Chapter - 4 Chapter 4. First meeting.

It was his first day back in Afghanistan after completing his mission in Iraq.

In the dry season, Afghanistan was desperately dry and the frantic heat was day and night. The discomfort index in the unit hit a daily high. Seoyun, who has already been in the Middle East for three years, knew that on days like this, there are more fights and accidents in the unit.

"It's hot. I'm dying of heat.」

Seo-yoon murmured like a habit and wiped the sweat dripping under his chin with the back of his hand.

"Don't say anything new. I've already crossed the line.」

"Would it be hotter in Korea by now?」

"Korea is much better. There's no d*mn sand dust.」

"That's true."

Seoyoon stretched long enough with such a loud joke.

It was hard to stretch in a bulletproof suit that weighed nearly 20 kilograms. Every time I warm up my body, I ache and ache here and there.

"Oh dear……"

A dying moan came out of Seoyoon's mouth.

"Are you talking about an old man on a day when you're young and blue?"」

Yoon-sang said, pinching Seo-yoon's cheek.

"It's because I'm tired. You should sit in the helicopter chair for more than 12 hours. You're just gonna die.」

"Oh, my gosh.」

The sun was in the sky, but there was no mission that fell on her this evening.

Seo-yoon, who thought she should slowly enjoy the cool stream of water and take a shower, took off her bulletproof suit.

Lieutenant Han Seo-yoon!

A regular soldier rushed to her barracks and called Seoyun with a show of hands. Most of them answered with their faces dead, knowing that tiredness ensues when they call Seoyun in this way.

"Say it."

"The captain is calling you!」

"Okay, go ahead.」

Seo-yoon didn't say much and wore the bulletproof clothes that he took off again.

"Do you know what you're going to order and wear it again?」

"It's obvious that the captain calls.」

Seo-yoon answered Yoon-sang's question in a vague way.

"You have to be careful.」

Yoon-sang lowered his voice as if he were talking about a secret story.

"I know. I always take care of myself. I only have one body.」

"I'm playing."

Yoon Sang's words were taken as a joke, but it was also realizing Seoyun. The battalion commander calling her was obviously due to the company commander. Seo Yoon, the lieutenant, and Park Sun-ho, the commander of the battalion, the major, were not on good terms. In fact, she didn't even care, but Seon-ho was madly conscious of Seoyun.

I've been dating him since military school. Most of the colleagues who were the same riders knew it. They loved each other like fire, and when cold water poured on them, they quickly ended. Seoyoon and Seonho had a relationship that would end as soon as they met the brigadier general's daughter.

Since then, Seonho's promotion has accelerated. Seonho, who is also a colleague and the same age as Seoyoon, was already a major at the age of 28. Rumor has it that he is about to be promoted to lieutenant colonel. Seo-yoon knew better than anyone else how fast Seon-ho was getting promoted, as she and Yoon-sang, who were his colleagues, were lieutenants.

After graduating from the military academy, he spent a year of training waiting for his troops to Afghanistan. I learned how to survive in the jungle, desert survival training, and so on in Spartan ways. And during his two-month break after the troops were confirmed, he literally had an affair.

After that, upon reuniting with her in Afghanistan, she was a prick to Seonho. She was so anxious that she could even see the brigadier general's relationship with Seo-yoon in her eyes.The third time he is informally asked to be discharged from the military alone.

Seonho was removing her post as a stern platoon commander and siphoning off to rear duty. The entire month's mission in Iraq was to go to the villages where they were protected, deliver relief supplies and take care of women and women.

However, she was called again as soon as she returned from an unexpected air strike that almost killed her.

Seonho was showing a lot of threats to Seo-yoon, who refused to be discharged from the military, that he would make it difficult for you to endure. In fact, Seoyoon gave up everything and was thinking about going back to give up on whether to go back to Korea.

Even now, it was clear that she was called for another mission, knowing clearly that it had been less than 30 minutes since she came back.

"This is dirty, so I should go back to Korea.」

"Hey, what about me? Seonho took a picture of me because of you. What if you leave me alone?」

Yoon Sang-do was also one of her colleagues who knew Seon-ho's work.

"Yes, there was you who wouldn't let go of me.」

"Seoyoon~ So don't say things like that to make him sad.」

"I'll make sure you're in charge somehow.」

"Really? So I just have to trust future Darling and wait here?」

I liked this about him. When you talk about serious things with Yun Sang, it's no big deal. Seo-yoon smiled and jokingly threw a show of hands at Yoon-sang, leaving the barracks.

It was expected that it would not be a simple task as long as the battalion commander called, but the situation was worse than expected. Even his preference for screwing her was looking at the map with a serious face and talking to the battalion commander.

"Oh, Lieutenant Han."

Raise your head and show your hands to the battalion commander who looked at her.

"Did you call me?」

"I know you're back now, but since the situation is a situation, I'll have to join you.」

Seoyoon's eyes followed where the battalion commander pointed to the map with a troubled look.

