Chapter - 5 Chapter 5. A life contract.


The sound of a dry needle falling over was so loud.

Ashan was grinning in front of Seoyoon, which was rare, really entertaining. It seemed better for this man to frown and laugh. The goose bumps on the arm made me forget that this is the Middle East where people are dying in the heat.

Can you feel this way when you meet a bear at the North Pole in the middle of winter?

I completely forgot. No, I tried to forget everything about the military. I was used to pressing the smell of memory whenever it sometimes bothered Seo-yoon.

Yoon Sang said the injury was serious enough to wander through the dead. He recovered consciousness after two weeks from the injury and was forcibly repatriated to Korea when his body could barely move. His dishonorable discharge was foreseen. It was true that she ignored the preference and acted at will. It was clear that Yoon Sang and Seonho's life, who came to save her as well as herself, were in danger.

…so I didn't have time to care.

He had completely forgotten the man before him. As soon as I got back up, I came to Korea, and my house was literally ruined. So, he was a man with a face and crazy behavior that I could never forget, and I completely forgot.

She was the breadwinner of the house right now, and she really had to do anything at random. It was only two months after I came to my senses that I thought about a man like an envoy in front of me because so many things went off near Seoyun like fireworks all at once.

He/she carefully thought about whether he/she had told the military or not that he/she was an assassin who killed the prince, and then called Yoon Sang to explain the whole story. However, the quality of the call with Afghanistan was not so good that the call was cut off in the middle. I didn't care about the prince of another country, so I jumped back into the line of life for a living.

Sometimes in my dream, I suddenly remembered the man in front of me whenever the envoy in black pushed Seo-yoon down from the top. Except then, Seoyoon almost forgot about him.

When she submitted her application with the idea that she had to lose her job, and when she came to her front with a plane ticket of First Class, she never dreamed of seeing the man in front of her again. It's just, oh, I guess I have a connection with the country of Oman, that's all Seoyun could imagine.

I couldn't even tell why the assassin was in front of Seo-yoon, becoming his employer, or the prince of arrogance that he had killed. The only premonition in Seoyoon's head was the fact that he should never be found out by that man even if he died.

You'll die as soon as you're found out.

A man like that envoy will surely kill Seo-yoon in this strange country the moment she pretends to know him.

A man couldn't recognize himself unless she opened her mouth. Her face was covered with camouflage cream. Just in case, I asked her lawyer who was in charge of background checks.

When asked if her past track record was reported to her employer, the lawyer laughed at her as if it was absurd.

Prince is not a very idle man. If there is no problem with the employee's past, it will be handled by my line.

Clearly, that is the answer.

"I kept my mouth shut."Ashan's smile thickened at the words. The only thing Seoyoon noticed when he came here was his brother, who then killed in Afghanistan, was named the next Sultan of Oman. It was that one.

The man who killed his brother, a pure-blooded Arab born from the resuscitation of his main wife, tried to kill Seo-yoon, a witness, for one reason that he was annoyed. Seoyoon was the only one who was there. Seoyun apparently thought it was the Taliban's work here, but Seoyun saw it clearly with his eyes.

"If I had opened my mouth, I wouldn't be here now."

Ashan replied.

"You don't want to get caught now. I'll keep my mouth shut."

"Now, are you threatening me?"

He tilted his head to one side and asked Seoyoon crookedly.

"What do you mean intimidation, it's a deal.”

Looking at Seo-yoon's face, who was too brazen for a person who wanted to be saved just now, Ashan slowly sat back in his seat. Once he saw the revolver in his hand on the table, Seo-yoon thought that was a relief.

"I'll continue to shadow you like this and then disappear."

Was it 5 months and 26 days? I was suffocated when I thought of the rest of the days of tears.

"The shadow never disappears."

"That's what I'm saying."

The man who killed his brother. What Seo-yoon felt when he was there was not hatred or anger. I just felt a void with nothing. He also looked as if he had let go of everything.

