Chapter - 7 Chapter 7. The middle of love and murder.

I didn't know everyday life was this scary.

Daily routine, daily routine.

It was literally repeating every day. Every day, Ashan's mysterious behavior and his own life to match it.

Daily life is soon used to it. It was scary. The moment you get used to this polar bear in front of you, this polar bear will swallow her whole head.

If you show a gap, you'll die.

Every time I opened my eyes, I always remembered and remembered. Never show a gap in front of a beast. The beast was literally a beast. It was hard to tell when he would rush in and bite off the trunk of a man's neck. Even if it speaks human language, predators are predators.


Ashan was looking at Seoyun with his face expressionless and mouth open.

In front of my eyes, there was a feast to make my mouth water. Now she was cutting the finest steak with a knife, and the one with the mouth open was Ashan.

I stamped a big piece of meat with a fork. I hesitate to put this meat in that open mouth. I felt like a zookeeper who put his hand in the crocodile's mouth. Looking at Ashan's mouth, which is smaller than the crocodile's, Seo-yoon put a fork in it.

It wasn't easy being his hands. The last few days, his employer, who wanted to swim every night, returned to his accommodation in a pool pool all night and fell asleep. And then, less than an hour later, I was called. And it was these feasts that unfolded before Seoyun's eyes.

"You eat meat in the morning, beasts are beasts."

While swallowing these useless words, Seo-yoon brought a fork and knife to the steak with his still-white swollen hands.


Seoyoon scooped it up with a teaspoon when Ashan pointed out the Russian finest sturgeon eggs.

"Try it."

"Why me?"

"Make sure it's poison in it."

Seoyoon, who realized that it was never a good favor, took the shiny black eggs to his mouth. The chewing of eggs popping in the mouth was definitely different from the fishy caviar that I ate at my old friend's wedding buffet.

Seoyoon gulped it down, thinking expensive things were different. As soon as he was about to take the caviar back with a new teaspoon, Ashan shook his head and asked for something else.

"Next to it, foie gras."

Let's take a bite as ordered, and ask for another dish. The stomach was getting full and sick. Meat is not good from the morning. And this guy didn't like breakfast very much either, Seoyoon knows.

"Next to it."

"……I'm full."

As if he could not hear Seo-yoon, he turned over the bookcase on his lap with his chin resting on the table.

"Next to it."

When Ashan said without even looking at what the food was next to him, Seo-yoon put the knife down from his hand.

"If you're done eating, can I go?”


Seo-yoon's eyes, whose dark circles come down to his chin even if he doesn't sleep properly for a day, were already hollow as if he were a dead person.

I just wanted to fall asleep right away. After dealing with this man, I felt like I was running out of fundamentals. After realizing that this reflected mentally exhausted mind and body, I tried to sleep unconditionally when I rested.

"If you don't have anything to do...….”

When Seoyoon spoke out, Ashan handed over the book on her lap."Read it."

"Do I have to read and write a review?”

"Make some noise."

I thought you were making me do everything now. Ashan raised only one corner of his mouth and said he felt Seoyoon's ridiculous gaze.


Aya! Aya! Aya!

I almost grabbed him by the shoulder for a second and told him to shut up right away.

Seo-yoon, who took the word "Ouch" to mean that he couldn't turn over the bookcase because his shoulder hurt, hurriedly opened the page he had marked.

"No human being can keep a secret. If his mouth is quiet, his fingers will talk. Betrayal will leak out of every hole in him."

It was the words of Sigmund Freud. Also, it was definitely aimed at Seoyun.

Ashan was warning that the secret that Seo-yoon knew would someday leak out.

"Don't tell me, I'm more important than a secret."



"Then why weren't you afraid then?"

I couldn't guess when he was referring to. I've been threatened with my life by Ashan many times!

"I don't remember."

"When I look up like a cat under my breath."

It was clear to ask what happened in Afghanistan. Why is it that the moment I gave him a blow is now thrilling?