"School..." No.」

Seoyoon's face has lost its color. An unpleasant cold pushes up from the fingertips. It was a school that they planned and built themselves when they came to Afghanistan in association with the U.S. military.

And it was Seoyoon who participated in the plan from the beginning. It was also her first duty when she was relieved of her platoon commander position and left for rear duty.

Middle Eastern women viewed strangers, especially all soldiers who invaded their country, as targets of their vigilance. It was because rumors spread that they would kidnap, rape, and kill children. The vigilance and exclusion of the locals were the toughest challenges for them to fight here. So instead of men threatening, most of the female soldiers who could give them the benefit of the doubt were left on rear duty.

Its main duty was to take care of children who were abused or lost their families by the Taliban, and to provide shelter and protect for local women who suffered disgrace as women.

Seoyoon was able to survive here because she had girls and children. They were the ones who allowed Seo-yoon, who had been grinding his teeth under evil, to release his mind because they were demoted by preference.

Still a month ago, the little ones who were crying hanging from her legs saying that she must return safely when she went out to Iraq for support stood out.

"It's been a pain in the ass.」The battalion commander said, throwing the baton onto the map.

"I lost contact with the school from 14 o'clock. The U.S. military also lost contact with them.」

Seonho explained his bitter taste to Seo-yoon instead of the battalion commander.

If it was 14 o'clock, it was two hours after I lost contact. Seo-yoon's mouth, who checked his watch just before entering, hardened.

"We have to go.」

Seoyun uttered only one sentence.

"The U.S. military is already preparing.」

I had a premonition of preference.

"What kind of preparation do you mean?」

"The air strikes will begin at 18 o'clock sharp.」

It was not an unexpected answer. However, Seoyoon, who did not want to think about the answer, gritted his teeth.

"It hasn't been confirmed what's going on in school yet. Air strikes are too early.」

"The U.S. military has decided to give up school. I need you to cooperate.」

"It's a school that we built together. As long as we don't give up!」

She protested against the battalion commander's words. This has always been the case with the US military. It wasn't that they didn't understand. The Taliban did not let everyone on the side of the U.S. military live. Even if it is children. There was no exception. It was clear that the U.S. military already knew there would be no survivors left in the school.

Seoyun clenched his fist at the U.S. military's air raid forecast, which is an important part of the Taliban's geographical requirements, to eliminate the school altogether rather than take it away.

"That's not the problem, Lieutenant Han."

She was worried about the children at school, but there was no concern about them in the face of the battalion commander and Seonho.

"While two princes of Oman, who came to Afghanistan to build friendship, were visiting the school, their whereabouts became unknown.」

………I know the air defense.」

"That's why I called you in because I told the battalion commander.」

If there are any children alive, they will be there. When constructing the school, the place that paid the most attention in consultation with the U.S. military was the air defense shelter built in case of an emergency.

"Please let me go. I'll take the kids...….」

"How many times do I have to tell you, Lieutenant Han, it's not the children that matter now.」

She was told to go to school for the prince of another country who didn't even know where he was. Seoyoon, who knew the faces and even knew the children's voices, was telling them to abandon them.

"The closest unit to the school is our unit. In Oman, if the princes are dead, they want to find their bodies.」

In the end, her mission was to retrieve the body and leave the school before the raid began. No matter how detailed the satellites and maps are in the school.However, the only one who knew the school better than that was Seoyoon who almost lived there.

"If there are any children alive, let me rescue them.」

"Does this look like a request?」

Seonho asked coldly instead of battalion commander.

"Please, battalion commander.」

Seo-yoon ignored his preference and bowed 90 degrees to the battalion commander.

"Let's leave it to the company commander based on the situation at the scene.」

When the battalion commander expressed his intention to delegate the work to the company commander, Seonho, the cliff was visible.

"Why? Lieutenant Han, do you have any complaints?」

"No, it's not."

Seoyun denied it when she saw the distrust mixed in her eyes. Seoyoon knew he wouldn't do what she wanted no matter what. However, there was only one ace in the hole that might save the children.

"Please contact the platoon leader in the 3rd and 4th minutes as soon as possible to form a team.」"I see."

The battalion commander gave the order and went outside, and Seo-yoon grabbed Seon-ho's arm, which he was trying to follow.



He has already listened to it so far and asked back as if he didn't know.

"If the children are alive, save them.」

"It depends on how urgent the scene is.」


"When you ask someone for a favor, you have to give them something.」

I was prepared. Perhaps, Seonho was preparing for the military discharge from the beginning.

The mouth was filled with bitter water—it seemed like it was about to tears were coming up.

Still, the fingertips were cold. She was strangely cold in this hot place. Now that we're having this conversation, the surviving children there will continue to die.

Seo-yoon opened his mouth without thinking any more.

"I'll quit.」

When I heard what she said, I could see Yun Sang's face running wild in front of me.

Despite the daylight, the school was chillingly still. The wreckage of the window, mostly broken by machine gun fires, was rolling around. Twelve members. Seonho, the company commander who leads the team, clenched his fist and stopped as if he had waited.