This man doesn't kill people for no reason. Seoyoon was a witness and had to die, and many of the women he had killed had to die because they tried to kill him. So there must be a reason why she doesn't know. I didn't want to side with Ashan, who killed his brother, but it was true.

It was also the only fact that Seoyoon knew about this man.

"A deal……."

When he met Ashan again, Seoyoon's instinct to live desperately warned against turning a blind eye to him. However, he seemed to have been the only purpose of making Seo-yoon's mouth somehow open, pretending not to recognize him, and now he was smiling with an unprecedentedly joyful expression.

In the end, it was Seoyoon who lost the power struggle. She was the one who succumbed to Ashan's threats first and opened her mouth. The result of the fight came back to a disastrous situation where he had to face the fiery eyes of a man who seemed to tear his limbs apart and swallow them in a bite.

"There are many ways I can keep you quiet. So suggest something else tempting."

Ashan said to her with a cordial heart.

Literally, it was as generous as it should be. It's like poking the prey that the polar bear has caught with its claws and thinking about when to eat it, now, or after playing with it a little bit.

"……you don't want to kill me?”

Seoyoon, who suddenly realized something, asked Ashan. If I really wanted to kill her, I wouldn't be playing with words like this now, I'd just go at it with a knife like in Afghanistan. And unlike then, it would certainly have cut her short. The man in front of me knew well that he was definitely the man to do so.

At Seoyoon's words, Ashan just smiled and didn't open his mouth.

I thought for a moment about what he might be interested in among his cards, but I couldn't think of a suitable one.That ominous smile was obviously wanting something from her. There was no way he could have coveted everything she had. Then what Ashan wanted was not an object.

"You seem stupid, but you're strangely quick-witted."

Ashan stood up from his seat. Seo-yoon was very nervous, stiffening his shoulders, thinking he was approaching him again, but contrary to expectations, he approached the door where he had entered and turned the handle.

"Excuse me."

It was his lawyer who entered the door that Ashan personally opened.

Jason was an all-white-haired American lawyer who pulled a needle back tightly so that it wouldn't fit a single needle in the rimless glasses. She had an interview with him the first day she came, and it was her first face since signing a contract with him.

He stood with his hands behind his back and Jason naturally sat in front of Seoyoon, where Ashan sat. Jason shook his head with one hand raised when Seo-yoon, who couldn't figure out whether to look at Ashan or Jason, tried to open his mouth.

"Don't open your mouth until I'm done."


"It's a contract."

He took a white paper bag out of the bag he was holding and pushed it in front of Seoyoon.

"Sign your autograph."

As soon as I heard Jason's five-letter words again, lightning struck Seo-yoon's mind.

…it's a trap!

With trembling hands, Seoyoon pulled out a 40-page contract from inside the envelope. The first thing she checked was the clause on page 12.

"What is this?"

I almost said, "Just kill me here." Barely holding it in, knowing that Ashan was the one who would really shoot if he uttered it, made the last straw of reason shut up. If his reason was something he could touch in front of him, he wanted to stroke his head.


Ashan repeated what the lawyer had said. The only difference was that the lawyer's words "sign" contained recommendations, and Ashan's words "sign" contained coercion.

Seo-yoon pushed the chair back without realizing it, thinking such useless thoughts on his panicked head.


Ashan frowned as the legs of the chair dragged to the marble and made an unpleasant noise. It was Seo-yoon's last struggle to get away from the contract somehow.

"Why, don't you like it?"

"Yes, of course not.”

As Seo-yoon approached no longer to run back, he gently pressed her down on the shoulder.

"Why don't you like it?"

Look back on your behavior and ask!

Once again, a cry that could not be uttered out of the mouth rang out in despair.

All this situation was watched with compassionate eyes, with a look on his face as if only the lawyer, Jason, understood the heart.

"I don't know."

Saying that, he gave strength to the hand holding Seo-yoon's shoulder.


There was a stiff pain in the back of the neck caught yesterday. Ashan was pressing down exactly where there would be black bruises even if he didn't see them.

Two million dollars.