Hide-and-seek wasn't as fun as I thought, but you're pretty interesting.

"So you hit a life sentence?"

"Friedrich Dürenmat said. Only love and murder remains our true feelings. Do I love you because you are alive?"

Whoever Friedrich Durenmart was, he did a great job.

What I said to this man was clear.

Every word in it, especially 'the truth of the murder', was referring to a man in front of him. However, something was a little strange about the words that followed.

"Love? Me?"

I wasn't here to get such a mean love confession. Even if the person who made the confession was beaten to death, it was rejected.

"Because you're not dead, what's left is love, isn't it?"

"It would be convenient if you thought that simple. You're a loving employer who loves Asuka, John, Salmon, and Kay."

Ashan watched as his eyes, tired and irritated, looked for a young light to come to his words.

He smiled slowly. Seo-yoon could not say anything more because the smile was like a predator's remorseful smile on the face of food.

Even after she left, Ashan remained there alone. The commonly called vitality flowed out of his face, saying that he was tired to death, and refuting without losing a word.

The joy of being alive, I thought there would be nothing more interesting than watching it from the side. She was the first person around him to make him feel such joy.

I thought it was colorful. The black eyes expressed their feelings better than words dozens of times a minute.

It was the same when he breathed underneath him.

It was then that I wanted to save this woman. It was surprising at the short moment when the shoulder was torn by sharp pain. This woman was the first to not give up to the last ditch except the assassin.

Asian with a common face.

Common black eyes.

Ashan first realized that there were hundreds of colors in just one of those black eyes. The fact was not bad."Hani went out in a huff again."

Asuka said, sticking his head through the gap in the open door without knocking.

"If you're going to nag, get out."

Asuka, who came into Ashan's space with a shrug, sat where Seo-yoon sat. Ashan's forehead, looking at her seat, was wrinkled.

"If you keep treating me like that, I'll run away.”

Asuka spoke seriously to Ashan. He already knew that Ashan's fondness for Seoyoon went too far.

"If I hide in a place I can't find, that's not bad."

It never approaches first. I just kept them around, watched them over and over again.

When we met again, I remembered the eyes desperately denying myself.

He was a man who wanted to save his life of his own volition. He did not feel threatened with his life in the situation where he was pointing a knife, but the will that he could not die desperately here was read from his eyes. The will to life wasn't even for himself. It was for the sake of course.

Ashan realized when Seo-yoon returned, hugging a skinny girl in a hazy sandstorm and exploding shells.

If she's dead, she's life.

She was a woman who had someone else's life in her hands, not alone.

"What the hell is that about? If it's good, I'll keep it with me."

Asuka shook his head and said, "It's also good to hide in places you can't find."

Asuka was a sincere opponent of his half-race cousin, who could not mix in the palace as if oil had been soaked in the water. Therefore, Asuka's eyes followed Seoyoon's eyes. Asuka advised, thinking that a soft yet firm woman was Seo-yoon, but Ashan did not seem to be listening.

"Precious things must be kept and kept."

Ashan uttered it and the smile on the tip of his lips was amazingly sweet, Asuka lost what to say. I never thought I'd see such a defenseless smile.

There was silence for a while. Asuka guessed that the moment he opened his mouth, this finite atmosphere would suddenly turn into a sharp blade. I slowly took off my butt, thinking I should stand up at this point.


Asuka, who was about to go out, was called up by Ashan in a low voice.

A cold sweat dripped down the neck of Asuka's chilling voice, unlike just now.


"I'm the one she has to protect."

"Oh... yes, yes, yes. I know.”

Ashan was referring to Seoyoon, who had obviously fallen over himself, although it was called a mistake. Her punishment was a life contract, but Asuka's punishment has yet to be decided.

His cousin had a long grudge. What I received once was repaid by words no matter what. And most of the debt paid back by words was death.

"Don't get too close."


I was going to say, 'You've come too far for that,' but when I saw Ashan's eyes, I poked my lips.

"I warned you.”