I couldn't hear anything inside the school. An ominous feeling dispersed in the air.


Suddenly, there was a sound of something exploding, and the troops bent their legs in unison to keep a low profile. The side where the explosion was heard was on the side of the air defense. She shook her head to Seonho looking back at Seoyoon.

"You two go to the bomb shelter with Seoyoon and see how many enemies there are. The rest act in three teams.」

The reason why the team was divided into three teams was to check if there were any bodies of princes inside or around the school building, not air defense.

Sweatdrops spilled over my face covered with camouflage cream. Seoyoon wiped it with the back of his hand and moved away with two troops.

For now, the most likely place where the prince and his party were hiding was on the side of the bomb shelter where the explosion was heard. If you didn't hide there, you'd be dead by now or somewhere in the cabinet if you're lucky.

Seo-yoon took a military knife out of his waist with a K-2 rifle on his shoulder. He wanted to prevent a single bay from meeting the enemy and firing a gun. When gunfire is heard, the enemy is on alert. If there's any number you can't afford, it's easy to be exterminated here.

Fortunately, the sand wind blows from the desert side to cover them. However, it was also difficult for Seoyoon to secure visibility due to the sand wind.

Less than an hour is left before the air strike. Seoyun, who set the clock at 5:55 p.m., moved toward the air defense shelter.

Even if I didn't want to look, I could see bloodstains and the children's bodies everywhere. The bodies of several U.S. soldiers who were originally guarding the area were also seen. There seemed to be so many enemies that they were helplessly beaten. Surprise is usually done at night, but it was highly retaliatory to do it at this time when all the children were gathered during the day.

My mouth was bitter, my throat was hot. Whenever I see the bodies of children who have not yet bloomed, a question mark is raised in the reality that she is standing now. What is he here to protect?More than 30 Taliban were gathered in front of the air defense lake. They were again installing a second bomb to open the sturdy steel doors of the air defense over 50 centimeters thick. Seoyoon held her breath thinking there might be surviving children in there.

Lieutenant, you have to die.」

She nodded when the unit member quietly spoke to Seo-yoon.

The air defense was no longer safe. If he explodes explosives like that, it will be pierced someday.

Numerous children have been slaughtered simply because they studied at a school jointly established by the U.S. and South Korean forces, which the Taliban regard as enemies.

It was possible to fight back if there was a group of princes there.

I remembered the black eyes that were narrow and called her sister. Curious children who looked at their different skin colors, not knowing what the war was.

There was a bomb shelter in front of the children, but there was nothing more I could do about it. Seoyoon turned his back to return to the bomb shelter as the unit member said.

The wind blew at that moment.

Unknowingly, my eyes turned in the direction of the wind.

I could see something moving through the windows of the broken building.

"Mr. Lieutenant?"

"Go back first.」

It could have been a child hiding. If it was the Taliban, they would have been bombarded with bullets first, so it was likely a child. For the children, the immediate unit members were of no help. There was no need for gunners to rush to the child whose fear would be maximized.

"It's dangerous."

"I'll just check it out for a second and follow up.」

Apparently I saw a shadow moving. Seoyun couldn't possibly give up that hope. The troops, who thought they had no time, nodded and left first.

Seo-yoon stepped on the glass and carefully entered the building to avoid making noise.

The smell of acrid ammunition residue and hot heat were delivered.

Seo-yoon moved in the direction where the shadow disappeared.

I wanted at least one person to hide where this tragedy happened. I deeply hoped that I could save at least one person and ease my guilt.

The children are innocent.

The crime was against themselves with guns in their hands.

It was cruel of the children to receive the price of their sins.


I realized something was wrong. I've heard this unpleasant phlegm. It was the sound of blood flowing back just before I lost my breath. Seoyoon's steps got faster.


She stopped there without knowing she had stepped on a piece of glass under her feet.

A man dressed in a black galabiya and Sarwal stood like a stone statue.

The man was looking at my feet without moving. A man dressed in a similar outfit was dying of blood bubbles, with a deep stab wound to his neck. I reached out my hands and wanted to say something, but I couldn't hear anything.

A sandstorm was blowing again through the shattered windows. Seo-yoon knows that this wind blows before a sandstorm blows, but she stood there as if she was frozen, mesmerized by the heterogeneous situation ahead of her.

It did not appear to be the Taliban.

The man slowly turned his head towards the wind passing by.

His black obsidian eyes stared at Seoyoon. Only then did Seo-yoon realize that there was a bayonet with blood dripping in the man's hands. The last life of the man at his feet was falling from the Supreme Prosecutors' Office."Oh, my God. Are you a witness?"

A calm low and smooth voice echoed through the space.

A black bishit on the man's shoulder fluttered in the wind. Seoyun thought it looked like a dead man with a long sickle.

The man was too fine for a man who just killed. A few drops of unglazed blood splattered on his cheeks only informed him that he had killed. The man had a foreign energy as if he were living in another world.

I didn't want to be near. I thought I'd fall into a different world if I got closer.

