your life here?Suddenly, Seo-yoon, who was thinking about the number of circles of 2 billion in his head, shut his mouth bitterly. The sound of an ambulance came from afar and only then did Ashan start moving slowly.


As he passed by Seoyoon, he whispered softly in her ear. The whisper sounded as sweet as Honey calling a lover.

There is poison in sweet things.

There was no way that there would be no poison for a viper named Ashan to sing sweetly.

"Now I'm starting to like it.”

He smiled low as if he were genuinely funny.

As soon as Ashan's arm was penetrated, the splashed blood was all over Seoyoon's face. Seoyoon, who was staring at it in the mirror, soon erased the traces with cold water.

It wasn't really a critical moment when the real. If he hadn't squeezed his shoulder like that last night, he wouldn't have been so out of his element when John pushed him. Still, the shoulders were complaining of muscle pain.

"It was all Ashan's fault," he said, but consoling himself did not help.

The water has already spilled.

She broke her contract and couldn't even imagine how the price would come back.

"You don't want to imagine it'

Looking into the clean face in the mirror, Seo-yoon murmured blankly.

It was John who was forced to wait for her to come out of the bathroom because he seemed to not be able to remove the blood from her shirt with water.

"I'm sorry, Hani."

Seoyun shook her head to him, crying and apologizing.

"It's not your fault."

"If only I hadn't pushed you...….”

It was clear that John's flesh, which had grown rapidly due to stress these days, had eventually dulled his reflexes. Normally, he would have sneaked out of Seoyoon first, but the swollen flesh was disturbing his athletic nerves.

"You know I can't claim to be that fat muscle anymore, right?”

Seoyoon made a joke, but John's face was still gloomy.

"Hani, I'll clean up the body now."

"I look like a dead body first."

They both knew it was not a joke, so they didn't say anything more.

The emergency of assassination is frequent, but it was the first time Ashan was injured. Even the next shift waiting group, which was resting due to the sudden situation, came out and was guarding the operating room door.

He could not entrust Ashan's life to the Guard, who responded a step by step. It was the first time in broad daylight shooting, which meant entering a different phase. It was no more than a declaration of war against Ashan, not behind the scenes.

"Hani, are you okay?"

Kei, who was sitting in a straight position in front of the operating room, asked Seo-yoon's condition.


Clean up what I hear the most these days, and I think it'll be okay next. He smiled faintly and nodded. In fact, not only a smile but also a burst of laughter.

What a crazy mistake this is.

"What's the progress?"

"He said it's okay because it's chubby. No bone damage."

It was a good thing in the midst of misfortune. If he were dead, he'd be hated, d*mned, guilty. Anyway, I didn't want anything to go wrong because it was my salary bag.

"Did you really do that to f*ck me?"

As Ashan's condition was fine, and Seoyoon looked fine, Salmon, who was next to him, who couldn't stand what he was curious about, only asked what he was curious about.


"You f*cked my employer a lot, you.""So you want to ask me if I did it on purpose?"


I was asking, but Salmon's face was already full of confidence.

"Cool, Hani. Your personality was superior to that of my prince."

Salmon looked at Seoyoon and said, "Now, I respect you openly." He wouldn't believe anything she says here. His eyes shining with absolute conviction were the evidence.

It was clear what kind of war of nerves she and Ashan had last night had already been rife by the staff. Seo-yoon, who experienced this in person, shut up again.

Who said men were silent. It was more than women, not less. Rumors among them spread so fast that it was always hard to catch them one by one.

Then the operating room door opened.

Everyone's eyes were on it, and Seoyoon swallowed a groan.

Of course, I thought Ashan would be distracted by the anesthesia, but he was walking out on both feet. No matter what he/she said next to him/her, his/her doctor found Ashan's face full of annoyance, and soon turned around after saying short greetings that he/she would visit the palace.

When Seo-yoon saw that the world full of his face was annoying, he disappeared like a lie. He opened his mouth first with a pleasant smile around his mouth.

"I thought you'd be at the airport by now."

"I'll take responsibility for what I did."

"That's good thinking. You're banned from leaving the country anyway."


Seoyoon asked back with a look that he could not tell if what he heard with his ears was a donkey, but Ashan was not a person who said what he said once.

"I was on my way to the hospital earlier and they ordered me to ban you from leaving the country."