"Uh, yeah... I was close to Hani because she was having a hard time here."

Sneaking back at Ashan's wit, it was Asuka who said what he had to say what he had to say.

Normally, he would have stepped down at this point, but today, when he saw him acting as if he were Seo-yoon's spokesperson, Ashan laughed briefly as if he were out of his mind.

"Go ahead."

"You don't want me to be close to Hani?""Yes."

"Then I won't make friends."

It was Asuka, who sneaked a laugh and a joke when his definite answer, which was clear that he liked and disliked, returned.

You can't say, "……." We're already close.”

I didn't want to retaliate a little bit. Asuka realized that her cousin was the only one who responded, so she used her acquaintance as a weapon and raised her nose a little. Ashan was a close friend of Seoyun, whom he could never build. The two did not mix. In Asuka's view, Seo-yoon and Ashan were in a tense confrontation.

"Maybe, Seoyoon likes me the most in this country.”

The nose bridge, which I was trying to raise a little bit, became very high. Asuka, who had been wary of the words again because he wanted to say them, unexpectedly looked at Ashan, who remained still.


Ashan recited, slowly brooding over the words.

He nodded, resting his chin on his back. It seemed to be watching the calm before the storm. When Asuka tried to sneak his butt off the chair, thinking that he should back off, he heard a knock.

knock, knock

"Come on in."

Seo-yoon, who seemed unlikely to come first before calling him on his own, was the main character of the knock sound. Just a moment ago, Asuka, who saw him huffing out, scratched his head. It was a little embarrassing to be talking about her otherwise.

"I left the first aid kit behind.”

Seo-yoon briefly talked about his business and lifted the first aid kit on one side. And asuka grabbed her as she tried to disappear after greeting her with an excessive 90 degree bend in the waist.



Seo-yoon, who wants to get out of here as soon as possible, answered for a moment.

"Let's go together!"

Asuka couldn't wait to get out of here as soon as possible.

Thinking of Ashan who would treat her relentlessly after Seo-yoon left, it was wise to go out with her. It was very unnatural to see Asuka raising one hand in front of Seo-yoon and shouting, "Let's go together!"

"Oh... yes."

"Who wants it?"

An unduly low voice, interfering with their safe escape, snapped between the two.

"Ahaha, that's how I feel."

Before Seo-yoon came, Asuka tried to reconsider what he had said to Ashan, but he couldn't remember well because he was so nervous.

"Are you all right, Asuka?"

"Hahahaha, I'm fine, Hani."

When Seo-yoon took out a handkerchief and wiped Asuka's forehead, the person who was most embarrassed was Asuka.


Ashan was looking at them interestingly, but they were like Salmosa's eyes on food, which he saw on the Discovery channel not long ago.

However, Seoyoon was only one person to see Ashan's big eyes, while he was carefully wiping away Asuka's sweat.

"I'm sorry you took my warning this way.”

It was a passing remark, but Asuka's face hardened in an instantaneously.

"No, I know what you mean. I understand what you mean, Ashan."

What the hell did you know? Seoyun put her handkerchief back in her pocket looking at Asuka, who was answering with a serious nod.

"Let's talk. I'm going to get going."

Realizing that there was still a story for the two, Seo-yoon left the room before Asuka caught him again, and Asuka had no choice but to face Ashan alone again.There was a frightening silence for a while.

Ashan didn't bring it up first, just tapped his finger on the table.

"……If you don't have anything to say, I'll go out now."

As he had always been under Ashan's influence, he seemed to have acted too hard to straighten out his energy for a while. Asuka thought it was scary because his cold-hearted cousin, who was dull and blunt in everything, reacted as he stabbed.

Asuka slowly stepped back to the door where Seoyoon left.

At times like this, I thought I should show my side as an older brother who was born 18 months earlier than Ashan, but I was scared of Asuka Do Ashan. His ignorant scary cousin had no ups and downs.


The night has returned without fail.

It was a shift of day and night, which is held for 10 days a month.