The one close by was a man. As soon as I realized in my head that he was moving, I was in front of Seoyoon's eyes.

Who are you?」

It was the first time I met an opponent who was overwhelmed by the atmosphere.

When Seo-yoon asked, the man in front of him slightly tilted his head to one side and asked back.

"Who are you?"

The man was using English. The English-speaking man, dressed in a traditional Arab costume, glanced down at Seoyun. It seemed as if now she was contemplating whether to die or not.


The man who was lying still hasn't lost his breath. There was a danger in front of me, but I couldn't turn a blind eye to the dying person. Seoyoon walked past him to the person who was lying down. Kneeling down, she had already seen the blood soaked around her, and then she got herself together. There seemed to be no hope of survival.

She managed to hold his hand.


Every time he tried to speak, blood spilled from his deeply cut throat. Usually, a person who is cut off this much dies in minutes. However, the man has lived longer than that.

"Did you do it on purpose to cause pain?"

Should we be grateful for the fact that language works?

Seoyun frowned and asked the envoy-like man who was still watching her. What has he done that he is dying so painfully? The man gathered all his strength and held Seoyoon's hand like a lifeline.

Seoyoon closed his eyes for a while.

No more suffering was meaningless to those who could not already afford it.

When she opened her eyes again, there was a chill.

I once again cut his neck deeply with a military knife that pressed down on the man's chest.

Like this!

There was still blood to escape, and hot blood splattered on Seoyoon's face. With her life escaping, she quietly closed her eyes, and then she got up.

"Isn't it……… colleague?"

The dead man and the man in front of him were wearing the same clothes.

"Brothers, not colleagues."

He said, wiping away the bloody bayonet in his Galabiya.



Seo-yoon stepped back reflexively and defended himself with a knife in his hand.

The power of the man was enormous. When she and the man, who had been separated, approached again in a flash and struck with a large sword, it was almost luck that blocked it. His mother's bones trembled on the blade that hit him with clear intention to kill him.

I'm no match for a man. It occurred to me instinctively.

My head went cold when I thought I might die here. Seoyoon put his sword together and measured the difference between his skills with the man in front of him. The only thing she had over men was her small size and speed. However, even that was not possible under the current circumstances of wearing a bulletproof suit weighing more than 20 kilograms.Sneak

Suddenly, the man pushed Seoyoon with one hand and pulled out the Kanjar, a decorative sword that was worn around his waist with the other hand. And before Seo-yoon defended himself, he drew a shoulder that was not protected by the bulletproof suit.

The sharp pain caused her to back up.

A rough breath leaked out of my mouth.

"Who are you?"

"It'll be annoying to keep the witness alive."

The man gave a vague answer. I've never seen such a character in school. Perhaps his party was the reason why her troops came here, and he desperately tried to tell Seo-yoon that he was not an enemy but an ally.

"Not a witness, I'm here to find the prince's party.”

"There it is."

He, who had not yet come at him, pointed to a man who had already lost his breath with the tip of his knife.

"Are you an assassin?"

That's why power is. Seoyoon murmured hopelessly, and then he understood perfectly what the man was calling out as a witness.


Another bomb exploded outside. I couldn't afford to waste my time here now. But unlike her nervousness, the man didn't care about the sound. When he rushed back, Seo-yoon, who realized that he could not afford to stop the wielding knife, tilted his head back as much as he could.

The sharp bayonet fell to the floor as the string of the military mother fell off. If it had been a little closer, perhaps her throat would have been slit like a dead man.

The language was obviously working, but I felt like I was talking to a wall.

"Women, I thought you were just a little boy."

When the hair tied back appeared, the man talked unexpectedly.

A man deserved to think so, with a hoarse voice and a face covered with camouflage cream.

For a moment the man was silent. And soon, with a slight frown on his forehead, he scanned her face. His eyes grew for a moment and quickly returned to their places. An attitude as if you've seen someone you know.

I heard the sound of the rough wind.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

The man's eyes, who was heading for Seoyoon at the unusual sound of the wind, briefly looked out of the broken window. The man stared deeply at the place full of hazy sand dust as if it were an abyss. Seoyoon threw a military knife without missing the moment.

As the man turned away, she stood with a loaded K-2 rifle on her shoulder.

The man pushed her so that she didn't even have time to aim the gun, but a short gap was enough time to catch the loaded gun.

"Raise your hand."

"Let's play fair and square with the knife."

He twirled to see if guns were also a threat to men.

"The party is talking about eating dog grass. You and I have different weight classes."

Seo-yoon replied with a snort. He smiled and dropped the bayonet he was holding in his hands to the floor as he pointed a gun at the man with a real intention to shoot.

"I can break your neck with my bare hands.”

"I know, that's why I'm staying away."

If you were an assassin who killed a prince, you would only break his neck with your bare hands.

Seoyoon said he realized he had to save the assassin anyway.

"Walk quietly. Forward."