John explained to understand Seo-yoon who doesn't know English.

"Running away, I'm not going. So please lift the travel ban."

However, Ashan has already taken steps as if he could not hear Seoyoon.

"Help me."

In addition to Seoyoon, there were many other big men here. It was not necessary to make Seo-yoon, who was not even tall enough. But he clearly pointed out Seo Yoon. As if to show.

John sneaked up next to Ashan and he uttered a cold word.

"Get your face off me."

"Yes, yes!"

In a whimper, John stepped down and Ashan nodded at Seoyun. Why can't I get away with the act of coming next to me? It was just a seat next to it.

When I forced myself to take off the steps that did not fall and stood next to him to help him, I could hear a smirk on the top of my head.

"My feet are fine."

You told me to help you!

When he tried to barely swallow the words that were about to pop out of his mouth and ask him what to do next to him, he held Seoyoon's hand with his intact left hand.



Ashan bent his knees and made eye contact with Seo-yoon, smiling like a full predator. Then I examined the bloodstains on her clothes in detail by detail.

"This is the smell of my blood.”

His nose was just below the collar of her shirt. In this embarrassing situation, everyone opened their eyes wide and looked at Seoyoon and Ashan. Ashan did not move for a while with his nose stuck in Seoyoon's shirt as if he was breathing in the cool air of the arboretum.

"What's wrong with you?"

"It's strange."

"What do you mean?"

I was going to push, but the opponent injured his shoulder.I suppressed myself once again to tell the injured to lie in bed as if they were injured.

"Your body smells like blood, and it smells strange."

I really wanted to run away. He tried to pull out his sticky sweaty hand, but strangely, Ashan's grip seemed stronger than before he was injured.

My fingers seemed to crumble one by one.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Seo-yoon endured the pain without groaning, wondering if he was asking to pay back with his arm because he injured his arm. When she didn't try to get out of Ashan's hands, he pulled out of his hands, as if it were a lie. Then we started walking together holding Seoyoon's hand.

"If you don't plan to break your arm, let it go...….”

"Your arm, or me?"

Ashan asked back as if he was saying nonsense.

"Not that...….”

"You think it's only gonna end up with an arm? Seriously?"

……Yes, Seoyoon himself knew too well that it wouldn't just end with his arms.

He was this kind of man. If you are threatened with your life, you will surely kill your opponent.

Perhaps the person who threatened his life to him now was Han Seo-yoon, her than the sniper who shot him.

Seo-yoon was half dragged by Ashan's hand and left the operating room, looking for someone to help him and looking back. John was on his knees on the floor praying.

There was no one to help.

Seoyun was completely alone in this arrogant country, just as he recklessly came here alone from Korea.

The salivary glands were dry, and the throat ached. I felt the chill in an unusually well-conditioned room. Add to that a slight fever creeping up, and this was a perfect early cold symptom.

A cold in this hot country.

Seoyoon struggled to lie on the table. It has been half an hour since Ashan left him in his room. I looked at the watch on my wrist like a habit and waited for him to come.

Most of the time entering this room was to dispose of the bodies. I felt that the servants of this room, which is a mess, were amazing to restore this room several times.

Seo-yoon, who remembered that he had recently removed the body from that bed, closed his eyes.

I remembered the words of the old Sunghyuns that it was better to be beaten quickly. But this was a bit different from the old saying she was in now. A hawk is a hawk, but it wasn't just a hawk. A serious case was death. I didn't want to die soon. Her life was a waste, no matter how much she deserved it.

I've heard it said that catching criminals and leaving them in a sealed room makes them extremely nervous and easier to interrogate. What Ashan is doing now was just reminiscent of it. So Seo-yoon wondered if he was treating himself as a criminal now.

Half an hour was a short time in a way, but it was a nervous and terribly long time for Seo-yoon, who had to be beaten.

How long has it been since the right hand complaining of pain was clenched and unfolded and closed doors were pierced? The door burst open without warning.

Surprised Seoyoon jumped up from his seat.

Ashan glanced around the room and found Seoyun sitting at a table by the window. Then he slammed the door in front of John's eye as he tried to follow in.It was obviously a revolver in Ashan's intact left hand.

How many people did that revolver kill?

Seoyoon knew.