Literally, Seoyoon and John had to wait outside his bedroom until morning as dawn guards.

Ashan never received any dressing except for Seo-yoon's, so he left the room with first aid medicine as a habit. Unless otherwise contacted, it was always the bedroom where Ashan was at this time.

As it approached 12 o'clock, he slowly walked past the darkened garden to the inner palace. The nerves were more sensitive than usual. Everything was because of Ashan, who hung her on the line. With all my attention on him, I was now at Ashan's command in my dream.

In addition, I almost lived in a swimming pool for the past few days, and my little tinnitus Hyun Sang started again.

Tinnitus was often heard when people were very tired or stressed after injuring their eardrums in an explosion in Afghanistan. The hospital obviously only repeatedly told me not to get stressed out, and prescribed me to avoid water as much as possible because inflammation could occur easily.

But it wasn't at Seoyoon's disposal.

I wish I could have been a little more insensitive.

On a desolate night, my ears squeaked abnormally again and rang. Hitting won't make it better, but Seo-yoon tapped his ear with his palm. It hummed as if water had entered, and sometimes it sounded like a beeping sound in a high tone.

He turned his head to one side, but it didn't get any better. When I thought I should go to the infirmary at least once at dawn, I realized that I had arrived at my destination.

"Hani, what are you doing?”

Salmon asked Seo-yoon, who tilted his head and walked.

"His ears are ringing."

"Why, is there a bug in there?”

"Then you'd come out.”

Seo-yoon shook his hand because he knew it was a common aftereffect of shell bursts right next to him. John has yet to be seen whether he will be in the nick of time for 12.

"What about you, Prince?"

"He's probably asleep."

Amazingly, when Salmon heard that Ashan, who was living a decent life, was sleeping now, he knocked lightly as if Seo-yoon could hear him.

knock, knock

As expected, there was no response from within.

"I'll be right back after changing it before John comes."

Salmon and Kay nodded at the first aid kit in her hand.

Carefully, turn the handle gently so that Ashan does not wake up.

The noble moonlight was the only light in the room. The moon, which was so large that it was blindingly visible through the window in front of it.

A breeze blew through the half-open terrace.

I thought I'd wait for Ashan to wake up in the morning, but it bothered me that I didn't get dressing all day today.Seoyoon, who quietly approached Ashan's bed, knelt on the floor.

It looked as if a human-sized statue was closing its eyes. If it wasn't for even breathing, it even looked beautiful enough to doubt if it was really alive. If he didn't open his eyes and mouth, he let out a short sigh, admitting he was quite a perfect man.

Facing those mysterious eyes again was something she needed courage, too.

When Seo-yoon reached out and tried to wake Ashan up, he was caught in the dark.

I couldn't say anything for a while.

The dark eyes were shining before I knew it. There was no sleepiness in his eyes, even though he washed my eyes and looked for them. Seoyoon realized that he was already awake. I forgot that predators are nocturnal.

She tried to wring out the hand she was holding.

"Give and take?"

"……this is my hand."


Although he answered casually, Ashan remained adamant that he would never let go of Seo-yoon's hand.

The man in front of me was injured when I pulled it out with force. If the wound bursts unfortunately, Seo-yoon's efforts so far will go up in smoke. Then she was likely to be beaten up by an attending who disapproved of leaving Ashan's treatment altogether.

Seoyoon, who is quick to resign, lost his strength from his hands. Then, like a lie, the grip on her weakened.

"It's not funny."

He threw away Seoyoon's hand as if he had thrown away his tired toy. A hand dropped out of the air and fell to the side of the bed. Seo-yoon shrugged, and opened the first aid kit. The smell of cold alcohol came in.

The moonlight was so bright that I didn't have to turn on the lights. It took less than 10 minutes to simply disinfect the wound and rewind the bandage. Ashan's breathing, leaning on the cushion and watching Seo-yoon's two sides, was just as straightforward as he thought he had fallen asleep earlier.

Beep beep.