Strong winds hit the building with sand on the broken window. Seoyun frowned on the fine grains of sand that came in in an instant. The man attacked her with his whole body, not missing the timing.Seoyoon rolled on the floor and kicked the man on top of her to keep his gun from being taken away, but he jumped on her stomach and pressed her hard.

"Stay put.”

As if the rifle in Seo-yoon's hand was cumbersome, the man who easily took it threw it away.

"Just break my neck. I'm going to kill you no matter what."

"Ha, how do you want to kill me after you die in my hands?"

The man grinned as if he was stunned by the contradiction in her words. The smile on the corners of his mouth looked like an angel. He lightly overpowered her hands to prevent Seo-yoon from moving, pressed her with one hand, and covered her biche with the other.

My son-in-law became dim in no time.

There was only a dim light that penetrated through the fabric of the bisht.

There was a man's face right above her. The man was facing her side by side in a biscuit on top of her to keep her out of the sandstorm.


"I don't want to be face to face with the body.”

When asked by Seoyoon why he was left alive, the man said lukewarmly. His breath touched Seo-yoon's cheek and melted. It was so close that I could feel the end of my nose that a man opened his lips.

Black eyes that sparkled dangerously like an animal stared at Seoyoon. Like the first encounter, I was looking at her more closely and slowly, one by one. It looked like a drowsy lion preparing to bite off the back of its neck when the search was over.

His lips at the end of her nose moved to the back of Seoyoon's neck as if they were really going to bite him.

"You got cut."

"f*ck it."

The man, who found a thin cut under his chin as his military cap flew away to his Supreme Prosecutors' Office, stuck out his tongue and licked the end of the cut.

"If you were a little slower.”

Seoyoon knew what the end was that he didn't spit out.

"Get out of the way."

"Shh. The sandstorm hasn't passed yet.”

"f*ck it, I'll just die in the sandstorm, get out of my way!"

Seoyoon's shout was funny, so the man laughed with bated breath. I could feel his smile on my body.

This man must have been exhausted from the scorching heat, but he smelled fresh. Seo-yoon, who clearly imprinted that the strange scent mixed with the scent of musk was this man's unique body odor, struggled to shake off a man who was still biting his lips around his neck.

"Are you happy to taste the blood of a dead man? Do you like it?"

It was hot.

Otherwise, in the weather just before turning around, I stuck with this man and even took a fever, and the inside of the bishit was filled with her warm breath.

"Stay still because it's hot.”

Every time he spoke, I felt a man's teeth burning from the back of his neck, chilling my spine. This man attached to himself was clearly half out of his mind.

How long has it been?

The surrounding area was dead calm after a sandstorm swept by.

Slowly, the man rose from Seoyoon's stomach. The sand piled up on the bishit fell down next to Seoyoon's face.

Still, Seoyoon was under the man, and he, who raised his upper body, looked down at her as if to tell her his last will.Seoyoon's eyes calmly faced the man. The face of the man looking at the eyes seemed to be interesting.

"You're about to die."

In Seo-yoon's eyes, a man who could not find the unique fear of the man on the verge of death made an impression and said as if he was shooting himself.

"I know."

"I've never seen a face like this before.”

"I've never seen anyone like you before.”

I wanted to tell a man a Korean proverb, "Even if a tiger goes to a cave, he lives if he wakes up," but Seo-yoon no longer opened his mouth. Rather, he slowly observed the man and exhaled himself as he exhaled.

During training, he received sniper training as an essential condition. I couldn't remember much else, but the process of aiming and pulling the trigger was vividly remembered at this moment.

Every time he exhales, he exhales together.

Predict what he will do without avoiding the man's gaze. If you breathe together and observe the target still, the best timing for sniping always appears.

"What are you trying to do?”

This time, the man frowned and asked as if he was displeased. When the man frowned, Seo-yoon's forehead also wrinkled. And all of a sudden, I realized it wasn't strange to me. However, things were not right now to rummage through.

Looking down at her, who was apparently copying her, the man let go of Seoyoon's hand, which he had held together in her chest. When I suddenly let go of my wrist, which had no blood flow, a sharp pain was delivered.

It was not the time yet.

If a man notices a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, he is really doomed to death.

His big hand came over Seoyoon's face. Seo-yoon stared at the hand that would break his neck in a single stroke, not blinking.

And just as his fingers were about to reach the back of his neck, his upper body was forced to bend toward Seoyun.

At some point, Seoyoon did not exhale. The man paused his fingers while looking at her. It was Seoyoon who was rather embarrassed by the hesitation. The behavior of the man who thought he would break his neck at once changed.

Before even recognizing it with his head, Seo-yoon breathed out his last breath and kicked the man in the back with his knees with all his might. Behind her upper body, which was leaning toward her, the man briefly lost his balance due to the momentary pressure of Seo-yoon's knee, and Seo-yoon reached out her hand and pulled out a dagger from her ankle. It was a small three-fingered dagger Yoon Sang gave me last year's birthday. It was always carried around in an emergency, but this was my first time using it.

He tore the man's shoulder with a dagger that he quickly pulled out.