He was the one who removed the dry blood stains from that revolver!

It was not very pleasant to see someone else holding a revolver that he had wiped clean in front of his eyes.

"How about Russian roulette?"

"Not good."

Seoyoon said it right away.

Here, it was only Ashan and her in this room. Talking about Russian roulette here isn't talking about doing it alone, is it?

Regardless of Seoyoon's intention, Ashan took out all the bullets in Revolver's shell and scattered them on the table. Her long fingers popped out of her sight, following the six bullets that fell and scattered in front of Seoyun's eyes.

"Choose the lucky bullet."

"No, I don't want to.

Ashan chose a bullet with the expression "How long can he hate it?"

He slowly put a bullet in one of the six bullets, turned it around, and loaded it.


Seo-yoon's shoulders trembled slightly with the sound of iron hitting each other.

So far, there was some hope and belief that he would not shoot that at himself.

"There's a one-sixth chance that a bullet will hit your head."

"I don't want to do that because I'm caught.”

No more, no less, it's a one-shot shot. I didn't want to imagine a bullet coming through my head.

John, who is really out there, may have been able to remove his body. And with such confidence, Seoyoon didn't seem to have much chance of winning. Ashan was only showing for sure that he would die this way and that he would die that way.

"Lady First."

"No, why would I...….”

Good job.

When Seo-yoon tried to stop Ashan from acting, he brought a revolver to her temple and pulled the trigger.


Are you glad you're alive now?

God d*mn lady first.

Seeing that he was alive now, the odds seemed to be one in five.

"Oh, my God!"

Seoyoon, who suddenly came to his senses, grabbed Ashan by the collar with both hands. But the man who is bigger than himself is a rat. Tired and drowsy eyes were facing Seo-yoon without any agitation. I clenched my teeth in those eyes as if to ask, 'Why?'

Good job.

It felt like shells were falling from place to place, beyond her control.

I felt like I was being attacked in Iraq and Afghanistan. Shelling to the extent that humans can't use their hands. Now Ashan was being so reckless. She lost what to say when she pulled the trigger as she took the revolver to her temple without caring about Seo-yoon.

"You really don't want to live, do you?

Prince? Give it to the dog. Seoyun asked the man who would not be able to grind his heart.

"Do you think so?"


"It's your turn."

I wanted to find his sniper and kill myself. I wouldn't have to be standing here if I had penetrated that d*mn head.

"I never thought I'd dance to a crazy song."

It was Seoyoon who spilled the water. She was the one who needed to be picked up.Seo-yoon reached out and took the revolver in Ashan's hand. Surprisingly, he handed over the revolver to her with a grin. Seoyoon brought a gun to his head because he knew the meaning of ridicule mixed with the laughter.

Good job.

There was no bullet in it. That's why I brought it to my head. And Ashan was aware of that.

Seoyoon pushed the revolver straight on the table. I couldn't afford to care less about a few rolling bullets falling to the floor.

Good job.

As soon as he received it, Ashan, who pulled the trigger like Seo-yoon, said with a smile.

"Now, one in two."

Revolver returned to Seoyoon in the middle of the table. She unlocked the lock and heard a fine sound of a bullet being loaded.


The sound stopped Seo-yoon's finger, which was trying to pull the trigger. Ashan was looking at her without a change of expression.

"You've got a bullet.”

Even Ji-ri has been unlucky since she was a child. It was all her fault. Again this time, the hard luck seemed to be attached to her backside. Seo-yoon held his breath and was frozen with a gun to his temple.

I couldn't have pulled the trigger with my own hands without going crazy.

Neither Seo Yoon nor Ashan knew the sound of bullets being caught.

"Can I help you?"

It was only when Seo-yoon saw that kind attitude that he stood up to help him personally, that he realized that he would help suicide by showing a favor close to his heart.


As he stretched out his upper body, grabbed her hand, and pulled the revolver's trigger, he asked with a smile.

"I can't hear your will.”

"……I've saved your life once, so please let it slide."

"Oh, my God."

Now he is having fun. The devilish polar bear cub who came back from hell was clearly and surely enjoying her situation now.

"Is hide-and-seek over now?”

I wanted to shout that I had never done anything like that from the beginning, but when I realized that the man's finger was hanging on the trigger, Seo-yoon nodded hopelessly.