Seoyoon frowned on the tinnitus, which was heard again by the time he was done with the bandage.

"It's done."


Ashan said something, but I couldn't hear well because of my tinnitus. Thinking that I should really go to the hospital after work, Seo-yoon raised her half-bowed body.

"I'm stepping down."

When I took the first aid kit and turned around, my solid arms quickly wrapped around Seoyoon's waist.



The first aid box held by Seo-yoon fell with a loud noise on the marble. The contents inside rolled on the floor with Jung-gu heating.

Seo-yoon, the only one who didn't roll to the floor, was lying on the same spot where Ashan lay.

I didn't feel any signs because of the tinnitus in my ears. It was then that I thought I was caught off guard.

Instead of the ceiling, Ashan's face was seen pressing her down from above.

Only then did I realize he didn't wear anything.

Yeah, her employer wasn't the kind of person to put anything on the bed.

"Please stand aside."

No matter how much the man in front of you doesn't look like a patient, he was a patient for now. Rather than using force out of nowhere, Seo-yoon asked politely.

In fact, there was no guarantee that he would win because he already knew Ashan's skills even if he used force. I just listened to this courteous request and politely hoped he would stop playing tricks and step down.

Ashan's face, which was about two feet apart, came down on Seo-yoon's face.Darkness also fell in the room in time, perhaps because the moon was covered by clouds.

There was an illusion that a sandstorm was blowing through the whole body. There was a time when I faced him in the dark like this.

Seoyoon turned his head reflexively as the nose was almost touching.

Tinnitus had been scratching her nerves until then.

And mixed with the tinnitus, his words were heard clearly this time.

"What's wrong with your ears?"

Seoyoon grabbed Ashan by the collar and shook her daughter a hundred times, and this is all because of you! I wanted to shout out. When the doctor asked why the main cause of stress was not to receive it, only a laugh came out.

"Answer me."

"It's all right."

Ashan, who found Seo-yoon's one eye still drooping, asked back.

"What did I tell you?"

"What's wrong with your ears...….”

"Before that."

I didn't hear it; I didn't hear it properly except for the murmur of his voice. If Ashan's face wasn't this close now, he wouldn't have known what he was talking about. It was like a short word, so I didn't even think about asking again. And above all, I didn't want Ashan to reveal his weakness.

For Ashan, it was not the relationship between the employer and the employer, but the enemy's weaknesses. Though thinking for herself, she felt it was strange, so when Seo-yoon didn't talk for a while, Ashan bit her earlobe.

"Focus on me."

His body odor was mixed with the smell of musk.

Dark, dark and blue.

There was a smell of night before dawn.

The breath at the end of the ear made me swallow dry saliva.

"I didn't hear you."

I couldn't guess what he had said at the time, so Seo-yoon admitted and said.

"I told you to stay with me all night.”

He stands up to ignore the words and walk away, so it's natural for him to notice.

You didn't say anything like that and you just said you'd walk away! It must have been strange of her to be as gentle as Ashan apparently knows that.

"I understand that s*xual harassment was not included in the contract."

It suddenly occurred to me that I should look for the union before the hospital when the day dawns. Was there a union here by the way.

"No way, if I wanted to hug you, I would hug you before telling you to stay with me all night."

Tinnitus was strange.

Obviously, the aftereffects of the shell explosion were correct, but as the doctor said, it was a rupture only heard by her when extreme stress or body fatigue overlapped. However, when you are very focused on something or think about something else, it has washed away. And suddenly, the moment I felt, 'Oh, tinnitus is gone,' I came back.

It was like that's how it is. Listening to his voice, tinnitus disappeared. That's probably because Seo-yoon focused on Ashan.

As soon as I realized it, I heard another deafening rupture in my ears.

Unknowingly flinching, she pushed Ashan away with her hands. He didn't budge and was still looking down from Seoyoon's top, but he opened his mouth.

"Tell me."

"I have nothing to say."

"If you don't tell me, I'll slit your throat."