When the man reeled in sudden pain, he twisted and escaped from under him.

His black galabilla shoulder was torn long. And there red blood dripped down to the floor.

"Ha, ha, ha."

How long did he hold his breath? Seo-yoon breathed hard, grabbed the dagger tightly and faced the man.


The hot air seemed to freeze in strands. The man just called himself, but a short word gave me the chills.

"Was this what you were aiming for?”

The man said with a deep smile, as if he could see why there was no fear in her eyes. Obviously, it was Seo-yoon himself with a weapon, but it did not occur to me that he was superior at all.I had to get out of here.

She didn't have much time left.

The man on the floor slowly rose from his seat. The figure looked more daunting than when I first saw it. Dark red blood was constantly dripping between the long, straight fingers. Without even thinking about stopping the bleeding, the man was still smiling.

…he was clearly a madman.

"Now you're equal.”

The man's eyes were looking at Seoyoon's torn arm.

"It's a different weight class."

She muttered with a feeling of giving up half-way when she saw a man who could not understand no matter how many times she spoke. Seoyoon's eyes were on his K-2 rifle thrown by a man. Perhaps he felt her eyes, but the man smiled as soon as he looked there.



When Seo-yoon asked again, thinking he heard something wrong, the man shook his hand as if he was lazy.

"Go before I change my mind."

The man said to Seo-yoon with a look of annoyance or change of mind at any moment. Seoyoon looked at the clock on his wrist reflexively at the man's words.

It's 5:45 PM.

Most of the time is delayed here. It was clear that the Taliban had yet to penetrate the air defense system, seeing that no shots were heard other than explosions. When the air raid began, the only safe place was air defense.

"The air strikes will begin soon."

I didn't want to think I owed my life to a man. He deserved to be taken with him, but honestly, I couldn't afford to care about assassins in other countries now. The man nodded as if he understood what Seoyun said. However, he did not move on the spot. Still, I was just looking at the Ho Gong, the desert of the hazy dry season.

The man's interest no longer seemed to be Seoyun.

Seo-yoon woke up with a K-2 rifle, leaving a man who would not move.

Once again, I thought, "Shoot it away," but a man no longer comes at her with a life to live. Seo-yoon went down the stairs without looking back.

Like Alice in Wonderland, I felt trapped in this space and out into reality. If it wasn't for the blood flowing from your arms, you'd really think you might have experienced a mirage here.

As such, the assassin was bizarre.

Like it doesn't exist in reality.

Seo-yoon, who quickly came down to the first floor from the second floor where he met the man, crossed the broken window to quickly return to the side of his party.

"Bad sandstorm!』

"We have to build a bomb again. Gather all the pipes and stuff.』

Familiar languages were heard through the entrance she had entered. After living for three years, my ears open to a certain extent. In particular, it was a familiar language for Seoyun, who mainly communicated with women and lived in this school.

Seo-yoon leaned reflexively under the window frame. Over her head, grumbles and grumbles were heard. It wasn't just the man and Seoyoon who tried to avoid the sandstorm.

They skimmed through the classroom and heard footsteps going up to the second floor.

All I had to do was leave. Seoyoon had no responsibility for the man on the second floor. As always in the army, all you had to do was close your eyes and close your ears. Seo-yoon, who decided to do so, quietly turned his back on the building and walked to the place where his colleagues were waiting.

If he tried to kill himself, the man would have suffered some damage as well. The man let her go, and Seoyun informed her to avoid the attack in return. That left nothing to do with each other."Bless you."

I knew this bloody nosiness would someday work as a stain. Seo-yoon, who jumped up, crossed the window frame that had already been crossed.

"There was a survivor.』

At the cry from the second floor, Seoyoon's legs flew up the stairs. I was out of breath in a short time. Already, the Taliban heard a creepy sound of machine guns loaded as if they had found a man.

What Seoyoon saw while climbing three stairs at once was a man who was defenseless and just stood still. He stood there the same way she did when she left.

Seoyoon suddenly realized that neither the airstrikes nor the three Taliban at gunpoint in front of his eyes could interfere with the man's world.

……this man really had no interest in life or death. Whether it's the death of others or one's own.


It was Seoyoon who pulled the trigger first.

It was my first time shooting an enemy with a showing back. As soon as the bullet penetrated the human body, the blurry blazes mixed with dust jumped in front of my eyes. It happened in an instant before they could even look back and defend. I just pulled the trigger instinctively.

For that strange man who tried to kill himself and changed his mind.


The man was now asking Seo-yoon what Seo-yoon had asked him.

Looking at the curious eyes, Seo-yoon screamed.

"Oh, my God, why would I?"

I don't know if I've ever saved him.

A moment of regret over what had already happened, couldn't turn back time. I thought there was no such thing as hate, but I don't know if I've grown attached to that man for a moment. I wanted to put my head against the wall even now.

In addition to the sound of explosives exploding, when gunfire rang out at the quiet school, someone called one of the three dead on the first floor.