It was exactly the amount written in the contract. It was also the amount of death insurance money that Seo-yoon could receive if he died during security. The amount was in front of her now.

2 [email protected]

The exchange rate has risen these days, so I'm sure it's [email protected] Despite the huge number, however, Seoyoon's heart was not as strong as his fingernails."It's too much for a renewal."

Seoyoon said.

I can't afford to get kicked out with a penalty right now, but I can't believe I'm renewing my contract. I just couldn't understand what was in this man's head. All she can guess is that she's gonna be a pain in the ass? Or are you going to kill him? It was only this much.

"Renewal of a contract.”

Ashan smiled and bowed to Seoyoon.

His hair tickled her right cheek. The gentle breath he exhales is mixed with musk, creating a strange body odor.

"You're in prison for life."


This time, I'm really at a loss for words.

I tried to remove my lips a few times, but I couldn't think of anything as if I was covered with ice water from head to toe.

"The death penalty... ..the life sentence before?”


All I could say was this stupid question.

Oh, you were sentenced to life in prison for failing to save this polar bear.

I'm sentenced to life in prison.

Seoyoon nodded.

"Nodding is not a good idea.

Seo-yoon, who stood up from his seat screaming, strode to the door. I had to run away from here. Professionalism? There was no such thing as that. If there was such a thing, I wouldn't have been dishonorable discharge. I didn't come to this place because I was attracted by money from the beginning. It had never occurred to me that serious damage to employees during the contract would result in a huge penalty.

Only the thought of getting out of this room now filled Seoyoon's head.

Apparently, he was the lifesaver of the man. However, the word "sam-sam" seemed to be a concept that was not in Ashan's head.


Just as she was about to open the door, a bullet lodged in front of Seoyoon's eye informed her that the bullet had just been fired here.

"Turn the doorknob and this time it doesn't end in a warning."

He picked up the revolver's bullet that fell on the floor slowly and reloaded it, and Ashan spat out in a sour way.

"……Why are you doing this to me?"

Seoyoon slowly turned around and asked Ashan.

This was really what I wanted to ask him from the start when he swung his sword at himself.

"Lifetime, sign first sign."

life sentence

Calling it as if it were Seoyoon's name, Ashan told her.

You spend your whole life here cleaning up his mess with him.

It was horrible, I don't even want to imagine. But I knew I had to sign and tell the story to that freezing man. You have to mortgage your life to hear the reason. If you don't listen to the story, you'll die. There was no such thing as a side road at the crossroads.

Seo-yoon, who flew to the lawyer, picked up the contract.

"If you're not charging me for a penalty, I don't have this amount on a lifetime contract. Please check again to make sure the incentives come out every quarter of the year, and don't miss out on the number of days off. I work exactly eight hours a day, plus a special clause that says I don't have to wait on the Prince."

If I couldn't avoid it, I had to pack everything I could.

He didn't even understand Sam Sam's meaning and gave himself such a great taffy, so she had to give Ashan a bigger taffy. If there is no side road, you can make it. The army moved mountains with only one shovel. It was a small hill, though.

Seo-yoon, who somehow took the opportunity to escape from this country and decided to hide himself, bit his lips.

You're the one who started.

He telepathically sent Ashan a look, not a word, but only a significant smile.

"Prince."As Jason called Ashan with a tone of voice as if to do with Seoyoon's demands, he nodded.

"Correct everything you want."

The amount of money didn't matter to him. He just looked fine if he recognized that Seo-yoon was tied up on a life contract. Jason bowed out to Ashan, and again there were only two left in the room.

"Tell me why.”

Seo-yoon asked, barely holding back from wanting to slap that smug face right away.

"None of the women I care about survived.

It was as she expected. This man must have a taste for hugging a woman who smells dangerous. In that sense, Seoyun thought that only the desire to kill Ashan falls into that category.

"What does that have to do with me?”

"You're the only one in the world who lives alone."

Ashan laughed in a low voice as if the words were funny even though he uttered them himself.

On that day, Han Seo-yoon signed himself a contract for subordinate slaves.