He twisted the corners of his mouth and laughed on top of Seoyoon. Seoyun was a man who used to say that he would kill at the drop of a hat, and knew that it was never a joke. But for now it sounded like a joke.

Ashan's golden hair shone strangely in the moonlight that stretched out through the moon.

This remarkably beautiful man with falling hair as if he had been sprinkled with tens of millions of silver powder even appeared to be a heterogeneous being. Ashan's sleek jawline was right above Seoyoon's cheeks."I don't know the story."



It reminded me of a thousand nights episode again.

Was this what Seherazadeh felt like when he had to tell the Sultan a constant story for a thousand days not to be killed?

"The contract didn't say we had to spend the night together. Now, I have to go out to work.”


He caught the nape of his neck in one hand. Ashan said slowly, with his slender neck in his hand, which seemed to break soon if pressed.

"Your obligation to an injury that is clearly responsible for must be stated separately. I have a sore shoulder and I can't sleep."

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. This time, it was clear that he was trying to bully himself all night with stories. I'd rather throw and read books like in the morning, but Seoyoon was a sucker for stories.

"……I surrender.”

"I can't hear you.”

He and himself were at odds just by looking at the taste that tormented the prisoner who surrendered. It's a terrible opposite I don't want to look back on.

When Seoyoon didn't answer, Ashan lowered her face on her lips. Whenever he spit out words, his lips brushed over Seoyoon's lips. The hand squeezing his neck was cold enough to shudder, but his passing lips were as hot as the blazing sun.

Breath and breath came back to each other.

"All right, I'll show you mercy."

"Please do so."

Seoyun retorted mockingly at Ashan's words. He slowly lifted himself up and released his hand from holding her by the neck. His eyes shone particularly in the black room, like a lion just stretched out and a beast preparing to go hunting.

"If you don't want to talk, just open your mouth to my question."

"As you wish."

Seoyoon pulled himself up from bed, sweeping down the neck he had caught. Coming out of bed without a sound, he stood on the floor before her. The window of the half-open terrace closed as strong winds blew.

"Tell me you I don't know."

"……Do you know me?"

Seoyoon asked because he was really curious. Did the man in front of you know about him? How much?

"Except what's written in the letter."

Only then did Seo-yoon shake his head when he realized that what he said was his resume.

"That's all."

"The eldest daughter of a remarried family. My mother died in a car accident when you were nine, six months after remarriage. And I've been living under my stepfather with a sister whose blood was not mixed."

It was not until Ashan's words that I realized. The fact that blood was not mixed with his sister, Haeyoon. The fact that she's called her father for over 20 years is her stepfather. Seoyoon briefly burst into laughter when he realized that he had completely forgotten it.

"I don't think it's on my resume. Have you done any background checks?"

"You're an orphan. They're not your family."

I still remembered. Now that I have a vague memory, I remembered the day when I first met my father holding my mother's hand, which comes to mind when I see the picture. The man, who was like a mountaineer, held Seoyoon's hand tightly and said the name of the child to be her brother was Haeyoon.

Ashan's stepfather liked Seoyoon and Haeyoon's name. After learning that the same Chinese characters were written on the wheel, they liked it like a child, adding that their fate to be a family was clear without anyone telling them from the beginning.

So I didn't even know I was believing that stupid word.Even if my mother died less than a year after remarriage, I could endure it because I had a family.

"Did the prince kill his brother because he was not a family member?”

As if Seo-yoon's counterattack was unexpected, Ashan's face disappeared. Originally, he had no expression, but now he was different. It was similar to when I saw it in the desert. It was like a man with a blade all over his body. There was even talk of cutting down anything that came near him.

This is why I hated this man. I don't stand by anyone in any way. The sort of man who cuts everything that comes with his own blade.

When you are in a battlefield where life and death are on the line, you meet all sorts of people. Of the many, the men before him were the most vicious. It not only infuses itself, but also the surrounding area with death.