"Hohen, what's going on? Did you shoot him?』

I couldn't answer. The person who will answer already took his last breath at Seoyoon's feet.

Soon after he didn't answer, he realized it was strange, and he heard the sound of moving quietly from the first floor.

Seoyoon, who walked at high speed to the man, grabbed him by the collar. The man's upper body leaned close to her as he pulled the Galabiya full of hands.

"Follow me."

Seoyoon ran to the very end of the hallway with him as if he had dragged him. There was nowhere to run away. Seoyun, who took the man to the very end of the 자-shaped building, glanced down. I didn't think it was a good idea, but I thought I could only break one arm and leg and save my life.

Seo-yoon hurriedly put the man out of his hand and took off his bulletproof suit. And he threw it down and said.

"Jump down."

If you don't want to be a beehive.

After cutting off the backbiting, she winked downward and he swept his chin with folded arms.


She didn't have enough time to wait for a man who thought gracefully in this situation. Mumbling abuse out of his mouth again, Seoyoon pushed the man's chest. Then, he reached out his arms and hugged Seoyoon.


The floor was a mixture of tiny stones and sand. It was less shocking than one storm falling to the ground due to the blow, but it was still named on the second floor. Seoyoon, who didn't even think about falling together, rose from the man's stomach."Hey."

Seoyoon hit the cheek of a man with his eyes closed, wondering if he was dead. Then he said, frowning.

"Get out of the way, it's heavy.”

"Wake up quickly. Sooner or later, they'll find out we're gone."

Standing up from the man's stomach, Seoyun said. And when I picked up the fallen bulletproof suit, I heard the grating sound of stepping on the broken glass in the building. Seoyoon, who realized that he had to avoid the body immediately, was forced to give up the supplies and drag the man's collar while lowering his posture.

The man was obediently following her lead. Once again, the F-16 fighter jet was already on its head when Seo-yoon safely arrived at the meeting place where the troops were stationed.


As soon as Seonho found her, he was glaring and trying to open his mouth.

Around them were people dressed similar to the man she brought back. Seo-yoon, who thought it was probably the prince's bodyguards or staff, spoke to Seon-ho.

"The prince died inside the building. Keep an eye on him.」

Only then did Seo-yoon order his subordinates to release the Galabiya of the man he was holding.


At that time, someone in the prince's group saw the man Seo-yoon brought and tried to say something about him. Then the aerial bombing began.

Boom! Boom!

I was already distancing myself from the school, so I just kept a close eye on the situation from a step away. The sand dust in the foggy desert flew so far that I couldn't see an inch ahead. As soon as I came here, the buildings that had been built with all their might quickly collapsed and collapsed beyond recognition.

The United States, which said it would give up, did not even know if it made the right choice.

The Taliban would never have imagined that the US military would air-bomb a building they worked on.

Moving in a place where the sensory temperature exceeds 55 degrees Celsius was already hell.

At the start of the aerial bombing, there was already a cloud of invisible dust obstructing the view. Seo-yoon's hand holding the K-2 rifle was sweating a lot. There may be a living child somewhere.

It was then. Seoyoon's shoulders trembled.

It was when a single airstrike swept through and F-16 fighters were seen turning for a second bombing in the distance.

I heard the voice of a crying child.

It was feeble enough to come from the terrible, desolate ruins to a place not far from her, but it was certainly a cry. But nobody watching the situation here now acted as if they hadn't heard it.

Whose voice is it?

Seoyoon pulled out his hair long. I did something useless because I thought I could see a little further away. The already parched mouth was covered with prickly sand.

"Did you hear that?"

"Yes, I heard.」

A member of the unit next to Seo-yoon's question answered.

I guess it wasn't an auditory hallucination. It was clear that a child was hiding and began to cry in surprise at the air raid.

"Don't do anything stupid.」

Seonho warned, holding her shoulder tightly, as if she had seen through her heart.

You can't get out of line.

It was suicide to get out of the safe zone no matter how much the child cried for life.If she escapes to save a child, her career so far will collapse before life threats.

The child's crying was still ringing in my ears. It didn't get far, it didn't get close.


Preference ordered troops in preparation for the start of a second air strike soon. Everyone woke up to his order, apparently trying to drag Seo-yoon away from where he might run.

"It's too late.」

Yoon-sang tapped Seo-yoon's shoulder and shook his head slowly. As ordered, Seo-yoon nodded and walked. What should I do when even the appearance of a colleague ahead of me is hidden by dust? In addition, Seoyoon's unit now has an opponent to escort.


The child was not calling his mother. I was crying calling my sister in a hoarse voice. It was like clinging to her feet and telling her to come back safely, holding onto her pant leg.

The image of his sister, who had left behind in her home country, passed by.

All Seo-yoon could do was to relax his hands holding unnecessarily powerful rifles. It's a big deal if you pull the wrong trigger and shoot your friend.

Rational and irrational thoughts floated in my head in a flash. He was already unconscious of where he was walking now.

"Why am I here?」

Seo-yoon asked Yoon-sang with a distorted face, not a crying face or a smiling face.

I regretted joining the military for the first time.

"Hey, you..."

As soon as Yoon-sang realized something was wrong and tried to catch Seo-yoon, she turned around and started running to school where the air raid would start again.

If he could not see his own eyes, he could not see his surviving enemies.

It was an impulsive choice, but it was better than leaving something to regret for the rest of my life. I ran as fast as I could to hear the crying, but the voice had already disappeared like a mirage.

"She's here!』

At the risk of being caught by surviving enemies, Seo-yoon shouted in their language, which he had stuttered so far. If he could not save this child, he would not have the face to see his brother if he turned away. Her lovely brother believed Seoyoon was saving lives in Afghanistan.

"Where are you? Hey! You're here!』

Did the air strike kill everyone?

It was too quiet. Seoyoon stepped forward without hesitation, digging through the sand dust with his hands.


It was not far from where Seoyoon was. The second round of air strikes began with the bombing. Only the sound of F-16 fighter jets roaring through the school. Seoyoon stopped breathing because of the missile that was coming in like a murder if he really intended to destroy all the schools they built.

As the warm thing flowed through the chin, Seoyoon wiped it off with the back of his hand. Maybe the eardrum of the ear was damaged, but blood flowed down the ear. At some point, I couldn't hear anything again.

When Seo-yoon stepped on her feet again in abnormal silence, something lumpy was stepped on under her feet.

As I looked down in a hurry, I saw a girl lying on a pile of stones.

"Seina! "

It was a nine-year-old girl who lost her parents to the Taliban and was left alone with her sister. She followed Seoyoon exceptionally well, and was one of the children who hung on her leg a month ago and told her to come back.When I checked the pulse of the child with his eyes closed, I could feel him running faintly.

My fingertips trembled because of excessive adrenaline secretion of adrenaline. As soon as he felt the child's pulse with his fingertips, which trembled hard even when he tried to calm down, Seo-yoon removed the rock that weighed on the small body with all his might.

"It's okay, it's okay. She's here.』

He was due to return to school tomorrow with an armful of food for the children after taking a clean shower.

Hugging the drooping child's body, Seo-yoon ran with all her might to get out of the air raid zone.


The missile exploded again somewhere. The rebound caused Seo-yoon's body to bend back three or four steps with her child in his arms. Seo-yoon, who hugged the child as much as possible and rolled around thinking that the child should no longer be injured, got up again.

The shoulders holding the child seemed to break. It was hard to move a single step properly, just as the feet were covered with a thousand-geun pendulum. My vision was dizzy, and my head was about to crack. The nausea was about to come over. It was a long time after I learned that it was a symptom of concussion.

"You idiot!」

Someone grabbed Seoyoon's hand standing there and dragged him.


The preference for a scary face was in front of Seoyoon's eyes.


In this situation, a faint smile leaked out. Then Yoon Sang, who appeared following, took the child from Seoyoon's hand and ran to where they came from in the first place.

Even if I wanted to ask, "Why did you come to save me?" there was no word on the angry face. Seonho's hand, which started running holding his hand, was hot.

"Gasp, gasp."

I wasn't even holding the child in my arms, but I was out of breath. Still, the body was like a cotton soaked in water, not like its own.

Seo-yoon, who barely made it back to where the troops were waiting, was the first to check the child's condition.

"What about Seina? Are you okay?」

It was noticeable that Yoon-sang was checking his pulse with his child lying on the floor. He soon shook his head at Seoyoon's question.

"No, it's Mac.」

Is it too late? When Seo-yoon tried to take a step closer to the child, Seon-ho, who was still holding her hand, let go of it.


Seoyoon frowned, thinking it was the first time in eight years that Seonho's face was mesmerized.

"Get out of my way. When I checked, I'm sure Mac...….」

As soon as I tried to take a step, my body collapsed. The world began to spin around again as I slumped down on the sand floor.

"Military soldier!"

I wanted to tell Seonho to be quiet, but strangely, he couldn't speak. Seonho's hand knelt on the floor blocked Seoyoon's stomach.

A sharp piece of stone, larger than the palm of the hand, penetrated the abdomen. Seoyun looked down unfamiliarly as if she was looking at it from someone else's perspective.

I didn't feel the pain. I was just a little tired.

When I looked up again, I saw a man.

The man who first thought he was a messenger was staring at her quietly, not far from her.

I didn't even know I was facing an envoy in the building.

Seoyoon laughed quietly, thinking such useless things.

"……wait, I'll transfer you to the unit right away. The car will be here soon!」

The sounds gathered in a circle and seemed to ring in my ears. You should tell him to keep an eye on a man like him because he's not an ordinary man. Opening the lips didn't work out the way he wanted to.I was so dizzy. Guido, head, poem Yado.

Seoyoon closed his eyes.

And by the time she woke up in two weeks, she had already been escorted from a military hospital to a general hospital, and had been dishonorably discharged on charges of disobedience to orders.

It was exactly a month after my body was able to move back to Korea.