I instinctively recognized it, so I didn't know if I hated it from the beginning. I thought I would have to give my life to a man someday if I get close to him.

"That was a slip of the tongue. However, there are parts that people should not touch. It's a family to me, and it's a family to the prince."


Ashan smiled until his eyes bent.

It looked like a face covered with a mask, which gave me goosebumps. Standing leaning against the window of the closed terrace, he gestured to Seo-yoon.

"Come here."

"I don't want to get anywhere but within the range needed for security."

It was only three or four steps away from him. Ashan said as if it were funny.

"If I start walking, I'll regret it."

Seoyoon took a step forward, swallowing a low swear word inside.

The moon appeared behind his back. As he stood against the ancient moonlight, there was a bleak atmosphere at once.

"Tell me."

What should I say when I'm asked to talk to someone out of the blue?

Seoyoon has never met a man of this kind.

Suddenly, I thought it would be funny to see a man in the world after experiencing this man this much. I wondered if this was the common way in martial arts and fantasy novels.

"How many people have you killed?”

Seoyoon frowned at the words.

"Haven't you killed him?"

"There is."

Unfortunately or fortunately, Seoyun experienced what the military calls "first experience" on the first day of his military service in Afghanistan. The Taliban were ambushed on the move in Humvee.

I've been playing virtual battles day and night, but virtual and real are different. He didn't even know where he was shooting in the rain of bullets. Whether he was killing a man, he just fired madly in the direction of the fire in the dark.

And the son-in-law became as still as death.

Only occasional groans of someone being shot were heard.

It was the platoon leader who led the platoon who slapped Seoyun, who was panicking, to come to his senses. As someone approached the groaning enemy, wary of an ambush, someone sprang up from among the rocks.

Reflectively pulled the trigger, the bullet penetrated the man's head exactly.

When shooting at an invisible flame, it was not known who was shot. However, it was apparent at the time. The fact that a person's life was extinguished at once.

"You can't hide the eyes of a murderer.”

Seoyoon agreed with Ashan. No man can kill a man in his right mind. You have to live halfway between reality and non reality. When Seo-yoon first decided to go to Afghanistan, the instructor who cared about her said this.People who have killed people once can easily be tempted.

I still remember saying that the second time would be easier than the first time.

Is it in his eyes that others are looking at? The boundaries of reality.

Seoyoon swept his hair like a habit. I've never talked to anyone like this before.

"However, ordinary people don't know."

"How do you protect yourself from that boundary?”

Ashan was the worst as a human being.

He was a man who entered completely unrealistic from what he said. When I no longer had feelings for killing people, I thought I was a true butcher. He doesn't feel anything, he doesn't feel anything. It wasn't from this world.

"Don't be fascinated by death.”

Seoyoon quietly opened his mouth. At that moment, I sympathized with him. Deeply depressed eyes could not read the mind. But the shadow of death, which always sits in that gaze, could not be swept under the carpet as he said.

"He who is near death always craves and longs for it."

When he first saw Ashan kill someone, Seoyoon recalled the words. He might want to die, I.D.

"Who said that?"

"My instructor."

"So you've been keeping it until now?"

"I'm trying. I can't justify murder, but at least I shouldn't be a butcher."

He covered his mouth with one hand and laughed low. His eyes bent to create a picturesque curve, but Seo-yoon could not laugh together. From one day on, the man's feelings seemed to be conveyed without speaking.

This kind of exchange was not good. To Seoyoon, to him.


After laughing for a long time, he said with a blank face as if he had never laughed.

"I'm glad you enjoyed my story. Can I go out now?”

Ashan slowly looked at Seoyun. I felt like I was being ripped off every inch of my face. Looking at her face for a long time without a word, he soon smirked.

"Get out."

John, who was yawning alone in front of him when he bowed and half-opened the door, opened his eyes wide and said.

"I heard your ears hurt?"

The words stopped Seoyoon's steps to go outside.

I couldn't hear any more tinnitus.

Looking back, Ashan leaned against the window and closed his eyes.